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Genealogy, History, Heraldry, 
Revolutionary and Colonial Records. 

Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record, Vol. VI. 

Magazine of New England History, Vol. VI, 

JAN.-DEC. ■ 1896. 

New Series, Vol. IV, 

Ebek Putnam, Published and Editor. 
Salem, Mass. 



15. 53, 134, 
57 : 100, 148, 

Abbott, George, of Rowley, Some descendants of 

Adams family of Cambridge, Mass. 

Adams family of Chelmsford, Mass. 

Ashby, Mass., Revolutionary records of 

Ashby, Mass., soldiers ..... 

Balcb, commissioned officers in U.S. army by that, name 

Bishop families of Connecticut 

Book notes ...... 

Brunswick, Me., marriage intentions . 
(See also Mairc Point.) 

Carolina. See Gab;. 

Connecticut valley, French war soldiers 

Do! liver, Dolliber families . 

'Emigration to Pennsylvania from Germany in 1753 
Kesex county, Mass., deeds, beginning with Vol. I. 





. 111,289 

. . 80 

. . sot 

169, 199, 239, 271 

195, 237, 269, 305 

. 21, 76. 245 

French war soldiers ..... 

Gale, Chief Justice Christopher, and Chief Jus 

their descendants ..... 
Genealogies of (see also under Maire Point, Me.) 

Abbott .... 

Adams .... 

Bishop .... 

Dolliver .... 

Gale ..... 


Grid ley .... 

Hopper .... 


Riddan .... 


Georgetown, Me., records . 
Gleanings from English records . 

(See also a rider Parish Register?.) 
Goldthwaite family, Patronym and origin of 
Greenfield, Mass., committees of safety 
Gridley. Thomas, Some descendants of 

tice Win. Little, and, 


















29, 6! 

51, 183 

124, 280 





Haverhill, French war soldiers .... 

Heraldry, Origin of 

Hopper families, Colonial . . 

Isle of Shoals . . . . ... 

Killingly, Conn., church records . . 

Leek, County Stafford, Eng., extracts from registers 
Little, Chief Justice William, and descendants 

Maire Point, Me., papers (with genealogical notices) 
Marriage notices for the Arhole United States, 58, 71, 
Much Haddam, Herts, Eng., extracts from parish register . 

New Hampshire records, Gleanings from . 

Parish registers : 

Killing!} , Conn. .... 

Leek, Staffordshire" . 

Much Saddam, Hertfordshire . 

Stewklej', Buckinghamshire 
Pembroke, Mass. , minute men 
Portsmouth, N.H. .... 

. v . 267 
101, 133 

. . 193 

. 26, 77, 207 

18G, 262 

5, 37, 128, 181 

120. I'll, 188, 21 L 249 

. 264 

:"J, 6 


Queries ..... 

R>hoboth, French v ?ar soldier? 
Revolutionary soldiers, etc. . 
Riddan family 

"-.Salem, Mass., deaths and removals, 1 689—1 6 
Sanford, Me., Revolutionary soldiers . 
Scotts of Springfield and Palmer, Mass. 
Sbeldon, Revolutionary claim 
Sfcewkley, Bucks, Eng., parish register 

Topsfield, Mass., early military . 

Waifs and strays . 

Wilmington, Mass., Revolutionary soldier. 

York county, Me., records, Note on 

192, 258 


180, 262 

. 264 



. x so 

97 : 130, 150, 196, 238, 2^8, 313 

. ■ . . 266 

. 23, 25, 80, 111, 130 

. 129 



■a . . . * N H 

... £/Oi> 

10, 33, 65, 106, 176, 220 

.... x^o 

192, 258 

130, Ub 

1 1 '-i 

l Xa 

VjT* A particnlai index of names and localities to Vols. I.-III. 
was published in the Dece.nbei, 1895, issue. It may be obtained- 




The name of Hopper is an old one in America and several 
distinct lines appear among the records and families of colo- 
nial times. The following outline may serve as a guide for 
more complete research. 

In the latter part of the seventeenth century, two or three 
distinct families of the name of Hopper settled in the vicin- 
ity of New York City. The name occurs frequently in the 
early records of New Jersey and New York but it is not, in 
cverv instance, a matter of certainty to which one of the two 
or three lines it may belong. 

One family is of three brothers supposed to have been 
Quakers who left their native country to avoid religious per- 
secution and settled in Flushing, Long Island, about the 
year 1675. They were natives of County Durham, Eng- 
land. About the year 1 700 they appear to have left Long 
Island, and with manv other families removed to New Jer- 
Bey and settled in Gloucester County in the vicinity of the 
'own of Woodburv. Here the family dwelt, and increased 
for several generations. The nearness of the city of Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania, seems to have had much to do with 
drawing them away from their New Jersey homes. They 
frequently married in Philadelphia and removed their busi- 
ness io that city and elsewhere, until now there are none of 
Iheir descendants to be found in the neighborhood of Wood- 
bury. The names of the three brothers who settled in Long 
Island, according to family traditions, were John, Robert and 
Christopher. The names of John and Christopher appear 



in the Documentary History of New York as residents of 
Flushing in 1G98, but only the descendants of John have 
been traced in succeeding generations. Possibly the de- 
struction by fire of the records of Flushing in 1789 may 
have deprived us of much information concerning the family. 
The descendants of John Hopper are now to be found in 
many states and widely scattered. 

The tradition is that the first generations of the family in 
America were Quakers. Xo Friends' Records have, us yet, 
been found to verify this. Their names, however, do not 
appear among any Revolutionary or other military records, 
which faot would indicate that they were men of peace, con- 
sistent with their Quaker principles. 

Anions the New Jeiscy rueoius also appears thy name 
of Robert Hopper, who owned land in Burlington, N. J., 
in 1683. He was described as of Scarborough, Countv of 
York, England. York adjoins Durham County, which raises 
the suggestion that this Robert was one of the three brothers. 
He also owned land in Philadelphia. Family records state 
that Robert was a seafaring man and, in harmony with this 
there are records that Robert Hopper was master of a 
ship named '' The Providence ' : and made voyages to Phil- 
adelphia from Scarborough, m 1683. His only daughter 
and heir died in England about 1701. 

In the New Jersey Records, the name of Hopper occurs in 
Salem County as early as 1725 and as late as 1761. That 
this family was connected with the preceding family seems 
very probable but the links have not yet been established. 

At the same time that the name of Hopper appears in 
Flushing, Long Island, it appears in New York city and also 
on the New Jersey side of the Hudson in Bergen County, 
etc. These last two lines were from Holland and are repre- 
sented by many descendants in the old neighborhoods. A 
well-known landmark of old New York city was the Hopper 
Farm which was a family homestead in bygone generations. 
In New Jersey, the Hopper House was a headquarters 
during the Revolution. 


The Holland Hoppers came to America in the first half of 
the seventeenth century. The early ancestors were Andrie 
or Andreas and Mathias. One of them settled on Manhat- 
tan Island in New York city and later at Bloomingdale and 
the other in Bergen County, New Jersey. One of the de- 
scendants of Mathias was Jasper who was appointed Deputy 
Secretary of State of New York in 1791. 

Hiker's History of Harlem gives 1652 as the date when 
thi< family arrived in America. One of the descendants 
•rives 1620 as the date according to family tradition. 

The family has many branches and numerous descendants 
bow living in New York city and state and in Newark, 
Itackensack, Jersey City and other places. The name an.. 
[ward frequently in the lists of early New York, and New 
Jersey marriage lists and in Revolutionary records. 

About 179o, there lived a Captain James Hopper who 
was born in Chester, England, who was the owner in New 
V..;k of vessels in the merchant service. He and his bfotti- 
• re were sons of William H. Hopper. This appears to have 
beeu a distinct familv from other New York lines. De- 

endants now live in Utica, New York. 

In the State of Maryland a prominent family of the name 
"f Hopper is represented by many branches and trace their 
nccstry to colonial times. They have been designated as 
if. i' Eastern Shore Hoppers, in distinction from the descend- 
ants of the Maryland branch of the Long Island and Wood- 
bury family. As early as 1676 the name of Captain William 
Hopper appears as a member of the Maryland Legislature 
I >r Queen Anne's County. He was probably an ancestor 

this family. Many of them attained distinction and have 

ctipied positions of prominence and honor. 

Hoppers appear to have early settled in Virginia and from 

there to have spread through western and southern states. 

. hQve were settlers of the name also in other southern states 

in the eighteenth century. They came from Ireland or 



One family, composed of William, John, Hugh and Alex- 
ander, came with their parents from northern Ireland to 
America in 1753 and settled in Newberry District, South 
Carolina. Some of them subsequently located in Alabama. 
There are a number of descendants of this family. 

About the time of the Revolution a settler named Hopper 
emigrated from Wales to South Carolina and later moved to 
Kentucky. Descendants live in Indiana. 

One Robert Hopper came from Ireland to America prior 
to the Revolution and settled in Fayette County, Pennsyl- 
vania. The family is represented in the western states, 
Robert is said to have had a brother who settled on the 
eastern shore of Maryland. This suggests a possible con- 
nection with the Eastern Shore Hoppers. 

In or prior to the year 1787 a family appeared in Phila- 
delphia from England. Descendants are now in New York 
city and in Florida. According to Bible records, their an- 
cestors were John and Sarah Hopper who w^ere married ir 
London in 1773. Some of their children were born in Eng 
land and some in Philadelphia. The wife, Sarah, came from 
Herefordshire, England. 

In Savage's Genealogical Dictionary is the name of Danie 
Hopper of New Haven in 1654 with the suggestion that i' 
was intended for Hooper; and in the Rhode Island Census 
for 1774 is the family of Henry Hopper of South Kingston 
There were six in the family, four males and two females. 

These records indicate that there w r ere early families of th< 
name in New England. Some of the traditions of the Dur- 
ham Hoppers state that one of the brothers located in Neu 

Fragmentary records of other families of the name have 
been found in various places which suggest still other line; 
that have no connection with any of the above. 





. The region about Brunswick was inhabited by the Pejep- 
scot tribe of Indians, who were probably never very numer- 

At various points along the eastern shore of Maire Point 
may still be seen the remains of shell heaps created by the 
Indians upon occasions of their annual visits to the shore. 
The Quoghog, now practically extinct in those waters, then 
abounded, and the shells are found mixed with those of the 
clam and bones of birds and animals. Unlike the shell 
heaps further east, casual examination of these remains have 
not revealed many implements of Indian manufacture. In 
the field to the north of Blockhouse Hill Mr. Hill found a 
stone ax and elsewhere on his farm found another similar 
ax. One of these is now preserved at Bowdoin College. 

John McKeen, Esq., in a lecture, referred to by Wheeler, 
stated that it was probable, from the remains and relics found 
there, that the Pejepscots in the sixteenth century had a vil- 
lage at Maire Point. 

It is said, that, up to the opening of King Philip's war, the 
settlers about Brunswick lived on friendly terms with their 
Indian neighbors. 


The point of land projecting south from Brunswick, and 
M,,w tying wholly within the limits of that town, is various- 
ly called Mair, Mare and Mere Point. 



Williamson, in his history of Maine (vol. 1, p. 564, note), 
states that John Mare 1 was an early settler on the Point. 
Wheeler, in the History of Brunswick (p. 83), inclines to 
the opinion that a man named Marr (or Mare) lived on the 
Point, and that Mair, the spelling he adopts, is a corrup- 

I have found no evidence of occupation of the Point by 
either John Mare or a man by the name of Marr ; indeed 
the latter supposition does not seem at all probable. The 
brook bearing the same name, which is between the point and 
the town, seems to suggest the probability that some person 
named Mair, lived near the upper end of the point and both 
point and brook were so called after him. There was also a 
Maire's brc ok In Sa< ■ 

While I have found no trace in Maine of a John Mare in those 
early times, I have found a John Mare taxed at Salem, Mass., 
in 1683 and a Walter Mare of Saco, in 1659, and a Richard 
Mayre at Black point, in 1661 ( York deeds, vol. I, p. 145). 
It is extremely probable that one or all of these individuals 
may have lived for a time near the point and bestowed their 
name upon it. 

The correct spelling, if we adopt that of the time, would 
undoubtedly be Maire, Mayre or Mare ; the final e should be 
always retained. For Mere there is no authority whatso- 
ever ; it has merel} 7 taken root from the partial adoption by 
some persons of the theory of a French origin of the name. 

In 1620, King James I granted a charter to forty persons, 
noblemen, knights and gentlemen,, constituting them the 
Council of Plymouth and granting them the country from 
the fortieth to the forty-eighth parallel of latitude and from 
the Atlantic to the Western sea. 

From the Council of Plymouth emanated the grants to 
the Plymouth company of New England, the Kennebec (or 
New Plymouth) Company, the Muscongus (or "Waldo) Com- 

1 Williamson may have been misled by the nding of John Mayue at Mains 
Ft., North Yarmouth. See York Deeds, and Willis, Portland, Me., Hist. Col. 1, 65. 


pan} 7 , and to the Pemiquid Company, as well as, upon the 16 
June, 1632, that to Thomas Purchase and George Way, 
which lands were finally transferred to the Pejepscot Company. 
In Wheeler's History of Brunswick will be found a statement 
of the title of the Pejepscot company compiled from authen- 
tic sources. 

Thomas Purchase had settled near the Androscoggin prior 
to 1628, and is styled of "Pagiscott" as early as 1639, when, 
on the 22 day of the 5th month, lie placed his patent under 
the government of Massachusetts Bay. His claim included 
M;tire Point ( ?). 

The history of Maire Point falls into four periods : the pe- 
riod prior to Purchase's settlement on the coast ; the period 
. f ivv r !i^ Vi occur) ition til! driven away by the Indian war? of 
1675-7; the intermediate period between that date and the 
purchase and re-settlement of the country by the Pejepscot 
eompany and that since the re- settlement. The first period 
has already been briefly noticed. Materials for the second 
period are scanty. The third period is expressed in a few 
words, desertion and desolation, while it is with the last period 
that these papers have the most to do. 

second period 1628-1677. 

Maire Point was occupied at times by (John Maire or Mare ?) , 
Thomas Hay nes, the Phippeny's, or more correctly Phippens, 
James Carter, Nicholas White,. John Scares, James Lane, 
Thomas Redding. 

Thomas Haynes 1 was a resident of Casco Bay as early as 
N>58, when he lived at Maquoit ( Willis, Me. Mist. Coll. I, 
'>•*>) ; but at a date subsequent to 1664, removed to Lynn. 
In a deposition dated 21 July, 1684, he and wife Joyce, 
and Sampson Penley state that "having all been autient in- 
to bitauts in Casco Bay, that twenty years last past the In- 
dians had sold to Francis Smale, an Indian trader, the 
Vslaml of Sebascoe Diggin, etc," York Deeds, IV, 19. On 

t i- doubtful if llavnes ever lived on Maire 1'oint but ratlter at Maquoit; 


the 2 Aug., 1678, Thomas, Hayns, husbandman, and wif< 
Joyce, once of Maquoyt, now of Lynn, sell to Edward Crick* 
of Boston, tailor, for £17-11-2, 200 acres of upland and fiv< 
acres of marsh, or more commonly called "beareberry 
Marsh," lying in the head of Casco Bay in the town of West 
gostuggoe at Mayco} r t, being bounded by Alexander Thaw it: 
land on the northwest fronting by the bay or into the baj 
southeast and the "bareberry" marsh butting upon the ba} 
northwest, and also the dwelling house on the premises 
Savage confounds him with Thomas of Amesbury, who diet 
in 1G83, leaving a widow Martha. 

William Haynes of Falmouth, a schoolmaster, may hav< 
been a son. He married, prior to 1672, Margery, widow o 
JSicLc/ici& White and removed to Lynn at the time of thi 
Indian troubles, thence to Portsmouth about 1686, and final 
Iv to Newbury, where he died in 1702. He had a soi 

This William Haynes was a witness to a date dated % 
Dec, 1669, at Westquatogoe, made by Richard Bray of tha 
place. James Lane was also a witness. York Deed*, III, 53 

In 1667 Nicholas White of WesU>osto2:2;oe sold to Join 
Wallis lands at Papoding in Casco Bay, and receipts foi 
payments upon the purchase are given after and in 1672 bj 
William Haynes and in 1673 by Haynes and his wife Mar 
ge ry . Yo rh Deeds, II 181. 

In Oct., 1683, he witnessed the deed of John Blany o: 
Lynn, and Elizabeth his wife, administratrix and relict o 
Thomas Purchase, of the lands at Pejepscot to Ricliarc 
Wharton. York Deeds, IV, 16 ; the following year he ap 
pears at or near Kittery. John White was also a witness t< 
the Blany deed. 

George Phippenor Phippeirv is said by Wheeler, who alsc 
mentions Andrew Phippeny as a resident, to have lived oi 
Maire Point, prior to 1672. The testimony of George anc 
Elizabeth Phippen was given 20 Feb., 1702-3, that Nich 
olas White was a resident of Maire Point in 1660 till driver 


away by the Indians, and probably places them as residents 
of that date. George Phippen of Maire Point and Joseph 
Phippen of Falmouth were sons of David and Sarah Phip- 
pen, who migrated from Melcomb, in Cornwall, to Hingham 
Mass., in 1635, thence to Boston in 1641, where he died in 
1650. His widow married George Hull of Fairfield, Conn. 
David was the son of Robert Phippen, who married 18 Sept., 
1580, Cecelie, daughter of Thomas Jordan of Dorset. 
Robert was of Melcomb and was the son of John Phippen of 
Weymouth in Dorset, who was the son of Henry Fitzpen of 
St. Mary Overv in Devon, said to be a descendant of John 
Pen, sheriff of London, in 1410, and who is probably the 
same person who represented Weymouth in Parliament in 
ld,13, 1120 and 1-122. Joseph and George, sons of David, 
therefore belonged to an ancient and honorable family and 
used and were entitled to coat armor, which may _ be de- 
scribed as follows : Argent, two bars sable, in chief, three 
escallops of the second. Crest, a griffin's head (see p. 9, 
vol. 4, Heraldic JotirnaJ). Joseph 1 married Dorcas Wood 
and removed to Falmouth where he bought 100 acres of 
land. He died at Salem, in 1687 ; of his sons, Joseph lived 
at Falmouth till 1676, when he removed to Salem, and 
David, also of Falmouth, who was killed by the Indians at 
that place about Aug. 10, 170o. 

George Phippen lived in Boston, Caseo Bay and Hull. 
His son James left descendants. His daughters were Fliza- 
beth, Mary, Ruth and another. He had also another son who 
may be the Andrew mentioned by Wheeler, whom I other- 
wise cannot place. 

1 An aucestor of the author of these notes. 

To he continued.) 



Copied from the original by Mr. A. F. Heintz, under the direction and at 

the cost of Mr. Dickson. 

The Stewkley Register (which is here printed) covers the 
following period : 

Baptisms, 1545-1653. 
Burials, 1599-1653. 
Marriages, 1599-1646. 

[Stewkley is about four miles west of Leighton Buzzard in 
Bedfordshire. At the time of the Doomesday survey there 
were three manors there. In the sixteenth century the most 
opulent family in that immediate vicinity were the Duncomhes, 
who perhaps came into possession of Stewkley as early as, if 
not earlier than, 1545. 

Thomas Duncombe was of Wingrave and may be he who 
died 3 Sept., 1548. 

He left sons Thomas of Whitchurch ; Richard of Aylesbury, 
who had Sccwkley ; Henry and Bennett. Richard Duncombe, 
son of Thomas, left an heir John, who held Stewkley in 1558. 
Soon after it passed from this family. 

John Fox, who was appointed vicar at Stewkley in 1545, 
has been identified by sonic historians as John Fox the mar- 
tyrologist, said to have been born in 1517. 

The Church is of the eleventh century and was once occupied 
by Cromwell's troopers during the civil war. No memorials 



prior to 1660 remain in the church. Many names common 
to New England occur on this register. It may be remarked 
that Nicholas Putnam, formerly of YVingrave, and father of 
John Putnam of Salem, Mass., was, at the time of his death, 
s resident of this parish. — Editoh.] 


Anno domini 1545 
William Stappe baptized xxij Decebr 
Agnes Dudlye baptized second Januarii 

anno domini 154-6 
John Parkin baptized iij° Junii 
Elizabethe Taylor baptized v th M«y 
Joan Worall baptized the viij lh June 
Thomas Wadloe baptized xx th June 
William Shephard baptized xxj th Septeb 
Richard Stay baptized xxiiij th Septeb 
Marion Daners baptized first Octobr 
Ales Rigoll, baptized first Octobr 
Thomas Shephard baptized xxiiij th Octobr 
Thomas Oripps baptized xviij th Novebr 
Ales Stappe baptiz xxvj th Januarie 
Ales Meade baptiz xx th Februarie 

anno dol 1547 
Elizabeth Cripps baptiz xxiiij 1 ' 1 April 
Edmund Coles baptiz xxix Aprill 
Thomas Allyn baptiz xvj th June 
Agnes Darrant baptiz vj th August 
John Shephard baptiz xviij th August 
Richarde Archer baptiz xxij tl1 August 
Ethekhed Yeomans baptiz viij Octobr 
John Emerton baptized xvj th Septeb 
Robert Clarke baptized xij lh Octobr 

UTE.— The flash over a, in, time a or nT, etc., indicates! a following morn, eliini- 
BMedli Uietext. 


Doretha Tycle baptiz xxix Octobr 
Katheren Shephard baptiz xvij Noveb 
John Taylor baptiz xxvij Noveb 
John Streatly baptiz iiij th January 
Joan Taylor baptiz xiiij th January 
Richard Baker baptiz 28 Februar 

Anno doi 1548 
Agnes Tomes baptiz 27 May 
Elizabeth Wi'te baptiz 9 Junii 
Richard Worrall baptiz 21 June 
John Banbrunke baptiz 12 Septeb 
Richard Gadlingstocke baptiz 17 Septeb 
Thomas Stappe baptiz 19 Septeb 
John Durrant baptiz 21 Octobr 
Agnes Taylor bapt 2G Octobr 
Willis Stappe baptiz 4 Novebr 
Edward Daner baptiz 14 Novebr 
Robert Rigoll baptiz 16 November 
Elizabeth Shephard baptiz 17 November 
Joan Shephard baptiz 10 Januarii 
AVillia Mead baptiz 23 Januarii 
Ales Emerton baptiz primo Februar 
Benedict Coles baptiz 10 Februar 
Elizabeth Chamber baptiz 10 Februar 
Ales Tomes baptiz fait 15 Februarii 
.John Stappe baptiz xx tie Februarie 
Mychaell Stappe baptiz 25 Februarie 
Ales Par-ken baptiz 27 Februarii 
John Daners baptiz primo Marcii 

Anno doi 1549 
Ales Dudlye baptiz 2° Aprilis 
Robert Cripps baptiz 15 Aprilis 
Joan Daners baptiz 23 May 
Hanye Allen baptiz 12 Junii 
Robert Taylor baptiz 7 August 
Ales Robins baptiz 31 August 


Agnes Deane baptiz 30 Septebr 
Agnes Cripps baptiz 15 Septebr 
Richard Baker baptiz 22 Septebr 
Ales Clarke baptiz 5 th October 
. Anne Jaekma baptiz 6 th November 
Robert Wite baptiz 10 th Novebr 
John Durrant baptiz 11 th Novembr 
Elizabeth Taylor baptiz 10 tL Decebr 
Agnes Streatly baptiz 12 Januarii 
Richard Gobbet baptized 28 of January 
William Shephard baptized 17 of Febraye 

Anno doi 1550 
Joan Farmer baptized 20 of Marcii 
Elizabeth Tomes baptized 20 of Marcii 
Richard Smartwood baptized 29 July 
Isabell Dauers 1 baptized the 6 th of August 
Robert Emerton baptized the 20 August 
Joan Tycle baptized the 17 August 
Mycbael Stappe baptized the 2 Septebr 
William Worrall baptized the 4 Novcber 
Nicolas Dudlye baptized the 8 Deceber 

Anno doi 1551 
Ales Stappe baptized 10 Aprilis 
Elizabeth Meads baptized 8 May 
Joan Taylor baptized the 30 of May 
Joan Todde baptized the vj of June 
Elizabeth Yeomans baptized 7 Julye . 
William Taylor baptized 18 Julye 
John Roberts baptized 3 August 
Reinold Allyn baptized 15 August 
Katheren Dauers baptized 4 Septebr 
John Wite baptized 12 September 
Joan Deane baptized 2 December 
Thomas Stappe baptized 8 December 

! I'rtibaMy miuc name as Daners above, which is the correct form I know not.— 



Elizabeth Shephard baptized 12 Decebr 
Elizabeth Parkin baptized 6 th of Januarye 
Richard Tomes baptized 9 February 

Anno doi 1552 
Isabell Dudlye baptized 6 April] 
Benedict Emerton baptized 15 Aprill 
Harry Dauers baptized 28 of May 
Ma rye Baker baptized 9 Aprill 
Ales Yeoraans baptized 24 Julye 
Elizabeth Fox baptized 9 August 
William Coles baptized 28 Septembr 
Maryan Cripps baptized 12 October 
Benedict Taylor baptized 24 October 
Isabeil Taylor baptized 24 October 
John Smart wood baptized 22 Novebr 
Margaret Dauers baptized 30 Jannarie 
Philippe Stappe baptized 5 Januarie 
Elizabeth Maninge baptized 30 Januarii 
Marye Allvn baptized 5 February 
Jerom Gadlingstocke baptized 5 Marcii 

Anno do! 1553 
Elizabeth Hunt baptized 15 Marcii 
Elizabeth Taylor baptized 3 Aprilis 
Agnes Wite baptized 15 Aprilis 
Willia Lancton baptized 3 of May 
Elizabeth Worrall baptized 4 June 
Isabel! Stappe baptized 9 August 
Anne Roberts baptized 15 Septeber 
Ba widen Shephard baptized 18 Septebr 
Felix Stappe baptized 22 September 
Katheren Meade baptized 5 October 
Anne Emmerton baptized 12 October 
Roger Musirrave baptized 10 October 
Harrye Cripps baptized 22 Novebr 
Richard' Maninge baptized 5 January 
Ales Fanner baptized 4 Februar 

(To be continued.)] 


(Contiued from page 316, Vol, .5.) 

155. James Bishop married, first, EJizabeth Wetmore, who 
was born in 1748, and died June 29, 1810. He married, sec- 
ond, Mary Johnson, widow of Isaac Johnson and daughter of 
Ebenezer Hall and Mary Torre v, of Guilford, born August 
14, 1761. She died Nov. 27, 1836. He died June 16, 1832. 

263 James, b. ; m. Julia Chittenden. 

2C i Seliiiiij b. ; m. JDamel Hoadley. 

265 Elizabeth, b. ; m. Nathan Coe. 

266 Abiathar, b. ; in. Ruth Wilbur. 

267 Sally, b. 1774; in. David Dowd. 

268 Nathan, b. ; m. Sally Yale. 

260 Jona. Chittenden, b. Aug. 28, 1783; m. Lydia Tyler. 

270 Rebecca, b. ; m. Rufus Dowd. 

271 Anson, b. ; m. Sally Church. 

272 Harry, b. . 

157. Olive Bishop married Nov. 29, 179G, Noah Gris- 
wold, of Guilford, born Oct. 24, 1749. He died in Guilford, 
1809. She died Nov. 28, 1817. They had uo children. 

158. Neriah Bishop married May 10, 1781, Rachel Stone 
daughter of Ezra Stone and Elizabeth Osborne, of Guilford, 
born July 30, 1759. He died April 22, 1796. 

Rachael, b. Feb. 13, 1782. 

- 40 


Neriah, b. May 16, 1783; m. Hannah Handy. 

275 Ezra Stone, b. June 13, 1786 ; m. Abigail Norton. 

167. Elizabeth Bishop married Jan. 6, 1730, Eleazar Is- 
Mlof Killingwortb, son of Robert Isbell of Killingworth and 
Elizabeth Hall, born Aug. 31, 1705. She died Feb. 16, 




Robert, b. Feb. 3, 1736 ; m. Lois Parmelee. 
Eleazar, b. ; m. Hannah Parmelee. 

168. Benjamin Bishop married Sarah , born 1722. 

They removed to Goshen, and to Farmington, Conn. 

276 Rebecca, b. 1741; m. Josiah Andrews. 

277 Joseph, b. Sept. 8, 1743 ; m. Susannah . 

278 Benjamin, b. Sept, 23, 1745; m. Elizabeth . v 

279 Sarah, b. Sept. 25, 1748 ; d. 1766. 

280 Mary, b. Oct. 18, 1750; m. Dea. E. Woodford. 

281 Elizabeth, b. Mar. 31, 1753; m. Roger Woodford. 

282 Anna, b. April 21, 1755; m. Ezekiel Woodford. 

283 Samuel, b. May 6, 1757; m. Demaris Birge. 

284 Thomas F., b. Oct. 20, 1763; m. Lucv Foote. 

169. Stephen Bishop married Nov. 28, 1733, Esther 
Meiers, daughter of Janna Mei^s and Hannah Willard, of 
Guilford, born Dec. 19, 1709. They removed to Middletowu, 
Conn., and to other places. 

285 Stephen, b. Aug. 15, 1734. 

286 Eunice, b. Nov. 11, 1736 ; m. William Joyce. 

287 Amy, b. Nov. 25, 1738. 

288 Timothy, b. Feb. 11, 1741. 

289 Hannah, b. Apr. 11,1743. 

290 James, b. Nov. 23, 1745. 

291 Esther, b. Jan. 8, 1748. 

292 Daniel, b. May 20, 1750. 

172. Hannah Bishop married Hull Chittenden, of Guil- 
ford, son of Thomas Chittenden and Abigail Hull, of Guilford, 
born Jan. 31, 1768. She died and he married, second, Sub- 
mit Parks. He died Sept. 24, 1794. 

Asenath, b. 1746; d. 1756. 
Timothy, b. Jan. 27, 1748; in. lluldah Adams. 
Seymour, b. 1752. , 

Stephen, b. 1755. 

174. Rebecca Bishop married Stephen Stone, son of Ste- 


phen Stone and Elizabeth Leman of Guilford, born Aug. 13, 
1721. They removed to Litchfield, Conn. 

Leman, b. Jan. 8, 1751 ; of Derby. 

Joel, of Canada. 


178. Sarah Bishop married June 2, 1757, Samuel Far- 
nielee, of Guilford, son of Joseph Parmelee and Abigail Kirn- 
berley, of Guilford, born July 27, 1737. She died April 4, 
1778. He married second and third, and died Jan. 2, 1807. 

Leumas^b. Mar. 16, 1758; d. Sept. 3, 1779. 
Luther, b. Sept. 1, 1760; d. s., 1785. 
Linus, b. Nov. 28, 1762 ; m. Priscilla Handy. 
Sarah, b. Dec. 1, 1767 ; d. Sept. 16, 1769. 
Samuel, b. Mar. 4, 1770; m. Molly Graves. 
Henry, b. July 26, 1772 ; m. Woodruff. 

179. Asenath Bishop married Jan. 2, 1752, Nathaniel 
Meigs, son of Janna Meigs and Elizabeth Dudley, of Salis- 
bury, Conn., born Aug. 6, 1729. 

Benjamin, b. Oct. 8, 1753. 

Phineas, b. May 19, 1755. 

Anna, b. Aug. 13, 1757 ; m. Gilbert Bradley. 

Azubah, b. Sept. 26, 1759. 

180. Josiah Bishop married, first, Aug. 18, 1756, Ruth 
Evarts, daughter of Samuel Evarts and Ruth Dudley, of 
Guilford, born Feb. 22, 1733. She died April 29, 1762. 
He married, second, Ann Crampton, daughter of James 
Crampton and Mary Coe, born March 23, 1739. She died 
•Lino 21, 1784. He married, third, Submit Crampton, widow 
<>f Jesse Crampton, born Oct. 2Q, 1740, who had no children. 
He died March 31, 1806. 

293 Mabel, b. July 12, 1757; m. Jonathan Judd. 

*94 Lemuel, b. May 7, 1759 ; d. s. 

295 Hannah, b. 1762 ; d. Aug. 3, 1785. 

296 Ruth, b. 1764; m. Dr. Jonathan Judd. 

1 Leumtts is Samuel inverted. 


297 Rachel, b. ; m. William Brown, Esq. 

298 Wealthy, b. ; in. Dea. Timothy Field. 

299 Roxana, b. — — ; m. Usher Conklin. 

183. Rachael Bishop married Jan. 13, 1759, Elias Mei< 
son of Recompense Meigs and Phebe Goodale ofGuilfoi 
born April 15, 1735. He died in Guilford May 22, 181 
She died Oct. 1, 1825. 

Rhoda, b. July 7, 1760; m. Samuel T} T ler. 
Rachel, b. Oct. 30, 1762 ; m. Ashbel Crampton. 
Abel, b. Jul}' 19, 1765 ; m. Deborah Carter/ 
Olive, b. Oct. 15, 1767 ; m. Caleb Fowler. 
Anson, b. June 10, 1770; d. June 4, 1772. 
Phebe, b. Sept. 9, 1772; m. Nathan Wilcox. 
Hannah, b. Apr. <30, 1775; m. Jude Smith. 
Rene, b. Oct. 5, 1777; m. Thomas Shelley. 

191. Leah Bishop married March 30, 1758, Samuel K 
arts, of Guilford, son of Samuel Evarts and Ruth Dudley, 
Guilford, born April 9, 1734. He died Mar. 16, 1817. S 
died June 13, 1819. 

Luther, b. Jan. 17, 1759. 

Martin, b. Dec. 18, 1760; m. Betsey Redfield. 

Solomon, b. Feb. 4, 1763. 

Augustus, b. May 6, 1765; m. Sarah Richardson. 

Joel, b. June 14, 17cb; d. Dec. 6, 1768. 

Ruth, b. Dec. 12, 1769 ; d. s., Juue 13, 1819. 

Marcia, b. May 22, 1772 ; m. William Starr. 

Joel, u. Apr. 6, 1775 ; m. Delea Munger. 

Linus, b. Sept. 10, 1777 ; m. wid. Rebecca Wadsworth 

Sarah, b. 1779; m. Amos Dudley. 

Lucia, b. Aug. 15, 1783; m. Joseph Evarts. 

193. Ebcnezer Bishop married Deborah Stone, daught 
of Reuben Stone and Ann Evarts, of Guilford, born Oct. 2 
1748. They removed to Georgia, Vermont, where he die 
in 1811 and she in 1820. 

300 Sarah, b. Mar. 30, 1772; m. Edmund Goodrich. 

301 Harvey, b. 1774; d. 1790. 


302 Rhoda, m. William Wright. 

303 Luther, b. July 13, 1782 ; m. Abigail Grosvenor. 

304 Deborah, b. 1785; m. John Laughlin. 

194. Sarah Bishop married Jan. 29, 1767, Caleb Benton, 
of Guilford, son of Caleb Benton and Sarah Stone, born Aug. 
17, 1742. They removed to Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
He died Dec. 25, 1831. She died April 17, 1825. 

Linus, b. Mar. 20, 1768; d. Sept. 11, 177S. 
Joel, b. May 13, 1772; m. Delia Sears. 
Sarah, b. Sept. 17, 1774; m. Stephen Reed. 
Betsey, b. Jan. 20, 1777; m. Amos Beecher. 
Juliana, b. Dec. 20, 1779 ; m. William Jermond. 
Clarissa, b. June 9, 1782; d. Oct. 3, 1793. 
Pornel, b. Jan. 4, 1785 ; m. Benjamin Jarvis. 
Wm. Alfred, b. Aug. 30, 1788; m. Cythera Reed. 

196. Linus Bishop married June 29, 1785, Sarah Chap- 
man, widow of Abisha Chapman, of Saybrook (who died in 

the Piison Ship in 1778), and daughter of Hill. She 

died June 1, 1822. He died Sept. 14, 1830. 

305 Sarah, b. Dec. 19, 1786 ; d. s., June 11, 1871. 

306 Richard, b. Mar. 18, 1790; m. Polyanthus Scranton. 

307 Frederic, b. Dec. 17, 1792; m. Olive Bassett. 

197. Russell Bishop married Abigail Bartlett, daughter 
of Reuben Bartlett and Irene Meigs, of Guilford, born July 
7, 1757. She died Aug. 18, 1805, and he married, second, 
Sarah Graves, of Killiugworth, who died Nov. 21, 1827. He 
died Oct. 26, 1825. 

308 Jerusha, b. ; m. Samuel Grilling. 

199. Esther Bishop married John Todd, of Guilford, son 
of Timothy Todd and Abigail Crane, of Guilford, born Feb. 
15, 1768. They removed to Manlius, N. Y. 


Richard, d. s. 

Dr. John Elliot, of Philadelphia. 


201. Titus Bishop married Mary Hunger, daughter o 
James Munger and Prudence Dowd, of Guilford, horn Dee 
6, 1772. She died Sept. 16, 1842. He died March 14, 

309 Eliza, b. Jan. 31, 1795 ; d. s., May 29, 1S79. 

310 Harry, b. Aug. 15, 1797 ; m. Betsey Dowd. 

311 Polly, b. Feb. 8, 1800 ; m. Stickney. 

312 Joseph, b. May 20, 1804 ; went to Tolland, Conn. 

313 Timo. Mather, b, June 30, 1808 ; d. Mar. 28, 1809. 

314 Maria, b. Nov. 11, 1811 ; m. George Benton. 

202 Hannah Bishop married 1803, as his second wife, 
Dickcrman Hall, of Wallingford, Conn., son of Isaac Hallauc 
Esther Moselv, of Wallingford, born 1774. He died in Wah 
lingford, Sept. 18, 1838. 

Henrietta, b. June 28, 1804 ; in. Abiah Child. 

Wm. Mosely, b. Feb. 11, 1806. 

Mary Ann, b. Oct. 31, 1807. 

Cornelia, b. Feb. 17, 1811 ; m. Dr. Chas. Pomeroy. 

Frances A., b. Oct. 9, 1813 ; ra. Beverly Hall. 


204. Thalmeno Bishop married May 15, 1777, Mary Ben- 
ton, daughter of John Benton, of Guilford, and Abigail Eg- 
glestone, of Middletown. They removed to the state of New 

315 Mary, b. Jan. 18, 1780. 

316 Samuel, b. Oct. 9, 1782. 

317 Justin, b. March 14, 1785. 

318 Maria, b. Sept. 13, 1786. 

319 Achsah, b. Miy 29, 1788. 

320 Lois, b. Nov. 18, 1790. 

205. Leonard Bishop married Hoppin. They re- 
moved to Richmond, Mass. 

321 Philander, b . 

(To be continued.) : ** 



From page 287, Vol. V. 

Robert Dunning and Sarah Speer, Feb. 14, 1756. 

Stephen Getchell and Sarah Tibbets, both of Cathance, 
June 6, 1756. 

John Hall of Seibascodicou and Mary Jurclan of Bruns- 
wick, Dec. 24, 1756. 

John Man of Northyarmouth and Esther Hervey ox Bruns- 
wick, Dec. 24, 1756. 

Charles Cavenagh Mariner and Elizabeth Dolly of Fort 
George, July 5, 1757. 

Mr. Isaac Snow,Jun., and Mrs. Elizabeth Larrabee, July 
14, 1757. 

Mr. Nathaniel Whitney of Gorumtown and (Gorham) 
Susanna Whitney of Brunswick, Sept. 26, 1757. 

Mr. Joseph White of Abagaduset and Mary Hinkly of 
Brunswick, Oct. 19, 1757. 

Lieut. Samuel Mood}' of Fort George and Mrs. Hanah 
Minotof Brunswick, Oct. 25, 1757. 

Mr. Tho. Cotton and Mrs. Agnes ilinklv, both of Brims- 
wick, Nov. 5, 1757. 

Mr. William Quningham of Skcepscut and Mrs. Mary 
Clark of Brunswick, Nov. 12, 1757. 

Mr. Samuel Thompson of Brunswick and Mrs. Abiel 
Harrington of Georgetown, Dec. 2, 1757. 

Mr. William Moorage of Mericonoig and Mrs. Sarah 
Starbird of Brunswick, Dec. 31, 1757. 

Mr. Nathaniel Larrabee of Brunswick and Mrs. Elizabeth 
Harden of Georgetown, Feb. 6, 1758. 



Mr. Thomas Spriuger and Mrs. Abigail Tibbets, both of 
Cathance, Mar. 4, 1758. 

Mr. Philip Caul and Dolvoirance Wyman, both of Rous- 
bick (Arrowsic?), Mar. 11, 1758. 

Mr. Daniel Goodwin and Prudence Wyman, both of 
Rousbick, Mar. 11, 1758. 

Mr. John Hunt of North Yarmouth and Mrs. Mary 
Stand wood of Brunswick, Apr. 29, 1758. 

Mr. Joseph Mezorvy of a place called (Pierceutcwn?) 
and Mrs. Mary Martin of Brunswick, May 5, 1758. 

Ensign John Jurdan of Brunswick and Mrs. Mary Young 
of Harpswell, Sept. 9, 1758. 

*Mr. David Reed of Topsham and Mrs. Margret Dunning 
of BrimsWick, 23 Dec, 1758. 

Mr. James Macmanus of Brunswick and Mary Corragan, 
or Corbet, of Falmouth, March 17, 1759. 

Mr. Wait Herrick of Noble Town and Mrs. Martha Dun- 
ning of Brunswick, Apr. 5, 1759. 

Mr. Robert Clark of Brunswick and Mrs. Mary Thorne 
of Topsom, July 2, 1759. 

Mr. Thomas Cammell of North Yarmouth and Mrs. Mar- 
gret Dunning of Brunswick, Aug. 25, 1759. 

Mr. Heuh Wilson of Topsham and Mrs. Elizabeth Her- 
vey of Brunswick, Sept. 5, 17.^9. 

Mr. Elizha Snow of Brunswick and Mrs. Elizabeth Jur- 
dan of Falmouth, Sept. 15, 1759. 

Mr. James Curtis of Falmouth and Mrs. Rachel Thomp- 
son of Brunswick, Nov. 17, 1759. 

Mr. Robert Dunlap of Topsham and Mrs. Mary Eaton of 
Brunswick, Nov. 28, 1759. 

Mr. James Potter, Jun., of Topsham and Mrs. Mary Speer 
of Brunswick, Dec. 5, 1759. 

Mr. Thomas Grey and Mrs. Sarah Thompson, Dec. 8, 

* Crossed out. 
(To be Continued;. 

Muster Roll of a Company of Minute Men that Marched from 
the West Parish in Pembroke 1 to Scituate and Marsh- 
field, on the Alarm of 19th of April, 1775. 


Eleazer Hamblin mentioned below was the grandfather of 
Hon. Hannibal Hamblin, Vice President, U. S. Africa 
Hamblin was son of the above, and brother of Cyrus, father 
of Hon. Hannibal Hamblin. 

Length of service 19 April to 29 April, 11 days. 

James Hatch 2 . 


Consider Cole, 1st Lieutenant, 3 
Eleazer Hamblin, 2nd Lieutenant. 4 

Sergeants Corporal*. 6 

Caleb Howland, Dan 1 Crooker, 

Thomas Fuller, Sam 1 How land, 

Nath 1 Thomas, Eph rm Briggs, 

Seth Phillips. Lyons Tsar. 


Ezek 1 Bonney, fifer, Isaac Y\ r ade, drummer. 

Privates. 1 

Increase Robinson, Seth Perrv, 

Isaac Beals, Wm. Cox, Jr., 

1 Tor Captain Chamberlain's Company from Pembroke, see vol. i, p. 32. ed. 
1 A.t £6 per month. 3 At £4 per. mo, 4 At £:> 10* per mo. 

1 At £2-8 per month. « At £2-4 per month. 7 At £2 per month. 




Isaac Phillips, 
John Stutson, 
Reuben Clark, 
Dan 1 Child, 
David Beals, 
Benj. Munroe, 
Lot Phillips, 
Abr a Josselyn, Jr., 
Wm. Gould, 
Seth Cox, 
Alex 1 " Soaper, 
Wm. Hay ford, 
Heze h Pearce, 
Jon a Bonny, 
Gershom Rarnsdall, 
Chas. Jewett. 

Isaac Moore, 
Chris r Phillips, 
Isaac Bomiey, 
Elijah Cashing, 3rd, 
Eleaz r Bisby, 
Leonard Hill, 
Thos. Lincoln, 
Ephr m Lindsy, 
Wm. Bonne v, 
Benj. Guilliam, 
Africa Hamblin, 
Daniel Garnet, Jr., 
Rich d Baker, Jr. 
Sam' Harden, 
Abijah Levett, 
Sam) Gorham, 
Tilden Crooker, 

Middlesex, s.s., Dec. 19, 1775. 

James Hatch made solemn oath that the Muster Roll by 
him subscribed is according to the best of his knowledge 
just and true in all its parts. 

Before me, Moses Gill ) Jus. Peace 

5 Thro, ye Province 

In Council, March 14, 1776. Read & allowed & or- 
dered that a warrant be drawn on the Treas r for £53-1 6s- 

11 l-2d in full of this roll, 

Perez Morton, 

D. Sec'v 

Examined & allowed after a deduction of 2s per man for 

52 men & 1-4 for one, amounting in the whole to £5-5s- 

4d for Bi [letting. There remaining now due £53-1 6s- 


Jonas Dix, Pr. Order. 

Examined and compared with the original. 

Josiaii Johnson > n ... 
. r . > Committee. 

Jonas Dix \ 


MASS., 1775-1780. 


From Record of Town Meetings. 

March 29 th , 1775. Voted that :— Samuel Hindsdell, Tim- 
othy Childs, Daniel Nash, Ebenz r Arms, Thos. Nims, Sam'l 
Wells, Benja." Hastings, be a Com* of correspondence. 

March 4 th , 1776. Voted that :— Capt. Timothy Childs, 
Dea. David Smeud, Lt. Dan'l Nash, Capt. Agrippa Wells, 
Dea. Ebenz r Graves, to serve us u committee of correspond- 
ence & inspection & safety the year ensuing. 

Dec. 19, 1776. Voted that :— Dan'l Nash, Dea. Eben v 
Graves, Mr. David Allen, Dea. David Sinead, Capt. Agrip- 
p& Wells, Sam'I Wells, Lt. Benj. Hastings, be acorn, of cor- 
respondence, Inspection & Safety. 

March 2, 1778. Voted that :— Lt. Dan'l Nash, Dea. David 
Smead, Capt. Agrippa Wells, Oliver Atherton, Jos. 1 Wells, 
be the above committee. 

March 1, 1779. Voted that :— Lt. Dan'l Nash, Capt. 
Agrippa Wells, Capt. Childs, be the above Committee. 

March 6 th , 1781. Voted that, Capt. Agrippa Wells, Jas. 
Koberts, Isaac Newton, be the above committee. 


The Inhabitants & soldiery of Topsfield and the villiges 
adjoining thereto according to an order from Major Dennin- 
Bon met together the 21 of the 4 mo. 1666 and chose officers 
as follows 

John Kedington of Topsfield, head offier in commanding 
or leading the company. 

Joseph Bigsbey, senior, sergeant. 

Abraham Redington. senior, of the village, clerk of the 

Edmond Town, John Comins, Wm. Smith, corporals. 

Request to court for confirmation signed by Dan Hovey 
and Wm. Avril in the name of the rest. Request allowed. 

Essex County Court files, vol. II 9 f. 131. 




{Continued from page 280, vol. 3.) 

An account of children baptized in Killingly before the 
gathering of a church in it : 

Sept. 9, 1711. Mr. Estabrook baptized Samuel, the 
son of Samuel Robbins, Zerviah, daughter of David Cady, 
Jun., and Susanna, daughter of John Preston. 

May 11, 1712. Mr. Estabrook baptized Joseph- son of 
Ephraim Warren. 

April 19, 1713. Mr. Estabrook baptized Eunice, daugh- 
ter of John Winter, Sarah, daughter, and Ebenezer, son of 
Ebenezer Kee. 

Nov. 8, Mr. Estabrook bap. Ebenezer, son of Stephen 
G rover. 

Feb. 1714. Mr. Coit bap. Jonathan, son of John Pres- 
ton . 

April 4, Mr. Esterbrook bap. David, Jonathan and Ben- 
jamin, sons of Lieut. Jos. Cady and Sarah, his vvife (they 
having first renewed the covenant), and also Ruth, dau. of 
Jonathan Hues. 

Sept. 5, Mr. Esterbrook bap. Zerviah, daughter of John 
Winter, and Eleazer, son of Daniel Lawrence. 

Nov. 21, Mr. D wight baptized Josiah, son of Samuel 
Converse, and Jerusha, dau. of James Leavens. \ 

May 15, 1715. Mr. Estabrook baptized Hannah, dau. of 
John Mighill, and Priscilla, dau. of Thomas Gold. 

June 12, Mr. Dwight bap. Abigail, dau. of David Shap- 
ley, David, son of Michael Hewlet, Judith, dau. of Ebe- 
nezer Kee, and .Jonas, son of Jonathan Hues. 

An account of baptisms performed since the gathering of 



^ - 

ft church in Killingly, by J. Fisk, pastor; both of old, 
young and infant persons : 

1715. Oct. 23, Mehitable and Sarah, daughters of Si- 
mon and Hannah Briant. 

Oct. 30, Thomas, son of Thomas Gould, Timothy, son of 
Stephen Grover. 

Nov. 13, Bethiah and Sara, daughters of Deborah Brown. 
Nov. 27, Amey, daughter of Samuel Winter. 

1716. April 15, Benahjah, son of William Cady. 
May 6, John, sou of Samuel Bobbins. 

June 17, Jonathan, son of Stephen Grover, Mary, dau. 
of John Church. 

June 24, Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Phillips. 

July 1, Rebecca, dau. of Joseph Dana. 

July 22, Nathaniel, son, and Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas 
Cady, Abigail, dau. of William Robinson, Joseph, Sarah, 
Judith, Rachel and Zerviah, children of Joseph Leavens ; 
Sarah, Hannah and Abigail, children of Jo. Cutler. 

July 29, Mary, wife of William Robinson, William, 
Joseph and Elizabeth, his children ; Martha, wife of Eben- 
ezer Brooks. 

Aug. 5, Andrew and Elizabeth, children of Andrew Phil- 
lips ; Sarah and Eliza, daughters of Robert Burch. 

Sept. 2, Ebenezer, Jabez, Eleazer, Martha, Eunice and 
Priscilla, children of Ebenezer Brooks ; Sarah, wife, and 
David, son of David Ro>s ; Lydia, dau. of Ephraim Warren. 

Sept. 9, Benjamin, son of Benjamin Leavens; Abilene, 
daughter of Jos. Cady; Mary, daughter of John Cummins; 
Margret, dau. of John Lorton. 

Sept. 1(), Elizabeth, dan. of David Lawrence; John, sou 
of Michael Hewlett. • 

Sept. 23, Timothy, son of Daniel Cady, Jun. 

Nov. 23, Sarah and Abigail, dau. of Daniel Cady, Jun, 

1717. Jan. 20, Joanna, dau. of Nicholas Cady. 

Jan. 27, John, son of Richard Dresser, Briant, son of 
Nathaniel Brown. .,. i *\A 


■ - 

{Continued from page 282 , vol. 5.) 



Patrick and Mary, 

Aug. 12, 1736. 


(« K 

Oct. 19, 1738. 


t< «< 

Nov. 28, 1743. 


it (i 

Mar. 28, 1746. 


«( ci 

Oct. 19, 1748. 


a ci 

Jan. 5, 1751. 



it t ( 

Oct. 25, 1753. 


(( cc 

Feb. 21, 1756. 



Wm. and Jane, 

Jan. 11, 1752. 


(< t< 

May 16, 1754. 


t« n 

July 29, 1756. 


i< n 

Dec. 13, 1758. 



Andrew and Martha, 

Apr. 29, 1767. 


J as. Couliard, 

" Lucy, 

Jan. 19, 1787. 


<< << 

Sept. 10, 1788. 


it k 

Mar. 21, 1790. 


K c« 

Feb. 20, 1792. 


(< (< 

Apr. 18, 1794. 


(i (i 

May 8, 1796. 


<i ,(< 

Apr. 2, 1798. 


<< t< 

June 25, 1800. 


(< ti 

May 1, 1802. 

Sophia Farnham, 

ii (i 

Oct. 9, 1803. 

Loiraan, dau.. 

ci < < 

Oct. 16, 1806. 



Nath'l and Jane, 

Apr. 20, 1752. 


<( ti 

Oct. 15, 1753. 


CI it 

Oct. 13, 1755. 


(1 (< 

Mar. 25, 1757. 



Francis and Sarah, 

July 7, 1756. 


< i ii 

Feb. 14, 1760. 


it «< 

Sept. 5, 1762. 


ii ti 

Apr. 2G, 1763. 


<( << 

June 14, 1770. 


<< «i 

Sept., 1772. 


ii ii 

Dee. 26, 1776. 


n K 

Feb., 1780. 


Nath'l and Martha, 

Nov. 22, 1765. 





Nath'l and Martha 







Wm. and Mary, 








Francis, . 




David Gilmore, 











Abraham at Brunswick, Benj. and Mercy, 








Isaiah and Margaret, 



Feb. 13, 1767. 
Jan. 20, 1760. 
Jan. 19, 1771. 
Jan. 28. 1773. 
Apr. 25, 1775. 
Mar. 11, 1777. 
Feb. 14, 1770. 
Sept. 2, 1785. 
Jan. 4, 1783. 
Dec. 14, 1788. 
Feb. 2, 1791. 
Sept. 27, 1793. 
May 9, 1796. 
May 16, 1799. 
June 29, 1802. 
Oct. 19, 1791. 
Oct. 15. 1793. 
Jau. 4, 1797. 
Dec. 12, 1799. 
Oct. 21, 1802. 
Aug. 29, 1805. 
July 30, 1808. 
Aug. 19, 1753. 
May 4, 1755. 
May 22, 1757. 
April 15, 1759. 
Apr. 25, 1761. 

(To be continued.) 


No. 1. Martin. Can any one give me any information 
concerning George Marty n, one of the earlv settlers of Salis- 
bury? He was there in 1649, and married tor his second 
wife Susanna Worth, who after wards was hung as a witch. 

2. Whipple. Can any one give me the parentage of 
Susanna Whipple, of Ipswich, who married David Batcheller 
ofWenham, in 1709? 

3. ScoTCH-LtiSH. Where can I obtain any account of 
the early Scotch-Irish emigration early in 1680, I think it 


was? I have a record of one William Straw in Salisbury, 
Mass., 1686, who I think must have been a Scotch-Irish em- 
igrant. I can find no earlier record of the name. 

4. Charles Stewart. Charles Stewart was commis- 
sioned as ensign in Capt. Wm. Grimes' company of the 15th 
Va. regiment of Foot, commanded by Lt. Col. James Innes, 
Revolutionary war. His name first appears on the roll of 
that organization for Jul}-, 1,1777, with remark "commis- 
sioned April, 1777." He is reported on the roll tor August, 

1777, as "looking after the sick in Philadelphia ;" on the roll 
for Sept. and Oct., 1777, without remark, and on the roll 
for Nov., 1777, as " turned over to Capt. Gregory's Co., Dec. 
1, 1777. On the roil tor Dec, 1777, he is reported with 
rank as 2d Lieut., and on roils for Jan., Feb., March 
and April, 1778, his name is borne without remark. 

His name next appears on the roll for Dec, 1778, of the 
field and staff of the 11th Va. regiment, commanded by Col- 
Buford, with remarks, " Appointed June 24, 1777, rank 
2d Lieut. 5th Company," and on the company muster rolls of 
Capt. David Mason's Co. of the 11th Va. regiment in Gen'l 
Woodford's Brigade, commanded by Col. Buford from Dec 

1778, to Nov., 1779, without additional information. The 
roll for Nov., 1777, shows the designation of the organization 
to be the 5th and 11th Virginia regiment of Foot, commanded 
by Col. William Russell. 

Charles Stewart was a resident of Norfolk county, Vir- 
ginia, near the Dismal Swamp. I want to inquire if any of 
your readers can give me any further information about him. 
He died in 1804.' 

William H. Stewart, 

Portsmouth, Virginia. 

5. Dix. In 1637 the town of Ipswich granted the widow 
Dix six acres of land. Who was the widow Dix, when did 
she die, and was she mother of Ralph Dix? h. y. 


6. Reynolds. Who can give me any data about the 
Reynolds family prior to the coming of Robert and his brother 
to Boston in 1632? 

From what place in England did they come? a. 

7. Clakk. Was Deacon Joseph Clark, after graduation 
at Yale, 17 — , a druggist of Middletown, Conn., a relative of 
Nathaniel Clark, of Newbury (whose daughter Elizabeth 
married D. Robert Hale, of Beverly), or of Deborah Clarke, 
wife of Dr. Thomas Deane (whose daughter Jane, married, 
1738, Major John Oilman, of Exeter, N. H.) ? Where can 
facts concerning these Clarks be found? Also, who were the 
parents and ancestors of Sarah Clark, who after the death of 
her first husband named Marvin, married, in 1^60, Joseph 
Sill, Sr., of Cambridge or Lyme? 

8. Coleman and Kirby. Who were the ancestors of 
Ruth Kirby Coleman, who married Isaac Hubbard (1749- 
1848), of Middletown, Conn., the son of Nehemiah Hubbard, 
Sen., and Sarah Sill? 

9. Lowe. Who were the ancestors, and who was the 
wife of Daniel Lowe, of Ipswich, about 1700? 

10. Rice. Who were the parents and ancestors of Miss 
Sarah Rice, of Wallingford, Ct., born 1717, who married 
Thomas Hurlburt, Jr. (born 1706), of Middletown, Ct. ? 

11. Crofts and White. Who were the parents and 
ancestors of Frances White, the mother, and Sarah Crofts, the 
wife of Rev. Jonathan Winchester, of Brookliue, Mass., the 
first minister of Ashburnham (born 1717 ; died 17G7 ; Har- 
vard 1734;. 

12. Johnson and Eakle. Who were the parents and 
ancestors of Sarah Johnson (died 1776), the wife, and Mary 
Earle (1663-1732), the mother of Nathaniel Hubbard, Jr., 
of Middletown, Ct.? He was born in 16D0; died in 1738, 
and married Apri 1 12, 1716. 


13. Collins and Whiting. Who were the parents and 
ancestors of Rev. Nathaniel Collins and Mary Whiiing, whoso 
daughter Martha married Thomas Hurlburt, Sen., of Middle- 
town, Ct., in 1705? 

14. Phelps — Davis. Who were the parents and ances- 
tors of Lois Phelps Davis, who married Henry Winchester 
(1753-1834), of Ashburnham, Mass.? 


Reneau. In 1821 Lewis Reneau represented Sevier Co., 
Tenn., in the Tennessee House of Representatives ; was the 
only member who refused to vote for a resolution commend- 
ing Andrew Jackson to the country for President, giving his 
reasons on the Journal (1) none of the legislature's business ; 
(2) not binding on anybody; (3) too far ahead. 

This is undoubtedly the same stock as Pierre Renaud, who 
came to Manikin, Tenn., Sept., 1700. "Huguenot Emigra- 
tion to Va.," page 14. from Geneva, and see Vol. 3, " Genea- 
logical Notes of Genevan Families" (1836). J. A. Galifie, 
C. G. page 421, where William Renaud of Orleans, France, 
married Raguier and had "William received as an inhab- 
itant April 2G, 1557, etc. 

The arm* : " D'azur a la fasce d'argent accompagnee de 
trois losanges ilu meme & et." 

Stephen R. was of this parish at Manikin, Tenn., June, 
1744.— "Huguenot Emigration," p. 113-4. 

Floujinoy Rivers. 

Notk. Mr. Rivers has compiled a History of the Flournoy family throughout 
America, which has appeared in the Collections of the Virginia Historical Society.— 



Copied from the original by Mr. A. F. Heintz, wider the direction and at 

the cost of Mr. Dickson. 

(Continued from page 14.) 

Anno do! 1554 
Constance Todd baptized first March 
Agnes Freema baptized 15 April! 
William Tomes baptized 10 May 
Benedict Stappe baptized 22 May 
Thomas Fox baptized 18 Junii 
Ales Dayme baptized 22 Junii 
Francx Stappe baptized 22 Junii 
Bennett Yeomas baptized 4 August 
Richard Dare baptized v August 
William baptized 8 August 
Isabel 1 Todd baptized 10 August 
Tsabell Coles baptized ] 4 August 
Annys Emerton baptized 18 August 
Annys Emerton baptized y Septeber 
Elizabeth Shephard baptized 5 October 
John Coles baptized 8 December 
Annys Perkin baptized 30 Decebr 
Ales Cutler baptized 30 Decebr 
Thomas White baptized 2 May 
John Taylor baptized 6 May 
William Dauers baptized 8 June 
Agnes Stappe baptized 8 June 
Richard Miller baptized 5 Novebr 
Richard Robins baptized 10 Novebr 
s (83) 


Anno dol 1555 
Richard Stappe baptized 4 Februarie 
John Taylor baptized 4 May 
Thomas Coles baptized 7 June 
Anne Langson baptized 12 June 
Annys Stappe baptized 3 Julye 
John Worrall baptized 10 Novebr 

Anno dol 1556 
John Coles baptized 8 Januarie 
William Dauers baptized 2 Februarie 
Marcellus Allyn baptized 6 Februar 
Robert White baptized 12 Februar 
Margrete Shephard baptized 6 March 
lsabell Robins baptized 8 Aprill 

Anno dol 1557 
John Meade baptized 4 Januarie 
Thomas Coles baptized 8 Marcii 
William Stappe baptized 13 Aprill 
William Coles baptized 3 May 
Elizabeth Myller baptized 13 Julye 
Myldred Todd baptized 18 Julye 
Thomas Stappe baptized 4 August 
Edward White baptized 5 October 

Anno dol 1560 
John Cartwright baptized 10 December 
Thomas Taylor baptized 25 May 
Anne Stappe baptized 7 Julye 
William Hill baptized 29 Julye 
John Miller baptized 5 August 
Elizabeth Colls baptized 7 Octobr 
Thomas Bennet baptized 9 October 
Thomas Stappe baptized 24 October 
Benedict Conlye baptized 5 Novebr 
William Knight baptized 22 Decern br 
John Todd baptized 20 December 


Roger Cart wright baptized 2 January 
Ales Stappe baptized 15 January . 
Mychael Stappe baptized 8 February 

Anno doi 1561 
William Sewster baptized 6 May A Gij£)OS^ 

Thomas Langson baptized 18 May 
Thomas Colls baptized 6 June 
Isaac Shephard baptized 27 June 
Agnes Greene baptized 3 August 
Elizabeth Miller baptized 3 August 
Elizabeth Plainer baptized 9 August 
Francx Carter baptized 7 Septebr 
William Clarke baptized 12 Septebr 
Jesper Sewster baptized 10 October 
Thomas My Her baptized 25 October 
Elizabeth Shephard baptized 20 Octobr 
John Todde baptized 2 November 
William Golder baptized 9 Noveber 
Clemens Dauers baptized 24 Noveber 
Joan Toms baptized 17 Januarie 
Constans Conlye baptized 2 Februarie 
Marie Condlye baptized 2 Februarie 
Isabell Barker baptized 17 Februarie 
Ales Barker baptized 30 Februarie 
Thomas Sudall baptized 2 March 
Johanes Sudall baptized 2 March 
John Fox baptized 8 March 

Anno doi 1562 
Anne Carpenter baptized 24 May 
Iiichard Bull baptized 2 June 
Richard Willowsun baptized 6 August 
Anthonie Worrali baptized 12 August 
Agnes Taylor baptized 30 August 
Agnes Pliimer baptized 13 Septebr 
John Greene baptized 20 Septebr 


Robert Stappe baptized primo October 
William Carter baptized 22 Novebr 
Franex Stappe baptized 29 Novebr 
William Miller baptized 2 December 
John Syms baptized 7 Decebr 
John Heritage baptized 12 Decebr 
Benjamin Postlye baptized esdem die 
Nicholas Gadlingstocke baptized 20 Decgb 
Mary an Ringsteede baptized 30 Deceb 
Agnes Cartwright baptized 22Februarie 
Mary an Knight baptized 3 March 
Elizabeth Stappe baptized 7 March 

Anno doi 1563 
Agnes Golder baptized 20 May 
Richard Coles baptized 6 June 
John Tomes baptized 8 August 
Thomas Todd baptized 3 Septebr 
Anne Jack ma baptized 6 Octobr 
Harry Shephard baptized 12 October 
Ellyn Sudall baptiz 30 Octobr 
Alexadre Cripps baptized 6 Novebr 
Elizabeth Stappe baptiz 20 Novebr 
Thomas Standi}' baptiz p r mo Januar 
William Shephard baptiz 27 Januarii 
Constance Cox baptized 7 February 
Roger Fox baptized 12 Februar 

Anno do! 1564 . 
Agnes Condlye baptized 2 Aprill 
Isabell Gurny baptized 7 Aprill 
Agnes Stappe baptiz 21 May 

{To be continued.) 






{Continued from page 9.) 

George Phippen owned and lived upon what is now the 
Skolneld brothers' farms on Maire Point. The depression 
of the cellar may still be seen on the eastern side close to 
the shore and to a natural landing place. This location was 
that chosen by John Orr when he settled on the point. 
Phippen lived there till driven away by the Indians and tra- 
dition states that into his well was thrown the family plate. 
Years afterwards the story of his settlement and flight was 
told by Mr. Skolhcld in the family circle and the story of 
the silver repeated. A woman living in the family as a do- 
mestic determined to possess the silver. Providing herself 
with implements she began the tedious task of digging out 
the old well filled with stones and refuse. Long before she 
made any considerable progress she was so badly poisoned 
by the ivy which abounded that her life was nearly despaired 
of. It is needless to state she lost all interest in either the 
silver, or "mercury " in or about the old well. 

About 1714, it is supposed that one of the Pejepscot pro- 
prietors made out a list entitled "An Acc't of the Eastern 
Parts and of the several settlements that have ever been 
made on the lands formerly purchased by Mr. Wharton and 
now bought by eight of us." In this document is record- 
ed "but one settlement at Mair Point by John Phippany, 
but one settlement Maquoit by Robert Haines." This does 
not necessarily mean that Phippen and Haines then, in 1714, 
had settlements at those points. Both the christian names 
are wrongly given and White's name is entirely omitted. 



Other discrepancies occur in the list ; but the evidence is 
positive that George Phippcn lived for many years on the 
southeastern side of the point. See Eastern Claims. 

James Carter is said by Wheeler, to have been an inhabi- 
tant of Maire Point. 

[Richard Carter, who died previous to 1682, but was 
probably living at Westgustoggoe in 1672, on land adjoining 
John Mayne, left a widow Agnes, who in 1682 was aged 
about 82 and was then Agnes Maddiver, second wife of 
Michael of Falmouth, an early settler, whom she married 
prior to 1670, when Mr. Maddiver died (.Trelawny JPapers 
p. 324note) . He also left a son Richard, agedabout 37 in 1682. 
Richard Carter the younger, in various depositions gives his 
birth a* about 16#4-5; ond testifies regarding sale of lands 
by his father in 1652 to Richard Bray. Presumably this 
Richard is identical with the Richard of York in 1680 and 
of Kittery in 1695. See York Deeds IV, 11, 37 ; III, 115, 
etc. Joan Carter, widow, of Great Island (Portsmouth) 
in 1691, deeds land to son John Dimond, which was for- 
merlv her husband's William Desmonds. York Deeds V, 
67. But she was wife of Edward Carter in 1686. See J\ T . H. 
Province Bee. 1, 578. Richard Carter of Exeter 1643-5 of 
Dover 1665. {See do. 270-9.) Edward of Great Island 
in 1707. (do. Vol.11.)] 

Nicholas White was one of Winter's men at Cascoin 1639 
and had formerly been apprenticed to John Sparke from 
whom he went into Trelawny's service. He was fishing in 
1638, and in 1640 left Winter. He at one time owned a 
quarter part of House Island, which he sold in Oct., 1661, 
the deed being witnessed by John Sears. Wheeler states that 
he lived on White's Island, which was named from him. 
In Feb., 1714, Samuel White of Boston in the right of his 
grandfather, Nicholas White, late of Casco, claimed land "at 
a place called Mare Point, toward ye upper half of ye said 
point toward Maquoit, bounded betwixt a tract of land be- 
longing to John Sears on ye N. E. side and a tract of land 


belonging to Henry Webb on ye southwest fronting one 
outside against Merriconeage Neck ranging across ye Neck 
of land called Mare Point over to ye Bay running up to Ma- 
qnoit against Maquoit . . . and also a piece of Meadow at a 
place called Sears Creek and another piece at ye head of ye 
Bay betwixt Mare Point and Merriconeage Neck and which 
parcell of land meadow said Nicholas White peaceably en- 
joyed and lived upon forty years ago and until drove off by 
the enemy as appears by a paper under ye hand of George 
Phippens and Elizabeth Phippens. Dated 20 Feb., 1702-3, 
and witnessed by Thomas Comes and Silvanus Davis." He 
further claimed Pulpit Island alias New Damaris Cove and 
land at Merriconeage Point as per evidences sworn to by 
Thomas Mitchell, 11 Aug., 1701, and Robert Nichols, 26 
July, 1701. Book of Eastern Claims. 

Nicholas White submitted to the Massachusetts Bay gov- 
ernment in 1658, and presumably at that time and until 
1677 he was a resident of Maire Point. But in 1673 John 
Sears in selling land to James Land bounds his land on 
Mare Point neck with land formerly in possession of 
Nicholas Why tt. On the 25 Nov., 1667, Nicholas White, 
then of Westgostoggoe, planter, sold to John Wallis of 
Casco, a plantation at Papoding. To this deed Daniel 
White gave his consent. Before Wallis had finished his 
payments on this purchase White had died and William 
Haynes, who married the widow Margery, gave receipts in 
1672 ( York Deeds 11, 181). Joel Maddiver, son of Michael 
mentioned above, and his wife Rebecca, were witnesses. 

Samuel White's claim was allowed, at least in part, as in 
1730 he owned 30 acres on the Point, between Wentworth's 
and Minot's property. This land was sold 13 Dec, 1744, 
by Benjamin Edwards and his wife Elizabeth, formerly 
Elizabeth AVhite, administratrix on the estate of her late 
husband, Samuel White, late of Boston, to John Minot of 
Boston, the tract bein£ described as that which was granted 
to Samuel White by the Proprietors of the Pejepscot Com- 


pany (York Deeds 27, 114). The story of White's fifty 
acres is shown bv two deeds on record at Alfred, one by 
Samuel White to the proprietors in settlement of a dispute 
of fifty acres on Maire Point, the other to White from the 
proprietors, of fifty acres on Maire Point located as follows 
ft to lie on the Easterly side of a run of water which goes 
across Mair Point neck." These deeds are dated 12 May, 
1721 (.Book 23, 75). White's fifty acres is now comprised 
in the farm of Alexander Minot, Esq. 

John Sears, born 1613, was of Charlestown in 1639 and of 
Woburn in 1640. He was admitted freeman 2 June, 1641. 
His first wife was Susanna, who died at Woburn, 29 Aug., 
1677. He married 20 Nov., 1G77, Esther Mason, who died 
14 Aug., 1680, and that same year he married 2 Nov., 1680, 
Ann, widow of Jacob Farrar. He is said to have no chil- 
dren. Early in 1654 he engaged in the Eastern settlement 
and in 1655 sold Long Island in Casco Bay [Savage). 
In 1667 and 1669, he was selectman at Woburn. He died 
5 Oct., 1697. John Seares of the Province of Maine, 
planter, for £20, sold under date of 15 May, 1673, to Mr. 
James Lane of Westgostuggoe, an island called Reddings, 
lying to the eastward of Mayre Point neck together with 
land on Mare Point neck bounded with the land formerly in 
possession of Nicholas Whytt : commonly known by the 
name of Sandy Point, and thence running to ye falls and 
so over to Maquoit Pay, together with all marsh formerly in 
the right and possession of Thoinas Redding, deceased, 
about 60 acres more or less. Witnessed by Ezekiell Car- 
veath and John Lane ( York Deeds II, 135). 

John Seares gave possession unto Mr. James Lane of 
the island in lieu of the whole land and marsh mentioned in 
above deed, 18 May, 1673, Ezekiell Oarveath, Richard 
Short witnesses. He was a lieutenant in the Narraj>'ansett war 
of 1675-6 (Sears Gen. by May). 

(To be continued.) 




George Abbott was of Rowley as early as 1643, when 
he had a two-acre house lot in the first division. Blodgett 
says there is no further mention of him on Rowley Records. 
He died in 1647. He brought with him four sons. 

Thomas, who appears on the court records in 1650, 
and that year was paid a bounty for killing two wolves 
and five foxes. He married 13-5-1655, Dorothy, daugh- 
ter of Richard Swan. He died sine prole, and was buried 
7 Sept., 1659, leaving a will dated 5-7-1659 and proved 
27-7-1659, in which he mentions father Richard Swan, 
brothers George, Nehemiah, and Thomas Abbott. Unto 
the widow Brocktebanke* and her sons fifty shillings. 
Wife Dorothy, executrix. Inventory £234-15. The 
widow Dorothy married, second, Edward Chapman, and 
third, in Newbury, 13 Nov., 1678, Archelaus Wood- 
man,! and died in Rowley 21 Oct., 1710. 
George, removed to Andover prior to 1659. 
Nehemiah, of Rowley, but of Ipswich in 1659. 
Thomas, of Concord in 1659. (Perhaps he of Ando- 
ver, who married 15 Dec, 1664, Sarah Stewart and had 
Joseph, born 16 March, 1666, died 1667; Thomas, born 
1668 ; Sarah, born 8 Jan., 1671, married 26 Nov., 1691, 
Joseph Chandler ; Joseph, born 16 Aug., 1674; Doro- 
thy, born 2 Jan., 1676, died young; Nathaniel, born 9 
Jan., 1678; John, born Oct., 1681; Dorothy, married 
Breviter Gray ; Mary, born 22 July, 1686 ; Eben'r, born 
23 Nov., 1690. He was a captain and died 6 May, 1695. 
His widow died Feb., 1716. Descendants are found in 
New Hampshire.) 

•The TJrocklebanken were from Yorkshire, so was George Abbott, Sr., of Andover. 
^tv ekfU-Li of Brockle':>anki > family to appear later. 
♦ See sketch of Woodman family. 



George, of Andover, a tailor, called "junior" on Andover 
records. He settled near George Abbott, Sr., only Sutton's 
farm dividing them. In 1657 he testified that he was about 
twenty-six years of age, born therefore about 1631. Remar- 
ried, at Andover, 26 April, 1658, Sarah Farnum. His death 
occurred 22 March, 1688-9, and on the Essex Probate records 
will be found an agreement between the heirs dividing his 
estate. After reciting the fact that at the time of his death 
R the government of the country was in an unsettled pos- 
ture," the widow and children who are of age, acknowledge 
their adherence to the division outlined below. The widow 
received £25 and one end of the house. George, eldest son, 
took 16 acres of land formerly given him by his father, and 
upon which he had erected a house in his father's lifetime, 
together with certain meadow and stock and household fur- 

John, the second son, had the homestead aud orchard. Ne- 
hemiah, the third son, had residue of upland aud meadow, 
stock and furniture, and he and John agreed to pay shares of 
the other children, Sarah, Mary, Hannah, and Lydia, the lat- 
ter of whom chose Nehemiah as her guardian. Each to have 
£18. They were also to pay the youngest children, Samuel 
and Mehitable, whatever the court should order, which was 
£70 and £18, respectively. Henry In gal Is who had married 
the widow gave his consent to this deed as did also John 
Falkner, husband of Sarah, and Stephen Barker, husband of 
Mary . 

Dated at Haverhill, 21 March, 1689-90, and witnessed by 
Dudle} r Brad street and John Ingalls. 

Signed I)}' Nehemiah Abbot, Sarah Falkner, Mary Barker, 
Hannah Abbot, Lydia Abbot, Henry Ingalls, Sarah Ingalls, 
George Abbot, John Falkner, John Abbot, Steven Barker. 
{Essex Prolate, II, 208.) 

George Abbott was held in respect by the people of Ando- 
ver. He had to do with the repairing of the meeting house 
and had charge of it. 


w At a meeting of the Selectmen of Andover, y e 16 of y e 1 
mouth, 167 6 9 , we have agreed with George Abbot, drummer, 
to ring the bell at nine of the clock at night, as also to give 
notice by y e tovvlhig of the bell every night of y e day of the 
month, and his time of ringing to begin the time of ye in- 
stant March, which he is to doe, and to be payd for his labour 
thirty shillings by the yeare." 

It was the custom to beat the drum for the signal for ser- 
vice and daily labor, and none but a sober and industrious 
man could be chosen for such duties. 

It is a fair inference that his near neighbor George Abbott, 
Sr. , was a kinsman ; however, nothing positive is known about 
this. He is supposed to have gone to Andover in 1655. 

Chijdren, born in Andover : 

George, born 28 Jan., 1658-9 ; married, 1689, Elizb. 
Ballard ; married, second, Hannah Easley. 

Sarah, born 6 Sept., 1660 ; married 19 Oct., 1682, 
John Falkner. 

John, born 2ti Aug., 1662; of Sudbury ; died 24 
March, 1718, in VVatertown. 

Mary, born 29 March, 1664; married 13 May, 1687, 
Stephen Barker. 

Nehemiah, born 20 July, 1667. 

Hannah, born 20 Sept., 1668 ; married 16 April, 1695, 
James Ingalls. 

Mehitable, born 17 Feb., 1670-1 ; died young. 

Lydia, born 29 Sept., 1675; married 28 Nov., 1695, 
Henry Chandler. 

Samuel, born 30 May, 1678 ; settled in Sudbury. 

Mehitable, born 4 April, 1680. 

Sarah Abbott, the mother of the above children, married, 
1 Aug., 1689, Henry Ingalls, and died 1728, aged 90 years ; 
born therefore about 1638. 

Nehemiah,* of Ipswich, son of George, died in Ipswich, 
1706. He was a deacon in the church there. Administra- 

* Nehemiah Abbott and wife were members of the church in Toptsfleld in 1684. 


tion on his estate was granted to his son Nehemiah, 20 Jan 
1706-7. Inventory to £181-02, by John How of Topsfiel 
and Abraham How of Ipswich. Heirs, widow Mary, an 
only child, Nehemiah. 
Children : 

Nehemiah, died 1736; of Ipswich; married 21 Jan 
1689-90, Remember Fisk, who died 12 July, 170; 
Children, Dorothy, bapt. Topsfield, 26 Apr., 1691 
Mary, bapt. Topsfield, 5 Nov., 1693. Elizabeth, bap 
Topsfield, 22 Dec, 1694. John, born 9 Apr., 1691 
died Nov., 1764. Nehemiah, born 19 Oct., 169' 
Sarah married, 1727, Joshua Jackson. Mehitable, bor 
7 Oct., 1700. In settlement of estate he is various! 
styled ' r weaver," and f gentleman." Left lands in Uowle 
and Ipswich. 

Mary, born 19 Nov., 1660. 

Mehitable, born 1 Nov., 1665. 

Nehemiah, of Andover, deacon, son of George and Sand 
born in Andover 20 July, 1667 ; died there 8 Oct., 1750 
married at Andover, 9 April, 1691,, Abigail, daughter v 
John and Mary (Osgood) Love joy, born 20 Aug., 1669. 

He was a deacon of the South church at Andover, of whir 
church he was one of the founders in 1709. He was chosei 
deacon 22 Sept., 1720, and held that office till his death 
he represented Andover in the general court in 1717. 

On the 15th Oct., 1747, he gave his son Zebadiah, th 
homestead and all other lands, etc., he then possessed i 
Andover, in consideration of a bond for £1000. The home 
stead is described as being 160 acres, bounded on the east b 
Shawshin river, with land of Benjamin Abbot, Thomas Abbot 
and John Dun, on the north, by John Foster and anothe 
John, and Zebadiah Johnson, on the west, on the south bj 
Timothy Ballard. His common lands in Merrimack woods 
near and on Wood Hill and all that lay near Tewkesbury lin< 
were also included. The deed was recorded i3 Feb., 175; 
(vol. 96, fo. 212, Essex Deeds). No wife is mentioned. 

*v* W 


Says the historian of Andover, "He was highly esteemed 

Li^ Christian virtues." 
Children, born in Andover: 

Nehemiah, born 19 Jan., 1691-2; settled in Lex- 

Abial, born 10 Aug., 1693 ; settled in Windsor, Conn. 

Zebadiah, born 6 April, 1695; of Andover. 

John, born 31 Oct., 1697 settled in Tolland, Conn. 

Abigail, born 30 Sept., 1699; married Benj. Abbot. 

Mary, born 24- March, 1701 ; married James Bridges. 

Joseph, died young. 

Of the above children there are many illustrious descend- 
lints, Dr. Nehemiah, son of the eldest son, was settled at 
Chelmsford and in Andover. He died at the age of 77, in 
1808, trustee and treasurer of Phillips Academy. Dr. Ne- 
bemiah's sister was Abigail and was married to Amos Law- 
r< nee of Groton, and from this union come the Abbot 
Lawrences. Hon. Amos Abbot, M. C, was also a descendant. 

Zp:badiah, of Andover, yeoman, son of Deacon Nehemiah 
{George, George), was born in Andover, 6 April, 1695, and 
died there in 1767. The only one of the boys to remain in 
Andover, he received from his father a deed of the homestead. 

His will, on file, recorded in Essex Probate, vol. 215, fo. 
M4, is dated 21 April, 1767; proved the 5th October fol- 
lowing. Having provided for his wife and charged his eldest 
wn with her support, he divides his property between his 
children Nehemiah (who had the homestead), Zebadiah, 
daughters Sarah Ballard and Chloe Abbott (she had married 
Jeremiah Abbott;. To his grandson, Abraham Mooars, he 
l'ivcs £41-5-1 when twenty-one, and this together with what 
olB daughter Lydia Mooars, deceased, had had at and since 
nt*r marriage is declared to be the whole portion of Isaac and 
Abraham Mooars. His books were to be divided between 
Nehemiah and Zebadiah, the former of whom was executor. 
He left a good estate. 

He married Anne, daughter of William and Sarah (Frye) 


Lovejoy of Andover, born Sept., 1711, a grand niece of his 

Children, born in Andover : 

Anna, bom Oct., 1729; died 14 Apr., 1738. 
Nehemiah, born 4 Sept., 1731; died 13 Oct., 1808- 
Sarah, b. 14 Aug., 1733; married 1755, Timothy 

Zebadiah, born 8 Oct., 1739 ; died 24 Nov., 1793. 
Lydia, born 23 July, 1735 ;* married, 1758, Abraham 

Chloe, born 16 Nov., 1737; died 21 Aug., 1809; 
married Jeremiah Abbot of Wilton, N. H. 



Thomas Gkidley, a cousin of Richard Gridley, of Bos- 
ton, Mass., who were the first of the name in America, is 
said to have come from Essex County, England, in 1631-2. 
Settled in Hartford, Conn., and in 1639 was a proprietor "by 
courtesie of ye towne ;" his hcn^e lot was on the south side 
of the road from George Steele's to the South Meadow ; was 
of Windsor Sept. 5, 1G39 ; had been one of the thirty men 
sent from Windsor to the "Pequot fight'' under Capt. Mason, 
and his heirs received a grant of fifty acres Oct. 12, 1671. 
He married 29 Sept., 1644, in Hartford, Mary Semmor (Sey- 
mour), and she may have been sister of Richard Seymour. 
He appears to have been interested in the settlement of Non- 
otuck (Northampton), as he was present at a meeting of the 
proprietors held in Springfield, Oct. 3, 1653; but he died in 
Hartford. Inventory was taken June 12, 1655, and lie prob- 
ably died the same year. Amount £~2S2, 12s-. 6d. He left 
a widow and two sons both born in Hartford : Samuel, 25 

* Tofrn r««ord*. Another authority iJ A ug. 


Nov., 1647, and Thomas in 1650, both of whom had numer- 
ous descendants. Thomas married Elizabeth Clark and died 
in 1742 aged ninety-two. Thomas Sr's widow removed to 
Farmmgtoh, Conn., with her two sons and they became two 
of the original proprietors of that place. She married Deacon 
John Langdon of that town. 

Samuel Gridley 2 (Thomas 1 ), born 25 Nov., 1647, at 
Hartford; died 1712 at Farmington, Conn.; married, first 
(before Dec. 2, 1680, but the exact date cannot be found), 
Esther, daughter of Thomas Thompson of Farmington and 
Ann Welles his wife, daughter of Gov. Thomas Welles. She 
was born posthumous; baptized June 17, 1655. After her 
death he married, second, Dec. 1, 1C93, Mary Humphreys, 
of Simsbury. She outlived him, and married, second, John 
Wadsworth in 1714. Samuel was by trade a blacksmith and 
a man of considerable note. He was sometimes mentioned 
as "the trader." His name occurs frequently in the Colonial 

Issue, by first wife : 

Samuel, married June 8, 1710, Ruth Lewis. 

Thomas, married Oct. 31, 1704, Hannah Wilcoxon. 

John, baptized Jan. 29, 1681-2 ; married May 3, 1716, 
Dorothy Benton, of Hartford, Conn. 

Joseph, baptized March 8, 1684-5 ; died Dec. 7, 1770, 
aged eighty-six ; married Hannah Lewis, daughter of 
Samuel and Elizabeth Lewis. 

Esther, baptized May 15, 1687 ; died July 10, 1743, 
aged fifty-seven ; married March 20, 1706, John Hart, 
Jr., of Kensington, born 1684, baptized Nov. 27, 1686 
and died Oct. 7, 1753, son of Capt. John Hart and Mary 

James, baptized May 3, 1691 ; married Nov. 26, 1719, 
Susannah Smith. 

Sarah, baptized July 8, 1694. 


(By second wife) : 

Nathaniel, born October, 1699; died July 1, 1764, 
aged sixty-four. 

Hezekiah, born August, 1701 ; married May 5, 1731, 
Sarah Newell. 

Mary, born August 17, 1708 ; married Feb. 28, 1730, 
Nathan Lewis. 

Daniel, born Dec. 11, 1711 ; died 1781 ; married Feb. 
14, 1732-3, Mary Woodruff, born Oct. 12, 1712. 

Hezekiah Gridley 3 (Samuel,* Thomas 1 )^ born August, 
1701, in Farmington ; married May 5, 1731, Sarah, daughter 
of Samuel Newell and Mary Hart, his wife, born June 17, 
1707, in Farmington, Conn., and died March 27, 1796, aged 
eighty-nine. They settled in Southington, and then removed 
to Bristol, where he died July 21, 1776, aged seventy-four. 
He was the first Justice of the Peace in Farmington, and the 
Colonial Records sa}' he was appointed 1757, 1758, 1759 and 
1760. A committee was appointed to try suspected Tories, 
and he was a member of that committee, 1775. 

Issue : 

Hezekiah, born Jan. 30, 1731-2; died Feb. 18, 1816, 
at Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; married Dec. 12, 1754, 
Abigail Peck, born May 20, 1736 and died April 2i. 
1826, a\ Clinton, N. Y. He was a Captain in the Rev- 

Luke, born July 31, 1734; died April 2, 1810, aged 
seventy-five; married June 25, 1761, Mary Hart, born 
March 23, 1742-3 and died May 30, 1817, aged seventy- 
four, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Coe) Hart. 

Elisha, born Dec. 15, 1736; died Aug. 9, 1756 ( ?) 
of camp distemper at Fort Edward, N. Y. 

Sarah, born Feb. 24, 1738-9; died April 10, 1801; 
married Sept. 10, 1761, Jacob Bartholomew, born Jan. 
9, 1736-7, at Branford, Conn., and died Oct. 29, 1805, 
son of Abraham Bartholomew, of Branford, Conn. 


Mary, baptized Feb. 21,. 1743-4 ; died Jan. 14, 1775. 
Mercy, baptized Sept. 27, 1747 ; married Asbel 


Luke Gridley 4 (Hezekiak? Samuel^ Thomas 1 ), born 
July 31, 1734 ; died at Bristol, of old age so the record says, 
April 2, 1810, aged seventy-five; married June 25, 1761, 
Mary Hart, born March 23, 1742-3, at Farmington, Conn., 
Mid died May 30, 1817, at Bristol, Conn., daughter of Thomas 
:uk1 Hannah (Coe) Hart. Both buried in North Burying 
Ground, Bristol. He was a soldier in the French and Indian 
wars, a diary written by him while in the army being in the 
possession of a descendant of his brother Hezekiah. A fam- 
ily tradition says that when the call for men came in 1775, 
he took down his M long rifle " and marched to Boston. 

Issue : 

Mary, born April 17, 1762 ; died Nov. 3, 1846 ; mar- 
ried Isaiah Rowe, who died Oct. 13, 1830. Children : 
William, Henry. 

Elisha, born May 17, 1765; died Oct. 8, 1840; mar- 
ried May 6, 1806, at Bristol, Conn., Abigail Lewis, 
daughter of Kodger Lewis, born May 15, 1768 and died 
March 2, 1825. Issue: Charles, died Aug. 10, 1863, 
aged fifty-five ; never married. All buried in North Bury- 
ing Ground, Bristol. 

Chloe, born April 25, 1769; died Nov. 13, 1838, at 
Bristol ; married Daniel Roberts, son of Jabcz and Abi- 
gail (Cooper) Roberts, born 1763 and died March 7, 
1834, at Bristol. Children : Nelson, Daniel, Nancy, and 
perhaps others. 

Rachel, born Oct. 17, 1771 ; died Jan. 9, 1827, aged 
thirty-six, at Bristol ; married Elam Gaylord, born 1767 
and died March 2, 1808. A son Charles lived in Ply- 
mouth, Conn. Perhaps had others. 

Lot, born April 2, 1774; died 1849, aged seventy- 
five, in Bristol, Conn. ; married, first, Dec. 25, 1799, 



Polly Wilcox, who died 1808, aged thirty, at Bristol ; 
married, second, Aug. 10, 1809, at Bristol, .Conn., Dai- 
cas (or Dorcas) Lin&sley. He had a son Benjamin. 

Almira, born Nov. 22, 1776 ; died March 28, 1816; 
married, first, Dec. 2b, 1797, Leonard Andrews, born 
Jan. 20, 1772, at Southington, Conn. ; drowned in Lake 
Champlain, 1804 ; second son of Ozias Andrews, of South- 
ington, Conn., and Bichmond, Mass., and Anna N'ott of 
Berlin, Conn., his wife. Issue: Sarah, Maria, Aurelia, 
Almira. Married, second, George Mitchell, born 1774; 
died July 29, 1852, son of William Mitchell and Mary 
Alton. Issue : George. She was his second wife. He 
married for his third wife Polly Atkins (or Adkins), 
daughter of Samuel Atkins, born Feb. 26, 1785. 

Sarah, born Dec. 15, 1780; died Sept. 11, 1860, at 
Enfield, Conn., and buried at Southwick, Mass. ;' mar- 
ried Oct. 20, 1802, Bennet Pepper, born March 1, 1774, 
at Sherman, Conn., and died Oct. 16, 1830, at South- 
wick, Mass., and there buried ; son of Stephen Pepper and 
Lucy Bennet, his wife. Issue: i. ;i Grid ley, born July 
27, 1803; married Oct. 24, 1824, Susan Gibbs. 2. 
Thomas Hart, born April 16, 1805 ; died Feb. 2, 1852 ; 
married Jan. 1, 1826, Laurette Sackett. 3. Henry 
Bennet, born March 13, 1S07 ; died Feb., 1838. 4. 
Richard Dickerson, born April 21, 1813; died 1851 at 
Hartford, Conn. ; married Jan. 4, 1838, Mable Smith. 

Lydia, born April 13, 1783; died May 29, 1874; 
married Noble Pierce, born 1799 and died Oct. 29, 1834, 
son of Abraham and Anna Pierce. Issue: Sophronia, 
married Jared Goodrich of Plainville. Edward N. An- 
toinette, married H. M. Welch. Julius E., died in New 

Susanna, born 1786 ; died Jan. 4, 1859, aged seventy- 
,■ three; married and had daughter Flora, born June 17, 
1802 and died June 5, 1876, aged seventy-four, who 
married Adna Whiting. 



{Continued from page 255, Vol. V.) 

Francis Tucker, of Canute Clements, Temple Bar, Mdd., 
pewterer. Will dated 1 July, 1611 ; proved 1 Aug., 1611, 
by Elizabeth, the relict. Mentions daughters Elizabeth and 
Sarah Tucker, under twenty-one ; sister Ravelrige, sister 
Morris, brother Morris, brother John Tucker and his wife, 
brother Thomas Tucker, brother Finch. Wife to be exec- 
utrix, and brother John Tucker, supervisor. 

P. C. C. Wood, 72. 

Thomas Meane ; will dated 3 May, 1615 ; proved 1615. 
Son Thomas under twenty-one, £50 ; son Walter, £10 ; 
daughter Johane, ship " fallontync ;" wife Honor to have the 
profit of the ship to keep Thomas and Walter at school ; 
daughter Johane, to have 100 of rish on return of vessel, and 
tfO of every voyage which said ship shall sail to New Found- 
land. (The other owners of the vessel were Walter Earle, 
Esq., Joseph Long, gent., Richard Mallicote, gent., and 
Thomas Stevens.) Sisters Johane Steavens and Johane 
Harvie, if they be living. Overseers, John Sampson, and 
Allen Abbott. P. C. C. Rudd, 82. 

Emma Throckmorton, of Warbois, Co. Huntington, 

Mentions only son Robert and his eldest son Gabriel ; 
daughter Martin , 40 sh. to Elizabeth, wife, of John Picker- 
fag; linen wearing apparel to be divided between Agnes 
Hoyden, Elizb. Pickering, Eine and Anne Dorrin^ton and 
Etne Poulter ; daughter Dorrington; daughter Hoyden : mv 
woolen apparel to be divided between my two daughters; 
cousin Pickering, cousin John Smith. 

P. C. C. Woodhall, 31. 

John Pickkring, of Ipswich and Salem, who died 1657, 
had wife Elizabeth. 



Anthony Oldfield, of Spalding, Co. Lincoln, gent. ; 
will dated 1 Jan., proved 16 Feb., 1636. Mentions nephew 
John Oldfield ; nephew Alex. Woods ; cousin Leath ; nephews 
Henry Johnson, gent., John Raws on, Anthony Foil, Thos. 
Hudson, John Rawson, the younger; cousin Win. Leath and 
his son John ; Stephen Wright ; James Otley ; sister Woods ; 
niece Lydia ; sister Hudson ; daughter Oldfield ; daughter 
Moyle ; daughter Farmer ; daughter Holboch ; daughter 
Trollopp ; younger son Anthony Oldfield; wife Margaret; 
cousins Wm. Slaton and Wm. Toller; son John; godson 
Anthony, son of Humphrey Robinson ; daughter Mary Old- 
field ; cousin Wm. Hobson. P. C. C. Pile, 23. 

Richard Pvertvg : will proved April. 1630, by Edw. 
Bold, next of kin; aunt Bold; cousins E. Bold, S. Bold; 
Mr. Cockhill. P. C. 0. Scroope, 34. 

Joank Shavve, of Hygham, Leicester, widow; will dated 
12 July, 1629 ; proved 8 May, 1630. 

Nicholas Wilmot, my daughter's son; daughter Martha; 
Edward, Arthur and Robert, children of daughter Butler; 
son-in-law Robert Butler. P. C. C. Scroope, 41. 

John Goodale, of Oldham, Suffolk, yeoman. Will dated 
29 Sept., 1627; proved 6 May, 1630. Brother Richard 
Goodale of Seamer and his son John, all my tents., etc., in 
Royden ; wife Elizabeth ; brother Adam Goodale, his eldest 
son Adam, his daughter Judith ; his other children, Richard, 
William, Elizabeth, Mary, Alice, all under twenty-one ; sis- 
ter Alice Hay ward ; wife of John Mills and their children ; 
George and Anthony, sons of John Mills; John, son of 
brother-in-law Richard Cooper ; Richard, son of brother 
Richard Goodale, under twenty-one. 

P. C. C. Scroope, 48. 

John Preston ; will dated 30 July, 1618 ; proved by 
Lord Say and Sele, Aug., 1618. Two pieces of plate to 
friends Lord Say and Lord Clinto; to Mr. John Dodd of 


Ashley; to Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Cotton, Mr. Prince, Mr. Bol- 
ton, Mr. Hallis, Mr. Buckley, Mr. Hooker, Mr. James 
Barron, Mr. John Dodd, of Emanuel College, every one a 
book ; to my mother ; my father-in-law ; brothers John and 
James Preston ; sister Mary. P. C. C. Barrington, 77. 

This is the " Dr." Preston whose works are so often men- 
tioned in the wills and inventories of early New England set- 

John Dearlng, of Odcombe, Somerset, husbandman ; will 
dated 21 Jan., 1636; proved 10 May, 1637. Sister Mary 
Gardiner and her children Avis and Richard ; godson William 
Gardiner and his brother James; Lucy, wife of John Snell, 
his "kindred;" brother Henry Dearing ; wife Dincent whom 
executrix; John Lintorne's four children and Wm. Lin- 
torne's daughter. 

Witnessed by Gilbed Gallop, the elder, Peter Exall, Wm. 
Lentorne. P. C. C. Goare, 40. 

{To be continued.) 


(Continued from page 20.) 

209. Leverett Bishop married Nov. 28,1782, Sibyl White, 
daughter of Elias White and Prudence Savage, of Upper 
Middletown, born Oct. 28, 1761. Residence, Upper Mid- 
dletowu, Cromwell, Conn. 

322 Leverett. 

323 Reuben. 

324 Martha, b. ; m. James Ferguson. 

325 Mary, b. ; m. Hibbard Smith. 

326 William. 

213. Prudence Bishop married Saul Foster, of Guilford, 
son of Christopher Foster and Hannah Turner, of Southold, 
L. I., born June 28, 1758. He died July 16, 1842. She died 
Feb. 25, 1834. 


Polly, b. 1777; m. David Scranton. 

Hannah, b. JunS 4, 1782 ; m. David Chittenden. 

Frederic, m. Roxana H. Bailey. 

214. John Bishop married Irene Bartlett, daughter of 
Reuben Bartlett and Irene Meigs, of Guilford, born July 11 , 
1760, and died Oct. 23, 1844. He died in Guilford Sept. 
24, 1848. 

327 Sally, b. Sept. 6, 1790; m. Pardon Hill. 

328 Polly, b. Apr., 1793 ; m. William Hill. 

329 Charles, b. July 15, 1795; m. Polly Bacon. 

330 Laura, b. Apr. 24, 1803 ; m. Benj. B. Woodford. 

215. Lias Bishop married Molly Judd, daughter of Jona- 
than JikM, of GHastoTibliry and Guilford, born Feb. 18, 1759. 
She died April 12, 1836. He died in East Guilford, now 
Madison, on the same day with his wife, April 12, 1836. 

331 Amos, b. 1788 ; m. Rachel Judd. 

332 Chloe, m. William Coe. 

217. William Bishop married Lucy Kelsey, born 1778, 
and died Aug. 31, 1806. He married, second, Mabel Mur- 
ray, born 1776, died Dec. 30, 1868. He died in Madison, 
June 28, 1848. 

333 Wm. Hall, b. 1801 ; m. Chloe Lee. 

334 Levi, b. 1802; m. Polly M. Coe. 

335 John M., b. 1821 ; m. Cvnthia Hull. 

336 Lucy Ann, in. Frederic Field. 

219. David Bishop married Sept. 9, 1776, Deborah Fow- 
ler, daughter of Noah Fowler of Guilford, and Deborah Pen- 
dleton, of Stonington, born Jan. 1, 1759. She died Aug. 
16, 1825. He removed from Guilford to Paris, N. Y. , and 
died Ap*il 19, 1833. 

337 David, b. May 9, 1778; d. May 17, 1778. 

338 Deboroh, b. April 28, 1779 ; m. Joel Collins. 

339 David, b. Jan. 4, 1781 ; d. Aug. 20, 1782. 

340 Ames, b. Apr. 21, 1783; m. Amanda RussclL 

341 Joel, b. June 14, 1785; d. s. 



342 Clarissa, b. July 23, 1787 ; m. Heaton Atwater. 

343 Pnrnel, b. Sept. 29, 1789 ; m. John Townsend. 

344 Dr. Leveret, b. 1791. 

345 Bushnell, b. Apr. 11, 1795; m. Amanda Strong. 

346 Andrea, b. 1797 ; m. Levi Linsley. 

220. Huldah Bishop married Nov. 30, 1789, Eber Lee, 

of Guilford, son of Elon Lee and Elizabeth Hotchkiss, of 

Guilford, born Dec. 23, 1760. He removed from Guilford 

to Meriden, and died May 31, 1855. She died October 19, 


Elon, b. Dec. 15, 1790; m. Lydia Palmer. 

David, b. May 9, 1792; of Philadelphia. 

Orrit, b. Nov. 7, 1793 ; m. Elah Camp. 

Erastus, b. Sept. 28, 1795; d. s., Sept. 20, 1843. 

Eli, b. June 7, 1800 ; m. Lydia Evarts. 

222. Jonathan Bishop married Feb. 21, 1787, Huldah 
Chapman, daughter of Elisha Chapman and Huldah Lord, of 
Saybrook, born Dec. 1, 1762. She died Sept. 17, 1828. He 
died in Guilford Sept. 23, 1826. 

347 Jonathan, b. Dec. 19, 1787; d. Dec. 22, 1787. 

348 Jonathan, b. Mar. 30, 1797; m. Polly Mariah Bishop 


223. Jared Bishop married Dec. 6, 1786, Mary Munson, 
of Wallingford, born in 1769. She died Jan. 28, 1844. He 
died in Guilford Nov. 26, 1839. 

349 Jared, b. Sept, 14, 1787; m. Polly Chittenden. 

350 Jacob Munson, b. Sept. 2, 1789; d. July 1, 1814. 

351 Philo, b. Oct. 30, 1791 ; m. Chloe Bussett. 

352 Justin, b Dec. 13, 1794; m. Mary Davis. 

353 Mary Ann, b. July 12, 1804 ; m. John H. B. Chidsey. 

224. Joel Bishop married Aug. 24, 1784, Phebe Avery, 
who was born April 4, 1770 and died Nov. 17, 1741. He 
removed to Hanover, Huron Co., Ohio. He died April 17, 

354 Anna, b. June 16, 1785 ; m. Bundar. 


355 Clara, b. May 15, 1787 ; m. John Burns. 

356 Sally, b. June 7, 1780 ; m. John Skidinore. 

357 Chauncey, b. June 29, 1791 ; m. Chloe Wheeler. 

358 Phebe, b. July 31, 1793 ; m. Gardner Gillett. 

359 Rachel, b. Oct. 5, 1795; m. Peter Valentine. 

360 Roxa, b. Sept. 24, 1797; m. David Gates. 

361 Joel, b. Feb. 15, 1800; m. Zemira Slater. 

362 Martha, b. Aug. 24, 1802 ; m. Lyman Felton. 

363 Lucinda, b. Apr. 19, 1805 ; m. Ansel Gardner. 

364 Elijah, b. July 21, 1807; m. Jerusha Howard. 

365 Reuben, b. Dec. 7, 1810; m. Sarah Ann Myers. 

366 Harriet, b. Jan. 8, 1813 ; m. Lyman Felton. 

231. Zebulon Bishop married Clarissa Tibbulls. He was 
of Durham, Conn., and died without children in 1813. She 
died Sept. 29, 1880. 

232. Seth Bishop married May 14, 1789, Hannah Parme- 
lee, daughter of Reuben Parmelee and Lydia Griswold of 
Guilford, born Sept. 8, 1766, who died March 18, 1845. He 
died Nov. 14, 1846. 

367 Harriet, b. Mar. 27. 1790 ; d. Jan. 20, 1794. 

368 Seth, b. Sept. 4, 1792 ; d. Sept. 27, 1792. 

369 Sherman, b. 1794; d. Aug. 22. 1795. 

370 Maria P., b. Jan. 30, 1796; m. Jonathan Bishop (No. 


371 Sophia, b. Dec. 26, 1797; m. Samuel Fowler. 

372 Emeline, b. May 11, 1802; m. Harry Evarts. 

373 Eliza Ann, b. July 30, 1806 ; m. Leveret Bbke. 

236. Achsa Bishop married April 12, 1803, Miner Brad- 
ley, of Guilford, son of Simri Bradley and Ruth Hill of Guil- 
ford, born Dec. 17, 1780. She died Sept. 14, 1814. Mr. 
Bradley made a second and third marriage, and died in Guil- 
ford Aug. 26, 1862. He was a celebrated hotel keeper. 

Caroline, b. Mar. 8, 1804; d. s., Oct. 12, 1876. 
John Edgur, b. May 12, 1805; d. s., Apr. 14, 1830. 
. Harriet, b. Apr. 27, 1807 f^. s., Sept. 9,^1878. 
Wm. Nelson, b. Nov. 5, 1808; d. Feb. 7, 1826. 


Maria, b. Sept. 18, 1810; d. Dec. 14, 1826. 
Mary, b. Dec. 31, 1811 ; d. J a\y 7, 1812. 
Joseph, b. May 29, 1813; d. Aug. 16, 1815. 

237. Lucy Bishop married March 26, 1829, as his second 
wife, Abel Kimberly, of Guilford. She died without issue 
April 6, 1864. He died in Guilford, June 8, 1855, having 
had seven children. 

239. Matilda Bishop married April 6, 1814, Theodore 
Hopson, of Guilford, son of John Hopson and Eunice Wil- 
eor, born Aug. 4, 1788. He died at Madison, Conn., Oct. 
\0, 1863. She died March 15, 1869. 

John Pierson, b. Nov. 19, 1814; m. Roxa Kelscy. 
Albeit B., b. Sept. y, 181G; d. Nov. 2, 1836. 
Caroline A., b. Nov. 20, 1821 ; m. Daniel Stevens. 
Leonard Benj., b. Apr. 26, 1824; d. s., July 10, 1852. 

(To be continued.} ) I ^} 


Among the books recently received by the editor are 
A Continuous Family Genealogy ', ananged for recording an- 
cestors and descendants, by Jas. C. Arms, a very good s\'stem ; 
Onondaga's soldiers of the Revolution, a biographical and 
genealogical account of the soldiers of Onondaga Co., N. Y., 
a very valuable compilation; The Cilley Genealogy, by Gen. 
<L P. Cilley, a work of great utility to Cilley descendants; 
Genealogy and History of a part of the Newbury Adams 
Family, showing the ancestral lines of Smith Adams, the 
compiler, together with many collateral lines of descendants 
(| f Robert and Eleanor Adams of Newbury ; Sargent Gen- 
t'dogy, by John S. and Aaron Sargent, showing the ancestry 
*nd descendants of William Sargent of Maiden, Mass., a 
v 'eiy carefully compiled work. 



{Continued from page 318, Vol. V.) 

Dwigbt, Elizabeth, in. William W\ Woolsey. 

Dwight, Henry. At West-Springfield, Mr. H. D., to Miss 

Lydia Day. (S. Oct. 1, 1791.) 
Dwight, James. At Portland, Mr. J. D., of Springfield, to 

Miss Sanford, of Portland. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.) 
Dwight, Jonathan. At Hartford, Mr. J. D., of Springfield, 

merchant, to Miss Margaret Van Vauxter Vanderspeigel. 
(W. April 21, 1790.) 
Dwight, Josiah. At Sandwich, Mr. J. D., of Stockbridge, 

to Miss Caroline Williams. (S. May 23, 1789.) 
Dwight, Polly, m. Benjamin Powcl. 
Dwight, Theodore. At Hartford (C.).T. D., Esq., to Miss 

Abby Aslop. (W. Sept. 26, 1792.) 
Earl, Rebecca, m. Dame Corey. 
Eastern, Dr. Peter. At Nantucket, Dr. P. E., to Miss Mary 

Coffin, eldest daughter'of Peleg Coffin, Esq. 
Eaton, Mr. At Stoughton, Mr. E., of Easton, merchant, to 

Mrs. Hixon, widow of the late Richard Hixon, deceased ; 

a lady possessed of every accomplishment, external and 

mental, requisite to soften the hymenia! chains. (\Y. 

Feb. 23, 1785.) 
Eaton, Ebenezer, In this town, Mr. E. E., to Miss Polly 

Allen. (S. March 29, 1794.) 
Eaton, Thankful, m. Samuel Law son. 
Eaton, Captain William. At Windsor [Vt.J, Capt. W. E., 

to Mrs. Eliza Donielson, relict of the late Hon. Timothy 

Donielson. (W. Sept. 5, 1792.) 
Eaton, William. At Newport, Mr. W. E., to Miss Eliza Old- 
field. (W. Oct. 31, 1792.) 
Eayrcs, Thomas. By the Rev. Mr. James Freeman, Mr. T. 

E., to Miss Fannie Revere, both of this town. ( W. May 

28, 1788.) 
Eddy, Sally, m. John Greenmau. 
(58) ■ 


Edes, Hannah, m. Thomas Lillie. 

tMta, Isaac. Mr. I. E., io Miss Sally Pierce. (W. Sept. 

iU 1791. 
gdes, Captain Josiah. Gapt. J. C, to Miss Polly Allen, 

both of this town. (S. Jan. 23, 1790.) 
Kdes, Mrs. Mary, in. John Stanton. 
Edes, Polly Harris, m. Capt. Isaac Pepper. — 
Kiev, Samuel. At Providence, S. E., Esq., to Miss Betsey 

Bucklin. (W. Nov. 21, 1792.) 
Klmonds, Joseph. Mr. J. E., to Miss Hannah Warner. (S. 

June 28, 1794.) 
Edmunds, Joseph. At Roxbury, Mr. J. E., to Miss Nancy 

Shepherd. (S. April 27, 1793. ) 
Edson, Josiah. At Bridge water, Mr. J. E., to Miss Susanna 

Richards. (S. Feb. 26, 1791.) 
Edson, Mrs. Sally, m. Joseph Cross. 

rewards, Richard. R. E., Esq., to Miss Griffin, of Connec- 
ticut. (W. Feb. 16, 1791.) 
Edwards, Susannah, m. Simeon Wyman. 
Edwards, William. At Northampton, Mr. W. E., to Miss 

Rebecca Tappan. (W. Nov. 20, 1793.) 
Kldridge, William. 'At Groton (Con.), Mr. W. E., to Miss 

Eliza Avery. (S. Out. 4, 1794.) 
Eliot, Ruthy, m. Capt. Thomas Knox. 

Eliot, Samuel. At Newbury, Mr. S. E., of this town, mer- 
chant, to Miss Katherine Atkins. (W. May 24, 1786.) 
Eliot, Sukey, m. Dr. David Hull. 
Klkins, Nabby, m. George C. AVard. 
Elkuis, Mrs. Sarah, m. Chase Taylor. 
Ellery, Almy, m. William S ted man. 
Kllery, Christopher. At Newport, C. E., Esq., to Miss 

Clarissa Bird, youngest daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Bird, 

merchant, (S. Nov. 10, 1792.) 
Ellery, Edmund Trowbridge. At Newport, E. T. Ellery, 

Esq., to Miss Katy Almy. (W. Oct. 17, 1792.) 
Elliot, Mrs. Elizabeth, m. Edward Pope. 


Elliot, Dr. Ephraim. Dr. E. E., to Miss Elizabeth Fleet, 
daughter to Mr. John Fleet, Printer. (S. Dec. 19, 1789.) 
Elliot, Rev. John. At East-Guilford, Rev. J. E., to Miss 
Sally Norton. (W. Dec. 4, 1793.) 

Elliot, Sally, m. Thomas H. Perkins. 

Ellis, Elisha. Mr. E. E., to Miss Polly Underwood [both 
of this town]. (S. Aug. 6, 1791. ) 

Ellis, William. In this town, Mr. W. E., to Mrs. Lydia 
Collins, both of this town. (S. Nov. 16, 1793.) 

Ellison, William, jun. In this town, Mr. W. E., jun., to 
Miss Polly Jackson. (W. June 18, 1794.) 

Elmendorph, Peter Ed. At Albany, P. E. E., Esq., of Troy, 
to Miss Betsy Van Rensselear, daughter of Philip Van 
Rensselear, Esq., of the former place. (YV\ March 20, 

Elmslie, Hannah, m. Charles Godfried Paleske. 

Elrins, Polly, m. Andrew Slewman. 

Ely, Edwards. At Danbury, Mr. E. E., Printer, to Miss 
Peck. (S. Jan. 21, 1792.) 

Emerson, Polly, m. Seth Russell. 

Emerson, Doctor Samuel. At York, the 14th inst., by the 
Rev. Mr. Lankton, Doctor S. E., of Wells, to the amiable 
Miss Olive Bariell, daughter of Nathaniel Barrel!, Esq., of 
that town. (S. Sept. 3, 1791 ) 

Emery, Samuel. Last Thursday evening, Mr. S. E., mar- 
chant, to Miss Polly Appleton, eldest daughter of Nathaniel 
Appleton, Esq. (S. May 7, 1785.) 

Emlay, Theodosia, m. Thomas Fitzheimer. 

Emmons, Joshua. [In this town] Mr. J. E., to Miss Bul- 
finch. (S. Aug. 16, 1794.) 

{To be continued.) 


(Continued from 

page 29.) 



John and Jane, 

Apr. 10, .1766. 




Mar. 22, 1768. 




Feb. 13, 1770. 




Jan. 25, 1772. 




Feb. 5, 1773. 

Ann Mariah, 



Jan.! 28, 1777. 




Jan. 20, 1779. 


i 1 


Dec. 25, 1780. 




Sept. 25, 1782. 




Oct. 3, 1784. 




Nov. 24, 1786. 




Dec. 27, 1788. 




Mar. 1, 1791. 

Win. Butler, 



Sept. 22, 1793. 



and Mar j , 

Mar. 30, 1757. 


- IC 


Oct. 11, 1758. 



i ( 

July 15, 1760. 


i 1 


Dec. 28, 1761. 




July 21, 17G5. 


1 1 

i ( 

Feb. 25, 1767. 



i • 

Dec. 28, 1768. 




July 31, 1770. 


Richard and Nancy, 

Sept. 13, 1815. 

Mary Ann, 



Aug. 12, 1817. 


< « 


Nov. 18, 1819. 

HenryS. Hall? 



Feb. 17, 1822. 

Sarah Ernellne, 



Aug. 27, 1824. 
d. 4-10-1832 




Apr. 9, 1827. 




Aug. 14, 1829. 


1 1 

1 1 

May 28, 1831. 

W osier? 



and Abigail, 

Oct. 6, 1763. 




Aug. 30, 1765. 



John and Mary, 

Sept. 11, 1773. 


< < 

• i 

May 13, 1775. 




June 7, 1777. 


i < 


Feb. 21, 1779. 



Thos. and Margaret, 

June 29, 1747. 




Apr. 11, 1749. 




July 11, 1751. 




July 22, 1753. 




Nov. 4, 1756. 



John and Mary, 

July 29, 1770. 




June 7, 1773. 





Sam'l and Betsey, 

Aug. 5, 1798. 




May 24, 1801. 




June 6, 1805. 




Oct. 9, 1806. 




and Sarah, 

Apr. 10, 1786. 




, and Elizabeth, 

Oct. 17, 1799. 




Sept. 2, 1801. 




Sept. 28, 1803 




TfiTT nnfi 

Aug. 2, 1791. 
June 6, 1796. 

lull (MIU , 

h and Elizabeth, 

b. 8-22-1767 b. 5-14-17; 



Joseph and Elizabeth, 

Aug. 17, 1799. 

Laiman? son, 



June 15, 1803. 




Apr. 26, 1805. 


Josiah and Hannah, 

Aug. 15, 1801. 




Oct. 3, 1802. 




Jan. 23, 1804. 





Oct. 21, 1805. 



and Hannah, 

Sept. 15, 1785. 



It v 

Apr. 17, 1786. 





Oct. 15, 1788. 




Aug. 17, 1790. 




Jan. 14, 1793. 




Oct. 29, 1795. 




Dec. 17, 1797. 



1 1 

Aug. 9, 1798. 




June 30, 1800. 




Sept. 19, 1803. 




Mar. J 3, 1806. 


James and Susannah, 

Dec. 2, 1793. 



1 1 

Nov. 15, 1795. 



Noah and Nancy, 

Sept. 4, 1787. 




Nov. 27, 1789. 




Oct. 23, 1753. 


< i 


Feb. 17, 1795. 




Feb. 13, 1802. 




Feb. 21, 1798. 




July 1, 1804. 




Oct. 5, 1807. 




Sept. 5, 1813. 



and Pamelift, 

May 4, 1815. 



1 1 

Nov. 8, 1816. 




Jan. 28, 1819. 




Oct. 25, 1820. 




May 6, 1823. 



Jacob and Mary, 

Sept. 5, 1799. 





Aug. 7, 1801. 


7. Clark. Possibly by reference to Essex Institute 
Historical Collections Vol. vtr, p. 72, and Vol. xxyi, p. 59, 
*,»nie clew may be obtained. J. 

10. Kice. Will the querist please correspond with 
K. W. Rice, Hannibal, N. Y. 

11. Alice Craft, daughter of Samuel and granddaughter 
of Lieut. Griffin Craft was baptized in Roxbury 19 Feb., 
1681, "owned the Covenant" 1 March, 1702. She married 
(1) Robert Loverain at Roxbury, 3 Jany., 1704-5; (2) 
Ephraim Lyon, 4 July, 1723 ; (3) John Greenwood, 24 July, 
1729, of Newton; (4) James Shed of Roxbury 28 Sept., 
1743 in Newton; (5) John* Winchester of Brookline, 1750 
(probably), who died in 1751. 

Alice Winchester survived her fifth husband thirty-two 
rears, and died in Holliston, Mass., in 1783 in her 102d year, 
at Ihe house of her grandson Joseph Lovering. 

Samuel Craft, brother of Alice the last mentioned, who 
died in Brookline in 1771 aged 70, had a daughter Sarah 
Winchester in Ashburnham. 

Sahah Craft (Samuel, Samuel Griffin) born in Brookline 
al>out 1728; married in Brookline 5 May, 1748, Rev. Jona- 
than Winchester, son of Henry and Frances (White) Win- 
chester of Brookline. He was born there 21 April, 1717, was 
graduated from Harvard College 1737, and for several years 
waa a school teacher in Brookline, where thev dwelt for 
■bout ten years after their marriage. In Nov., 1759, he re- 
ceived a call to become the minister of the church at Ash- 
buruham, Mass., which he accepted and was ordained April 
'-'3, 1760, being the first pastor of the society. 

His death occurred Nov. 2b', 17G7, at the age of 50 years, 
Her a ministry of but seven years. 

"His widow," a lady of education and talent "continued to 
: ^«Je in Ashburnham, where she died 27 July, 1794. By 

Jobn Winchester was Capt. John Winchester, the son of John ;Winchester ami 
»tn& (Stevens) Winchester, the grandson of John and Hannah (Sealls) Winchester. 
1 * . H.) 



the will of her father dated 2 Feb., 1770, she received all his 
property in Ashburnham, inventoried at £226, 13s. 4d. 
{See Crafts Genealogy.) 

Mr. Edward Augustus Bo wen, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a lineal 
descendant of Capt. John Winchester and Sarah White, states 
that Capt. John Winchester married, first, Sarah, daughter 
of Lieut. John and Elizabeth (Bowles) White, and sister of 
John White, Treasurer of Harvard College. {See Sibley's 
Harvard Graduates for John White. ) 

Sarah (White) Winchester born 1670 ; died Jan. 31, 1715. 

From John White's (Treasurer of Harvard College) es- 
tate, her children received £440, 2s. 6d, which was paid to 
their father as guardian. 

I should suppose that the Frances White, mentioned in 
query No. 11 must belong to the same family, for the gentle- 
man she married was Henry Winchester, brother of Capt. 
John Winchester, both of them sons of John Winchester and 
Joanna (Stevens) Winchester. I hope if any light is thrown 
on the Frances White, wife of Henry Winchester, and more 
facts are found about her and she is traced accurately, you 
will kindly send such facts to me, as I am a lineal descendant 
of the second John Winchester, father of Henry who married 
Frances White. 

Mrs. Justus Street Hotchkiss nee Fanny Winchester. 

13. William Whiting, of Hartford, 1632; Magistrate, 
1641 ; Treasurer. Had title of Major 1647, the year he died. 

His children by wife Susannah : 

William, died 1699 at London; John (Rev.) born 
1636 and died 1689, at Hartford ; Samuel, Sarah, 
Mary, Joseph. 

Rev. John married Sybil daughter of Edward Collins 1st. 
His 7th child was (Rev.) Samuel born April 22, 1670, set- 
tled in Windham, where he was ordained Dec, 1700; mar- 
ried Sept. 14, 1696, Elizabeth Adams, whose mother was 
Alice Bradford granddaughter of Governor Bradford. 

Rev. Sam 1 died at Enfield while on a visit to his cousin 
Rev. Nathaniel Collins, Sept., 1725. h. p. m. 



Copied from the original by Mr. A. F. Heintz, under the direction and at 

the cost of Mr. Dickson. 

{Continued from page 36.) 


Thomas Sewster baptized 30 May 
D'oretha Sudall baptized 4 June 
John Bull baptized 20 June 
Anne Miller baptiz 24 June 
Nicholas Langsen baptiz primo Julyc 
Richard Barwicke 23 Octobr. 
Constance Gawdry baptiz 30 Octobr 
Agnes Sims baptized 7 Novebr 
John Taylor baptiz 22 Noveb 
Richard Tomes baptiz 20 Novebr 
Griffen Carter baptiz 15 January e 

Anno dol 1565 

Ales Knight baptized 2 February 
Helen Plumer baptized 10 February 
Michaell Clarke baptized 15 Septebr 
John Cripps baptized 17 Sept 
John Carter baptized 27 Septeb 
Ales Knight baptized 10 Noveb 
Kathercn Greene baptized 20 Noveb 
Richard Golder baptized 30 Noveb 
Johan Millar baptized eodem die 
Margaret Condly baptiz 20 Noveb 
Thomas Cartwright baptiz 30 Decebr 
Harrye Todde baptized primo Januarii 
Anne Taylor baptiz 13 Februarie 
Margaret Tomson baptiz 2 February 

6 (G5) 


Joan Tom son baptized esdem die 
Margaret Tomes baptiz 25 Februarie 
Anne Colls baptized 25 Marcii 
Alexander Taylor baptized esdem die 
Ales Carter baptized 6 Aprilis 
Robert Stappe baptized 19 May- 
Richard Stappe baptized esdem die 
Joan Stappe baptized 30 May 
Thomas Barker baptized 8 Jnnii 
Lucie Stappe baptized 15 Junii 
Nicolas Langson baptized 16 Junii 
Agnes Tomes baptized 7 Julye 
Elizabeth Barwicke baptiz 25 August 
Ales Clarke baptized esdem die 
John Knight baptized 21 Septembr 

Anno doi 1566 

William Bull baptized 6 October 
Ales Fox baptized 27 October 
Elizabeth Lawrence baptized esdem die 
John Sewster baptized 2 Novebr 
William Sudall baptized 10 Noveber 
Isabell Stappe baptized 3 Deccber 
Elizabeth Shephard baptized 3 Marcii 
Susan Worall baptiz 15 Marcii 

Anno doi 1567 

William Gawdrie baptized v Aprill 
Lucie Sims baptized 14 Aprill 
Audrie Tamson baptized 2 May 
Mychaell Stappe baptized 4 Junii 
Elizabeth Miller baptized 11 Julye 
Thomas Carter baptized 20 Julye 
Robert Stappe baptized 17 August 
Thomas Condlye baptized 14 Septembr 
Thomas Bull baptized 30 September 


Constance Shawe baptiz 15 October 
Audre}' Golcler baptiz 3 November 
Agnes Tomes baptiz 23 Januarye 

Anno doi 1568 

Anthony Carter baptized 5 June 
Francx Todde baptized 10 Julye 
William Plumer baptized 12 Julye 
William Lauson baptized 4 August 
Margaret Clarke baptiz 22 August 
Johana Fox baptiz 22 Octobr 
Elizab Tomes baptiz 23 Februarie 
Philipp Shawe baptiz 28 March 
Thomas Cheball baptiz 2 A prill 
John Margerye baptiz 4 Aprill 
Elizabeth Tomes baptiz esdem die 
Elizabeth Taylor baptiz 25 May 
Robert Knight baptiz 13 June 
Margaret Gadlingstocke baptized esdem die 

Anno doi 1569 

Agnes Coles baptized 3 Aprill 
Robert Sudall baptized 7 Aprill 
Elizabeth Golder baptized 31 May 
Constance Tason baptized 23 August 
Harrye Stappe baptized 30 August 
Elizabeth Plumer baptized 23 Septebr 
Margaret Condlye baptiz 23 Octobr . 
Thomas Stappe baptiz 30 October 
Willia Seabrooke baptiz 20 Novebr 
Thomas Cripps baptiz 28 Novebr 
Justance Carter baptiz esdem die 
John Gurnye baptiz 22 Novebr 
Margaret Waite baptiz 26 Novebr 
Ales Tomes baptized 22 December 


Anno clol 1570 

Joan Gawdry baptized 4 Januarye 

Thomas Shephard baptiz 4 May 

Agnes Bull baptiz 24 June 

Margaret Stappe baptiz 4 Julye 

Ales Walter baptized 4 October 

Richard Porter baptized 20 October 

Agnes Clarke baptized 2 Novebr 

Agnes Smith baptized esdem die 

Isabell Tamson baptized 5 Novebr 

Ursula Syms baptized 23 Novebr 

Willia Fox baptized 3 December 

Francx Carter baptized 6 Januarie 

Ales Toms baptized 3 Februarie 

Joan Conley baptized 9 March 

William Carter baptized esdem die 

John Plumer baptized 12 March . . 

Katherin Shephard baptized 25 March 

Anno dol 1571 

Michael Kartwright baptized 4 May 
Thomas Canon baptiz 20 June 
Doretha Abbot baptiz 24 May 
William Gadlingstocke baptiz 19 August 
William Barwicke baptized 24 August 
William Knight baptized 30 August 
Richard Waite baptized 2 Novebr 
Isabell Carter baptized 18 Novebr 
Jane Steevens baptized 24Novebr 
Richard Hemin baptized 30 Novebr 
Thomas Jackman baptiz 23 Decebr 
Helen Taylor baptized 4 January 
Ales Tamson baptized 20 Januarie ■ 
Elizabeth Golder baptized 18 Februarie 
Baldwin Stappe baptized 30 Februarie 


Richard Hainan baptized 9 March 
Joan Colls baptized 29 March 

Anno doi 1572 

Margaret Sawer baptiz prirno Junii 
Thomas Steeven baptiz 22 Junii 
Robert Stappe baptized 22 August 
Thomas Tannes baptized 30 August 
Richard Stappe baptized 2 Septembr 
Joan Condlye baptized esdem die 
Elizabeth Clarke baptized 26 May 
Agnes Waite baptized 14 Julye 
Doretha Seabrooke baptiz 12 Septebr 
George Fox baptiz 2 Januarye 
Richard Green baptiz 4 Februarye 
Robert Bull baptiz 24 February 
Agnes Stappe baptiz 14 Marcii 
Agnes Tamson baptized 20 April 1 

Anno do! 1573 

William Abbot baptized 24 Marcii 
Robert Sams baptized 12 May 
Helen Tamson baptized 14 June 
Edmiid Coles baptized 3 Julye 
Anne Jackma baptized 22 Julye 
Joan Miller baptized 27 August 
Margaret Stappe baptized 30 August 
Joan Petifer baptized 5 Octobr 
Richard Gadlingstock 5 Octobr 
Thomas Porter baptized 8 Octobr 
Richard Tames baptized esdem die 
Benedict Shephard baptized 8 Septebr 
Willia Steeven baptiz 5 October 
Joseph Foster baptiz primo Dccebr 
Richard Carter baptiz 5 Januarie 
Ales Hamon baptiz 4 Februarie 


Thomas Rowell baptiz 9 May 
lsabell Cripps baptiz 27 June 
Robert Golder baptiz 11 Julie 
Richard Plainer baptiz 15 August 

Anno do! 1574 

lsabell Jack man baptiz 21 Noveb 
Thomas Gadlingstocke baptiz 4 Deceb 
William Gadlingstocke baptiz esdem die 
Willia Clarke baptized 9 Jamiarie 
Joan Stappe baptiz 30 Januarye 
Thomas Camadin baptiz esdem die 

Anno do! 1575 

Willia Canon baptized 14 April 
John Stappe baptized 23 May 
John Jourden baptized 2 June 
Agnes Greene baptized 12 June 
Jonathas Shilbourne baptized 18 Sept 
Agnes Stappe baptized esdem die 
Anne Wingrave baptized esdem die 
Joan Toms baptized 20 Noveber 
Michael Gill ward 11 December 
William Bull baptized 18 December 
Richard Toms baptized 31 December 
Lettuce Jackman baptized 2 Januarii 
Richard Toms baptized 27 Januarii 
William Steevens baptized 2 Februarie 
John Cawdell baptized 12 Marc ii 

Anno do! 1576 

William Colls baptized 25 Novebr 
Edmund Gadlingstocke baptiz esdem die 
Michael 1 Cutler baptized 3 Deceber 
Richard Shilbourne baptized esdem die 
Anne Porter baptized 9 Marcii 
lsabell Fox baptized 19 Marcii 

(To be continued.) 



{Continued from page 60.) 

Emmons, Nathaniel. On Thursday evening, by the Rev. Dr. 
Stillman, Mr. N. E. to Miss Sukey Hitchins (both of this 
town). (S. Nov. 12, 1791.) 

Ervin, Nabby, m. George Reynolds. 

Erring, John, jun. Mr. J. E., jun., merchant, to Miss 
Nancy Sheaffe, of this town. (S. Sept. 30, 1786.) 

Eustis, Jacob. In this town, Mr. J. E. to Miss Eliza Saun- 
ders Gray. (S. Aug. 9, 1794.) 

Eustis, Nancy, m. Henry S. Langdon. 

Eustis, Prudence, m. Francis Amory. 

Eustis, William. Mr. W. E. to Miss Deborah Rennet [both 
of this town]. (\V. Nov. 17, 1790.) 

Eustis, William. At Newton, Mr. W. E. to Miss Anna 
Morse. (S. Nov. 15, 1794.) 

Evans, Israel. At Charlestown, Mr. I. E. to Miss Huldah 
Kent, of that place. (S. May 6, 1786.) 

Eyres. Polly, m. Isaac Bowers. 

Fairbanks, Ithamar. At Milton, Mr. I. F. to Miss Jerusha 
Williams. (S. Dec. 27, 1788.) 

Fairchild, N. At Huntington, Mr. N. F. to Miss Sarah Ben- 
nett. (S. April 14, 1792.) 

Fairfield, Rev. John. At Roxbury, on Thursday last, the 
Rev. J. F., of Pcpperrelborough, to Miss Martha Rug- 
gles, of Roxbury. (S. Sept. 17, 1785.) 

Fairfield, Sally, m. Capt. Jonathan Gardner. 

Falconet, John-Lewis-Theodore-Depalizeux. At .London, 
J. L. T. D. F., to the amiable Miss Anne Hunter, of 
Newport, Rhode Island. (W. Nov. 24, 1790.) 

Fales, Nancy, m. Edward Sisson. 

Farley, Capt. Daniel. At Newburyport, Capt. D. F., of 
Ipswich, to Mrs. Rebecca Noyes. (W. Dec. 5, 1792.) 

Farley, Sally, m. James Phillips. 

Farley, Susannah, m. William Burley. 



Farn, Susannah, m. Joseph Jones. 

Farnam, Nancy, m. Edward Cole. 

Farrar, Mary, m. Gen. James Read. 

Farrington, Daniel. At Taunton, Mr. D. F. to Miss Re- 
becca Wilde. (W. May 16, 1792.) 

Farrington, Sally, m. Mamy Masson. 

Farrond, Stephen. At Newport, Mr. S. F., cf New Jersey, 
to Miss Mary Clark. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.) 

Faulkner, Mary Arrowsmith, m. John Henry Flieger. 

Faxon, Benjamin. In this tow r n, Mr. B. F. to Miss Re- 
becca Stone. (W. Jan. 11, 1792.) 

Faxon, Caleb. At Dedham, Mr. C. F. to Miss Lydia 
Hathaway. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.) 

Faxton, Unice, m. James Gridley. 

Fay, Dr. Nahum. At Cuarlestown, Dr. N. F. to Miss 
Sally Putnam. (S. June 21, 1794.) , 

Fay, Patty, m. Liscomb Bingham. 

Fell, Betsey, m. Jesse Dunlar. 

Fe Howes, Abigail, m. Perrin May. 

Fellowes, Betsy, m. David Bradlee, jun. 

Fellows, Betsey, m. Joshua Prior. 

Fellows, Lydia, m. Jonathan Amory. 

Fellows, Sally, m. Nathaniel Ruggles. 

Felt, Benjamin. At Salem, Mr. B. F. to Miss Sally Ward. 
(W. Oct. 29, 1794.) 

Fenden, B., m. William Martin. 

Fenner, Samuel. At Weymouth, Mr. S. F. to Miss Sukey 
Humphrey, both of that place. (W. July 9, 1794.) 

Fenno, Jesse. At Quincey, Mr. J. F. to Miss Eliza Ar- 
nold, of that place. (W. Oct, 16, 1793.) 

Fenno, John. At Noodle's Island, J. F., of Stoughton, to 
Miss Olive Pratt. (S. Dec. 14, 1793.) 

Fenno, Mary, m. Cornelius Durant. 

Fernald, Polly, m. Capt. Tristram Jordcn. 

Fernald, William Wentworth. At Kittery, Mr. W. W. 
the amiable Miss Wait Salisbury. (S. Dec. 5, 1789.) 


FVrrv, John. [In this town] Mr. J. F. to Miss Anna Dart. 

(S. Apr. 5, 1794) 
Fettiplace, Edward. At Marblehead, E. F., Esq., to Mrs. 

Sarah Bowden. (W. Sept. 17, 1794.) 
Few, Hon. Mr. At New York, Hon. Mr. F., Delegate in 

Congress, from Georgia, to Miss Nicholson, daughter of 

Commodore Nicholson. (S. June 21, 1788.) 
William Few, U. S. Senator. See also Seney, Hon. 

field, Mary, m. Samuel Kenney. 
Field, Stephen. [At Salem] Mr. S. F. to Miss Sally Hovey. 

(W. Oct. 29, 1794.) 
Finney, Jeremiah. At Bristol (R. I.), Mr. J. F., to Mrs. 

Cay. (S. April 14, 1792.) 
Fisher, James. At Stoughton, Mr. J. F., gentleman, dep- 
uty sheriff, collector and constable, to Miss Polly Tucker, 

both of that place. (W. March 16, 1791.) 
Fisk, Barbary, m. Capt. Christopher Knight. 
Fisk, Ede, m. Aron Whitney. 
Ffek, John. At Marblehead, J. F., Esq., to Mrs. Gerry, 

widow of the late John Gerry, Esq. (W. June 28, 

I i-k, Dr. Joseph, jun. At Lexington, Dr. J. F., jun., to 

Miss Betsy Stone. (S. Aug. 16, 1794.) 
Fiek, Sally, m. Ebenezer Putnam. 
Rsk, Sybil, m. Timothy Kinsley. 
riske, Abigail, m. Isaac Lampson. 
ri>ke, Lucretia, m. Samuel Janes. 
Fitch, Beriah. [At Nantucket] Mr. B. F. to Miss Sally 

Delano. (W. Sept. 14, 1793.) 
Fitch, Eunice, m. Andrew Hall. 
Pitch, Hannah Brown, m. Ezekiel Hersy Derby. 
Mtzgo'rald, Mrs. Honour, m. liev. John Browne. 
Rtzheimer, Thomas. At Trenton, Mr. T. F., merchant, of 

I'inladelphia, to Miss Theodosia Emlay, of that place. (S. 

Nov. 17, 1792.) 


Flagg, Grace S., m. Aaron Mann. 

Flagg, Josiah, Jr. By the Rev. Mr. Parker, J. F. Jr., S. D. 
to Miss Hannah Collins, daughter of the late Opt. Palfr 
Collins. (W. Oct. 13, 1790.) 
Flagg, Peggy, m. John Fontemoi. 
Flagg, Samuel. At Charleston (S.C.), Mr. S. F., dentist 

late of this town, to Miss Lucy Megraw, of that city. (W 

Feb. 13, 1793.) 
Flagg, Susanna, m. James Gardner. 
Flahaven, Miss, m. Matthew Carey. 
Flanlin, Eunice, m. Benjamin Callender. 
Fleet, Elizabeth, m. Dr. Ephraim Elliot. 
Fletcher, Capt. Patrick. Capt. P. F. to Miss Sally Bradlee 

eldest daughter of Capt. David Bradlee, of this town, wine 

merchant. (S, Oct. 15, 1785.) 
Fletcher, Sally, m. Joseph Wheat^n. 
Fletcher, Mrs. Sarah, m. Oliver Leonard. 
Flieger, John Henry. [At Halifax] Mr. J. H. F. to Mia 

Mary Arrowsmith Faulkner. (W. Nov. 7, 1792.) 
Flint, Lyclia, m. Oliver Munroe. 
Flynn, Daniel Finaly. On Monday evening last, Mr. D. F. 

F. to Miss Peggy Conner. (W. May 11, 1791.) 
Fobes, Mary, m. Kev. Elijah Leanord. 
Foble, John. In this town, Mr. J. F. to Miss Abigail Simp- 
son. (S. June 16, 1792.) 
Folgier, Capt. David. At Nantucket, Capt. D. F. to Miss 

Eliza Moores. (S. Dec. 7, 1793.) 
Folsom, Col. Nathaniel. At Portsmouth, Col. N. F. to Mis; 

Olive Rindge. (S. Aug. 29, 1789.) 
Fontemoi, John. Mr. J. F. to Miss Peggy Flagg. (S. Jan 

20, 1787.) 

S. May 31, 1788, the following occurs : Died. In this town, 

M. John Emanuel Fontemoing, aged thirty-two. 
Fontemoing, Mrs. Margaret, m. Francis Garanx. 
Foord, Thomas. At Scitnate, Mr. T. F. of Duxbury, to Miss 

Abigail Church. (S. July 19, 1794.) j 


Foot, Abel. At Danbury, Mr. A. F. to Miss Jennet Piatt. 

(S.April 7, 1792.) 
Forbes, Rev. Eli. The Rev. E. F., of Gloucester, to Mrs. 

Baldwin, of Brookfield. (S. Dec. 28,1793.) 
Forbes, Rev. Eli. At Brookfield, Rev. E. F., of Gloucester, 

to Mrs. Lucy Baldwin. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.) 
Forbes, Hannah, m. Nahum Gale. 
Force, Catherine, in. Daniel Hall. 
Ford, Bethany, m. Seth Ford. 
Ford, John. [At Marsfield] Mr. J. F. to Miss Mareey L. 

Baker. (W. March 20, 1793.) 
Ford, Nancy, m. Joshua Tappan. 
Ford, Peggy, in. Zachariah At wood. 
Ford, Polly, m. Nathaniel Freeman, jun. 
Ford, Priscilla, m. Capt. Wench. 
Ford, Seth. At Marshfield, Mr. S. F., to Miss Bethany 

Ford. (W. March 20, 1793.) 
Forman, Elenora, m. Captian Philip Fveneau. 
Forney, Mary, m. Christian Drebert. 
Forrest, Hon. Uriah. In Maryland, Hon. U. F., to Miss 

Plater. (S. Nov. 7, 1789.) 
Forsdick, Sally, m. David Pease. 
Forward, Capt. Amos. At Westfield, Capt. A. F., aged 84, 

to Mrs. Moore, aged 74. Who would imagine this happy 

couple were Forward? But so it is, they are. (W. Nov. 

9, 1791.) 
Fosdick, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J. F. to Miss Charlotte 

Davis, daughter to Mr. Edward Davis, merchant. (W. 

Oct. 30, 1793.) 
Fosdick, Lydia, m. Lewis Lambert Macallier. 
Fosdick, Sally, m. James Frothingham, jun. 
Foster, Hannah, m, Benjamin Daland. 
Foster, Jacob. At Pembroke, Mr. J. F., of Scituate, to 

Joanna Stevens, of that place. (S. April 6, 1793.) 

(To be continued.) a- 





{Continued from page 22.) 

Mr. Robert Speer, Jun., and Anne Skolfield, Dec. 15, 17! 

Mr. John Bakman of Harps well and Mrs. Christ 
Smart of Brunswick. Feb. 9, 1760. 

Mr. Samuel Whitney, Jun., and Mrs. Mary Astin, F< 
9, 1760. 

Mr. Jabez Nevery of a place called Jeremy-Squam Isis 
without the bound of any town and Hrs. Hannah Thomps 
of Brunswick, May 26, 1760. 

Mr. Thomas Joy and Mrs. Elizabeth Gcnson, both oi 
place called Abigadaffett, July 5, 1760. 

Mr. John Orr and Mrs. Elizabeth Work, both of Tc 
sham, Aug. 1, 1760. 

Mr. Jonathan Bell of Georgetown and Mrs. Mary Joy 
Brunswick, Sept. 5, 1760. 

Mr. John Pennill of Topsham and Mrs. Hanah Grain 
of Brunswick, Nov. 21, 1760. 

Mr. Joseph Snow of Brunswick and Mrs. Hannah Bay] 
of Falmouth, Feb. 6, 1761. 

Mr. Subel Hinkly of Brunswick and Mrs. Sarah You 
of Gruro, Mar. 24, 1761. 

Mr. William Speer and Mrs. Frances White both 
Brunswick, Mar. 27, 1761. 

Mr. Robert Cleaves and Mrs. Mary Smith, both 
Brunswick, March 28, 1761. 

Mr. Subell Hinkly Jun of Georgetown and Mrs. Mf 
Slew of Brunswick, Aug. 28, 1761. 

Mr. Jn° Martin, Jun., of Brunswick and Mrs. Lettice Yi 
son of Topsham, Sept. 24, 1761. 

Mr. Abiezer Holebrook of Georgetown and Mrs. Eli: 
beth Snow of Brunswick, Sept. 24, 1761. 

Mr. Jonathan Whitney and Mrs. Henderson, both 
Brunswick, Sept. 30, 1761. 



Mr. Samuel Tibbitts and Mrs. Margret Eussell, both of 
Druiiswick, Sept. 30, 1761. 

Mr. Robert Duglass and Mrs. Barbara Alexander, both of 
Topshatn, Oct. 2, 1761. 

Mr. Wil liana Getchell of Brunswick and Mrs. Zeviar 
Hideout of Georgetown, Oct. 10, 1761. 

Mr. John Marriner and Mrs. Abigail Getchell, Oct. 10, 


Mr. John Wisswell of Falmouth and Mrs. Mercy Minot 
of Brunswick, Nov. 14, 1761. 

{To be continued.) 


{Continued from page 27.) 

1717. Feb. 10, Abigail, daughter of Jonathan Hues. 
March 31, Jacob, son of Jacob Comins. 

April 7, Deborah, dau. of John Cooper. 

May 19, Mary, dau. of David Shapley. 

June 23, Susanna, daughter of Ebenezer Kee. 

Aug. 21, John, son of Andrew Phillips; Patience, daugh- 
ter of Robert Day. 

Sept. 1, Patience, daughter of John Cutter; Bathseba, 
jiau. of James Cady. 

Sept. 22, Da mar is, dau. of Joseph Cady, Jim. 

Oct. 13, Jonathan, son of John Firman ; Sarah, dau. of 
Mathcw Allen; James, John and Abigail, children of Ed- 6 E U ** 
*fn- Diaper. 

Dee. 1, Elizabeth, dau. of Eleazer Bateman. 

Dec. 15, Michael Hewlett. 

1718. Jan. 12, Samuel, son of Samuel Winter. 
Feb. 9, Isaac, son of Isaac Cutler. 

April 13, Abigail, dau. of Joseph Leavens. 
April 20, Eunice, dau. of Timothy Parkhurst. 


April 27, Mary, dau. of Thomas Gould. 

June 8, Jonathan, son of Daniel Waters ; James, son o: 
Benjamin Leavens; Prudence, dau. of James Cady. 

June 22, Benjamin, son of John Preston. 

July 6, Enos, son of Stephen Grover. 

27. Abijah, son of William Cady; Millicent, dau. of Jon 
athau Hues. 

Sept. 18, Sarah, dau. of John Cummins, Jun. 

Nov. 30, Joseph, son of Richard Dresser. 
>ec. 7, Ruth, dau. of Gideon Draper,, 

21, Isabel, daughter of David Ross. 

1719. March 1, Jeremiah, son of Robert Burch. 

March 8, Oliver, son of Michael Hewlett. 

March 22, Martha, daughter of Samuel Davis. 

April 5, Abraham, son of John Cooper; Mary, dau. o 
Hannah Firman ; Mary, dau. of Nathaniel Brown. 

April 19, William^ son of David Shapley. 

May 10, James, son of James Wilson, Jun. ; Ebenezer 
son of Ebenezer Kee. 

May 24, Benjamin, son of Jacob Comins. 

May 31, John, Aaron and Mary, children of Mary Priest 
widow; Samuel, son of William and Hannah Lee; Sarah 
dau. of Samuel Robbins. 

1722. Jan. 28, Beatrix and Elizabeth, daughters of Ja- 
bez Utter. 

Feb. 11, Sarah, daughter of Israel Joslin. 

Feb. 25, Abigail, dau. of Jacob Comins. 

March 4, Joseph, son of Urian Hosmer. 

18, Hannah, dau. of Hezekiah Sabin. 

April 8, Abigail, dau. of David Ross. 

29, John and Peter, sons of John Grover, and Alice, dau 
of John Grover. 

May 6, Elizabeth, daughter of J. and A. Fisk ; Benjamin, 
son of Stephen Grover. 

13, Benjamin, son of Miles Sweney. 

20, Katherine, dau. of John Comins. 


June 10, John and William, Sarah and Abigail, sons and 
i^igliterk of John Firman. 

June 17, Isaac, son of Jos. Cady, Jun. ; Lydia, dan. of 
Dafid Shapley. 

Aug. 5, Zachariah, son of David Cutting. 

Aug. 26, Zerviah, daughter of Jonathan Hues. ^ 

Sept. 2, Melicent, dau. of Joseph Barrett*. 

Sept. 9, Nathaniel, son of Henry Ellithorpe. 

23, Robert, son, and Sarah, daughter of Robert Day ; Gid- 
eon, son of Gideon Draper; Hulclab, dau. of David Waters?" 

Sept. 30, Hannah, dau. of Jos. Covell, Jun. 

Oct. 14, Jesse, son of Isaac Cutler. 

28, Abigail, dau. of Richard Dresser. 

Nov. 5, William, son of John Ilaskall. 

Dec. 2, Daniel, son of Thomas Gould. 

1G, Sybil, dau. of Joseph Leavens ; John, son of Nathaniel 
Merrill; Ruth and Ammiel, daughters of Hannah Converse. 

1723. Jan. 27, Ebenezer, son, and Elizabeth daughter of 
Ebenezer Brooks, Jun. 

Feb. 3, Jabez, son of Jabez Brooks. 

17, Peter, son of Ebenezer Bateman, Jr. 

March 3, Ebenezer Green was baptized. 

17, Mary, daughter of Samuel Davis ; Ebenezer, son of 
W illiani Lamed. 

March 24, Joseph, son of James Wilson, Jun. ; Zerviah, 
o*u. o£Thomas Whit more, Jun. 

April 20, Mehitable, dau. of Nathaniel Johnson ; Jonathan 
■Wi of Edward Converse. 

•June 23, Sarah, dau. of John Brown. 

July G, Eunice, dau. of John Russell. 

W» Alice, daughter of Samuel Robbins ; Mercy, dau. of 
Robert Burch. 

Aug. 11, Ebenezer, son of John Cooper. 

Sept. 15, Abigail, dau. of John Preston. 

•2, Mary, daughter of Timothy Parkhurst. 

Oct. 6, Daniel, son of John Winter, Jun. 


Oct. 27, Sarah, dau. of Jacob Comins. 

Nov. 17, Samuel Utter was baptized. 

.4, Zebulon, son of Urian Hosmer. 

1724. Jan. 12, Ephraim, son of Jonathan Cluff; Abigail, 
dau. of Joseph Symonds. 

Feb. 13, Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer Green ; Elizabeth, 
daughter of Benjamin Leavens. 

March 1, Benjamin, son of John Brooks; Joseph, son of 
Joseph Barrett. 

March 8, Henry Green, Jun., was baptized; Rachel, dau. 
of Henry Green ; Gideon, son of Israel Joslin. 

March 22, Moses, son of Samuel Winter. 

April 5, Simon, son of John Firman; Jonathan, son of 
Gideon Drnper. 

May 3, Thomas, son of David Shapley. 

24, John, son of Jonathan Eaton. 

June 7, Sarah, daughter of John Grover. 

21, Jonathan, son of Beatris Marcy. 

July 5, Sarah, dau. of David Cuttin. 

Aug. 23, Nehemiah, son of Nathaniel Merrell. 

Sept. 27, Jonathan, son of John Church. 


{To be continued.} 



From Toivn Records, 

A list of the Alarm men belonging to Captain Bennett's 
company in Ashby. 

Ebenezer Stone, Lieut. Jonas Barrett, 

Zachariah Davis, Capt. Abijah Wyman, 

Thomas Stearns, Lieut. Stephen Gibson, 


Joseph Wheeler, Ensign Hooker Osgood, 

llionias Boynton, Charles Lawrence, 

Capt. John Jones, Josiah Jones, 

Abraham Taylor. 

Men that are freed from Common Trainings. 

Jonathan Locke, John Lawrence, Jun r ., 

Samson Hildreth, Isaac Gregory, 

Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Hall, 
Samuel Kice, 1777. 

Concord, April 29th, 1778. 
This may Certify that I have inlisted James Jones, John 
Stearns and mustered them before Colo. James Barrett, mus- 
,vi master, into Col. Samuel O. Brewer's Regt. under Capt. 
Richard Faxton, they Belonging to the Fifteen Battalions in 
Continental Service, to the Selectmen 

From yours, Epm. Minor, Lieut. 




The histories of these two men and that of their descend- 
ants are so interwoven that they are described together. 

John Gale, a descendant of the Gales of Scranton and 
Mashans, and Joanne Dobson, daughter of Miles Dobson of 
Kirkley, Overblow, Yorkshire, England, were the father 
and mother of Miles Gale, who was born at Farnley Hall, 
■tear Leeds, in 1647. 

Miles married Margaret, daughter of Christopher Stone, 
•ho was chancellor of York from 1660 to 1667. 

Miles Gale was a writer and an antiquarian. Among his 


writings were "Memoirs of the Gale Family," particularly 
of the leaned Dr. Thomas Gale, Dean of York, and of his 
son Christopher, who was Her Majesty's attorney general in 
Carolina iu 1703. His works can be found in the libraries 
of Leeds and Cambridge, and his collection of relics can be 
seen in the museum at Cambridge. 

After his removal to Carolina, Christopher Gale made his 
home at Edenton, then a village of twenty houses, used 
mostly for business purposes, the residences or country seats 
of the gentlemen being located on either side of the Chawan 
river on which Edenton is situated. 

Christopher Gale married Sarah, the widow of Gov. 
Thomas Harvey, who had died in 1699. Of this marriage 
there were four children, Miles, Theophilus, Elizabeth and 

In 1709 we find Gale serving as one of the eight Lords 
Proprietors' deputies. On September 7, 1711, Gale wit- 
nessed the massacre of the white settlers by the Tuscarora 
Indians, when a hundred and twelve persons lost their lives 
by tomahawk and in other barbarous ways. The account 
of this tragic event has been transmitted to posterity by a 
letter written by Gale, now iu possession of Professor Hub- 
bard of the University of North Carolina. 

In 1711, Gale was made chief j istice of the Carolinas and 
of the Bahama Islands. In 1724 Gale, owing to difficulties 
with the governor of the colony, who was endeavoring to eject 
him from otfice, visited England for the purpose of laying the 
matter of disagreement before the Lords Proprietors who re- 
fused to give place to the governor's favorite and rein- 
stated Gale as Chief Justice. In 1728, while still chief justice, 
Gale was made one of Gov. George Barri niton's council. 
In 1729, with Colonel Loverick and William Little he was 
appointed one of the commissioners to run the dividing line 
between Virginia and North Carolina. For that service Gale 
and Little were - each awarded a tract of four thousand acres 
of land of great value. Gale's tract near Halifax was called 


"Oconocha Neck," and Little's on the Soxpohon river was 
wiled " the Handfield " tract. The proprietors retroceded 
the sovereignty to the crown in 1729 and Gale returned to 
private life. He died in 1731 and lies buried in Edenton, 
and "left a name that is never mentioned but with respect." 

It was when Gale was in England in 1724, that he made 
the acquaintance of the before-mentioned William Little, a 
native of Boston, Mass., and a member of a prominent and 
wealthy family of that town, who had gone to England to 
complete his studies at the University of Cambridge. A warm 
friendship sprang up between these two gentlemen, and when 
Gale returned to America he induced not only his brother Ed- 
mund Gale, but William Little to join him. Through Gale's 
iiiiiuence, William Little received the appointments of attor- 
ney general, comptroller and receiver general of the King's 
quit rents, which offices he held successively until 1731, 
when he was appointed by the crown, chief justice of the 

In 1726, William Little married Penelope, the youngest 
daughter of Christopher Gale ; by her he had three children : 
Penelope, born July 28, 1727, William, born Sept. 27, 1729, 
George, born 1731. In 1734, Judge Little died, leaving all 
of his children quite young. After the English style his for- 
tune was given to his eldest son William, but he gave George, 
the younger son, a tract of land, "and bound him to the sea." 

Mr. Little's widow married, a second time, a Dr. Hardy, 
and had two more daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth. Sarah 
married a gentleman named Hurt, and Elizabeth mairied one 
named Bower. Elizabeth had two sons. After the death of 
Mr. Bower she mairied a man named Roberts. These peo- 
ple, the Gales (Christopher and Edmond), the Harveys, 
Bowerses and Robertses lived in or near Edenton, where 
they now have numerous descendants. 

Judge William Little's daughter, Penelope, married Mr. 
Kobert Baker, on Cape Fear river, and they had a son Sam- 
uel, and a daughter, but to whom she was married was not 
stated. Mrs. Baker died in 1816. 


William Little, the judge's eldest son, was wealthy, of 
fiiiO form, and moat agreeable manner; he married, first, a 
daughter of Galomon Kimbrough, and made his home at 
Cheraw, S. C. ; by this marriage he had a daughter named 
Sarah, and a son George. Mrs. Little died, and Mr. Little 
remained a widower for seven years ; then he married Cath- 
arine Stewart, a daughter of Sir Patrick Stewart, who was 
chief of the Stewart Clan of Balquheidder, Scotland. By this 
wife, Mr. Little had one child only, a daughter, named Eliz- 
abeth, who became the wife of Morgan Brown, Jan. 22, 1784. 
, Morgan Brown and his wife moved to Tennessee in 1795. 
Their descendants would number more than a hundred. Wil- 
liam Little died Dec, 1766. 

George Little, the youngest of the judge's two sons, made 
his home on his farm on the Mehesin river. He married 
Miss Parsons, the sister of Gen. Thomas Parsons, by whom 
ho had three children. The eldest, George, at fourteen years 
of age, was drowned in the Mehepin river, " in time of fish." 
The second son inherited the grr ,ter portion of General Par- 
sons' great fortune. William was a man of the highest re- 
spectability, and for many }^ears represented his district in 
congress. George Little had a daughter, who married Sharp 
Blount. They had children but their names are unknown to 
the writer. 

The late Col. George Little, of Kaleigh, who was also a 
member of congress, was a lineal descendant of Chief Justice 

Sarah, the eldest daughter of Mr. Little, married William 
Thomas, Esq., the son of Philemon Thomas of Queen Anne 
Co., Maryland. They had a son named AVilliam Little 
Thomas. At twenty years of age he married Clarissa Benton, 
daughter of Col. Samuel Benton of Cheraw, district of South 
Carolina. Here ends the writer's knowledge of the descend- 
ants of Mr. William Little by his first wife Miss Kimbrough. 



Henry* Adams who had grant of land in Brain tree in Feb- 
ruary, 1641, and is said to have come to Boston in 1634, 
bringing with him eight sons, is referred to in the following 
inscription on a granite column erected to his memory in the 
churchyard at Braintree, by his illustrious descendant John 
Adams, President of the United States. 

"In memory of Henry Adams, who took his flight from 
the dragon of persecution in Devonshire, England, and alight- 
ed with eight sons near Mount Wollaston. One of the sons 
returned to England, and alter taking time to explore the 
country, four removed to Medfield and the neighboring 
towns ; two to Chelmsford. One only, Joseph, who lies at 
his left hand, remained here, who was an original proprietor 
in the township of Braintree, 1639." 

He was buried 8 Oct., 1646. Of the traditionary eight 
sons but five are nan. ^ jn his will proved S June, 1647, viz. : 
Peter, John, Joseph, Edward, Samuel, and daughter Ursula. 
Besides these he is known to have hadHenrv and Thomas. 

Henry, Jr., married 17 Nov., 1643, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Moses Paine, and removed to Medfield. He was promi- 
nent in town affairs, was Representative to General Court 
lG59- , 65-'74- , 5, and was killed by Indians Feb., 1676, at 
his own door. His sons were Eleazer, John, Moses, Henry, 
Samuel died young. 

The descendants of Thomas and Samuel are mentioned be- 

Joseph remained in Braintree and married 26 Nov., 1650, 
Abigail, daughter of Gregory Baxter. Their eldest son Jo- 
teph, by liis second wife Hannah, daughter of John Bass, was 
the father of Rev. Joseph of Newington, N. H., and of John 

•No reliance can be placed on the fictitious pedigree of Henry Adams, which ap- 
X'zrt in X. E. Hiflt.-Gen. JReg., Whittemore's Adams Genealogy, and other publica- 
ns. Apparently it was made to fit the ca=e. 



Adams, the latter of whom was father of John Adams, sec- 
ond President of the U/iited States, and grandfather of John 
Quincy Adams, president of the United States. 

Edward left many descendants. He was prominent in pub- 
lic affairs. Descendants of his son Henry are found in Can- 
terbury, Conn. 

Peter was of Medfield and has descendants in New Hamp- 
shire and Canterbury, Conn. 

Captaiu Samuel Adams, son of Henry of Braintree, and 
brother of Lieut. Thomas, whom he accompanied to the new 
settlement at Chelmsford. He was an inhabitant of Charles- 
town in 1649, and town clerk 1653. Commissioner for 1667. 
He erected the first saw mill in town and in consideration 
thereof received a grant of 450 acres. He married, first, 
Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Graves of Charlestown, who died 
8 Oct., 1664. Thereupon he married 7 May, 1668, Esther 
Sparhawk, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Sparhawk of 
Cambridge. Her will' is dated 29 April and probated 23 
Dec, 1692. 

Capt. Samuel Adams died at Charlestown, 24 Jan., 1688- 
89, aged 72 years \^s») Administration on his estate was 
granted to widow Esther, 17 Dec, 1689, whose bond is wit- 
nessed by Joseph Adams and Mary Symmes. Inventory, 
£300. Administration was graced to Daniel Waldo of 
Chelmsford, John Waldo of Boston, and Samuel Webb of 
Dorchester, 19-7-1692, sons-in-law of Capt. Samuel Adams, 
and under date of 25 June, 1694, an agreement regarding 
the estate is signed by the heirs, viz. ; John Waldo, Samuel 
Webb, Daniel Waldo, Joseph Adams, Joseph Tompson, 
guardian for Benjamin Adams. Mdd. Probate. 

Children : 

Mary, married 16 Dec, 1686, Samuel Webb, of 

Samuel, born 3 July, 1647. 

Rebecca, married John Waldo. 

Thomas, born 1651 ; married 28 April, 1680, Mary, 
. daughter of Henry Blackmore. He died s. p. in Bar- 


badoes. Will dated 28 Feb., 1683-4; proved 3 June, 


Katherine, born 29 Oct., 1657. 

Katherine, born 11-4-1658; married John Rayner. 

Susanna, married Daniel Waldo. 

Nathaniel, born in Chelmsford, 28 Feb., 1662. 

Martha, born 8 Sept., 1664. 

By Esther : 

Samuel, born 7 March, 1671. 

Joseph, born 27-11-1672; of Concord 1703, then 
eldest son. 

Benjamin, born 29 May, 1679. 

Captain Joseph, son of Capt. Samuel, born in Chelmsford, 
27-11-1672. Joseph Adams and Mary Jones were married 
at Concord, 26 Sept., 1696. 

His will dated 20 June, 1717-18, states he is " very sick." 
Mentions wife Mary, youngest child Hannah, not sixteen, 
sons Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, Jonas, daughters Esther, 
Maiy, Rebecca, Sybil, M annah. Wife to have the £40 she 
had from her father's est;/e. Proved 25 Feb., 1717-18. In- 
ventory of" Capt. Joseph Adams " taken 27 March, 1718. 

Children, recorded at Chelmsford : 

Samuel, born 30 July, 1696. Administration on his 
estate to brother Joseph of Chelmsford, mother consent- 
ing, 9 Nov., 1721. 

Joseph, born 8 July, 1698 ; married Mary, and had at 
Chelmsford, Mary, born 24 July, 1721; Sarah, born 5 
Oct., 1723. 

Benjamin, born 1 Dec, 1701. 

Esther, born probablyjit Concord, 10 March, 1704. 

Mary, born 1 July, 1707. 

Rebecca, born 28 Nov., 1709. 

Jonas, born 16 Dec, 1712. In 1731 he chose his 
uncle Benjamin his guardian. 


Sybil, born 14 Aug., 1714. 
Hannah, born 17 Sept., 1717. 

Benjamin, son of Capt. Samuel, married 18 Dec., 1707, 
Mary Parker of Chelmsford. 11 Dec., 1708, he and wife 
Mary deed to brother Joseph two parts of his father's house, 
"and one part my sister Rebecca Waldo's." 

Children, born at Chelmsford : 

Catherine, born 20 April, 1710. 
John, born 16 April, 1711. 
Micah, born 27 Dec, 1715. 

Lieutenant Thomas, son of Henry of Braintree, removed 
from Braintree to Concord, and when in 1653 certain inhab- 
itants of Concord and Woburn sought a grant of lands about 
Chelmsford, he was one of the first to go thither. Chelmsford 
was granted 18 May, 1653, and on 22 Nov., 1654, the first 
board of selectmen was chosen, among whom was Thomas 

It is said that he and his brother Samuel contributed most 
liberally of any toward the building of the first meeting house 
in 1655. 

Thomas Adams was town clerk 1668-9; selectman, and 
in 1673 representative to the General Court. 

Under date of 19 March, 1666-7, John Barit sends to the 
General Court the names of Capt. Samuel and Thomas Adr 
ams, and Mr. John Webb as chosen commissioners for the 
court of Chelmsford for the year 1667, and John Fiske as 
chosen constable. 

His will dated 28 May, 1688, was proved 7 Nov., 1690. 
He died at Chelmsford aged 76 years, 20 July, 1688. In his 
will he mentions his wife Mary, sons Pelatiah, Timothy, Sam- 
uel and Jonathan. His daughter Cooper and her children, 
the^daughter to have his wife's wearing apparel and her bed. 
Upon the probate records and papers he is styled "Lieu 

His widow, according to Wyman, died at Charlestown, 23 
March, 1694-5, aged 82 years. 


Children : 

Mary, bom 24 July, 1G43 ; died young. 

Jonathan, born at Concord, 6-1-1646. 

Pelatiah, born at Concord, 6-1-1646. 

Timothy, born at Concord, 15-2-1648. 

George, born at Concord,- 29-3-1650. 

Susanna, baptized at Charlestown, 3-12-1660. She 
is called by Rev. Zachariah Symmes " daughter of cousin 
Thomas Adams." 

Rebecca, born in Chelmsford, 18 Sept., 1657. 

Eliza, born in Chelmsford, 21 Oct., 1659. 

Thomas, born in Chelmsford, 22 July, 1660. 

Samuel, married Mary, and removed to Canterbury, 

Mary, born in Chelmsford, 29 Oct., 1664; married 

Pelatiah, son of Lt. Thomas (Henry), born in Concord, 
0-1-1646; died in Chelmsford probably about 1717. In 
1702 he and wife Ruth, deed land in Chelmsford to sons 
Thomas and Pelatiah. Md. Deeds, 29-10. 

In 1717 he sold lands on Providence Hill in Chelmsford 
to Siim'l Underwood. 

Children, born in Chelmsford, by wife Ruth : 

Thomas, married Judith. Children : Jane, born 2 
Dec, 1704; Esther, born 18 Aug., 1706; Henry, born 
20 May, 1708 ; Ephraim, born 14 Nov., 1712; Stephen, 
born 4 Feb., 1715; Phebe, born 3 Dec, 1716; Zacha- 
riah, born 5 Nov., 1718. 

Pelatiah, married 8 June, 1711, at Charlestown, Lydia 
Fletcher. Ch. : Samuel, born 21 July, 1714; Lydia, 
born 26 March, 1716; Zacheus, born 20 March, 1719. 

Ruth, born 8 March, 1673. 

Elizabeth, born 26 April, 1680. "John Cummings 
and Elizabeth Adams, both of Chelmsford, married 3 
Oct., 1705."— Charlestown Bee. 

' for the marriages of this family in the 18th century see Putnam's Monthly Ilis- 
~^I Mug., Vol. I, p. 27*. 


Samuel, born 28 March, 1685. 
Sarah, born 12 July, 1691. 
Abigail, born 7 June, 1697. 

Jonathan, twin-brother of Pelatiah above, had wife Leah. 
His estate was settled in 1718-19. On 2 Oct., 1718, his 
heirs appear to be children Jonathan, Elizabeth, David, Ed- 
ward, Rachel, Margaret, Jacob Powels, husband of Edith; 
Abigail, Thos. Robins, husband of Lydia ; Wm. Haggil, 
husband of Mary. Son Jonathan was appointed administrator 
31 July, 1719, the widow having deceased. Inventory, £58, 
taken by John Swallow, Timothy Adams of Chelmsford, and 
Samuel Cory of Littleton. 

Children, born at Chelmsford : 

Edith, born 11 Dec, 1683 ; married Jacob Powells. 

Margaret, born 25 June, 1688. 

Lydia, born 2 April, 1691 ; married Thomas Robins. 

Abigail, born 9 Nov., 1693. 

Jonathan, born 21 March, 1695-6. 

David, born 29 March, 1699. 

Mary, married Wm. Haggil. 



Timothy, third son of Lt. Thomas, born in Concord ; had 
by wife Mary, two children born in Chelmsford, and probably 
others.* Timothy Adams, " Sr.," is mentioned by Pelatiah 
Adams in land conveyances. 

Children : 

Mary, born 28 Sept., 1684. 
Jonathan, born 3 Aug., 1688. 

* Timothy and Dorothy Adams had Samuel, b. 15 Nov., 1700; Timothy, b. IS Aug., 
1703; Elizabeth, b. 2G Oct., 1705; Thomas, b. 3 June, 1709; Mary, b. 14 April, 1710; Jona. 
b. 7 Aug., 1714; Edah, b. 31 Dec, 171*5; John, b. 13 Aug., 1719. Estate of Timothy Ad- 
ams of Chelmsford, settled 17G2. Adm. to sou John was granted I Jan., 1702, his mother 




John Adams was of Cambridge in 1650. On the 8th, 
Ifth month, 1657-8 he received a grant of 4 acres, 3 J rods 
in Menotomy field. In 1677, he, "of Menotomy Row," buys 
of Jonathan Bunker, 3 acres in Menotomy field, bounded 
fabt by Menotomy river and north by the Mystic river. 
He was a millwright. Freeman 1666, which year he joined, 
the church. He signed the petition of the 17th, 8 month, 
lOtU, testifying to the satisfaction the government of the 
Colony gave and praying that they " may not be subject- 
ed to the arbitrary power of any who are not chosen by 
this people according to their patent." This was a part of 
the opposition to the Royal Commission of that year. 

The John Adams, impressed as a trooper in Nov., 1675, 
*a* probably the son John, rather than the father. His name 
<Ws not appear on the Shawshin division of 1652. In 
1688 he was rated to pay tax that year of lOsh. 8 pence 
upon estate and two persons, which is exceeded by very 
f«W, and by none in Menotomy. Thomas Danforth, Esq., 
J* rated the heaviest and he only for 12 sh. one penny. 

That year polls were rated at lsh. 8d. each and estates at 
a penny in the pound, therefore he was assessed for £88 val- 
uation of estate. It is needless to say that the valuation 
w a* low. 

On the 4 Sept., 1697, he, and wife Ann, deeded to son 
•'oseph a certain tenement with lands in Cambridge and 

harlestown being part of the homestead and eight acres, 
■pon which was a mansion house. Also land at Menotomy 
bridge bounded by Charlestown bounds. Mdd. Deeds, 12, 
•54.. He died August, 1706, aged 85 (born therefore in 
"»21) leaving a widow, who removed to Sudbury and 




lived with her son John there settled. On the 18 May, 
1710, she deeds to Joseph of Cambridge, weaver, five acre- 
of land in Cambridge bounding on the lands describee 
above, and on the first of October, 1714, she, as relict ol 
John of Cambridge, and John Adams of Sudbury, son and 
executor of John Adams of Cambridge, sell to Josepl; 
Adams four acres in Charlestown. Mdd. Deeds. 

His will dated 1 June, 1706, proved 7 Oct., 1706, gives 
to wife Ann the use of his estate, but said estate to be in the 
hands of son John for her benefit. To son John the farm 
next Mr. Pelhornes farm in Cambridge, 110 A., between 
Cambridge and Concord, also land in Charlestown. 

Son (sic) Joseph the deed of gift he already has, and five 
shillings. To grandson William Patteu three acres in Men- 
otomy and he is to pay grandchildren Martha Smith £3 
and Rebecca Squire, widow, forty shillings, son-in-law 
Nathaniel Patten, son-in-law Eames. To Elizabeth, daughtei 
of Henry Rurbye, a cow. Wife and son John to be execu- 
tors. Witnessed by Joseph and Sarah Winship and Stephen 
Willis, Sr. Inventory 16 Aug., 1706, about £400. Mdd. 

By wife Ann he had children : 

Rebecca, born in England, died Dec, 1677 ; married 
Nov., 1669, Nathaniel Patten. 

Mary, born 25 Oct., 1652; died 1681; married John 

John of Watertown, born 1 May, 1655. 
Hannah, born. 8 August, 1657 , baptized 17 June, 
1660 ; died 25 January, 1660-1. 
Joseph born 1660. 
Daniel died young. 
Daniel born 14 September, 1662 ; died 14 May, 1685. 

John Adams, son of John, married Hannah, daughter of 
John Bent. By an indenture, dated 1 June, 1683, between 
Samuel Gookin and wife Mary of Cambridge, and John 
Adams of Sudbury, he came into possession of 200 acres in 



Xatick. In 1715 the question of bounds arose and John 
IIow aged 50 and John Pratt, aged 50, both of Sudbury, 
testify that they were present when Samuel How, deceased, 
*howed Matthew Kice his bounds on John Adams. Mdd. 
Deeds 17, 437-8. 
Children : 

John, born 12 March, 1683-4. 

Daniel, born 1685. 

Hannah, born 1688. 

Joseph Adams, son of John, Sr., baptized in Cambridge, 
born in 1660; married 21 February, 1687-8, Margaret, 
daughter of Thomas Eames, born 8 July, 1668 ; having 
married, second, Lieutenant Daniel Dean of Concord, 27 
December, 1705. 

Joseph Adams died 20 July, 1701, leaving an estate in- 
ventoried by Samuel Bull and Joseph Winshipp at £100. 
The widow was appointed administratrix 11 August, 1701, 
having as sureties John Adams and John Jackson. 
Children : 

Joseph, born about 1688. 

Daniel,* born 1690 at Concord. 

Cherry, baptized 31 January, 1697; married at Con- 
tort!, 5 November, 1712, Jonathan Stone, of Lexington ; 
married, second, 1734-5, Thomas Wellington. 

John,| born 16 April, 1697. 

Joseph Adams of Cambridge, son of Joseph (John) born 
probably as early as 1688. He was a weaver. He owned 
lands in Cambridge and Charlestown. He died 18 October, 

* Daniel Adams and Elizabeth, born 29 January, 1696-7, daughter of Captain 
vMncsMlnot, both of Concord, manned 23 April, 1715. Children, born in Concord: 
Ifcalel, born 15 October, 1720. Elizabeth, born 1 October, 1722. Joseph, born 5 Octo- 
*"i 1724. Rebecca, born 2 September, 1727. Mary, born 18 May, 1730. James, born 
■ March, 1731-2. Lydia, born 1 September, 1735. Martha, born 13 April, 1738. 

I Jobn Adams and Love, daughter of Captain James and Rebecca Minott (born 15 
April, 170>) , both of Concord, married IS December, 1722. Children: John, born 11 

member, 1723. Love, born 23 June, 1725. John Adams died 25 October, 1725, "in 
"« twenty-ninth year." 


1774, aged 86 years. In his will, dated 16 March, 1749, 
proved 8 November, 1771 by sons Joseph and William, he 
styles himself yeoman. He mentions wife Rachel, sons 
Joseph, William and Thomas, daughters Rebecca Kent and 
Mary Cutter, daughters Anna and Mary Adams and heirs of 
daughter Doubleday. 

He was selectman and assessor of Cambridge, 1729, 1731, 
1732, 1737, 1738. 

He married first, 18 January, 1710-11, Rebecca, daughter 
of William and Rebecca (Rolf) Cutter, born (1693?) died, 
12 January, 1717-18, aged 24. He married, second, 26 
June, 1718, Rachel, daughter of Joseph and Ann (Brazier) 
Allen of Weston. She died 1 August, 1775. 
Children : 

Thomas*, born 3 December, 1711 ; died 17 November 
Thomas (originally Joseph), born 20 August, 1713. 
Joseph, born 3 July, 1715. 

Margaret, born 26 May, 1717 ; married 21 October, 
1736, Elisha Doubleday. 

Rebecca, born 12 September, 1720; married 27 
November, 1740, Samuel Kent. 

Lucy, born 29 October, 1722; died 17 April, 1810; 
married 21 May, 1745, John, son of Deacon John 
and Lydia (Harrington) Cutter. 

William f, born January 11, 1724-5. 

* Thomas married 22 September, 1737, Anna Frost, who died at Worcester, 6 
October, 1710; married, second, Lydia Chadwiek, who died at Worcester, 1718; mar- 
ried, third, 15 September, 1754, Elizabeth Bowman. He was a captain of militia, lived 
at Worcester and Menotomy, where he died October, 1802. Children: Joseph, died 
1740; Hannah, married Walter Russell and married, second, Enos Jones; John, mar- 
ried Joanna Munroe, lived at Ashbumham and Hartford, Pa., where he died 26 Feb- 
ruary, 184ft, aged 104 years; Lydia. married Lemuel lilanchard and married, second, 
Joseph Thorudike of Jaifrey, N. II.; Lucretia, married Ethan Wetherbee; Eben; 
Thomas, married Folly Goodwin. See Paige. 

t William died 10 September, 1787, was a captain. He married 14 June, 1750 
Sarah Hill, who died 11 November, 1805, aged 74. Children: born at Cambridge, John; 
William, married Hannah Stone; Sarah, married James Perry; Lucy, married John 
Cutter; Anna, married Richard Hay; Rebecca; Lydia, married Eben Russell; Mar- 
garet, married Thos. Russell; Mary, married Nathaniel Russell; Susanna. See Paige 


Anne, born 8 July, 1729; married 19 April, 1750, 
Peter Tufts, Jr. 

Mary, born 12 May, 1733; married 6 June, 1751, 
Nathan Tufts. 

Joseph Adams of Menotomy, son of Joseph (Joseph, 
John), born 3 July, 1715; died 3 May, 1794. He was a 
deacon in the second parish church and had the care of the 
church service. At the time of the retreat of the British 
from Lexington his house was looted by the British and the 
service taken. The thieves sold it to a Boston silversmith, 
from whom the church reclaimed it. (See Boston Sunday 
Herald of 2 August, 1885.) From the state archives it 
appears that the vessels, linen and cash belonging to the 
church of said precinct, taken out of the house of Joseph 
Adams, deacon of said church, amounts to £16-16-8.* 

The British piled up some furniture in the centre of a cham- 
ber whence they had driven Mrs. Adams, then with a babe of 18 
days, not even giving her time to dress or call the other chil- 
dren, and set the whole on fire, using as kindling the leaves 
of the family bible. But little damage was done as the fire 
did not kindle, a fact ascribed by the good deacon to the sac- 
rilegious use of the good book. This story I have often heard 
from my grandmother, Martha Adams (Tapley) Edmands, a 
great granddaughter of Deacon Joseph Adams. 

The deacon's name is not upon any of the military rolls of 
the day, but as he evidently was away from home, it is a fair 
iiuerence he w r as with his countrymen harassing the British 
retreat and found it impossible to reach his home and get his 
family to a place of safety. 

He was selectman of Cambridge 1758, 1769, 1770, 1771. 

* The estimated damage by the British that day was 

Cambridge, £1202- 8- 7 
Lexington, JG. 17*51— 1-15 
Concord, £ 274-16- 7 

Total, £3237-25-29 

The largest individual loss was that of Joseph Loring of Lexington, whose house 
*ad barn were totally destroyed. His loss was £720. 


His first wife was Martha, daughter of Ephraim and Sarah 
(C)oper) Frost, born 4 Aug., 1722, whom he married 20 
Jan., 1739-40. Her sister Ann was the wife of Thomas Ad- 
ams. She died 23 Dec., 1749, and he married, second, 11 
Sept, 1750, Hannah, daughter of Thomas Hall, born 1730 ; 
died 13 August, 1803. 

Children, born in Cambridge : 

Anna, born 14 Dec, 1740; died 8 Oct., 1825; mar- 
ried 7 May, 1761, Timothy Tufts of Medforp. 

Joseph, born 29 Nov., 1743; died 1824; married 6 
Sept., 1770, Lucy Kent, who died 1785; married, sec- 
ond, 25 Feb., 1802, Sarah Tufts, who died 1843. Left 

Maltha," born 25 Sept., 1746 ; married Samuel Tufts. 
The compiler of this article has a silver cream pitcher, 
made by Paul Revere, which was given the couple on 
their wedding day, and which has their initials engraved 
upon it. 

Thomas, born 19 July, 1751 ; married 28 May, 1780, 
Martha Stone and removed to New Salem, w T here he died 
27 June, 1848. His wife died 22 Jan., 1847. 

Rebecca, born 16 Aug., 1753; died, num., 19 May, 

Hannah, born 12 April, 1756 ; died 24 Jan., 1843; 
married 22 July, 1773, Peter Tufts, 3d, of Medford. 

Susanna, born 26 June, 1758; died 28 June, 1828; 
married 3 Oct., 1776, Gershom Teele of Medford. 
. Mary, born 13 Feb., 1761 ; died 2 Oct., 1846 ; mar- 
ried 4 April, 1788, Benj. Winship. 

Nathan, born 9 Aug., 1763; died 25 March, 1842; 
married Martha Wilcox, born 23 Oct., 1767; died 15 
April, 1803; married, second, 13 Dec, 1803, Rebecca 
Tufts, born 20 Sept., 1770; died about 1848. Left 

* Paige gives her as marrying Samuel Locke, Jr., 16 May, 1771. He married Mar- 
garet Adams. 


Joel, born 23 Aug., 1765 ; died in New Salem 8 Feb., 
1841 ; married 23 Aug., 1788, Sybil Stone of Medtbrd. 

Amos, twin with Joel, died 24 March, 1844; married 
19 April, 1790, Lyclia Adams. > 

Daniel, born 14 March, 1768 ; married 3 June, 1793, 
Phebe Britton. 

Abigail, born 18 Sept., 1772; married 19 Oct., 1800, 
Joseph Convers of Med ford. 

Ann, born 1 April, 1775; married 11 Oct., 1796, 
James Hill. 

For branches of this family see Paige's History of Cam- 
bridge, Wyman's Charlestown Estates, X. E. Hist. -Gen. 
Rcsf., Vol. xiv, and Whittemoie'a Adams' Genealogy. 


15. I desire information concerning George Henry Snel- 
ling of Boston, who died about Sept., 1892. He was, it is 
believed, a member of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society. Would 
like to communicate with near relative or descendants. 

R. G. Carter, 
. 3218 16th street, Washington, D. C. 

16. Page. The undersigned would like to communicate 
with any one interested in the gerealogy of the family of 
Page. Levi B. Chase, Stnrbridge, Mass. 

17. McKenzie. Who was Martin McKenzie who mar- 
ried at Nantucket, in 1794, the widow Hephzibah Bunker? 
It is said he was a master-mariner from Kingston. 

18. Reynolds. In the "Record of Service of Conn. 
Men," I find the name of Samuel Reynolds as private in 
fifth Regiment "Conn. Line" under Col. Philip Burr Bradley 
of Ridgeficld and Capt. Josiah Child of Woodstock, Conn. 
Samuel Reynolds enlisted 26 May, 1777; discharged 26 
April, 1780. 

What were the names of his parents, and where and when 
was he born? J. A. E. Wight, 


19. Pepper. Stephen Pepper, born 1734; died in Sher- 
man, Conn., 30 April, 1815 ; married, 1758 at Sherman, 
Conn., Lucy Bennet, daughter of Lieutenant Bennet, born 
1740, and died 22 April, 1817. Issue, eleven children. 

Wanted, names of their parents and dates of birth. 

20. Pkatt. Calvin Pratt, born near Westfield, Mass., 
had by first wife (name desired) a son Ephraim, born about 
1825. Second wife was Phcebe Mott nee Smith, born 1812, 
daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (McCann) Smith of Suf- 
field, Conn. Issue, five children : the eldest, George W., 
born 23 August, 1833, at Russell, Mass. Who were Calvin 
Pratt's parents and where born ? 

21. M'Caleb. Wanted the connection between the 
Maryland family of this name and those of the same name in 
other parts of thecountiy, particularly in the South. Is any- 
thing known of the ancestors of Capt. Win. M'Caleb, born 
about 1748, of the Carolinas, a Revolutionary soldier. 

It is said the name was originally Mc'Alpine. 

22. Boaven. — Who were the parents of Margaret Bowen ? 
She married John Weld, of Roxbury, Dec. 24, 1647. 

J. S. 

23. Elkins-Points. William Elkins, supposed to be 
from New r England, died in Philadelphia, Penn., 9 April, 
1798, aged 47 years. He married in Philadelphia, 10 Jan- 
uary, 1774, Mary Points. For proof of parentage of the 
above William Elkins a reward of twenty-five dollars will 
be given. For parentage of Mary Points, fifteen dollars. 
Communications must be sent to 

J. Granville Leach, 
733 Walnut street, Phi lade lphia. 

24. Abigail Gardner of Brooklinc, Mass., married, 1709, 
James Wilder of Lancaster, Mass. Lucy Gardner married, 
1702, Joseph Wilder of Lancaster, Mass. Where were Un- 
born and who were their father and mother? 


25. Mores or Moses White kept an apothecary store in 
Boston 1846-7. Wanted the address of some one of his de- 
scendants or anything in regard to his family. M. L. W. 

26. Greene. About 1766, Daniel Greene of Khode 
Island, married there Rebecca 5 Barton (Rufas, 4 Andrew, 3 
Benjamin, 2 Rufus 1 ) of Warwick, and soon after removed to 
Vermont. Was he the Daniel Greene born in Warwick, R. I. 
Oct. 10, 1747? 

27. Tripp. Mehitable Tripp of Exeter, R. I., born Dec. 
1, 1729 ; married Sept. 21, 1752, Benjamin Greene of West 
Greeuwich. She was daughter of Job, born April 20, 1701, 

and Sarah born May 20, 1704. Facts are wanted to show 

Job's line of descent from John Tripp (his undoubted ances- 
tor), the first of that name in Rhode Island. 

28. Rice-Calkin. Samuel Rice, born 1751, probably 
in Litchfield Co., Conn., married Content Calkin, probably 
of same county. He was a soldier of the Revolution, serving 
with forces from New York state, from 1775 until close of 
1780. Knowledge as to his ancestry and that of Content 
Calkin, his wife, will be thankfully received. 

Douglas N. Greene, 

Syracuse, N. Y. 



13. Collins. Dea. Edw. Collins of Cambridge, 1640 ; 
had wife Martha. His son, Rev. Nath'l Collins, born 7 March, 
1641; died 28 Dec, 1684; married 3 Aug., 1664, Mary 
Whiting, who died 25 Oct., 1709. (See Sibley's Harvard 
Graduates, Vol. II, p. 58-60.) 

Major Win. Whiting, died July, 1647. His widow Su- 
sanna in 1650 married Mr. Sam'l Fitch, who died 1659, and 
the widow married, third, Mr. Alex. Bryan of Milford. She 
died at Middleton, at the house of her daughter, Mrs. Col- 
lins, 8 July, 1673. I very much desire family names of 
Martha, wife of Edward Collins, and Susanna, wife of Wm. 
Whiting. P. O. A., Phihu 


.100. (p. 300.) Wheeleh. " Ob idiah Wheeler of Con- 
cord married July 17, 1072, Elizabeth White. Who was 

In reply I would quote from a letter lately received : "Re- 
solved White, son of William and Susanna White of the May- 
flower, born in Leyden 1615 ; married 1640, Judith Vassal of 
Scituate, daughter of Capt. Wm. Vassal. Children : William, 
born 1642. John, 1644. SamiH, 1646. Resolved, 1647. 
Ann, 1649. Elizabeth, 1652. Josiah, 1654. Susanna, 
1656. Tradition says Elizabeth married Obadiah Wheeler of 
Concord, Mass." (Mrs.) Frances S. Wallace, 

■ 375 Penn. St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

7. Clark. At the close of "King Philip's War" 1675-6, 
Capt. Joseph Sill of Cambridge, Mass., removed to Lyme, 
Conn., and Feb. 12, 1677, he married the widow of Lieut. 
Reynold Marvin. Her maiden name was Sarah Clark, daugh- 
ter of George and Sarah Clark of Mil ford, Conn. 

Captain Sill died at Lyme, August 6, 1696 and Sarah his 
wife died Feb. 17, 1715. Both are buried in the ancient 
cemetery at Old Lyme. Edward E. Sill, Xew Haven. 

The committee on English Research of the X. E. Historic- 
Gen. Society, for 1896, consists of William S. Appleton, 
J. T. Hassam, R. C. Winthrop, Jr., T. \V. Higginson and 
Eben Putnam. 

The Graves Genealogy. 

Gen. J. C. Graves, of Buffalo, has published volume one 
of the Graves Genealogy. This volume relates to the Con- 
necticut family, descended from Thomas Graves of Hartford. 
It is a remarkable volume in many ways and the numerous 
illustrations are particularly well done and of more than usual 
interest. There are excellent indexes. Vols. II and III arc 
to follow, and in these volumes will be fount! a detailed his- 
tory of the Graves family of Lynn and of its branches in 
Marblehead and Ipswich. 8vo, cloth, pp. 521. 




-BY J. A. 

(Continued from page 310, Vol. V.) 

I shall not enter upon the subject of the heralds' duties, 
their privileges, emoluments, etc. ; those who seek for mr- 
thf.T information upon the subject, I would refer to Mark No- 
Me's w History of the College of Arms," where they will iind 
notices of all the heralds, from the time of their incorporation 
to the reign of George the Third. 1 In recommending, how- 
ever, Mark Noble's work, I must caution the reader against 
his partiality ; his names and dates may be correct, but the 
character of some of the heralds he has strangely vilified* His 
.•thuse of Ralph Brook was not altogether merited ; Brook was 
••"arse in his language, it is true, but a most learned and 
acute genealogist and herald. His famous literary warfare 
with Camden has been of essential service to the genealogist. 
In Edmondson's " Complete Body of Heraldry," and Dalla- 
way's "Inquiry into the Origin of Heraldry," will also be 
found much information relative to heralds and their duties. 
i must not, however, omit some mention of one of the heralds' 
duties, as it is so immediately connected with the state of 
heraldry. I allude to the visitations. They were undertaken 
every twenty or thirty years, under a royal commission, for 
the purpose of registering and confirming the pedigrees and 
arms of the gentry throughout England. The earliest on rec- 
ord is, Visitalio facta per Marischallum de Norry ult. ann. 
"• Ilenrici 4 U 1412 ; 2 but this is not supposed to have been 

1 1-ausdowue MS. 60 in Mue. Brit, has a " Catalogue of all the Officers of Arms &c., 
■•WH to the year 159:,, collected by Thorn. Lant, Portcullis. " 

* This Is among the Harl. MSS. in Mus. Brit. 



under a royal commission. The first under such royal com- 
mission was that by Thomas Benoilt, Clarenceux, in 1528. 
These visitations, which were continued at intervals until 
the year 1686, were not merely matters of form and regis- 
tration of whatever genealogies and arms might be presented 
to the heralds, but in most cases there was a careful inquiry 
into the right of using such bearings, and proof required of 
the pedigrees so presented ; and in many instances those who 
had illegally assumed arms, or had forged pedigrees, were 
disclaimed openly in the market place as ignoble. 1 To those 
who are fond of genealogical research, Sir H. Nicolas's "Cat- 
alogue of the Heralds' Visitations in the British Museum," 
will be found exceedingly useful. It contains also many ref- 
erences to other manuscripts on genealogy and heraldry pre- 
served in that institution. 

The reigns of Henrv the Eighth 2 and Elizabeth were no 
less celebrated than those of Edward the Third and Richard 
the Second for pomp and pageantry and heraldic display; 
but heraldry no longer possessed that simplicity and purity 
which had distinguished it in the preceding reigns. The arm3 
that were granted in the time of Elizabeth were many of them 
of a complicated nature ; and they were now too frequently 
granted either through carelessness or for pecuniary rea- 
sons, to unworthy persons. This is the more to be con- 
demned, as the emoluments of the heralds were at this time 
.very great, in consequence of the love of pageantry and dis- 
play evinced by the monarchs above mentioned. Another 
cause which tended to bring heraldry into disrepute arose 
from a number of adventurers who went about the country, 
falsely calling themselves heralds, and made money by grant- 
ing arms and manufacturing pedigrees. A memorable instance 
of this kind of " notable dealers in arms and makers of false 
pedigrees " was one W. Dawkins ; he was apprehended by 

*In a copy of a Visitation of Wiltshire, in 1G23, 1 find the names of no less than 
fifty-four persons so disclaimed at Salisbury, as ignobilcs. Pen. Auc. 

*In this reigu it became usual to grant arms to those prelates who did not possess 
them by descent; to corporate bodies, and to commercial companies. 



order of the Earl Marshal. The names of nearly one hundred 
families were mentioned, for whom he had compiled spurious 
pedigrees. He had been twice before apprehended for the 
same offence ; at one time being punished by the loss of an 
ear, and the other by imprisonment. 

The vast number of manuscripts of heraldry still in exist- 
ence, which were compiled about this time, evince the indus- 
try of at least some of the heralds, notwithstanding their in- 
ternal dissensions. 

Little more need be said ; nothing of any moment affected 
the science of heraldry under the houses of Stuart aud Han- 
over, and it gradually declined in estimation. With the dis- 
continuance of the tournament and the joust, and the altered 
system of warfare, heraldry lost a great part of its conse- 
quence. None of our kings since James the Second ever kept 
up much state ; and the inroad of a number of persons who 
could afford to purchase arms, lessened, in a great measure, 
the estimation in which heraldic distinctions were held. 

It is a little curious that, during the usurpation of Crom- 
well, the heraldic body still held its place, w r hen most institu- 
tions of a similar nature fell to the ground. We find Oliver 
with his heralds occasionally about him, and as fond of mag- 
nificence as jxuy legitimate crowned head ; in proof of this, 
look at his reception of the Dutch ambassadors, and his sol- 
emnization of the funerals of his mother and daughter. Crom- 
well caused the arms of the Protectorate to be substituted for 
those of the exiled Stuarts ; and for his own coat he bore the 
arms of Cromwell as an escutcheon of pretence over a modifi- 
cation of the arms of the Protectorate. 

It is now necessary that I should mention the sources from 
which my readers may gather information upon the subject 


in question ; and also that I should so guide their steps in 
their search for it, as to lead them through the richest fields, 
and those which are the freest from weeds, at the same 
time without wearying them with the length of the way. Al- 
though I feel with Dallaway that, " to enliven a catalogue is 


one of those literary felicities to which I do not expect to at- 
tain," yet it is a necessary task, and may prove, perhaps, the 
most useful part of this short essay. 

I will at once, then, suppose the reader perfectly ignorant 
of heraldry, and put into his hands works which will enable 
him to convert the jargon of the science into the illuminated 
coat. I do not think I can offer him better assistance than 
he will find in such small works as Clark's "Introduction to 
Heraldry," or better still (if he can procure it), Claude Men- 
estrier's "Veritable Art du Blazon," published at Lyons in 
1671. I have been particular here in the date, as there are 
three works by Menestrier, under the general title of "Le 
Veritable Art du Blazon :" one on the Origin of Arms, an- 
other on the Method of Blazoning (that above mentioned), 
and a third on the Usage of Arms. I may take this oppor- 
tunity of stating, that all Menestrier's works, of which there 
are a great number, will be found of the very best service. 
Dictionaries of heraldic terms, and their meanings, are easily 
to be had ; s*:ch are found in Edmondson's "Complete Body 
of Heraldry," and Gnillim's "Display of Heraldry." Gelliot's 
" Indice Armorial " is also a useful work. I might here al- 
most conclude my notice of heraldic books, by at once re- 
ferring the reader to Monle's "Bibliotheca Heraldica," a work 
though apparently a mere catalogue of books, of much labour, 
and great and careful research. It gives the titles in full of 
nearly every work that has been printed in England connect- 
ed with heraldry, genealogy, coronations, etc., with a detailed 
account of the contents of each, and remarks by which one 
may judge of their merits. More than eight hundred books 
are mentioned, beginning with a work relating to the Order 
of the Garter, printed in the year 14G9, and supposed to be 
Caxton's second attempt at printing; and ending with Wille- 
ment's "Regal Heraldry," published in 1821. At the end 
there is a list of the Heralds' Visitations, 1 with references to 

iThc dates are occasionally erroneous, but it is almost impossible to fix them with 



the principal manuscripts connected with the genealogies, etc., 
of the several counties, contained in private collections. The 
notices of foreign genealogies are very numerous, 1 and any 
one who can meet with a tenth part of those mentioned may 
consider himself exceedingly fortunate. There is also a list 
of some foreign systems of heraldry, but this part of the work 
is incomplete ; to supply in part this defect, I may mention, 
among German authors, George Philip Harsdorfer, of Nurem- 
berg, who was the first German who wrote on heraldry ; The- 
odore Hopingk, John Limnaus, and upwards of twenty 
others. But it is to Philip Jacob Spener, who wrote at the 
end of the seventeenth century, that the Germans are in- 
debted for their best work on the subject ; from his " Insig- 
liiuni Theoria seu Operis Heraldiei," most of the other writers 
have taken their information. 

Amongst Italian writers there are, Philibert Campanile, 
whose work "Dell' Armi," etc., may be consulted; Antonio 
Stephano Catari, Paul Jovius, Der Graf Marc Ant. Ginani, 
and some others. 

For Spanish authors the reader may refer to Gerhard us 
Frankeuau's "Bibliotheca-Hispanica Historico-Genealogico- 
Ileraklica," which contains the names of seven hundred auth- 
ors, and titles of one thousand four hundred and ninety works 
upon these subjects. 

In the Netherlands, they have had John Lavens, Thomas 
de Rouck, and John Christyn. 

The Swedes too can name John Ihre and Carl Uggla, as 
writers upon heraldry. 

But what is of most importance to the heraldic student, 
and that which will alone give interest to the science, and 
render it of service in the study of history, are good authori- 
ties for armorial bearings. For such, one of the most obvious 
sources (after seals) will be the original note books of the 
heralds in their visitations. Of these many are, of course, in 
the College of Arms, and many again scattered about in pri- 

*The list of foreign genealogies contains about three hundred works. 


vate collections ; these will be for the most part inaccessible. 
But in the Harleian collection of manuscripts in the British 
Museum there are upwards of two hundred of these visitations. 
In referring to them, the little work by Sir H. Nicolas, before 
mentioned, will be very serviceable. A vast number of other 
manuscripts of arms, by such men as Glover, Camden, Yin- 
cent, Segar, whose names stamp them with authority, will be 
found in the Harleian collection ; the excellent catalogue to 
which will be found of easy reference. Amongst the Lans- 
down, Hargrave,and Cotton manuscripts in the British Mu- 
seum many heraldic collections also exist. Among these 
manuscripts there are many of arms from tomb-stones, mural 
monuments, etc., in various churches throughout England. 
These are very valuable authorities. 

{To be continued.) 



{Continued from page 70.) 

Anno do! 1577 

Ales Wingrave baptized 5 May 
Elizabeth Colls baptiz 3 June 
Richard Stappe baptiz 4 August 
Susan Dawbncy baptiz 18 August 
Richard Seybrooke baptiz 24 August 
Katheren Jackma baptiz 15 Septebr 
Griffin Ingram baptiz 5 Octobr 
Elizabeth Hawes baptiz 24 Novebr 
John Davie baptized 29 Jan u a lie 
Timothie Cartwright baptiz 25 Januar 
Joan Sims baptiz esdem die 


Anno dol 1578 

John Cutler baptized 13 Aprilis 
William Wbrall baptized 27 Aprilis 
Johan Simes baptized 18 Maye 
John Stokes baptized 8 June 
Helene Bull baptized 3 August 
Elizabeth Colls baptized 7 September 
Nathaniel! Shilbourne baptiz 5 Octobr 
John Brande baptized 6 October 
William Tomes baptized primo Novembr 
Beamy Foster baptiz 16 Novebr 
Susan Hearing baptiz 30 Novebr 
Joan Clark baptiz 22 Marcii 
William Wingrave baptiz 20 March 
Anne Bigger staffe baptiz 17 May 

Anno do! 1579 

Elizabeth Taylor baptiz 24 May 

Ales Jackma baptiz 3 Julye 

Ruth Ingram baptiz 16 Julie 

John Fox baptiz 19 Julye 

Thomas Steevens baptiz 14 August 

Richard Robinson baptiz 15 August 

Harrye Gatlingstocke baptiz 7 Septebr 

John Collins bapt 7 September 

Margaret Gadlingstocke baptized 27 September 

Anne Canan baptized 14 October 

Marye Radwell baptiz 14 October 

Anne Janson baptiz 7 Novebr 

Marye Turke baptiz 27 DecGbr 

Helen Cutler baptiz 20 Januarie 

John Porter baptiz 29 Januarye 

Richard Ha we baptiz 24 Januarye 

Ales Stappe baptiz 6 Marcii 

Roger Shilbourne baptiz 24 Aprill 

John Worrall baptiz xx Marcii 


Marye Browne baptized 24 May 
A^ncs Welhcrall baptized 22 June 
Gilian Colls baptized 5 June 
Isabel 1 Miller baptiz 5 Julye 
Rhoda Foster baptiz 4 Septebr 
William Dunce, baptiz 10 Septebr 
Richard Shephard 25 Septebr 

Anno doi 1580 

Marie Colls baptized 2 Januarye 
Richard Smartwood baptized 22 January 
John Toms baptized 10 Marcii 
John Ingra baptized 2 Marcii 
William Mead baptized 16 Aprill 
John Brand baptized 7 Aprilis 
Marie Jackman baptized 10 Junii 
Marie Fox baptized 25 Junii 
Thomas Elfred baptiz 7 August 
Robert Gurney baptized 12 August 

Anno doi 1581 

Ellner Clarke baptized 25 September 
Richard Wingrave baptized 22 October 
George Colls baptized 30 October 
Hugh Cutler baptized 5 Xovebr 
Anne Miller baptized 15 Novebr 
Fraiicx Bull baptized 10 Deccbr 
Thomas Pollen baptized 7 Januarie 
John Shephard baptized 16 February 
Ellyn Radwell baptized 7 March 
Anne Stappe baptized 17 March 
Joan Ed muds baptized 8 Aprill 
Joan Foster baptized 10 May 
Anne Turke baptized 20 May 
Joan Brand baptized 11 June 


Anno dol 1582 

Michaell Bently baptized 13 Julye 
Jane Mason baptized 20 July 
Sara Taylor baptized 30 Julye 
Agnes Norkett baptized 3 August 
John Hawes baptized 20 Septebr 
Isabell Biggerstaffe baptized 9 Septembr 
John Gadlingstocke baptized 10 Octobr 
Benedict Davye baptized 22 Octobr 
Elizabeth Amsdon baptized 2 Novebr 
Ed mud e Shilbourne baptized 6 Novebr 
Joan Jackman baptiz 3 Februarye 
Anne Fox baptiz 3 March 

Anno dol 1583 

Marye Smith baptized 25 March 
Richard Meade baptized 17 March 
Anne Tomes baptized esdem die 
Thomas Canon baptized primo Aprilis 
Joan Wetherall baptized primo May 
Thomas Gadlingstocke baptized 10 May 
Marye Miller baptized 6 June 
John Rowe baptized 16 October 
William Colls baptized 30 October 
Elizabeth Dauers baptized 22 October 
John Foster baptiz 24 Octobr 
Joan Coddall baptiz 9 Januarie 
Amye Prestwood baptiz 8 Februarie 

Auno dol 1584 

Isabell Shephard baptiz 20 Octobr 
Isabell Stappe baptized 20 Octob 
William Shephard bapt 30 Octobr 
John Mason baptized 15 Januarie 
Katheren Pollins baptized 7 Februarye 
Harry e Porter baptiz 13 Februarie 


Mary Cutler baptized 20 Julye 
Mychaell Coles baptized 30 Julye 
Christian Stappe baptiz 4 Octobr 
Judith Clarke baptiz 10 Octobr 

Anno dol 1585 

Haniell Shephard baptized 20 June 
Ales Davye baptized 7 Julye 
Harrye Stappe baptiz 12 Julye 
Thomas Miller baptiz 12 Julye 
Ellyn Lecester baptiz 2 August 
William Taylor baptized 7 Septebr 
William Hawes 13 baptiz Septebr 
Margaret Wcthcrali baptiz esdem die 

Anno dol 1586 

Elizabeth Wingrave baptized last of Julye 
John Smartwood baptized 9 Novebr 
John Polliue baptized 21 Decebr 
William Prestwood baptized 6 Januarye 
John Canon baptized 17 Marcii 

Anno dol 1587 f 

Thomas Braneley baptized 13 Octobr 
Joan Norkett baptized 30 October 
John Shilshawe baptiz 30 Octobr 
John Fox baptized 20 Februarye 
Richard Bentleye baptized 15 March 
Ales Norkett baptized 22 March 
Richard Coles baptized 25 Aprill 
Nicholas Hawes baptized 30 Aprill 
• >••••• 

John Amsdou baptized . . . 

» Illegible. 
{To be continued.) 



This may certify that I have enlisted Joseph Jones into 
the continental service for the term of three years. 
Shirley, Feb. 26th, 1778. Sylv s . Smith, Capt. 

Shirley, Feb. 26th, 1778. 
Then received of Capt. James Bennett seventy- four pounds 
L. M. in consideration of my enlisting in the continental ser- 
vice, to do a turn for the town of Ashby. 

Reed, by me, Joseph Jones. 

Received of the Selectmen of Ashby Twenty-six pounds 
in part of my hire to do service, for Ashby, as a militia 
man at Providence or elsewhere till the 1st day Jan. next. 

Ashby, Sept. 17th, 1778. John Reed. 

Ashby, April 19th, 1778. 
This may certify that I have done two months at Cam- 
bridge and five months to the tey. 
Oast £12 : : 0. • John Gibson. 

August ye 14th, 1777. 
The town of Ashby debt, to me, for going to Amherst, &c. , 
after Abraham Foster. 0:12:0:0. Benjamin Walker. 

Concord, Oct. ye 10th, 1778. 
Then received of Mr. Asa Walker, one of the selectmen 
01 Ashby, Fourteen Pair of shoes, fourteen Pair of Hose, and 
twenty Eight Shirts, agreeable to a Resolve of the General 
Court of the 17th of June last. 

Joseph Hosmer, y Agent for Middlesex. 

This is to inform you that I have done twelve months 
•rvice in the war by my son James Jones to Cambridge in 

&* year 1776 ■ 30 : : the thirteenth part of a three 

y«*ra man 5 : 10 : 9 

Cast 35 : 10 : 9 John Jones, 




To the Militia Officers, gentlemen this is to inform y 
that I have done Twelve months in the war by my son Isaac 
going to Canada in the year 1776. 

Ashby, April 20th, 1778. Cast 30:0:0. 

Isaac Gregory. 

Ashby April ye 16th, 1778. 
This is to sertify that my son Seth was in the first Eight 
months service at Cambridge ; and Seth enlisted and went to 
Canada, and likewise I was with Capt. John Bradley and 
Capt. Josiah Vose, about three weeks, and found myself; 
We were both in Capt. William Bent's company in colonel 
Graten Regiment. 

Cast 46 : : 0. Elijah Houghton. 

Ashby July the 1st 1775. Received of Samuel Rice oue 
blanket prized at : 10 : 8 : 

Stephen Gibson ) «■ , , 

T l ^ > Selectmen. 

Isaac Gregory $ 

Concord Sept. 1777. 
Delivered to Mr. Isaac Gregory, one of the Selectmen of 
Ashby, 4 fire arms, 60 pounds of Lead, 4 flints, & 4 Gun- 
locks, for said town. Guns, £14 : : 0, Lead £2:8:4, Flints 
£0:2: 4, Gunlocks, £1:16: 8. 

Received of Mr. Isaac Gregory the sum of nineteen pounds 
six shillings and Eight pense, for the above articles. 

pr. Jonas Heywood. 

Recived of the Selectmen of Ashby, Twenty pounds in part 
of my hire to do service for Ashby as a militia man at Prov- 
idence, or Elsewhere till the first day of Jan. next. 

Ashby Sept. 17th, 1778. Amos Shed. 

This may sertify that I have engaged to do three months 
service at Cambridge under Major Gen. Heath in the room 
of William Flagg of Ashby, for the consideration of six 
pounds, that I have now Received of him and to appear at 


(fen bridge, the 2nd day of April next at the place of desti- 
Titsoti. Given under my hand this 27th of March 1778, at 
Jjfcby. John Horns. 

Joshua Haynes, Asa Kendall. 

Kecived of the Selectmen of Ashby eight pounds, ten shil- 
|p«8 in full of my hire for service to Rhode-island. 
Ashby Nov. 16th, 1778. per John Manning. 


The County Records at Alfred are in good condition and 
*ell indexed. The town records at Alfred are imperfect, 
but have been recently rebound. They are not indexed and 
ire in the usual condition of early records, well mixed. 

The records of the Town of Wells are at Wells Beach. 
These records are in very poor condition. They are not in- 
dexed and are fast going to pieces. When examined by me 
ihey were under the counter in a grocery store. They are 
^uite full, so far as intentions of marriages are concerned. 
They have not many births or deaths. The Proprietors book 
Mi many transfers of land in it. These proprietors books 

mid be collected from the towns and deposited at Alfred 
»a the fireproof building there. All the early titles of land 
tn the County depend on these records. JS r ot onty are the 
nginal grants found in them, but in many cases they contain 
tiw records of the later transfers. The Records of the First 
« arish of Wells are in excellent order and are very full. They 
P*e many infant baptisms. They are at Wells Beach. 

At Arundel (Kennebunkport) , I found the Records in a 
■teat shop. These records are in very good condition. They 
tr * not very full. 

S. P. Sharples. 


(Continued from page 57.) 

240. Augustus Bishop married Sept. 25, 1817, Marv 
Walkley, daughter of Ebenezer Walkley and Ana Blatchiey, 
of Haddam, born Aug. 10, 1794. She died Oct. 6, 1876. 
He resided in Madison and died Aug. 6, 1873. 

374 Curtis Benton, "b. Mar. 18, 1818 ; m. Catherine Coan. 

375 Betsey, b. Mar. 15, 1820; d. Jan. 14, 1821. 

376 Joel Blatchley, b. Apr. 6, 1822 ; m. Amanda Dudley. 

377 Enos Buell, b. Mar. 11, 1825; d. Nov. 22, 1829. 

378 Mary Elizabeth, b. Dec. 25, 1827; d. s., July 11, 1863. 

379 Sherman Benj., b. Aug. 23, 1830. 

241. John S. Bishop married Oct. 15, 1823, Fanny Nor- 
ton, of. Madison. He died, s. p., Sept. 13, 1837. She mar- 
ried, second, Anson Norton. She died Nov. 10, 1871. 

243. Bildad Bishop married Dec. 10, 1828, Nancy L. 
Chittenden, daughter of Johnson Chittenden and Lucrelia 
Chittenden, of Guilford, born March 9, 1813. He died in 
Guilford Feb. 16, 1880. She is still living (Oct., 1888). 

380 Ellen C, b. May 24, 1829 ; m. Joseph S. Gladwin. 

381 Abner, b. June 27, 1831. 

382 Ward, b. 1834 ; d. Feb. 5, 1837. 

383 John, b. Aug. 19, 1836 ; d. Feb. 9, 1858. 

384 Henry, b. Feb. 9, 1839 ; m. Sarah M. Stevens. 

385 Benjamin, b. Apr. 13, 1841 ; d. July 19, 1856. 

386 Lewis, b. June 11, 1848 ; d. Feb. 12, 1855. 

246. Peyton R. Bishop married Mar} r Jones. Residence, 

387 Harriet A. 

388 Edwin. 

389 George. 

250. Nathaniel Bishop married Sept. 29, 1773, Ruth Bart- 
lett, daughter of Hooker Bartlett and Ruth Farmelee, of Guil- 
ford, born Jan. 1, 1751. They removed to Richmond, Mass. 

390 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 4, 1774. 


391 Lucy, Sept. 4, 1774. 

392 Beriah, b. Mar. 6, 1776. 

393 Hooker, b. 1777 ; of Berkshire, N. Y. 

394 Nathaniel, b. Sept., 1783. 

395 Henry Walker, b. Apr. 12, 1795. 

255. Jesse B. Bishop married Molly Fowler, daughter of 
Caleb Fowler and Molly Chittenden, of Guilford (and after- 
wards of Burton, Ohio). Residence, Middlefield, O. 

396 Hiram. 

397 Timothy. 

398 Samuel. 

399 Mary Ann. 

400 Eli. 

401 Harriet. 

402 Jesse. 

403 Phebe. 

404 David. 

259. Ezra Bishop married Nov. 8, 1792, Rachel Chitten- 
den, daughter of Jared Chittenden and Deborah Stone, of 
Guilford, born Aug. 17, 1773. He died in 1795. She mar- 
ried, second, Jehiel Wilcox, and died April 22, 1799. 

405 Augustus, b. Oct. 7, 1793; m. Patty Loper. 

263. James Bishop married Julia Chittenden, daughter 
of Daniel Chittenden and Jerusha Tyler, of Guilford, born 
Jan. 21, 17^9. They removed to Burton, Ohio, and had 
three children. 

264. Abiathar Bishop married Ruth Wilbur. They went 
to Nine Partners, N. Y. 

406 Archie. 

407 George. 

267. Sally Bishop married David Dowd of Madison, son 
( >f Job Dowd and Lydia Wilcox, born July 27, 1777. She 
died Oct. 3, 1836, and he married, second, Dency Wilcox. 
He resided in Madison and died Oct. 23, 1856. 


William, b. June, 1803. 

David Silvester, b. Jan. 2, 1806 ; m. Lydia Julia Dowd. 
James Harvey, b. Apr. 20, 1807 ; m. Alpha Hill. 
George L., b. Mar. 22, 1809 ; m. Matilda Dowd. 

Selina P., b. Apr. 2, 1812 ; m. William Russell Rose. 


S. Eliza, b. Dec, 1815 ; m. Asabel Stent. 
folly A., b. Nov., 1816; m. John Stent. 
Nathan, b. Apr., 1818 ; m. Mary C. Riggs. 

269. Jonathan C. Bishop married June 12, 1805, Lydia 
Tyler, daughter of Billy Tyler of North Branford, born 
March 8, 1774. Residence in Guilford, where he died Dec. 
30, 1852, and she died Feb. 19, 1852. 

408 Betsey Selina, b. July 26, 1806 ; m. Benj. P. Rogers. 

409 Geo. Washington, b. July 11, 1809 ; m. Huldah Tooley. 

410 Mary, b. June 20, 1811 ; m. Samuel Hubbard. 

411 David C, b. Mar. 7, 1814 ; m. Lucinda Baldwin. 

412 John, b. Feb. 14, 1818; m. Thankful Gould. 

270. Rebecca Bishop married Sept. 26, 1808, Rufus Dowd 
of Madison, sou of Moses Dowd and Lydia Foster, born Dec. 
24, 1786. Residence in Madison, where she died Oct. 12, 
1834, and he died Sept. 18, 1868. 

Joseph Russell, b. May 1, 1810; m. Polly Benton. 
Elizabeth A., b. Apr. 26, 1811 ; d. s.,Feb. 27, 1829. 
Siba Maria, b. Mar. 22, 1812; d. Mar. 3, 1827. 
Chloe Rebecca, b. Oct. 16, 1814; m. Hiram Stevens. 
Rufus Dana, b. Feb. 27, 1816 ; d. May 17. 1836. 
Julia Lydia, b. Feb. 14, 1818 ; m. David Silvester 

Henry S., b. 1819 ; m. Elizabeth Leete. 
Mary Ann, b. Mar. 17, 1820 ; d. Feb. 4, 1839. 
Minerva, b. Nov. 5, 1822 ; m. Samuel Shelley. 
Fidelia Marilla, b. Apr. 15, 1824; m. Hiram S. Wilcox. 
William Tabor, b. June 3, 1828 ; m. Mary J. Pomeroy. 
Julius S., b. Apr. 23,, 1831. 
Five more died in infancy. 

275. Ezra S. Bishop married April 21, 1800, Abigail 
Norton, daughter of Jarecl Norton of Branford, and Sarah 


Prorkell of "North Haven, born Feb. 11, 1791. She died Nov. 
5, 1829; and he died in Guilford, June 29, 1873. 

413 Eliza, b. Sept. 9, 1810. 

414 Sarah, b. Sept. 18, 1812 ; m. Kufus N. Leete. 

415 Margaret, b. Sept. 11, 1815 ; d. s., Sept. 7, 1879. 

416 William H., b. Mar. 23, 1819 ; m. Sarah Griffing. 

417 Charles, b. Dec. 12, 1823; m. Emily Cockrane. 

418 George, b. Sept. 12, 1825 ; m, Florilla Fowler. 

419 Abigail, b. Oct., 1829 ; d. s., Dec. 13, 1882. 

284. Thomas F. Bishop married May 11, 1790, Lucy 
Foote, born Jan. 17, 1769. Both died in the same year 

420 Stetta F., b. Oct. 21, 1790. 

421 Benjamin, b. Aug. 25, 1792. 

422 Delia, b. Sept. 23, 1794. 

423 Samuel, b. Mar. 20, 1797. 

424 Jeffrey A., b. Apr. 15, 1799. 

425 Jacob, b. Jan. 23, 1801. 

426 Lucy F., b. Dec. 17, 1802. 

427 Thomas N,, b. June 2, 1804. 

428 Gideon P., b. May 2, 1806. 

429 Sarah A., b. Dec. 15, 1807. 

430 Joseph, b. May 30, 1810. 

293. Mabel Bishop married Sept, 5, 1775, Jonathan 
Judd, son of Jonathan Judd and Hannah Hubbard of Glas- 
tonbury, born Oct. 23, 1751. They resided in East Guil- 
ford, now Madison, where he died Dec. 25, 1802. She died 
Oct., 1834. 

Eber, b. May 7, 1776 ; m. Betsey Barnes. 

Rachel, b. Nov. 22, 1779 ; m. Amos Bishop (No. 331). 

Juliana, b. May 27, 1782 ; cl. July 5, 1784. 

Juliana, b. May 6, 1785; m. Archilles Willard. 

Jonathan, b. Sept. 14, 178/; d. Sept. 14, 1787. 

Jonathan, b. Aug. 30, 1789 ; m. Anna Lee. 

Ruth, b. Oct. 29, 1793; m. Curtiss Wilcox. 

297. Rachel Bishop married William Brown, Esq., of 


East Guilford, and afterwards of Hartford, son of Samuel 
Brown and Hannah Landon, born Nov. 30, 1764 ; was grad- 
uated at Yale College, 1784. He died Nov. 8, 1803, and his 
widow married, second, John Caldwell, of Hartford. 

Mary Ann, b. Feb. 12, 1796 ; m. Rev. Horace Hooker. 

Clarissa, b. Apr. 6, 1798 ; m. Hon. Francis Parsons. 

Wealthy Frances, b. May 15, 1800; m. Rev. Henry 

Samuel William, b. April 26, 1802 ; m. Hannah Hum- 

Margaret C.,b. 1804; d. s., May 12, 1860. 

And by 2d marriage : 

Elizabeth C, b. ; m. Rev. E. P. Rogers, D. D. 

298. Wealthy Bishop married Rev. Timothy Field, son 
of Timothy Field and Ann Dudley, born Sept. 28, 1775. He 
was a graduate of Yale College, 1797 ; removed and set- 
tled in Westminster, Vt. He died Feb. 22, 1844. [After 
the death of Wealthy Bishop, be married, second, Susannah 
P. Lusk, and had by her three children.] 

Alfred Bishop, born Oct. 6, 1801 ; m. Elvira H. Mar- 
Mary, b. Sept. 23, 1807 ; m. Dr. Hervey Orcutt. 
Timothy, b. June 8, 1811. 
Four died in inf. 

299. Roxana Bishop married Usher Conkliu of East Guil- 
ford, now Madison, where he died Aug. 21, 1823. [He mar- 
ried, second, Lucretia Meigs, by whom he had eight children.] 

Roxana, b. ; d. s., Aug. 31, 1790. 

303. Luther Bishop married Abigail Grosvenor. Resi- 
dence, Georgia, Vt., where he died in 1855, and his wife in 

431 Samuel, b. 1816 ; m. Elsena P. Dimmick. 

432 Harriet, b. ; d. s., 1873. 

433 Cynthia. 

434 William, m. Abigail Hale.- 


306. Richard H. Bishop married Polyanthus Scranton, 
daughter of Noah Scranton and Sally Bradley of East Guil- 
ford. Residence, Haddum and New York. 

435 Lydia, m. Stebbins. 

436 Laura. 

437 Henry. 

438 Christopher. 

439 Rosette. 

307. Frederic Bishop married Dec. 24, 1818, Olive Bas- 
est, daughter of Nathan Bassett and Olive Clark of Madison, 
lx>rn Jan. 30, 1799. She died Feb. 9, 1842. He was a 
master of a coasting vessel, and died Oct. 3, 1855. 

440 Frederic Wm, b. Oct. 1, 1819; d. Feb. 11, 1822. 

441 Henry, b. Oct. 12, 1821 ; lost at sea, Oct. 6, 1844. 

442 Edward, b. Apr, 20, 1823 ; m. Elizabeth Stannard. 

443 George, b. Dec, 1824; rn. Nancy M. Evarts. 

444 Wm. Frederic, b. May 27, 1827 ; m. Sarah A. Chitten- 


445 Albert F., b. May 21, 1829 ; m. Eliza J. Farnham. 

446 Samuel R., b.Oct. 22, 1831; m. Catherine E. Blatch- 


447 Joseph R., b. Apr. 15, 1834; d. Nov. 29, 1834. 

448 Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 21, 1836; m. George W. Ja- 


449 Joseph R., b. Feb. 28, 1838 ; m, Lura Baldwin. 

450 Nancy Clarissa, b. Jan. 29, 1842; m. Birney M. Bud- 


310. Harry Bishop married Betsey Dowd, daughter of 
Asa Dowd and Hannah Tooley of Madison, born 1798, who 
died July 28, 1831. He married, second, widow Mary 
Clark, who died, aged 86, Feb. 25, 1880. He died in Mad- 
ison in 1876. 

451 Samuel F., b. Jan., 1820 ; d., 1844. 

452 James Henry, b. Dec, 1821 ; m. Nancy B. J. Stone. 

453 Charles Wm., b. Nov., 1823 ; d. Nov. 13, 1836. 

454 Jane, b. Oct., 1825 ; d. Jan. 9, 1833. 

455 John M., b. Sept., 1827. 


456 Edwin R., b. Oct., 1829 ; m. Sarah E. Risley. 

457 Florence, b. July, 1831 ; d. Jan. 21, 1832. 

458 Thomas Skinner, b. in Madison, 1834. 

312. Joseph Bishop married Marion Chapman, daughter 
of Col. Eliakim Chapman and Roxelany Wiles of Tolland, 
Conn. He settled in Tolland. 

459 Juliet, b. ; m. Sumner. 

460 Edwin R. 

461 Louisa, b. ; m. Pomeroy. 

462 Florence. 

(To be continued.) J i A C\ 




(Continued from page 75.) 

Foster, Rev. John. Last Thursday evening, the Reverend 
J. F., of Cambridge, to the amiable Miss Hannah AVebster, 
of Boston, a young lady of superior sense and merit. (S. 
April 9, 1785.) 

Foster, John. At Duxborouglv. Mr. J. F., of Scituate, to 
Miss Abigail Sutherd, of that place. (S. April 6, 1793.) 

F'oster, John. [At Salem] Mr. J. F. to Miss Polly Holt. 
(S. Aug. 9, 1794.) 

Foster, Capt. John. At Salem, Capt. J. F. to Miss Polly 
- Burchmore. (S. Ang. 9, 1794.) 

Foster, Nathan. In this town, Mr. N. F. to Miss Hannah 
Trow, both of this town. (W. Dec. 31, 1794.) 

Foster, Poll}', m. Ebenezer Brewer. 

Foster, Sally, in. Harrison Gray Otis. 

Foster, Sally, m. Joseph Brown. 

Foster, Sally, m. Capt. William Dolliver. 

Foster, Sukey, m. Rev. Frederick Parker. 



Fowle, Henry. [In this town] Mr. H. F. to Miss Betsy 

Bently. (S. Nov. 7, 1789.) 
Fowle, Jeremiah. At Watertown, Mr. J. F., to Miss Polly 

Capen, daughter of Major Capen. (S. Jan. 5, 1788.) 
Fowle, Jonathan. In this town, Mr. J. F. to Miss Sally 

Makepeace. (W. June 28, 1786.) 
Fowle, Margaret, m. Loammi Baldwin. 
Fox, John. In this town, Mr. J. F. to Miss Marcy Laha. 

(W. Nov. 19, 1788.) 
Fox, John. Mr. J. F., merchant, to Miss Abigail Bayley, 

both of this town. (W. March 5, 1794.) 
Fox, Maria, m. Capt. Joseph Cowdin. 
Fox, Nancy, m. Nathan Western. 
Fox, Richard. In this town, Mr. R. F. to Miss Rachel 

Pierson. (W. March 5, 1788.) 
Fox, Sarah, m. Ruggles Green. 
Francis, Caleb. Mr. C. F. to Miss Polly Rose of this town. 

(W. May 13, 1789.) 
Francis, John. At Providence, J. F., Esq., merchant, to 

Miss Abby Brown, daughter of John Brown, Esq. (W. 

Jan. 16, 1788.) 
Francis, John. Mr. J. F. to Miss Rebecca Corbet [both] 

of this town. (W. April 9, 1794.) 
Francis, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J. F. to Miss Mary 

Gendell. (S.July 13, 1793.) 
Francis, Silas. Mr. S. F. to Miss Nancy Steele. (W. Sept. 

10, 1794.) 

At Newbury-Port implied. Repeated. S. Sept. 20. 
Francis, Sophia, m. George Harrison. 
Franklin, Rebecca, m. John Townsend. 
Frayatt, Betsey, m. Capt. John Strode. 
Freeman, Betsey, m. Caleb Aspinwali. 
Freeman, Constant. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Elliot, 

C. F., Esq., to Mrs. Susannah Palfrey. (W. Feb. 1, 

Freeman, Experience, m. Watson Freeman. 


Freeman, Kev. James. The Kev. J. F. to Mrs. Martha 

Clarke. (S. July 19, 1788.) 

Of King's chapel, married 17 July. 
Freeman, Jonathan, jun. Mr. J. F., jun., merchant, to Mrs. 

Abigail Brown, widow of the late Enoch Brown, Esq. (W. 

March 26, 1788.) 

Abigail Kendrick of Newton. — Bridgman's King's chapel 

inscr., p. 233. 
Freeman, Nabby, m. Major Abraham Williams. 
Freeman, Nathaniel. In this town, by the Eev. Doctor How- 
ard, Mr. N. F., merchant, to Miss Sukey Nye, both of this 

town. (W. Jan. 25, 1792.) 
Freeman, Nathaniel, jun. N. F., jun., Esq., of Sandwich, to 

Miss Polly Ford, of this town. (W. June 29, 1791.) 
Freeman, Watson. Mr. W. F. to Miss Sally Hinkley, of 

Barnstable. (W. May 8, 1793.) 
Freeman, Watson. At Sandwich, Mr. W. F., of this town, 

to Miss Experience Freeman, daughter of Seth Freeman, 

Esq., of the first place. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.) 
French, Theodore. [In this town] Mr. T. F. to Miss Eliz- 
abeth Dawes. (S. July 5, 1794.) 
French, Zadock. In this town, Mr. Z. F., distiller, to the 

amiable Miss Bulah Smith. (W. Oct. 2, 1793.) 
Freneau, Captain Philip. In Monmouth county (N. J.), 

Captain P. F. to Miss Elenora Forman. (W. May 5, 

Frobisher, William. Mr. W. F. to Miss Nancy Corbet. 

(S. Jan. 20, 1787.) 
Frost, Mrs. Dorcas, m. Asa Lapham. 
Frost, Dea. Ephraim. [In this town] Dea. E. F. to Miss 

Boylston. (W. June 11, 1794.) 
Frost, George. At Portsmouth, Mr. G. F., mer., Berwick, 

to Miss Sally Boles. (S. Sept. 20, 1794.) 
Frost, Hannah, m. Jacob Kuhn. 
Frothingham, Dabby, m. Amos Tufts. 
Frothingham, James, jun. At Charlestown, Mr. J. F., jun., 


to Miss Sally Fosdick, both of that town. (W. May 24, 
Frothingham, John. Last evening, J. F., of Falmouth, Esq., 
to the amiable Miss Patty May, daughter of Samuel May, 

i Esq., of this town. (W. Sept. 14, 1785.) 

Frothingham, Nathaniel. Mr. N. F. to Miss Polly Towns- 
Lend, of this town. (W. Jan. 4, 1786.) 

Frothingham, Suckcy, m. John Kettle. 

Fuller, Katy, m. Rev. Ebenezer Wight. 

Fullerton, Eliza, m. Capt Gardner Hammond. 

Ftirman, Miss, m. William Boyd. 

Furniss, Rebecca, m. Moses Beaujean. 

Frye, Betsy, m. Dr. Nathan Lukeman. 

Viya, Lucy, m. Solomon Abbot. 

Gade, Peter. [In this town] Mr. P. G., to Miss Sukey 
Ridgaway. (W. Jan. 9, 1793.) 

Gale, Nahum. [At Westborough] Mr. N. G., to Miss Han- 
nah Forbes. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.) 

Gale, Susannah, m. Rev. Mr. Morrill. 

Gallaten, Hon. Albert. At New York, Hon. A. G., Esq., 
senator of the United States for Pennsylvania, to Miss 
Nicholson, daughter " to James Nicholson, Esq. (S. Nov. 
23, 1793.) 

Galley, Hannah, in. James Carter Singleton. 

Gallison, Charlotte, m. Sylvanus Gray. 

Gallup, Col. Oliver. At Windsor (Vermont), Col. O. G., 
of Hartland, to Miss Bethiah Homer, of Boston. (W. Jan. 
4, 1792.) 

Garaux, Francis. In this town, Mr. F. G. to Mrs. Margaret 
Fontimoing. (S. March 12, 1791.) 

Gardiner, Betsey, m. Stephen Crane. 

Gardiner, Lucy, m. Thomas Boone. 

Gardiner, Dr. Walter C. At Newport, Dr. W. C. G. to 
Miss Eliza Wickham. (W. May 23, 1792.) 

Gardner, Mrs. Alice, m. James Gardner. N 

\ * 

(To be continued.) r^ \ v 






The name — Goldthwaite — is from Scandinavian gol, Sclay 
gola, a wood, and thveit, a clearing — a wood clearing. Thomas 
de Goldthvvait would be, therefore, Thomas of the Wood-clear- 
ing. By dropping the "de," the name — although spelled in more 
than twenty ways, as Gowthwaitc, Goldthatc, Gouldth- 
waight, Goldthright, Gouldthait, etc., etc., — finally became 
Goldthwait, and continued thus for many years after the fam- 
ily had become firmly established in this country. But by the 
addition of a terminal "e" it is now universally known in the 
United States as Goldthwaite. The emigrant ancestor was 
Thomas, 1 and the first official mention of his name is in the 
Mass. Colonial Records, Juno 14, 1631. He is there spoken 
of as Thomas Goilthayt. 

There is but little doubt that he came from Yorkshire, 
England, and it is safe to assert that the family of Gold- 
thwaite had its origin at or near Pateley Bridge, Nidderdale 
District, or the valley of the Nidd, York Co., England. 

Several Goldthwaites are buried in the old churchyard at 
Pateley Bridge, and the old wills of the family thus far found 
point with great positiveness to the writer's assertion as to 
their origin. They were probably of Norman descent. In 
" Nidderdale and the Garden of the Nidd, a Yorkshire Rhine- 
land," by Harry Speight, the well-known English author, is 
an intensely interesting and exceedingly valuable descriptioL 
of the beautiful Nidd Valley and all that surrounds and at- 
taches to Pateley Bridge and Gowthwaite Hall, the ancient 
home of our Goldthwaite ancestors; and the following is 



Ur^ely a transcript and re-arrangement from the text of this 
charming work — almost in the language of the author — -with 
gome observations by the writer pertinent to the subject. 
Extracts from wills were furnished by Miss Charlotte Gcld- 
thwaite, Hartford, Conn., and the churchyard inscriptions at 
Tateley Bridge, through the kind and thoughtful considera- 
tion of Mr. Oliver C. Goldthwait, Carshalton, Surrey, Eng., 
who, strange to say, is perhaps the only living descendant 
bearing the name now livimr in England, and he is known to 
have come from American stock. 

Early in the twelfth century the whole of Nidderdale ex- 
cepting Bishopside (in the hands of the Archbishops of York), 
was in possession of the great Baron Roger de Mowbray. He 
ami his grantees bestowed it upon the newly founded monas- 
tery of Fountains and the house of the Baron's foundation at 
Byland. The former held Brimham, Hartwith-cum-Winsley, 
Dacre, Bewerley, and the extensive township of Fountains 
Earth. While to Byland Abbey belonged, with a few res- 
ervations, the Forest of Nidderdale, comprised by the town- 
ibips of Stonebeck Up and Stonebeck Down, extending from 
Bewerley along the west side of the valley northwards 
through Ramsgill and Middlesmoor, to where "heaven water 

• illcth," between Wharfe and Nidd, and eastward to the 
junction with the lands of Fountains Earth, and the south- 
western boundary of the Parish of Masham-Bishopside was 
included within the Liberty of St. Wilfred of Ripon, but the 
Archbishops of York retained all proprietary rights as man- 
or lords, claiming all royalties, etc. When the name of 

* atcley Bridge was first given to this place is not ascertained, 
tat it is so written, with variations, in the early Mowbray 
Kaplers. Of its antiquity there is no doubt, but the name 
toes not appear in written records until the bridge was built 
,j n the site of the old Norman (Roman) ford. 

1 hough always asserted to have been derived from Pate, a 
Provincial name for the badger (an animal once very common 
■* the Yorkshire dales), there is just a suspicion that the 


origin of the word is to be found in JPata, an eastern won] 
signifying a city or fortified place. In the oldest deeds met 
with, the place is variously written Pathlay, Patalay, Paella, 
Padely, Pathelai, Petla, Petala, Patli, etc. 

Passing Pateley Bridge, just to the north is "the pictur- 
esque district of Stonebeck Down ;" this township extending 
from the Merryfield Beck on the south to How Stean on the 
north. The first object of note met with on leaving Heath- 
field, is Gowthwaite Hall, an interesting Elizabethan manor 
house, built by the family of Yorke, who long resided here, 
before Bewerley became their home. The house stands on or 
near the site of a still older homestead, occupied in the Nor- 
man centuries by a family named Goldthwaite or Gowthwaite, 
who probably derived their patronym from this place. In 1456 
Thomas Golthate kept the Abbot of Fountains' sheep at Da- 
cre. In 1480 John Golthate was the keeper of the lodge at 
Eastholme, and Robert Golthate, a descendant of this family, 
was a freeholder living at Pateley bridge in the middle of 
the last century. The old grange at Hayshaw, belonging to 
Fountains' Abbey, was pulled down long ago. At the sup- 
pression it was held in moieties by the family of Gill and 
Goldwathe, or Goldthwaite, the latter doubtless deriving its 
name from Golthwaite or Gowthwaite, in the township of 
Stonebeck Down near Pateley Bridge. 

Memorials of Fountains Abbey. Pub. by the Surtee's So- 
ciety. Vol. 2, p. 351. 

" Robert Goldthuate 1 holdeth the iiij th parte of the said 
Graunge, that is to say. A mansion house ; the iiij th parte of 
a cow house, half a lath, and a graith apertenynge, which is 
worth by yere, ij s. A close of pasture callid the Low wood, 
cont. by estmacion Lx acres — xxs. A close of pasture callid 
Gapp, cont. by estimacion ij acres, xvj d. A close medoo 
callid Grymforth, cont. by estimacion vj acres iiij s. A close 
of course medoo callid High Calf Ing contenynge by esti- 
macion xiiij acres— ixs, iiij d. A littel close of medoo callid Lit- 
tell Ing. contenynge by estimacion ij acres xvj d. A close of 


course medoo callid broke — alias Elzayburk, contenynge by 
c«timaeion ix acres, vjs., with close of pasture upon the 
aiores thereunto appertaining, by yere Lx s." 

*The iiij tb part of Ashley Graunge — William Goldtwathe 
holdth a mansion house, the iiij th part of lathe, and half a 
calfe house — with a gaith adionynge, ij s. A close of medoo 
callid the Crofts, contenyng by estim., ij acres, xvj d. A 
close of medoo near Kenforth, contenyng by estimacion xiiij 
acres — xiiij s. A close medoo call Farrid Ing, contenynge 
by Estimacion xvj acres, xiij s, iiij d. A close of medoo 
callid Ginnforth, cont. by estimacion vj acres, vs. A close 
of pasture callid the Laire wood, cont. by estimacion xxx 
acres, x s. A close of pasture callid the Hill wood, cont. by 
estimacion xxx acres, x s. Di' close of arrable ground called 
Grymforth Hill, contenyng by estimacion Vj acres, iiij s, 
iiij d, with common of pasture upon the more callid Grene- 
how Syke — without stynt — by yere. xijLi. 

(1.) His family, no doubt, derived their name from 
Golthwaite or Gowthwaite, in Hyye field forest, on the west 
Hide of Nidderdale, a place which had been essorted by the 
monks of Byland, and where the Yorkes built about the time 
of Queen Elizabeth, a picturesque mansion, of which a view 
may be seen in the second volume of Dr. Whitaker's Rieh- 
mondshire. In 1456, William Colgv/ate or Golthwate held 
the onerous office of cook at Fountains Abbey with 20s. 
wages. At the same time Thomas Golthwat kept the Ab- 
Ms sheep at Dacre. In 1480 John Goldthwaite was the 
keeper of the lodge of Esatholme house, and Robert Golth- 
waite of a part of new house. In 1481 was engaged with 
Richard Atkynson and John Myrre in the same service of 
Hay shay, but in the next year he was sole Keeper, as he re- 
mained in 1496 — when his tenure was, " f ad voluntatem dom- 
mi —and he was bound to keep of the Abbot's store sixty 
cows and two bulls, and to return of the profits of the vaccary, 
yearly, eighty stones of cheese, forty stones of butter, and 
thirty shikets (strikets(?)). Also to keep two hundred 


sheep from Michaelmas to the 3 d of May — the maintenance 
of which was to be worth 13s, 4d. — the return amounting to 
£11, 6s, 8d. The family long retained a respectable position 
in Nidderdale, and Francis Gowthwaite of Pateley Bridge, 
was a Freeholder there, a little more than a century ago." 

{To be continued.) 




{Continued from page 40.) 

It is evident that Thomas Reading or Reddan, was not a 
resident at the Point ; but, from the above deed of Sears, he is 
shown to have owned land atMaire Point and elsewhere about 
the Bay. He was of Saco in 1G53. He died in 1G73 and left 
a widow Eleanor who, in 1673-4, 10 March, mortgaged to 
James Andrews of Falmouth, the lands of Thomas Redding 
in order to pay a mortgage given by said Thomas dated 
1672, to John Sands, shopkeeper, of Boston. This was wit- 
nessed by James Lane. In 1680 she mortgages this same 
property, 200 acres bounded on land of James Lane to the 
eastward, to Mary Atwater, alias Higginson, the relict and 
executrix of Joshua Atwater, late of Boston, merchant. This 
deed was made at Salem. 

John Redding of Way mouth, John Taylor of Boston and 
Joseph Donell of Casco Bay, and Ruth his wife, release the 
above to Mary Higginson, alias Atwater, widow, 1680. 

Note. Willis, Vol. I, Me. Hist. Soc. Col., p. 209, states that Henry Donuell from 
York married a daughter of Thomas Reading, an early settler at Saco. who afterward 
settled in Casco Bay. Henry Donuell had sons Henry and Samuel, of York. 

John Reding of Gloucester, fisherman, son and heir of 
Thomas Reding, formerly of Casco Bay, deceased, sells to Phil- 
emon Warner of Gloucester, blacksmith, 100 A. of land and 
20 A. of marsh which Thomas Redding bought of Stephen 


Laraby and John Pain, lying in Casco Bay, bordering on 
'Maud point" so called northward, and on ye eastward side 
of Cosen's river. Dated 5 Jan., 1715. Signed by John and 
Jane Redding his wife, by mark. Acknowledged at Glouces- 
ter. Essex Deeds, vol. 29, 239. 

John Reading of Gloucester died 17 Nov., 1716 , aged 56. 
p. 261, Babson. 

"Thomas Kimball's heirs claim a tract of land bott of John 
Sears att Casco, about Mare's point, with the marsh and an 
island adjoining, which land Sears bott of Thos. Rideing, deed 
dated 2G Aug., 1670." Sears Gen., page 571, 

[There is no known connection between the Riddan or 
Reading family of Casco Bay, and Lynn or Marblehead, yet 
such is very likely the case, and therefore a short account of 
the Marblehead family is inserted here as a help to any future 

Thaddeus Riddan, of Lynn, born about 1624; died in 
Marblehead 6 Jan., 1690-1. He was aged 60 in 1684. His 
wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel King, Sr., and Eliza- 
beth (Guy) of Lynn. 

Thaddeus Riddan and Benj. Redknap were appointed ap- 
praisers of the estate of Anger of Black Point, Maine, 

who, wounded by the Indians, died at Marblehead 14 Oct., 
1675. Children : Hannah, born and died, 1660; Sarah, twin 

with Hannah. Hannah, born 1662 married Dyar. 

John, born 3 Feb., 1664-5; died at Lynn, Sept., 1719. 
Mary. Abigail, born 1671 ; married Partridge. Per- 
haps others. 

John Riddan, son of Thaddeus, owned a large estate in 
Marblehead. He married 12 March, 1693, Joanna, daughter 
of Thomas Hawkins. 

Children: Thaddeus, baptized 13 May, 1694; died be- 
tween 1746 and 1751; married 20 Sept., 1717, Sarah, 
daughter of James Prince. John, baptized 14 April, 1695 ; 
died 1756; married 24 Sept., 1724, Sarah, daughter of 
Michael and Sarah (Davis) Bowden of Lynn. Mary, bap- 
tized 31 Jan., 1696-7 ; married Robert Bond. Thomas, bap- 
tized 11 June, 1699, of Lynn; married Jerusha , who 

administered on his estate in 1774. Joseph, baptized 15 July, 
1<05. Elizabeth, baptized 27 March, 1709; married Hum- 
phrey Devereux. Hannah, married Aaron Bourne.] 

{To be continued.) 


Muster Koll of Captain Timothy Walker's Company of Wil- 
mington, Mass., in Colonel Greene's Regiment of Militia, 
which marched on the alarm April 19, 1 775. 

Tim. Walker, Oapt. Jacob Eames, Lieut. 


Moses Noyes, 

Joshua Harnden, 
James Jaquith, 


Eli aid in Morrill, 
Nathan Pearson, 
David Stanley, 
John Jaquith, Jr., 
'Nathan Scales, 
Ed w a r d Ken d al 1 , 
Ebenezer Temple, 
Nathaniel Scales, 
Nathan Carter, 
Nathan Carter, Jur., 
John Growing, 
Joel Carter, 
Jonathan Pearson, 
John Eames, 3d, 
Thomas Cowder, 
Elijah Flint, 
Joseph Jenkins, 
Jacob Jones, 
Joseph Hand en, 
Caleb Eames, 
Samuel Dean, 
Ephraim Buck, Jun. , 
John Alexander, . 
John Eames, 
Job Puck, 
Ebenezer Beard, 
Ebenezer Beard, Junr., 
Moses Barron, 
Jacob Beard, Jun., 
David Jones, 
Reuben Beard, 
Samuel Jaquith, 
Ebenezer Carter, 

Thos. Rich Upton. 


James Pearson, Jun., 
Samuel Jaques, 
Nathan Jaquith, 
James Carter, 
Samuel Cogging 
Samuel Hopkins, 
Benjamin Thompson, 
Ebenezer Burt, 
Ebenezer Carter, Jun r . 
Jacob Eames, Jun r ., 
David Flint, 
Jethro Upton, 
Moses Barron Junr., 
Daniel Gowing, 
Daniel Gowing, Jun., 
Asa Buck, 
James Butters, 
Samuel Buck, 
Samuel Butters, Jur., 
Reuben Butters, 
Gershom Fla£, 
Jonathan Thompson, 
David Jaquith, 
Nathan Beard, Jun., 
Jabez Gowing, 
Josiah Wright, 
John Wright, 
Joseph AVinn, 
Nathan Buck, 
Samuel Eames, 
Jacob Eames, 
Benjamin Pel sue, 
Ebenezer Foster, 


Joseph Carter, Jesse Dean, 

Thomas Evans, Benjamin Gould, 

Samuel Foster, Benjamin Jaquith, 

Benjamin Foster, Samuel Beard, 

Ezra Carter, Samuel Preston, 

Thomas Burt, Jun r ., Nathaniel Russell, 

Ebinzer Jaquith, Jeremiah Winn. 


29. Kimballs of York Co., Me. Any information 
that will throw any light on the origin of this family will be 
very thankfully received by me. The facts so far as I have 
been able to ascertain them are as follows : Very earty in 
the 18th century two Kimball families are found in the 
County; these were, to give them in order of appearance on 
the Records, the families of Caleb and Thomas Kimball. The 
first mention of Caleb that has been found is his marriage, as 
follows : Caleb Kimball of Wells, Me., and Susanna Cloyes 
were married June 15, 1704. Susanna was probably daugh- 
ter of Nathaniel Cloyes of Wells. No record of their children 
has been found on the town books, but the following list is 
from the church records : 

i. Nathaniel, baptized Sept. 9, 1705. He is wrongly 
given on the record as son of Nathaniel Kimball. The 
county records however show that he was the son of Caleb. 
He married April 7, 1726, Abigail Couzens. 

ii. Richard, baptized March 25, 1706-7 ; married Cath- 
erine Couzens; married, second, Hannah Lord. Left de- 

iii. Caleb, baptized May 22, 1709; married Sept. 29, 
1-38, Beriah Welsh. 

iv. Susanna, baptized March 4, 1710; married (ints. 
July 27, 1733) Shadrick Watson. 

v. Mary, baptized May 16, 1714. 


vi. Joshua, baptized May 4, 1718; married June 12, 
1742, Sarah Thompson. He went on the expedition to Capo 
Breton and died there. 

vii. Samuel, baptized April 10, 1720. 

viii. Benjamin, baptized Aug. 6, 1721 ; married Feb. 17, 
1742-3, Lydia Morrison. 

This Caleb and his sons were early settlers of the part of 
Wells that is now Kennebunk and the Falls at Kennebunk 
were owned in part by them for many years. Their descend- 
ants are very numerous. 

The second family in the county was that of Thomas Kim- 
ball. The first notice of him appears on the court records on 
account of his not having been married as soon as he should 
have been. On the town records of York the following 
children of Thomas Kimball and Bethia Bragdon are sjiven : 

i. Thomas, born Nov. 28, 1710. He married Mary Good- 
win, and moved to Wells about 1739; left a number of 

ii. Abigail, born Dec. 29, 1713. 

Bethia married, second, Charles White of York. 

The question arises were Caleb and Thomas brothers, and 
if so whose sons were they. Were they sons of the Thomas 
Kimball who had a public house in Wells in 1690? If so, 
who was this Thomas? Was he a grandson of Richard of 
Ipswich ? The grandchildren of Richard have almost without 
exception been traced. Thomas, the son of Thomas of Brad- 
ford, lived in Bradford all his life and the record in regard 
to him is full and complete. The family of Henry Kimball 
of Wenham is all accounted for except his son Benjamin. In 
the Wells family there is no mention of the name of Henry. 

In an agreement made between the children of Richard 
Kimball of Wenham and his widow it is shown that he had 
ei^ht children. We have the names of seven of these and can 
account for their movements. He had a son Thomas, who 
lived in Wenham and left a will in which his children are 
named. The records of the remaining sons of Richard 1 of 
Ipswich are very full. I will willingly give a copy of the 
Kimball family to any one who will solve this problem. 

S. P. Sharples. 




(Continued from page 106.} 

The publication of contemporary Rolls of Arms offers us 
Another source which we may rely upon for correct armorial 
bearings. Four of these Rolls, or Collection of Arms, were 

ibUshed a few years ago by Sir H. Nicolas, accompanied 
by some excellent notes and introductory remarks. They 
consist of: — 

First. A roll of arms which, from its internal evidence, 
ibly commented upon by the editor, is undoubtedly of as 
early a date as Henry the Third, and was probabty compiled 
between the years 1240 and 1245. The existence of the 
original roll is not known, the present publication being taken 
from a copy made by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald, be- 
tween 1571 and 1588, whose reputation for correctness is 
well known. He states it to have been "an old roll of arms 
minh and written in the reign or time of Henry the Third." 
It contains the names and arms of about two hundred and 
twenty of the principal landholders in England at that time. 
This is the earliest authentic collection of arms known, and 
n of the highest value to the lover of heraldry. Mr. Dal la way 
mentions a roll of arms of the time of Henry the Third, of 
Ibe date 1220, but he is in error as to the date. The one he 
refers to is that of Edward the Second, mentioned hereafter. 

Second. The Roll of Carlaverock, a poem written it is 
•-apposed by Walter of Exeter, a Franciscan friar, detailing 
we siege of a celebrated fortress in Scotland. It contains 
U»e accurate blazon of the arms of one hundred and five 
lights and bannerets of the time of Edward the First. Of 
fa antiquity, the editor's remarks in the preface, the certifi- 
^te of the transcriber, Robert Glover, Somerset Herald, and 
ll ** internal evidence, afford pretty conclusive proof. Once 
la ti$fied of its authenticity, this poem affords us one of the 



best authorities we possess of the bearings of the person- 
therein mentioned. The correctness of the author is in nearly 
every instance confirmed by a comparison of the arms given 
in a nearly contemporary roll in the Cott. Bibl. Mus. Brit. 
Calig. A. xviii, and the seals attached to the Barons' cele- 
brated letter to the Pope in 1301. 

Third. A roll of arms of the time of Edward the Second, 
made between the second and seventh years of that king- 
reign [1308-1314]. The evidences for this date are excel- 
lently set forth by the editor in the preface from a careful re- 
view of the contents of the roll. This is printed from the 
original manuscript in the Cottonian Library in the British 
Museum, marked Caligula A. xviii. It is divided into coun- 
ties, and contains the names and arms of about one thousand 
one hundred and sixty-five persons. The estimation in which 
this roll has been held, as au authority for arms, will be ap- 
parent (when we consider the little general interest the sub- 
ject has) from this being the fourth time it has been printed. 
This edition of Sir H. Nicolas will, however, hold the first 
place, from the very valuable ordinary of the arms contained 
in the roll, which is printed with it. 1 A facsimile of the 
handwriting of the roll is given, which forms no slight ad- 
dition to the evidence of its antiquity. 

Fourth. A roll of arms compiled in the reign of Edward 
the Third, and apparently between the yearsf 1337 and 1350. 
It contains the names and arms of nearly six hundred persons 
who were living at that period, and is written in the form of 
an ordinary. It is printed from a copy in the College ot 
Arms, transcribed from the original in 1562 by Hugh Cot- 
grave, then Rouge-Croix Pursuivant, afterwards Richmond 
Herald. Nearly the same observations apply to this roll as 
were made upon that of Edward the Second. It may be re- 
ceived as a compilation of the time stated, and forms a valu- 
able additiou to our authorities for arms. 

Mr. Willement, the author of" Regal Heraldry," published 


1 For this addition the editor tells us he is indebted to his friend Joseph Gwilt, Esq- 


in 1834 a Roll of Arms of the time of Richard the Second, 
compiled between the years 1392 and 1397. It contains 
about six hundred names. Mr. Willement also published a 
few years since a work entitled "Heraldic Notices of Canter- 
bury Cathedral," describing the arms, above eight hundred in 
number, so profusely scattered over that magnificent building. 
The numerous notes which accompany the blazon of the arms 
are of great interest, and evince much genealogical learning 
and research. B} r the industry of the same author we are 
also put in possession of a facsimile of a "Roll of Arms of the 
spiritual and temporal Peers who sat in Parliament held at 
Westminster 5 Feb. sixth of Henry VIII. A. D. 1515." It 
is curious as showing the style ot heraldic illumination of the 
time. 1 

The following references to some other rolls of arms may 
be found useful : — 

Mr. Rowe Mores printed the arms in blazon of those who 
were with Edward the Third at the siege of Calais (most 
probably either from the copy existing in the Ashmolean Col- 
lection, Oxford, or from that in Cott. MS. Tiberius E. 9). 

Nicholas Charles, Lancaster Herald, in the beginning of 
the seventeenth century, w r as very industrious in the collec- 
tion of old rolls of arms and church notes. Those that follow, 
collected by him, are in Harl. MS. 658$. 

1. A Roll of Arms of the time of Henry the Third, w r ith 
this note, "This Roll on the other side was copied by the 
original which Mr. Norry lent me An Dm. 1607," signed 
Nicholas Charles. About six hundred and eighty coats. 

2. " A copy of a very ancient role of wrought in coulours 
in parchement, in the time of King Edward y e First, remain- 
*ng in the custody of Mr. John Guiiiams Portesrnouth, who 
lent me the original," signed Nich. Charles. In number about 
one hundred and fifty. r 

'Beautiful specimens of heraldic Illuminations are :— " Knights of the Order of 
U»e Saint Esprit," Harl. MS. 4037, and " Knights of the Golden Fleece," Harl. MS 


3. " Ceux sont les Grantz Seigneurs a banniere que le Roy 
Edouard Premier puis le conquest avait per divers escose. 
L'an de son reigne xxvi eme . a la Bataille de Fawkyrke a jour 
de Sainte Marie Magdalen." 

w This Roll was brought from Paris in France by Andrew 
Thuet, Cosmographer, and was taken out of the treasury 
chamber at the palace in Paris aforesaid, where the records 
are kept, in the year 1576. At Paris the 10 of Sept." signed 
N. Charles, 1606. One hundred and twelve coats. 

In the same volume are : — 

Arms of those who were at the tournament at Dunstable, 
second of Edward the Second. 

Those who were at the siege of Calais. 

The Roll of Carlaveiock, and several other collections of a 
similar nature. 

In the Ashmole MS. No. 731, Oxford, is a Roll entitled 
"Les Noms et Armes de gentz mortz a Borge-brigge [Bor- 
oughbridge] le marsdye et le merkedyapres le teste St. Gre- 
goire Tan du regne le Roy Edvard hlz du Roy Edvard, 
quinzieme, et furent counter le roi, Bannerets priz a Borge- 
brigge et ailleurs en mesme cet temps — et ceux furent treyney 
et pcnduz." 

Some others will be found in the same collection. 

Many ancient Rolls of Arms, such as those above de- 
scribed, no doubt exist in private collections, and it is to be 
regretted that the possessors do not make them common 
property by publication. 

As instances of the authenticity of some of these Rolls, de- 
duced from internal evidence, I may mention the following : — 

In the poem of the Siege of Carlaverock, occurs the name 
of Hugh Bardolf, whose arms are there given, " Azure three 
cinquefeules or." This Hugh died in 1304, leaving two sons, 
Thomas, his heir, and William v . Now in the Roll of Arms 
compiled between 1308 and 1314 no Hugh de Bardolf occurs ; 
but we find Thomas de Bardolf bearing the same arms as those 
here given, and a William de Bardolf with the cinquefoils 


urgent; a common method of differencing arms by a younger 

son. 1 

Henry Grey, in the poem, bears barry of six argent and 
azure. He died in 1308, leaving two sons, Richard and Nich- 
olas. In the Roll of Edward the Second, of seven Greys 
mentioned, there is not one named Henry ; but we find Rich- 
ard Grey, to whom are ascribed the same arms as those in 
the poem ; and Nicholas Grey the same arms with a bend 
gobonny or and gules. None of the other Greys in the Roll 
hear the plain arms without a difference. Immediately fol- 
lowing the Richard above mentioned, is the name of John de 
Grey, bearing the same arms as Richard with a label, the 
usual difference of the eldest son. This Richard had a son 
named John, who was afterwards one of the founders of the 
Order of the Garter. 



Be it known to E very-Body, chiefly whom it concerns that 
we underwritten Passengers have contracted with Messrs. 
isaac and Zachary Hope, merchants in Rotterdam, we con- 
tracting by these Presents for us £nd our Families. 


The said Mess rs Isaac and Zachary Hope shall furnish us 
with a good tight and commodious ship that sails, well, and 
cause us to be transported on Board the said ship to Philadel- 
phia or Pensilvania. Fixed Bed-Rooms or Cabins 3 are to be 
made in the ship six Feet long and one and a half broad for 
every whole Freight. 

1 See Lansdowne MS. 872, in Mas. Brit. " De origine et autiquitate armorum sive 
In^jrnorum gentflittum eorundemque differentiis et distinctionibus, requisitis R. 
Clover. Feciales IJe^ii." A most valuable work on the differences of arms. 

* About this time strenuous efforts were made to attract Germans to Massachusetts. 

■A berth was formerly called a cabin. 

138 EMIGRATION IN 1753. 


TLe said Messrs Isaac and Zachary Hope are to victual the 
ship with every good Provisions, vizt Good Bread, Beef, 
Bacon, Flour, Rice, Barly, Pease, syrup, Butter, Cheese, 
Beer, good fresh Water, and other necessaries ; The ship is to 
be purified twice a Day with Vinegar and Juniper Berries to 
cause fresh Air, and every whole Freight shall daily receive 
as follows : 

Sundays, One Pound of Beef boiled with Rice. 

Mondays, Barly and Syrup 

Tuesdays, One Pound of Flour of Wheat 

Wednesdays, One Pound of Bacon with Pease 

Thursdays, One Pound of Beef boiled with Rice 

Fridays, One Pound of Flour of Wheat, and one Pound of 

Saturdays, One Pound of Bacon, one Pound of Cheese, 
and six Pounds of Bread for the whole Week. 

Every Day one Quart of Beer (as long as it remains drink- 
able) and two Quarts of Water for every whole Freight. 

Whoever desires Brandy shall receive the same every morn- 
ing, and such as love Tobacco shall have one Pound for their 
Journey at their setting out. 


The under- written Passengers shall have Liberty (in Time 
of fair weather) to dress Victuals for themselves and their 
little children, and for that Purpose to make use of the Fire 
from six o'clock in the morning to six at Ni^ht, and to be on 
Deck ; such as are sick shall especially be entitled to have 
the Use of Fire and Water as often as they desire it ; all sorts 
of Spices and Wine shall be put on Board the Ship to be used 
for their Refreshment, in order to take the better care of the 

On the other Hand Promise we the underwritten Passen- 
gers, to pay to Messrs Isaac and Zachary Hope in Rotterdam, 
or Order, for the Transport of our Person, Baggage, and 
Houshold Goods, from Rotterdam to Philadelphia and Pen- 

EMIGRATION IN 1753. 139 

silvania the sum of Seven and an Half Spanish Pistoles ; that 

jg to say, for every Whole Freight, and all our Goods shall 

. ... . . ... 

be put ashore and delivered to us, without our being obliged 
to pay any Thing on that Account to the Ship's Crew. 

Freights are to be judged in the following Manner : Chil- 
ren under four Years pay nothing, those of four Years to 
Fourteen pay half the sum above mentioned, and such as are 
fourteen and upwards the whole Freight. 

In case any Body should be willing to transport us alto- 
gether at a less Price, the said Messrs Isaac and Zachary 
Hope, engage themselves to do the same, unless it should 
evidently appear that such an Offer is made with no other 
View than to vex the said Messrs Isaac and Zachary Hope, in 
which Case they propose to give up the Contract, provided 
the Person that offers to transport the Passengers at a cheaper 
Rate, makes good to Messrs Isaac and Zachary Hope the ex- 
penses they have been at before the People were brought 

We promise on both sides Sincerity to fulfil the foregoing 
Articles, engaging our Persons and Goods for the Perform- 
ance of this Agreement signed with our own Hands. 
Done at 

I. C. Sprung, 

Commissary from Rotterdam. 
P. S. 

We give Notice, that without prejudicing others, we have 
this Year in some Points made an Alteration in our Contract : 
the Reason why and in What Manner the same is mended is, 
that new Merchants, who never before were engaged in trans- 
porting of People have ordered the Contract to be drawn up. 

In what Manner the Amendment is made, will appear by 
the following : 

Forasmuch we old merchants, who have caused People to 
be transported these twenty yeavs and upwards, have found 
hy Experience that Bacon and Flesh is very much salted, 
which is the Occasion of Scurvy and other Diseases ; and for 

140 EMIGRATION IN 1753. 


as much We Know, that the Germans are brought up more 
to the use of fresh Provisions than Salt-Meat, We therefore 
are willing to let our Passengers have two or three Times per 
week fresh Provisions, which will depend from every one's 

This is the Agreement according to what every Body is 
treated on Board the Ship that is to transport him. 

Whoever therefore is willing, of his own accord, with the 
Consent of his Superiors, to go to this new Country, may be 
assured, that he will be then at full Liberty, free from all 
Taxes for ever. Such as are inclined to repair thither, may 
apply to the above said Commissary I. C. Sprung who is ar- 
rived from Holland and impowered by Messrs Isaac and 
Zachary Hope, Merchants in Rotterdam, to engage some Hun- 
dreds of People, and to conduct them, with the Pressings of 
God, next Year to Pensilvania. They may apply to him at 
Heilbron at 

or in his Absence get themselves registered by 

They are to prepare themselves to be ready for their Depart- 
ure in April, 1753, at which Time they are expected to be 
present in Heilbron. 
They ma}' also apply in Reutlingen to 

Or in Eslingen to 

Or in Wimpsen to 

Endorsed from advertisement sent from Frankfort Oct., 

1752, by Mr. Luther. 

Vol. Emigration, Fo. 197-199. 


I certify that, in conformity with the Law of the United 
States, of the 18th of March, 1818, William Sheldon, late a 
Private in the Army of the Revolution, is inscribed on the 
Pension List, Roll of the Massachusetts Agency, at the rate 


of eight dollars per month, to commence on the 14th day of 
April one thousand eight hundred and nineteen. 

Given at the War Office of the United States, this 
sixth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and 
l. s. J. C. Calhoun, 

Secretary of War. 

Payable semi-annually. The first payment on this Certif- 
icate will be made on the 4th of March next, in Boston at 
the Branch Bank U. S. /<*. 



{Continued from page 123 .) 

Gardner, Ann, m. Thomas Howe. 

Gardner, Bcthuel. Mr. B. G. to Miss Sally Morris. (S. 

Dec. 7, 1793.) 

At Nantucket ? 
Gardner, Eliakim. Mr. E. G. to Miss Pamelia Gardner. 

(S. Dec. 7, 1793.) 

At Nantucket? 
Gardner, James. Mr. J. G. to Mrs. Alice Gardner, of this 

town. (S. Nov. 1, 1788.) 
Gore, Katy, m. Jonathan Hnnnewell. 
Gore, Katy, m. Samuel Torrey. 
Gorham, Miss, m. Warham Parker. 
Gorhnm, Ann, m. Peter C. Brown. 
Gorlmm, Benjamin. Mr. B. G. to Mrs. Deborah Crocker. 

(W. Sept. 16, 1789.) At Barnstable implied. 
Gorham, Capt. Job. In this town last Saturday evening, by 

the Rev. Dr. Lathrop, Capt. J. G. to the amiable Miss 

Kebecca Davis, both of Barnstable. (W. Sept. G, 1786.) 
Gorham, Mary, m. George Bartlett. 
Gorham, Nathaniel. At Charlestown, last evening, by the 


Kev. Dr. Morse, N. G. , Esq., to Miss Ruth Wood, eldest 
daughter of Col. David Wood, of Char] est own. (W.Feb, 
12, 1794.) 

Gould, Nathaniel. At Danvers, Mr. N. G. to Miss Betse}' 
Porter. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.) 

Gould, Reuben. At Chelmsford, Mr. R. G. to Miss Patty 
Phillips. (S. May 29, 1790.) 

Gould, Sarah, m. Ebenezer Pool. 

Goulding, Mrs., m. Col. Job Cushing. 

Goulding, Mrs. Azubah, m. Capt. Joseph Torrey. 

Gotte, Hannah, m. William Boylston. 

Grace, William. In England, Mr. W. G. to Miss M. Tang- 
sbaw. His father is his brother, and her mother is his 
sister ! However strange the above circumstance may ap- 
pear, it is all brought about by the wonderful effects of 
matrimony. (W. March 28, 1792.) 

Graham, Asa. Mr. A. G. to Miss Sally West. (S. June 
28, 1794.) 
At Concord (N. H.), implied. 

Graham, John. Mr. J. G. to Miss Nabby Brown, of this 
town. (W. Oct. 6, 1790.) 

Grant, Abigail, m. John Coffin Jones. 

Grant, Betsy, m. Samuel Snelling. 

Grant, William. At New-York, Mr. W. G., of St. Augus- 
tine, to Miss Ann Sample, of that city. (S. Nov. 5, 

Graves, Electm, m. .Tames Orion. 

Graves, John Bonon. Last Sunday evening, J. B. G., Esq., 
Consul of South-Carolina, from the United States of Hol- 
land, to Miss Sally Atwood, of this town. (W. July 23, 

Gray, Edward. E. G. Esq., Attorney at Law, to Miss Su- 
key Turrell, daughter of the late Joseph Turrell, Esq. (S. 
April 17, 1790.) 

Gray, Eliza Saunders, m. Jacob Eustis. 

Gray, Francis. On Sunday Evening, Mr. F. G., merchant, 
to Miss Polly Young. (W. Sept. 7, 1785.) 


Gray, Hannah, rn. Hon. James Willson. 

Gray, Capt. John. In this town, on Sunday evening, Capt. 

J. G., merchant, to Miss Polly Roberts, both of this town. 

W. Feb. 9, 1791.) 
Gray, Patt} r , m. Dr. Samuel Danforth. 
Gray, Polly, m. Barnabas Bidwell. 
Gray, Rev. Robert. In Charlestown, the Rev. R. G., of 

Dover, New-Hampshire, to Miss Lydia Tufts, daughter of 

Mr. John Tufts, of that town. (S. March 31, 1787.) 
Gray, Capt. Robert. [In this town] Capt. R. G. to Miss 

Martha Atkins. (S. Feb. 15, 1794.) 
Gray, Samuel. At Salem, Mr. S. G., merchant, to Miss 

Nancy One, of that town. (S. Nov. 10, 1787.) 
Gray, Sylvanus. At Marblehead, Mr. S. G., of this town, 

to Miss Charlotte Gallison. (W. Sept. 3, 1794.) 
Gray, Thomas. At Barnstable, Mr. T. G., of Yarmouth, to 

Miss Ruth Davis. (S. July 18, 1789.) 
Gray, Rev. Thomas. On Thursday evening last, the Rev. 

T. G. to Miss Debby Stillman, youngest daughter of the 

Rev. Dr. Stillman. (S. May 25, 1793.) 
Gray, Winthrop. At Salem, \Y. G. Esq., to Miss Eliza 

Putnam. (S. Oct. 29, 1791.) 
Greaton, Katy, m. James Dana. 
Greaton, Mrs. Sarah, m. Samuel Ridgway. 
Greeanleaf, John. At Newbury-Port, Mr. J. G., merchant, 

to Mrs. Elizabeth Grecnleaf. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.) 
Greele, Moses. At Sandy-River, Mr. M. G., aged 88, to 

an agreeable widow of about 56. (S. May 11, 1793.) 
Greely, Hannah, m. William Stevenson. 
Greelv, Mrs. Mary, m. Col. Jonathan Glover. 
Greely, Nanc} r , m. Caleb Loring. 
Green, Dr. Isaac. In this town, Dr. I. G., of Windsor, to 

Miss Nancy Barrett, daughter to Samuel Barrett, Esq., of 

this town. (S. Jan. 21, 1792.) 
Green, Jeremiah. At East-Greenwich, Mr. J. G. to Miss 

Lydia Arnold. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.) 

In Rhode Island. 


| Green, Joel. In Baltimore county, Mr. J. G. to Miss Eliz- 
abeth Buck. (W. April 25, 1792.) 

Green, Maria, m. Benjamin Sumner. 

Green, Martha, m. Capt. Lewis Games. 

Green, Nathaniel. [At Shrewsbury] Mr. N. G. to Miss 
Lucy Stone. (S. June 16, 1792.) 

Green, Polly, m. William Hill. 

Green, Ruggles. [At Bernardston] Mr. R. G. to Miss Sarah 
Fox. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.) 

Greene, Timothy. At Providence, T. G., Esq., of Worces- 
ter, to Miss Polly Martin, of Providence. (S. March 16, 

Greenleaf, Miss, m. John Appleton. 

Gieeiilcaf, Mrs. Elizabeth, m. John Greeanleaf. 

Greenleaf, Mary, m. Capt. Nathaniel Thwing. 

Greenleaf, Polly, m. Charles Sigourney. 

Greenleaf, Rebecca, m. Noah Webster, jr. 

Greenleaf, Thomas. In this town, Mr. T. G. to Miss Polly 
Price, daughter of Ezekiel Price, Esq. (W. Apr. 25, 1787.) 

Lb ■ 

Muster Roll of Capt. Morgan Lewis' Company, which marched 
on the Alarm upon Lexington Battle, Sanford. April 

21, 1775. 

Morgan Lewis, Capt. Benj. Tripe, Lieut. 

Nath'l Bennet, Ensign. 


Andrew Burley, Jeddiah Peabody, 

Sam'l Jalison. 

Corporals. ... 
Paul Giles, • Henry Hamblelon. 

John Adams, Isaac Coffin, 

John Barrons, Dan'l Lary, 

Israel Hibbard, Thomas Kimball, 

Jonathan Adams, Timothy Silver, 



Moses Pette, 
Samuel Harmon, 
Samson Johnson, 
Henry Nutter, 
Abraham Barrons, 
Josiah Harmon, 
John Cram, 
Joshua Batchelder, 
Wm. Tripe, 
Henry Tibbets, 
Ephraim Gile, 

Joseph Thompson, 
Benj. Lord, 
Joseph Giles, 
Benj. Norton, 
Joshua Tayler, 
Elicit Tayler, . 
Jonathan Low, 
Jobs, Boston, 
Stephen Hatch, 
Phiueas Thompson, 
Seth Peabody. 

All of Sanford. Credited with sixty miles travel and three 
days service. 

Mass. Archives, Vol. XII, 173. 

Sanford, York Co., Maine, Muster Roll of Capt. John Smith's 
Company, which marched on the Alarm of Lexington 

Battle, April 22, 1775. 

Eben'r Guptail, Sergt. 


Joseph Giles, jr., 
Jeremiah Smith, 
Nath'l Yorke, 
Israel Smith, 
Daniel Giles. 

Credited with four days' service and eighty miles travel. 

Mass. Archives, XIII, 125. 

John Smith, Capt. 

Dan'] Levit, 
Stephen Perkins, 
John Clark, 
Daniel Davis, 
Edward Davis, 



Roll of Capt. Cadwallader Ford, Jur, of AVilmington, who 
Inlisted March 9, 1775, to be at a minuit warning till last 
of June, 1775, and trained 10 half days at 5% man each 



half day and marched on y e allarm to Concord y e 19 clay of 
\ April, A. D., 1775. 

Expences of myself and men when marching to Concord 
and home, Paid by the Subscriber. 
Sum total 41-13-8. 

Cadwallader Ford, Ju., Capt. 

Cadwallader Ford, Capt, 
Win. Blanchard, Sergt. 


Nathan Beard, 
Ephraim Flagg, 
Wm. Butters, Jur., 
Benj. Hamden, 
John Winn, 
Thos. Evans, Jur., 
Jesse Hopkins, 
Paul Upton, 
John Eames, Jur., 
Phineas Peabody, 
Benj. Tay, 
Russell Jones, 

John Hamden, Lieut, 
David Beard, Sergt. 

Benjamin Gleason, 
John Gould, 
James Tweed, 
Samuel Eames, 
Jonathan Eames, 
John Growing, Jur., 
Moses Pearson, 
William Tay, 
Jesse Holt, 
Joshua Thompson, 
Jacob Flint. 



Persons dead since October, 1689. 

S Gardner S* 
Thos Westgate 
Venus Colefax 
Jno Lapthorne 
Ric'd Rose 
Gilb Peters 

Jacob Phillips 
Edw Badger 
Jno Hinckson 
Hen. Williams 
Jno Marshall 
Rob Stone 


Jno Hill 
Zeb Hill J 
'Retire Shattock 
Isaac Stearns 
Jos Stacy 
Is Woodbery 



Dan 11 Jegels 
Jno Vouden 
Jnothan Auger jr 
Jos Kibbius 
Eph Elson 
Jos Gray 
Rich Deraery 
Miel Coomes S 
Edw facey 
Thos Goold 
Jos Darling 
Geo Dean jr. 
Jno Gedney 
Jno Harwood Sr 
Geo. Neadham 
Godfry Shelden 
Jno Flint 
Chas James 
Sam 1 Pitts 
Geo Keasor 
Jno Sandors J 
Tho Stacey 

Rich Ball 
Hes Dutch 
Gam 11 Haukius 
Nat Jegels 
Benj Jegels 
Josh Lyon 
Fra Neale 
Jno NealeJ 
Benj Ormes 
Maj r Redford 
Thos Roe 
Jno SearleJ 
Jno Taply J 
James Wilkins 
Wat Whitford 
Sam 1 Archer J 
Jno Browne 
J. Cox ye less 
ph Hirst 
James Sanders 
Nat Sanders 
Jno Cul liver 
Jno Alford S 
Tho Field 

Hugh Wolcot 
Math Woodwel 
Tho Flint 3d 
David Joy 
Capt Price 
Jno Pumre 
Sam 1 Tapon 
Wm Trask 
Isaac Yeary 
Wm Robinson 
Ricd Peters 
Chas Darby 
RobNowel Sr 
Rob Nowel jr 
Wm She! ding 
Wm Bab 
Tho Cooper 
Jonathan Williams 
Dr Weld 
Dr Swinerton 
Mr Cannon 
Jnothan Flint 
Benj Auger 


Persons gon out Towne since October, 1689. 

Law Meshury jr 
Ph Vouden 
Jnth Dunham 
Jas. Flinder 
Ric'd Flindor 
Eleazer Moses 
Majr Browne 
Jno Starkey 
Jos. Taply 

Jno Addams 
Wm Beans J 
Mr Davis 
Mical Derich 
Jno Frost 
Jno Shepard 
Wm Melican 
Jno Walker S 
Jno Walker J 

Tho Coats 
Jos Edger 
Elo Gedney 
Tho Michel 
Jer Rogers 
Cor Tomson 
Francis Eliot 
Geo Haukin 
Pet Joy 

* Perhaps " Eaz." 

% His widow was living in Salem later 



Perios Tan age 
yZa White 
Saml Whitford 
David Gardner 
Jno Archer J 
Jos Grimes 
Jno Williams J 
Moses Gattinsby 
Benj Ganson 
Jno Chaplin 
Wm. Finney 
W T m God f rie 
Wm Chub 
Thos Bab 
Wm Measury 
Geo Hodges jr 
Eph Veary 
Ph. Hilliard 
Jno Presbery 
Dan 1 Got 
Jos. Russel 
Benj Mayfield 
Jno Ketonch 
Wm Gidneys man 
Jno Douster 
Jno Stephens J 
Ph. Babson 
Sam 1 Phepen jr 
Jno Mansfield 

Jno Burch 
Tho Bendol 
James Cox S 
James Cox J 
Miel Coomes J 
Ricd Chard 
Jno Edwards 
Edw Hilliard 
Richd Harres 
Wm He n field 
Jnth Hilliard 
Jas Hau kins 
Jas Hardy 
Pet Millar 
Wm. Redford 
Tho West 
Edw Welch 
Andrew Xewcom 
Jno Brewer 
Miel Chapleman 
ol Elkins 
Jno Grenstlet 
James Grenslet 
Elias Hashot 
Jno Oaks 
Benj Stone 
Jno Smith 
Geo Bibbey 
Gload Robbiu 


Cap! King 
Ja. Carter 
Wm Marston J 
Wm Sawyar 
Rob. Gibbs 
Jnth. Foster 
Edw Gaskin 
Caleb Callom 
Wm King 
St Redford 
S Ebion 3d 
Moses Durel 
Electius Ranals 
Geo Johnson 
Geo Ingersol 
Saml Ingersol 
Jno Milk 
Ph. Cox 
Jacob Allyn 
Sam Dutch 
Rich d Preston 
Saml Williams 
Lewes Hunt 
Ricd Thomas 
Dan 1 Cubard 
Henry Trasher 
Ric'd Coary 
Mr. Hirsts man 

A brief sketch of Thomas Fuller and his descendants, with 
historical notes by J. F. Fuller, Appleton, Wis., 1896. This 
little book of 47 pages is practically the ancestral line of 
Mr. Fuller, but so arranged as to be of value to any Fuller 


descended from Thomas of Woburn and Salem, a fairly com- 
plete Catalogue of his descendants for three or four generations 
l>ein°- given. The parentage of Thomas the first is unknown, 
and no early instance of the use of the coat of arms, shown in 
the book, is quoted by the author, who merely says, " these 
amis have been long in the family." 

History of the Town of Manchester, Mass., 1645-1895, by 
Rev. D. F. Lamson. Published by the Town. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 425. 

This history is rather a collection of interesting and truth- 
ful sketches in the life of the town. The very reading of the 
account of a Puritan Sabbath, in the appendix, leaves a 
peaceful, soothing impression, upon one. But wc fear Dr. 
Lunson has not studied the court records of this period and 
appreciated the fact that even the stern discipline of the Pur- 
itan church and state was not all sufficient. Frequently the 
laws which the author quotes as showing the care their dep- 
uties had for the welfare of the people, are prefaced with 
some such phrase " ye sin of drunkenness doth greatly 
abound," showing that there was probably cause enough for 
many of the stringent laws that were passed. But little 
genealogical material is found between the covers, which is 
much to be deplored. 

The illustrations are very numerous and will be much ap- 
preciated. An account of the 250th anniversary is annexed. 

Boardman Genealogy, 1525-1895. The English home and 
ancestry of Samuel Boreman of Weathersfield, and Thomas 
Boremau of Ipswich, etc., etc., by Charlotte Goldthwaite. 
Published by Wm. F. J. Boardman, Hartford, 1895. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, pp. 778. 

This excellent genealogy, while intended for descendants 
°f Samuel Boreman, or as the name is now spelled, Boardman, 
ts due to the generosity of Wm. F. J. Boardman of Hartford, 
a »d to the energetic and conscientious work of Miss Gold- 
thwaite. A very interesting sketch of the English home, and 


the English ancestry is given. By this it appears that Thomas 
Boreman of Banbury, co. Oxon, in 1525, was the common 
ancestor of Thomas and Daniel of Ipswich, and Samuel of 
Weatbersfield. Thomas and Daniel were brothers, and sec- 
ond cousins of Samuel, on the father's side, but their fathers 
had married sisters, daughters of Felix Carter, which formed 
a double connection. Considerable space is devoted to cata- 
loguing the heads of other New England Boardman families 
beside that of Samuel, but no attempt to give a genealogy 
beyond three or four generations, and this concisely put. 
Many original papers are published and interesting biographies 
are presented. 

Thomas Boardman (Thos., Thos.), is said to have mar- 
ried Sarah Gurley. This follows the Rowley record, but she 
was Sarah Girdler, widow (Essex Deeds, 85, 202). It is to 
be hoped some one will now take up the Ipswich line and 
prepare a suitable genealogy of that family, of which there 
appear to be three main stems, that of Ipswich, of Topsfield, 
and of Newbury port. \ 


30. Gowing. The subscriber would like to hear from 
all persons interested in the genealogy of the Gowing, Going 
or Gowen family. 

Robert H. Gowing, Peabody, Mass. 

31. Manning. Information of the following persons is 
desired, and any aid from those having old records, or from 
other investigators, will be thankfully received. 

Samuel Manning, born 19 June, 1698, at Salem; married 

Margaret . What was her maiden name, and what 

her ancestry? When and where was she born? When did 
she die? Samuel was a gunsmith at Salem until 1748, when 
he removed to Oxford, where he died in 1774. His will 
mentions his granddaughters Sarah and Elizabeth Manning, 


of Salem, whoso history I should be glad to know ; his grand- 
daughter, the widow Hannah Weld ; his great grandsons, 
Samuel, Mathew and Robert Martin, and his grandsons, 
Samuel and Robert Manning, who had accompanied him to 
Oxford. The will does not mention any of the elder Sam- 
uel's children, from which fact it is believed all were then de- 
ceased ; and, as no list of said children has been found on 
record, their names are unknown with one exception (that 
of Robert, who married Hannah Green). What other chil- 
dren did Samuel and Margaret have ? If the following were 
not their children, who were they? (a), Jacob Manning and 
Mary Tyler, Salem, married 2 July, 1745; (b), Richard 
Manning and Eleanor Mitchell, at Boston, intention of mar- 
riage 27 Feb., 1737-8. Who were Jacob and Richard? 
What children did they have? 

Robert Manning and Hannah Green, mentioned above, 
were married at Salem, 30 March, 1738. What children 
did they have? When and where did the parents die? It is 
probable that the}' lived in, or near, Salem. 

Weld-Martin. Mention has been made above of these 
two families. What were the children of the marriages there 
indicated ? 

John Manning,' born at Salem'28 May, 1668 (son of Capt. 
Nicholas and Elizabeth [Gray] Mamr'ng), was living in Bos- 
ton in 1721, and was doubtless the same who married Joanna 
Lash, 9 May, 1695. What children did he have? 

Jacob Manning, of earlier date than the Jacob before 
mentioned. Dr. Savage says [Vol. Ill, page 650] : "Jacob, 
Salem, son of Return, was deputy marshal in the doleful ser- 
vice of 1692." Where is the proof of this? Return's surname 
was properly Mannings, not Manning, and I find no son of 
his named Jacob. Was not the deputy marshal the same 
Jacob (son of widow Anstiss Manning), who married Sarah 
Stone, of Salem, in 1683? 

Katherink Manning, born 22 April, 1701, at Salem, mar- 
ried 26 Oct., 1722, John Berry ; had children, I think, Mary, 


who married Samuel Ives, and leather ine, who married John 
Turner, Jr. What other children did they have? 

Mary Manning, sister of the previous, born 6 July, 1706, 
is said in a modern MSS. (the origin of which I have not 
learned) to have married George Booth and had children, 
Robert^ Jacob] Elizabeth, /Sarah and Richard; and possihly 
this is true, but I find a Mary Manning who married Benja- 
min Silsby, 1730 (published 21 May), and, further, one John 
Booth married, 28 Feb., 1749-50, a Mary Silsby who, I sus- 
pect, but do not know, was widow of Benjamin. What was 
Mary's true history? 

Priscilla Manning, Ipswich, born 26 Oct., 1740; mar- 
ried Thomas Morong, of Salem, and, second, Heath; 

and had by first husband, Jonathan (baptized II Nov., 1764) 
and Thomas, Jr. Were there other children by either mar- 

John Manning married Elizabeth Stone 28 Oct., 1769; 
perhaps both of Salem. Who was he? Can he have been a 
son of Jacob and Mary (Tyler) Manning, before mentioned? 
When and where did John die? Did he have children? Was 
she the widow Elizabeth Manning who married Wm. Reed, 18 
Feb., 1777? 

William T. Manning, a soldier of the Revolution, died 
at Beverly, 1 June, 1838. He left a widow, Betsey, and 

daughters : Betsey* married Homan ; Mary, married 

Patch, and Alice, married Cox. I am informed 

that William's middle name was Taylor (or? Tyler) which 
may point to family connection, and that his wife was Eliza- 
beth "Woodbury, to whom he was married (at Salem?) 28 
Feb., 1787. I presume this is correct. What was William's 
parentage? and are there descendants now living? 

Caleb Manning, born about 1746, lived at Charlestown, 
Medford and Salem ; married Rachel Rand and had children, 
Nathaniel, Caleb, Abigail, Mary and Elizabeth. Were there 
others? Caleb, Jr., married Lois Graves, 16 April, 1801, 
at Salem, where both died, she in 1807, he in 1810. Who 


was Lois? What children did they have? and what became 
of them? Are there living descendants of the elder Caleb? 

Wm. H. Manning, 
"Care of L. I. Historical Society. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

32. Barnes. Information desired of Henry Barnes, mer- 
chant, of Marlboro and Boston. Loyalist and refugee; died 

tt Bristol, Eng., in 1808; wife's name Christian . 

Wanted her surname. He or she was related to the Arbutb- 
nots in some way. Can any body give this relationship? His 
sister, Elizabeth, married Nathaniel Coffin of Boston, whose 
sons were Sir Isaac Coffin, Bart., Admiral of the British navy, 
and Sir John Coffin, Lt. Gen. of the British armv. Are there 
any descendants of Henry Barnes living? 

33. Monroe-Hutchinson. Deacon Isaac Monroe (Wm., 
George, William), married Mary Hutchinson (Thos., Sam'l, 
Xath'l, George), of Charlestown. He died in 1791. Did 
any of the ancestors of the above Isaac and Mary serve in the 
Colonial wars? Did any of their ancestors serve as deputies 
or hold other civil office? B. A. L. 

34. Bissell. What was the lineage of Elizabeth Bissell, 
who married Capt. Abraham Fitch, of Lebanon, Ct., a Rev- 
olutionary soldier and veteran of the French war, who was 
born in 1737? 

Huntington. What was the lineage of Hannah Hunting- 
ton who, about 1730, married Capt. Nathan Fitch of Lebanon, 
Ct.-, grandson of Rev. James Fitch, first minister of Norwich, 
Ct., and the son of Capt. Nathaniel Fitch and his wife [born 
Anna Abel] ? 

36. Hinckley-Throop. How was Rev. Charles Hinck- 
ley of Lebanon, Ct., who married Elizabeth Throop, de- 
fended from Governor Hinckley of Plymouth? Also how 
Was his father-in-law Rev. Benjamin Throop of Bozrat, Ct., 
descended from Col. Adrian Scrope the regicide? 


37. ScROrE. What was the ancestry of Col. Scrope, 
the regicide? whom did he marry? 

38. Hubbard- Harris. What was the lineage of Sarah 
Hubbard Harris, who married Lt. William Calkins, born 
1724, a great grandson of Deacon Hugh Calkins of New Lon- 
don and Norwich, Ct, ? 

39. Craft. Who was the wife and who was the mother 
of Samuel Craft who died at Brookline, Mass., 1771, aged 
seventy ? 

40. Deane. Where can information bo had concerning 
Dr. Thomas Deane and Woodbridge Deane of Exeter, N. H., 
or Newbury, Mass. ? The former married Deborah Clark, 
and they were the parents of Jane Deane, wife of Major John 
Oilman, Jr., of Exeter, N. H. 

41. Gaoe. Any one by the name of Gage, or descend- 
ants of John Gage who came to Salem in 1630, are requested 
to write and send any information concerning their ancestry 
or whatever may be of historical interest, either personal or 
otherwise, to Mrs. Mate David, Ipava, III. 

42. Who was the wife of Charles Gott, Salem, Mass., 
who came in the Abigail with Endicott, 1028 ; removed to 
Wenham 1654; died 1658? 

43. Allen Breed, 2nd, born 1621 ; married Mary (who?), 
Lynn, Mass. 

44. Solomon Keyes, 2nd, born 1665, Newbury or Chelms- 
ford ; married, first, Mary; second, Priscilla. Who was 

Zebadiah Keyes, son of Solomon and Priscilla ; married 
Mary (who?). 

Daniel Keyes, son of Zebadiah, born 1741 ; married Abiel 
or Abbiel (who?) . 

45. Thomas Morris of New Haven, one of the signers of 
the Plantation Covenant in 1628 or 1639, married Elizabeth 


46. Richard Knowles of Plymouth, 1653, married Ruth 
Bower. Who were her parents? 

Thomas Knowles of Eastham, married Elizabeth Snow, 


Was she the daughter of Jabez Snow and wife Elizabeth, or 
of Thomas and Hannah Snow? 

47. Who was Elizabeth, the wife of Jabez Snow? Who 
was Hannah, the wife of Thomas Snow? 

48. Who were the parents of Elizabeth (or Betsey Ad- 
ams), born Oct. 22, 1786, Sudbury or East Sudbury; mar- 
ried Smith Adams of Newton, Mass., August 30, 1810? 

49. George Henry Snelling of Boston, a member of the 
N. E. Hist. -Gen. Society, who died at Newport, R. I., Jan. 
18, 1892, aged ninety-one, had in his possession about 1872, 
perhaps later, several letters written by Thomas Goldthwait 
to Jonathan Snelling ( ?) during or subsequent to the Revo- 
lutionary war. 

He is supposed to have deposited them with some unknown 
person, library, or society for safe keeping, probably at New- 
port, where he resided some years before his deuth. Any 
information concerning them, or that will lead to their recov- 
ery, will be gratefully appreciated, by 

R. G. Carter, 
3218 16th Street, Washington, D. C. 

50. i. Joseph Parkhurst of Chelmsford, Mass., married 
1656, June 26, at Concord, Mass., a liebecca Head. Can 
any one give the date of her birth and death, and the names 
of her parents? 

ii. John Spaulding of Chelmsford, Mass., married 1638, 
May 18, a Hannah Hale. Can any one give the d?ite of her 
birth and the names of her parents? Hannah died 1689, 
Aug. 14, where? 

iii. Timothy Parkhurst of Plainfield, Conn. , married 1717, 
Jan. 14, an Elizabeth Cady. She was born 1698, Nov. 17 ; 
died 1792, Dec. 27. Can any one give the names of her 


parents? It would appear that she was of Chelmsford, andu 
descendant of Nicholas Cady ; but through which son cannot 
be ascertained. 

iv. Jonathan Parkhurst of Plainfield, Conn., married, 
1761, May 12th, a Judith Wilson ; she was bom 1737, July 
18 ; died 1816, Oct. 27. Can any one give the names of her 
parents, grandparents, etc. ? 

v. Timothy Parkhurst of Plainfield, Conn., married 1791, 
Nov. 24, a Hannah Walker; she was born 1767 (about); 
died 1802, July 23. Can any one give the names of her 
parents, grandparents, etc. ? 


22. Bowen. See the interesting account of Griffith 
Bowen, of Boston. By Edward Augustus Bowen, Esq., of 
Woodstock, Conn., in the New England Historical and Ge- 
nealogical Register, Vol. xlvii, October, 1893, page 453 to 

" Griffith Bowen, by wife Margaret Fleming, had Margaret, 
born in Wales. She was, perhaps, the eldest child. She 
married, 24 December, 1647, John Weld of Roxbury. He 
was born in England, 28 October, 1G23 ; died in Roxbury, 
20 September, 1691. She died 13 September, 1692." 

E. W. B., Bristol, R. I. 

Wanted. — The ancestry of the following persons: Sarah 
Hart, who married George Norton of Ipswich, October 7, 

Mary Bartlett, who married Nathaniel Norton of Sutlield, 
Conn., July 8, 1729. 

Joseph Cook, born about 1760 ; married Abigail Wright, 
of Winchester or Colebrook, Ct. 

Lieut. John Wright, born about 1710; served in French 
and Indian war. 

John Hancock, who married Anna Webb, of Springfield, 
Mass., Nov. 19, 1713. 

Lydia Wilmot, who married Daniel Candee, of Oxford, 
Conn., May 3, 1784. 

John Warner, who married Margaret Loomis, of E. Wind- 
sor, Conn., Dec, 1754. L. C. H. 




By William H. Dolliver. 

Paribus defines the name, as Welsh. He says, the family 
originated in a valley, or dale, in North Junterice, Wales, 
from which the name was derived. New England Historical 
and Genealogical Register, Vol. 48, page 128, has the fol- 
lowing will : Robert Dalyber of Selietto in the Parish of 
Stoke Abbott, Dorset, Yeoman 20 March 1632. Proved 27 
Mar, 1633. To be buried in Church Yard, at Stoke Abbot, 
before the church porch, near the place, my Father was bur- 
ied, between the Porch, and the Thorn, there, my will, and 
desire is, to have a Tomb, set over me. The Poor, and 
Church, remembered. I give to my son, Tristram Daliber. 
Imprimis. To my son, Samuel, Dito. To my son Joseph. 
r To my Daughters, Mary, and Sara Doliber, and to my 
youngest daughter, Rebecca Daliber." To my sons in law, 
Walter Burt, and John Lesty. Josiah, son of Walter Burt. 
Three sons of John Lesty, viz., John, Edward and William. 
My wife — the residue, to my oldest son, Robert, who I 
make sole executor. 

Of Robert, the eldest son, I have learned nothing. Tris- 
tram, the second son, bap d at Saint Mary's church, Stoke 
Abbot 1598 (N. E. Hist. & Gen. Reg.), was in America 
among the earliest settlers. In 1648, I find he was again at 
Stoke Abbot, England. (See letters to John Balch and Wil- 
liam Woodbury. N. E. Hist. & Geneal. Reg.) Again, ho 
writes from Stoke Abbot, 1656, England. In Register, Vol. 
6, p. 251, is recorded, under heading of Old Norfolk and 
Essex settlers, the death of Tristram Doliber, July 3, 1664. 
Also, a Joseph Doliber, 1669, aged 40. This ma}' have been 

1 Compiled from Marblchead, Gloucester Town and Church, R. I., Salem, Records, 
and N. E. Historic Genealogical Register, etc. 



the son of Tristram, by the wife who died in America previ- 
ous to 1648. It was this wife about whom Tristram writes to 
Woodbury and Baleh, requesting to be seut him the day and 
date of her death, under the signature of Mr. Indecot. Rev. 
Mr. Gourley's answer to Mr. W. E. Trask's letter, states 
Tristram was published at Saint Mary's, Stoke Abbott, 1657, 
to Miss Sarah Pav\e. I can give no further information 
in regard to Tristram or his descendants. 2 

Samuel, son of Robert, was at Marblehead, 1647, and no 
doubt at Salem, several years previous. He had wife at Mar- 
blehead, name not known, by whom he had a son Joseph, 
and daughters Dorothy and Rebecca by a former wife. Sam- 
uel was bap d at Saint Mary's, 1608. He was one of the 
selectmen of Marblehead, at the incorporation of that town, 
1648. 3 

In the old records of Marblehead, I find Dorothy Doliber 
married John Waldron ; it was the first marriage recorded at 
that place. I have never learned anything further in reference 
to her. 

Joseph Dolovor (as it is spelled in R. I. records) had a 
wife Rachel. They had, born in Greenwich, R. I., Joseph 
Dolovor, born ; died 1707, unmarried. William Dol- 
ovor, born ; died 1730. John Dolovor, born . 

Rebecca Dolovor, born , who married Peleg Card. 

Lydia Dolovor, born , who married - Parker. Sara 

Dolovor, born , who married Joseph Johnson. Mary 

Dolovor, born , who married Huling. Abigail 

Dolovor, who married, first, King ; second, Nathaniel 

Niles. Joseph, the father, died 1733, calling himself very 
aged ; this man signed, in the settlement of his father's es- 
tate, 1684, as the "eldest son, now of Narragansett, formerly 
of Gloucester ;" his wife died 1733. Arnold's Vital Records 
of R. I., gives several persons, uamed Doliiver, who, no doubt, 
sprang from this man ; perhaps they were the founders of the 

9 See N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register. 
3 History of Marblehead by Roads. 


Dollivers, of Nova Scotia, where I find many of the name. 
The dates of births of these children are not given. 

Among the Dollivers of Nova Scotia are Mr. Elisha Dol- 
Iiver (the Nova Scotia family spelled the name the same as 
the Gloucester family), a prominent shipwright of Port Me- 
day, who has given me, what information they have, in re- 
gard to this family. He says, as far as he can find out, one 
Gamaliel 4 Dolliver settled in Yarmouth, N. S., long before 
the Revolutionary war. He thinks, the maternal ancestor 
of that family, was a Ruth Briggs. Mr. Dolliver is the fourth, 
bearing the name of Elisha, and he was born 1819. I also 
find several women named Ruth Briggs ; Arnold's Vital 
Records show of several by that name. 

Rebecca, daughter of Samuel by his first wife, married, in 
Gloucester, Richard Dike. They had a large family of chil- 
dren, all of whom either died or left the place. No individ- 
ual, bearing the name, has been on Gloucester records, for at 
least, the last hundred years. 

The first mention of Samuel Doliver, in Gloucester, I find 
as follosvs : June 29, 1652. Thomas Milliard, of Newbury, 
formerly of Glouster, fisherman, sells to Samuel Doliber, 
of Marblehead, husbandman, my farm, situate in Fresh Water 
Cove, in Gloster, about 40 Acrs of Tilliage, and Ten 
Acrs of marsh. 

In August, 1G54, Samuel 1 Doliver married, Mary, daugh- 
ter of Robert El well, of Gloster. They had: William 2 
Dolliver (so recorded), born Aug. 16, 1656; who, Mr. Bab- 
son, the Gloucester historian, says: married Ann, daughter 
of Rev. John Higginson. He also says they had children ; 
neither marriage nor births of children are on record, in Glouc- 
ester. 5 " 

4 1 find in R. I. records, an Ishmael Dolover, who was at East Greenwich, before 

8 Rev. John Iligginson in his will, dated 1705, mentions his daughter Dolliver's 
children, viz., Sarah, Peter, Paul. 

Anne Dolliver was non compos mentis in lfJOG, when her father calls her about 
fifty years old. In 1713 she was living in the family of Mrs. Sarah Bishop of Reho- 
•>oth, formerly of Saiem.— E. P. 


I find in Salem records, a deed in trust, to John Higginson 
merchant, of" Salem, Rev. M r . John Emmerson, Pastor, of 
the 1 st Church of Christ, at Gloster, and John Cooke, mar- 
iner of Gloster, to William and Ann Dolliver, of a house, 
and half acre of land, for her use and after her death to the 
legal heirs of the body of Ann Dolliver. This deed was given 
by Chas. Kedford and wife Eliz b ., of Salem, and is dated, 
March 16, 1687-1688. The said house and land was formerly 
the property of William Elwell. 

Gloster, June 4, 1674. 

Given, to Joseph Elwell, 5 acrs, of ground, and bound- 
ed by the lot layers, and lays upon the south side, of the five 
acrs, given to William EJlery at the same time. (See 
Gloucester Commoners' records, and original grants of land.) 

The reader will see my reasons for being so particular 
about the above, when he gets further on in my record. 

Samuel Dolliver, son of Samuel and Mary, born July 
9, 1658, 1 find mentioned in Gloucester records, as a witness 
to deed of Peter Duncan, 16 — ; he is not mentioned in the 
settlement of his father's estate, 1684. 

Mary 2 Dolliver, daughter of Samuel, born March 26, 
1662 ; married John Sanders, who is supposed^ to be the son of 
the widow Mary, and was supposed to have been lost at sea, 
leaving one son, John ; of her I know no more. 

Richard 2 Dolliver, son of Samuel and Mary, born April 
18, 1665 ; married in Gloucester, Nov. 5, 1697, Agnes Den- 
nett. They had Mary 3 Dolliver, born 1699, who married 

William Davis of Gloucester. 6 Sarah 3 Dolliver, born ; 

died young. Hannah 3 Dolliver, born 1703 ; she married Jo- 
siah Grover of Gloster. Rebecca 3 Dolliver, born 1705; 
mafried Joseph Cowherd of Gloucester. This name is not 
found in Gloucester records after the marriage ; they have no 
children accredited to them. Sarah 3 Dolliver, born 1708; 

•A Rachel Dolliver married a William Davis, of R. I., May 23, 1732. Records E. G., 
R. I., Vol. 1, page 11*. 


married Jacob Rowe ; he was one of the crew of the colonial 
sloop Merry Meeting from 24 August to 13 December, 1722. 

Richard, the father, lived on the farm which his father 
bought of Milliard. 

Sarah 2 Dolliver, daughter of Samuel 1 and Mary, born Dec. 
24, 1667; married Joseph Killum of Gloster; she died at 
the age of twenty-one years. They had one daughter Sarah, 
died young. 

John 2 Dolliver, son of Samuel 1 and Mary, born May 27, 
1671 ; married Nov. 1, 1700, Susanna Marriner of Gloucester. 
They had: John 3 Dolliver, born 1702, who was drowned 
in Ipswich river at the age of fourteen years. Susanna 3 Dol- 
liver, born 1704 ; she married James Dike, her cousin. Mrs. 
Dolliver died and Mr. Dolliver married for second wife Eliz- 
abeth Wood. They had Anna 3 Dolliver, born May 26, 1708, 
who married Daniel Fuller of Ipswich. Elizabeth 3 Dolliver, 
born Nov. 20, 1711; went with her father to North Yar- 
mouth. Samuel 3 Dolliver, born 1716; went to North Yar- 
mouth. William 3 Dolliver, born Sept. 22, 1724. John 3 
Dolliver, born 1721 ; these last two also went with the family 
to North Yarmouth and at that place married women named 
Mayo or Ma whew. This whole family left Gloucester 1725 
and took up land at North Yarmouth, Maine. 

Samuel Dolliver the elder died in Gloucester 1684; his 
wife, Mary El well, married again to one James Gardner of 
Gloucester, but lived only a short time ; she died 1686. 

Joseph Dalliber, son of Robert of Stoke Abbot, also came 
to America and was at Salem very early. He also settled at 
Marblehead, where he was a constable 1648, and also the 
collector of church rates (History of Marblehead). He had 7 
by wife Margarett (who perhaps may have been the daughter 
of John Peach, senior, of Marblehead), John Doliber, 
Joseph Doliber, Peter Doliber, Thomas Doliber, Hannah 
Doliber, Mary Doliber, Rebecca Doliber. 

7 See will of Joseph, Salem, Mass., 1CSS. 
•Marblehead Records. 



Peter 2 Doliber, 8 of Marblehead, married Mary Ward. He 
died 1698, leaving at least two children, Margarett, 3 who 
married a Curtis of Marblehead, and Peter 3 Doliber, who was 
a minor 1706, and appointed his honored mother Mary Wa- 
ters (Mrs. Doliber became the wife of William Waters of 
Marblehead, 1699 ) , his guardian (Probate Court Records) . I 
think he was the Peter Doliber who died unmarried 1736, 
and his sister Margarett Curtis settled his estate. 

I find a Peter D Oliver's (so spelled on stone) tombstone in 
the old graveyard at Marblehead who died 1808. The records 
of Marblehead state a Peter Doliber and Mary Dennis married 
1722; had son Peter born 1724-5. This I think was their son. 
The records at the above town state a Peter Doliber died 
1736, another, same name, died 1746. A Peter Dolliver (so 
spelled, letters received from grandson) , of this family I think, 
died in South West Harbor, Mount Desert, Maine ; he was a 
revolutionary soldier in General Glover's regiment. 

The family of Dollivers (letter from Pilsbury Coombs 
Dolliver), living at Searsport, Maine, and also at Augusta, 
now of Boston, are descendants of the Nova Scotia Dollivers. 
The Dolliver brothers of San Francisco, Cal., are from the 
Marblehead Dolibers (letter received from Clara G. Dolliver), 
as are also the Dollivers of Minneapolis (letter received from 
William Dolliver) and Buffalo, N. Y. The ancestry of the 
Dollivers, of Worcestei and Wakefield, Mass., (letters re- 
ceived from E. and Horatio Dolliver), I have been unable to 


William Dolliver died 1772 in Gloucester, whom the Colum- 
bia Sentinal of that date speaks of as a Capt. William Dolliver 
dying at an advanced age. 

Parson Chandler, of the First Church at Gloucester, in his 
diary says: April 2, 1752. Mr. Dolliver- died last night. 
And, again, April 10, 175(3, went to see Widow Dolliue/', aged 
— . She is declining fast. 


1707-8, Paule 1 Dolever is first mentioned in Gloucester 
records. This on boundary lino of Richard Dolliver. He 
was a cooper and married in Gloucester, Feb. 11, 1713, 
Mary, daughter of Josiah Wallis. He died about 1749 ; she 
died 1736. They had Mary 2 Dolliver (so recorded), born 
Nov. 5, 1713. Sarah 2 Dolliver, born May 1, 1716; and 
died young. Anna 2 Dolliver, born Aug. 31, 1719. Another 
Sarah 2 Dolliver, born October 12, 1723. Paul 2 Dolliver, 
horn March 4, 1728. I have been unable to find whom the 
daughters married. 

Paul, 2 married Feb. 29, 1748-9, Rachel Barber, daughter of 
Daniel and Rachel (Baker) Barber of Gloucester. They had 

Daniel 3 Dolliver, born 1753 ; died 1765. Paule, 3 born ; 

died young. Anna 3 Dolliver, born Sept. 18, 1755 ; married, 
first, Capt. John Colson, who was lost in the Privateer Glouc- 
ester, 1776; she married for second husband Capt. John 
Somes; no children. She died April 13, 1846, aged 90. 

Rachel 3 Dolliver, born Feb. 10, 1758 ; married Abraham 
Sawyer of Gloucester, Sept. 26, 1784. They had Rachel 4 
Sawyer, who married, first, Samuel El well of Gloucester, 
and, second, Cyrus Stevens. Charles 4 Sawyer, who married 
Sally Corliss. Harriet 4 Sawyer, who married General John 

Mary 3 Dolliver, born Aug. 16, 1760; married Aaron Par- 
sons of Gloucester, 1784. They had Aaron 4 Parsons, born 
1790; died unmarried. Nancy 4 Parsons, born 1784; died 
unmarried. Winthrop 4 Parsons, born 1795; died 1873, aged 
78 ; married Susan Riggs of Gloucester ; they had son Aaron 5 
Parsons, born May 4, 1844. v 

Paul Dolliver was a ship-master ; died on his passage home 
from the West Indies, Aug. 17, 1760. Rachel, his wife, 
died in Gloucester, June 15, 1820, aged 89 years. In this 
family was a hook mark which was presented to the city of 
Gloucester by Samuel E. Sawyer, and is hung in the Public 
Library, engraved with the name of Dolliver. 



Peter 1 Doliver. The first mention of this man is in 
the following deed, book 22, leaf 63, Salem Essex Registry 
Deeds South District : 

Thomas Sanders to Peter Doliver, 

Recorded April 1, 1710. 

To all christian people to whoine this present deed of sale 
shall come. Thomas Sanders of Gloucester in the Counts* 
of Essex, New England, shipwright, sendeth greeting : 

Know Yec, that the said Thomas Sanders, for and in con- 
sideration, of Seventeen Pounds, Ten Shillings current, and 
passable money, of New England, to him in hand paid to sat- 
isfaction, before the ensealing of and delivery of these present.-, 
by Peter Doliver, of said Gloucester, in the county afore- 
said, Cooper — a certain parcel of upland, situated in said 
Gloucester, containing about one acre, be it more, or be it 
less, and is bounded, Eastwardly, by land now in the possess- 
ion of Widow Ellery. AVesterly, by land of William Sergant 
the second, of said Gloucester. Northwardly by common 
land, belonging to said Gloucester. Southwardly, partly by 
said Dollivers, oam Land. (See Commoners Grant to Joseph 
Elwelland Win. Ellery.) 

The remainder of this deed, I will not insert here, as it is 
of no importance, excepting to show that Peter 1 Dol- 
iver, was the owner of land, previous to the buying of the 
above, which is dated, the Seventeenth day, of February, 
Anno Dom. One Thousand, Seven Hundred, and Seven, 
Eight (1707-8.) The above bounds correspond to the bounds 
of the property of Wm. and Ann Dolliver, and the abutters 
Ellery ; and land of Elwell's, which was purchased for Wm. 
and Ann, looks to me, to be the same as the above Dolli- 
vcr'sown land. Peter Doliver was not granted common land ; 
it is not so recorded, and -no other deed is on record, showing 
that he bought land. Then, certainly, he must have inherited 
it, and if this is so, he was a son of William and Ann (Hig- 
ginson) Dolliver. He was no doul)t, then, the M r . Dolliver, 


of Parson Chandler's diary, who died 1752 ; and it looks to 
me, as if the Capt. W m ., who died 1772, and the Paul, who 
died 1749, were his brothers. 

Peter 1 Dolliver (whom I shall call the son of Peter Dol- 
iverof the deed of 1707-8) married, in Gloucester, Jan. 25, 
1722, by the Rev. John White, pastor of the First Church of 
Gloucester, Abigail, daughter of Capt. Thomas and Abigail 
(Corney) Sanders, daughter of Capt. John and Abigail (Shil- 
ling) Corney. Abigail Sanders was born in Gloucester, 1705. 
Thomas Sanders, her father, was born in England, 1675 ; his 
wife, Abigail Corney, was born in Boston, 1677. Captain 
Corney was married in Gloucester, Nov. 18, 1670. (I com- 
mence my record from the above Peter who married Abigail 
Sanders, 1722; perhaps some of the younger members of 
the family may eventually connect him with the family of 
Samuel Dolliver.) Capt. Thomas Sanders commanded the 
sloop Merry Meeting, and was in the employ of the colonial 
government until his death in 1742. (See Mass. Archives, 
1722, 1724, 1725, also Louisburg expedition.) 

Children of Peter and Abigail : 

William 2 Dolliver, born in Gloucester, June 17, 1724. 
lie married Dec. 5, 1745, Mary, daughter of Jabez Marchant. 
They had son William 3 Dolliver, who died young. Mary, 
the wife, died, and Captain- Dolliver married, May 14, 1759, 
Abigail, daughter of Thomas Sanders, second (his cousin), 
who was lieutenant with his father in the Merry Meeting, and 
took command after his father died 1742. He was in £ov- 
eminent emplo}' until his death, October 24, 1774. Her 
mother Was Judith, daughter of Capt. Andrew Robinson, 
born 1679, and his wife Rebecca Ingersoll. Capt. William 2 
Dolliver had by Abigail, son 

William 3 Dolliver, born Feb. 15, 1762. He married 
August 7, f790, Sally, daughter of Col. Joseph Foster and 
Lydia Giddings Foster. (See Fosters from Reginald, by 
Paymaster Joseph Foster, U. S. N. For Giddings, see His- 
tory of Ipswich, ancestry of Elder Daniel.) Both father and 


son were prominent ship-masters of the olden time ; the son 
died 1828. 

William, 3 the son, had no children by his wife Sally, but 
had a son William P. 4 Dolliver, born in Gloucester, Decem- 
ber 18, 1813, who married Elizabeth Collins of Gloucester. 
They had Elizabeth Ann 5 Dolliver, born in Gloucester, Aii?. 
7, 1838, who married Thaddeus Friend of Gloucester, and 
has several children ; they reside in Boston. William C; 5 
Dolliver, born Feb. 3, 1841 ; married Ann Hamilton of 
Gloucester ; no children. John S. 5 Dolliver, twin with Wm. 
C. ; never married. Edwin C. 5 Dolliver, born Sept. 21, 1845 ; 
married Bertha Begg of Brookline. They have several chil- 
dren ; reside at Chelsea, Mass. Josephine 5 Dolliver, born 
April 7, 1848 ; never married. 

William P. 4 Dolliver was a merchant and was a man very 
much respected ; a very prominent Odd Fellow and Mason ; 
he was elected to various offices of trust in his native town. 
He died in Gloucester, 1891, aged 78, greatly lamented; his 
sons are men of business and well to do. 

The death of William, the grandfather of above, is not re- 
corded in Gloucester. The son William died 1828 ; his wile 
Sally died 1834. Abigail, or, as she was called, Madam 
Dolliver, died 1816. 

Peter 2 Dolliver, son of Peter and Abigail Sanders Dol- 
liver, born in Gloucester May 3, 1726; died Feb. 5, 1800; 
married September 24, 1748, Abigail 5 Ingersoll, born 
April 16, 1727. She was the daughter of Josiah Ingersoll 
(Josiah, 4 Josiah, 3 George,* Richard,* the emigrant), and 
Mary 4 daughter of Samuel Stevens, born 1665, and Mary El- 

lery, born (Samuel! 3 Deacon James,* William, 1 the 


Peter 2 and Abigail (Ingersoll) Dolliver had Peter 3 Dolli- 
ver, born Sept. 17, 1749; died young. Peter 3 Dolliver, 
born October 8, 1753 ; bap d 1st church Oct. 14, 1753 ; mar- 
ried Harriot, daughter of Hon. Thomas Sanders, 3d, ami 
wife Lucy, daughter of Rev. Mr. Smith of Falmouth, Me. 


Thomas Sanders was graduated at Harvard and was a very 
talented man ; he died 1774. 

Peter 3 and Harriot (Sanders) Dolliverhad Peter 4 Dolliver, 
born in Boston, Nov. 21, 1777; was born blind and died 
unmarried previous to 1816. Harriot 4 Dolliver, born in Bos- 
ton, August 6, 1781 ; died prior to 1816, single. Charles 
Sanders 4 Dolliver, born in Boston, Sept. 5, 1779 ; died 1850, 
?iugle; born blind. Caroline 4 Dolliver, born in Boston, Oc- 
tober 22, 1783. Amelia 4 Dolliver born in Boston, Dec. 21, 
1784, blind; died 1849, single. 

Peter 3 Dolliver commanded a company in Col. Paul Dudley 
Sargent's Regiment, and this was the first regiment to enter 
Boston at the evacuation by the British. He served during 
the whole war, and was one of the original members of the 
order of Cincinnati. He died in Boston 1816, and was buried 
in Granary graveyard ; his wife died, I think, previous to 
him. I append his will. 

In the name of God Amen. I, Peter Dolliver, of Boston in 
the County of Suffolk State of Massachusetts, Gentleman, 
l>eingin good health of body and of sound mind and memory 
do make this my last Will and Testament. First and prin- 
cipal I commit my soul into the hands of my redeemer and 
maker and my body to be decently buried at the discretion 
of my Executors herein named and as for such goods worldly 
as I am possessed of the same as follows, Imprimis. I will 
that my just debts and funeral charges be paid as soon after 
ni} r death as may be. Second. I give and bequeath unto [13] 
Peter Dolliver [14] Charles Dolliver [15] Harriot Dolliver 
[1G] Caroline Dolliver [17] Amelia Dolliver the whole of 
my estate at my death in equal divisions I appoint Harriot 
and Caroline Dolliver sole Executors In the year 1808. 
Feb. 3. Probated July 1816. Witness John Bray and 
two others. 

Caroline, 4 the only child of Peter* Dolliver and Harriot, 4 
who was not born blind, married, 1817, Col. Benjamin Hun- 


tington, a broker of Boston, also colonel of militia. IV v 
had: Amelia Dolliver 5 Huntington, born in Boston, July, 
1820; died single, 1879. Charles Sanders 5 Huntington, born 
Nov., 1821 ; died 1850 ; was an East India shipmaster from 

Salem. Frances S. 5 Huntington, born ; died 182^. 

Caroline Elizabeth 5 Huntington, born 1824; married Williaiii 
D. Flint of Salem. They had George Huntington 6 Flint, 
born Nov. 1858. William Deblois 6 Flint, born Nov., 18G1 
Frances Sophia 5 Huntington, born July 7, 1828; married 
April 23, 1850, William A. Wright of Boston. They had: 
Charles Huntington 6 Wright, born June (3, 1851. Frank 
Vernon 6 Wright, born October 3, 1855. Mr. Wright is a 
lawyer in business at Salem, Mass. I have to thank him for 
valuable information in regard to the family of Peter Dol- 
liver of Boston. 

Peter, 3 after the war of independence, became an officer of 
customs at Boston where he died. Mrs. Dolliver died previous 
to her husband. Her sister, Lucy Sanders, married Paul 
Dudley Sargent. Sarah Sanders married Thomas Augustus 
Vernon, a merchant at St. Petersburg, Russia. Mary San- 
ders married Erasmus Babbit, a lawyer of Sturbridge, Mass. : 
her daughter was the mother of Charlotte Cushman, the ac- 
tress. Thomas Sanders born March 29, 1759, became an East 
India merchant of Salem ; his wife was Elizabeth Elkins, the 
authoress. They had Charles Sanders, who bequeathed ten 
thousand dollars to the city of Gloucester for the cause of 
temperance. George T. Sanders. Catherine Sanders married 
Dudley L. Pickman. Mary Elizabeth Sanders married Hon. 
Leverett Saltonstall. Caroline Sanders married Nathaniel 

Salt on stall. 

{To be continued.') 


(Continued from page 120.) 

314. Maria Bishop married Sept. 6, 1832, George Benton 
of Madison, son of David N. and Betsey Crampton of Madi- 
son. He died March 31, 1858. She died Jan. 5, 1879. 

Horace Mather, b. May 17, 1833; m. . 

Joseph Broulette, b. ; d. Feb. 23, 1837. 

Eliza Maria, b. Mar. 23, 1838. 

George Minott, b. Feb. 23, 1840 ; killed in the war. 

Celia Mariva, b. ; d. Sept. 20, 1843. 

327. Sally Bishop married, 1814, Pardon Hill of Madi- 
lon, son of Abraham Hill and Lyclia Murray of Madison, 
born Dec. 18,1786, and died Dec. 20, 1848. She died April 

Sally Maria, b. Apr. 25, 1815; m. Charles Sellifs. 
Charles W., b. Nov. 24, 1819 ; m. Frances J. Foster. 
Edward C, b. Oct. 29, 1823 ; m. Mary A. Parmelee. 

328. Polly Bishop married William Hill of Madison, son 
of James Hill and Mabel Blatchley of Madison, born Oct. 29, 
1781. She died March 4, 1812. [He married, second, Deb- 
orah Griswold, by whom he had four children.] 

John Adams, b. Sept. 16, 1806; n.. Sally M. Dudley. 

William, b. ; m. Lucinda Vail. 

Polly Ann. 

329. Charles Bishop married Mary Bacon. They settled 
in Litchfield, Conn. 

463 Theophilus Fenn, b. Aug. 11, 1820 ; d. s. 

464 James Ensign, b. Apr. 30, 1828. 

465 Charles Benj., b. Apr. 30, 1834. 

331. Amos Bishop married, first, in 1808, Rachel Judd, 
daughter of Jonathan Judd and Mabel Bishop (No. 293), of 
Madison, born Nov. 22, 1779, who died Feb. 10, 1829. He 
harried, second, Dec. 27, 1831, Rowena Wilcox, daughter 



of Elijah Wilcox and Mary French of Killings worth, Cony, 
born July 7, 1792, who died Jan. 23, 1856. He married, 
third, Oct. 10, 1856, Chloe A. Bishop, widow of William II, 
Bishop (333). Ho died March 12, 1862. 

466 Mary M., b. Jan. 14, 1809 ; d. s., Aug. 19, 1844. 

467 Jonathan Jndd, b. Nov. 5, 1811 ; d. s., Dec. 21, 1834. 

468 Wealthy A., b. May 13, 1816 ; m. George N. Wilcox. 

469 Eber Judd, b. Apr. 10, 1822 ; m. Betsey M. Wilcox. 

332. Chloe Bishop married William Coe of Madison, yon 
of Thomas Coe and Submit Griswold of Madison, born Dec. 
6, 1786. He died Feb. 12, 1864. She died April 6, 1849. 

Frederic, b. Sept. 18, 1814; m. Elizabeth Gleason. 
Chloe Roxana, b. May 2, 1821 ; m. John M. Meigs. 
Elias Thomas, b. Dec. 25, 1832 ; m. Harriet A. Lynde. 

333. William H. Bishop married Nov. 3, 1825, Chloe A. 
Lee, daughter of Jonathan Lee and Mindwell Hill of Madi- 
son, born April 6, 1801. He died without children in Mad- 
ison, Aug. 20, 1841. She married, second, Amos Bishop 
(331) and died June 23, 1888. 

334. Levi Bishop married Feb. 14, 1828, Polly M. Coe, 
daughter of Thomas Coe and Submit Griswold of Madison, 
born Oct. 23, 1802. He died in Madison, Nov. 25, 1887. 

470 William S., b. 1829; m. Rosette Cohoon. 

471 Hannah E., b. 1836 ; d. s. 

472 Catharine E., b. Oct., 1845 ; d. June 27, 1849. 

335. John M. Bishop married Cynthia Hull. He was of 
Madison, and died March 6, 1881. 

473 Wilson Monroe, b. May 14, 1845 ; m. Arvilla Camp. 

474 Antoinette, b. 1847 ; m. Isaac F. Wyer. 

336. Lucy Ann Bishop married Feb. 10, 1834, Frederic 
Field of Madison, son of James Field and Sarah Stevens of 
Madison, born 1812. 


Mary Eliza, b. Nov. 20, 1838 ; m. Justin Willard. 

Jane Elizabeth, b. Jan. 3, 1841 ; m. Levi N. Brown. 

Newton Frederic, b. Nov. 9, 1843 ; m. Adelaide Hunt- 

Sarah Ann, b. June, 1846 ; m. Samuel Conklin. 

Lucy Eveline, b. Apr. 19, 1849 ; m. Walter Page. 

William Franklin, b. Sept. 10, 1852 ; m. Etta F. Lan- 

338. Deborah Bishop married March 10, 1802, Joel Col- 
lins, son of Joel Collins of Whitestone, N. Y., and Bethya 
Hall of Wallingford, born Dec. 6, 1778. He removed to 
Verona, N. Y. 

Jason, b. May 20, 1803. 

David Bishop, b. Mar. 14, 1805. 

Luranda, b. Jan. 15, 1807 ; m. Hiram Case. 

Joel Hall, b. Mar. 20, 1809. 

340. Amos Bishop married April 7, 1824, Amanda Rus- 
sell, daughter of Samuel Smithson Russell and Eunice Camp 
of Paris, N, Y., born Feb. 1, 1795. He married, second, 
Feb. 18, 1829, Hannah Chittenden, widow of Daniel Chitten- 
den and daughter of Christopher. Van Zaudt of Middletown 
aud Anna Wolcott of E. Windsor, born June 20, 1791, and 
died July 22, 1870. Residence, Paris,~N. Y. 

475 Amos, b. Feb. 9, 1825 ; d. Mar. 17, 1825. 

476 Amanda, b. Feb. 9, 1825; d. Mar. 21, 1825. 

477 Samuel Russell, b. Apr. 3, 1826. 

478 David Fowler, b. Sept. 4, 1828. 
By second marriage : 

479 Rob't Smithson, b. Nov. 22, 1831. 

480 Joel P. 

481 Leveret Bushnell, b. Feb. 5, 1837. 

482 Amanda — , b. Dec. 17, 1838. 

345. Dea. Bushnell Bishop married Jan., 1827, Amanda 
Strong, who was born Sept. 20, 1796, and died July 11, 


1849. He married, second, June 19, 1851, widow Eunice 
West DeLand. Residence, Hampton and Oneida, N. Y. 

483 Maria, b. Dec. 1, 1828 ; d. Nov. 13, 1848. 

484 John Marcus, b. Nov. 7, 1834 ; m. Martha A. Parker. 

485 Emeline Hart, b. Oct. 12, 1835 ; m. Ephraiin E. Good- 


348. Jonathan Bishop married Jan. 28, 1821, Polly Marin 
Bishop (No. 370), who died July 24, 1839. He married, 
second, May 4, 1840, Fanny Maria Denison, widow of For- 
duce Denison, and daughter of Daniel Griswold of Essex, 
born Nov. 1, 1803, who died March 31, 18G5. He married, 
third, Electa M. Stone. He died in Guilford, March 10, 

486 Anna Maria, b. Jan. 22, 1822 ; d. May 27, 1841. 

487 Elisha Chapman, b. Apr. 10, 1824; m. Charlotte G. 


488 Richard Lord, b. Dec. 29, 1825 ; m. Mary G. Hand. 

489 Huklah Jennette, b. Apr. 7, 182S ; m. George Hull. 

490 Sophia Fowler, b. May 13, 1835 ; m. Thomas Griswold. 

491 Allen, b. July 2, 1837 ; d. Jan. 13, 1861. 

492 Infant, b. July 23, 1839 ; d. July 26, 1839. 
By second marriage : 

493 Alfred Griswold, b. Oct. 19, 1842. 

494 William Edward, b. Nov. 3, 1845 ; m." Ellen A. Stone. 

349. Jared Bishop married Nov., 1809, Polly Chittenden, 
daughter of Samuel Chittenden and Sarah Jocelyn of Guil- 
ford, born July 23, 1789. They removed to Vermont. He 
married Maria , as second wife. 

495 Jared, b. ; m. Chloe . 

496 Sally. 

By second marriage : 

497 Mary. 

351. Philo Bishop married May 3, 1815, Chloe Bassctt, 
daughter of Elisha Bassett and Hannah Stone of Madison, 


born Jan. 19, 1794. He died in Guilford, April 1, 1875. 
She died, aged 93, Feb. 5, 1887. 

498 Lydia L., b. June 29, 1816 ; m. Henry Hull. 

499 Hannah, b. Nov. 23, 1818; d. Aug. 23, 1840. 

500 Sarah Munson, b. July 17, 1822 ; m. Reuben L. Fowler. 

501 Venelia Harrison, b. Mar. 14, 1827; m. Warren S. 


352. Justin Bishop married May 13, 1829, Mary Davis, 
daughter of James Davis and Ruth Griswold of Guilford, 
born Feb. 23, 1798. He died in Guilford, Dec. 15, 1869. 
She died, aged 90, Sept. 23, 1888. 

502 Jacob Munson, b. June 19, 1830 ; m. Orriette Lee. 

503 Edward McGilvery, b. Oct. 6, 1832 ; d. June 5, 1838. 

504 Edward Lewis, b. May 6, 1839 ; m. Sarah J. Wingood. 

357. Chauncey Bishop married Sept. 24, 1818, Chloe 
Wheeler, who was born May 27, 1797. Their residence was 
Rose, Wayne Co., N. Y. He died Aug. 6, 1880. She died 
Feb. 24, 1878. 

505 Charles Carroll, b. Feb. 7, 1820; d. s. 

506 Charity M., b. Feb. 26, 1822 ; m. Rev. A. H. Stearns. 

507 Candace W., b. Sept. 2, 1823 ; m. Chester Williams. 

508 DeWitt Clinton, b. May 24, 1825 ; m. Mary Ann Mead. 

509 Cicero II., b. Mar. 30, 1827; drowned July 27, 1851. 

510 John Calvin, b. Feb. 7, 1829 ; m. Mary Avery. 

511 Cephas Bennett, b. Aug. 4, 1831 ; m. Sarah Chaddock. 

512 Celestia W., b. Nov. 7, 1837 ; m. F. S. Weaver. 

513 Chauncey Eli, b. Jan. 31, 1844 ; m. Mary Butler. 

361. Joel Bishop married July 4, 1826, Cynthia Z. Sla- 
ter, born Sept. 11, 1802. They lived in South Butler, Wayne 
Co., N. Y. He died March 24, 1875. <^ 

514 Alinda, b. May 14, 1827 ; m. Patrick Fanning. 

515 Benjamin, b. Dec. 15, 1829 ; m. Lucy Hall. 

516 Charlotte, b. Mar. 7, 1832 ; m. Addison Howard. 

517 Dorson, b. Sept. 21, 1834 ; d. s., Jan. 25, 1854. 

518 Martin, b. Mar. 27, 1837 ; m. Elias Taylor. 

519 Mary, b. May 12, 1839 ; m. Peter Van Deusen. 

520 Sarah, b. Nov. 8, 1841 ; m. George Harwood. 


521 Harriet, b. May 30, 1844 ; m. Sylvanus Campbell. 

522 Emma, b. Oct. 4, 1817; d. June 3, 1S48. 

523 Antha, b. July 5, 1849; d. Aug. 12, 1849. 

364. Elijah H. Bishop married Oct. 15, 1829, Jerusha 
Howard, born July 29, 1812. They resided at Havaua, Hu- 
ron Co., Ohio ( ?) where he died Aug 22, 1869. 

524 Susan L., b. July 29, 1831 ; m. Benj. McWhorter. 

525 Pamelia S., b. Mar. 29, 1833 ; m. Samuel L. Smith. 

526 Loren S., b. June 11, 1835 ; m. Almira Miller. 

527 Lucinda M., b. Mar. 9, 1837 ; m. P. W. Smith. 

528 Caroline A., b. Apr. 10, 1839 ; m. Geo. W. Frazer. 

529 Marilla E. b. Sept. 23, 1841 ; m. James Wilson. 

530 Joseph L., b. Aug. 31, 1843 ; m. Alice Ludlow. 

365. Reuben Bishop married Aug. 27, 1835, Sarah Ann 
Gardner, born April 10, 1818. Eesidence, Havana, Ohio. 
He died Feb. 12, 1875. 

531 Deloss, b. June 5, 1836 ; m. Catharine Miller. 

532 Evaline Adelia, b. May 24, 1838 ; d. July G, 1844. 

533 William Henry, b. Sept. 14, 1840 ; m. Eliza Mann. 

534 Alonzo Tillman, b. June 12, 1843 ; m. Mary Brooks. 

535 Harriet Melissa, b. Dec. 7, 1845 ; m. John C. Dow. 

536 Gardner Adelbert, b. Mar. 23, 1848; m. Sarah Jaiic 


537 Eugenia Moriah, b. Oct. 7, 1850 ; m. Hiram Ruff. 

538 Reuben Clinton, b. Sept. 12, 1854; m. Joanna Rachel 


539 Sarah Diana, b. Oct. 20, 1856 ; d. Oct. 4, 1861. 

540 Charles Edward, b. Oct. 25, 1862; d. June 19, 1863. 

371. Sophia Bishop married May 10, 1817, Samuel Fow- 
ler of Guilford, son of Samuel Fowler and Parnel Spencer of 
Guilford, born June 28, 1796. He died in Guilford April 
2, 1864. She died March 12, 1877. 

Edward Sherman, b. Nov. 30, 1817; m. Jane E. Rus- 
Roger, b. Nov. 23, 1822; d. July 9, 1825. 
Lydia, b. Mar. 2, 1825; d. June 30, 1825. 
Roger, b. May 22, 1826 ; d. Dec. 25, 1826. 


Roger, b. Aug. 7, 1829 ; d. June 11, 1830. 
Lemuel, b. Apr. 21, 1831 ; m. Isabella Smith. 
Sophia, b. Apr. 27, 1833 ; d. Aug. 22, 1835. 
Franklin, b. Nov. 30, 1835 ; m. Adelaide Leeds. 

372. Euieline Bishop married June 7, 1820, Harry Ev- 
arts of Madison, son of Roswell Evarts and Rnth Chittenden 
of Madison, born Jan. 30, 1799. He died Aug. 27, 1849. 
She died Sept. 3, 1886. 

Harriet, b. Jan. 3, 1821 ; d. Mar. 1, 1821. 

Geo. Washington, b. Dec. 14, 1822 ; m. Eliza Ann Sil- 

Harriet Frances, b. July 6, 1824 ; m. George Gunn. 
Sherman Bishop, b. May 5, 1827; of No. Carolina. 
Henry, b. May 12, 1835. 
Maria Bishop, b. Nov. 18, 1838 ; m. William H. Sears. 

374. Curtiss B. Bishop married June 27, 1841, Catharine 
Coan, daughter of Josiah Coan and Susan Fowler, born Sept. 
6, 1819. He resided in Madison, where he died Jan. 19, 

541 William Coan, b. Apr. 6, 1842 ; m. Abbie L.Davis. 

542 Ella C, b. Jan. 10, 1845 ; m. William H. Davis. 

543 Leonard R., b. Aug. 30, 1846 ; m. Jennette L. Clark. 

544 Charles E., b. April 23, 1848 ; m. Viola Briggs. 

545 Isabella C, b. July 4, 1850; m. Frederic R. Davie. 

546 Clarissa Walldey, b. Dec. 23, 1852 ; m. Ralph Parker. 

547 Frank Benjamin, b. Nov. 28, 1854 ; m. Lillian L. Nor- 


376. Joel B. Bishop married Feb. 6, 1843, Amanda 
Dudley, daughter of David Dudley and Abigail Stevens of 
Madison, born Feb. 20, 1823. He was a clergyman residing 
iu Norwich, Conn., and died June 8, 1868. She died April 
9, 1879. 

548 Edson Serajah, b. May 5, 1844 ; m. Mary E. Davis. 

549 Wesley Watrous, b. Dec. 23, 1845 ; m. Harriet Wet- 


550 Jane Elizabeth, b. Nov. 13, 1849 ; m. Geo. Edgar Davis. 

(To be continued.) \(\C\ 




{Continued from page 110.) 

Anno doi 1588 

Thomas Rralye baptized 12 Octobr 
John Shilshawe baptized 30 Octobr 
Richard Bently baptiz 15 March 
John Fox baptiz 20 Octobr 
Richard Coles baptiz 25 Aprill 
Marye Foster baptiz 25 September 

Anno do! 1589 

John Steevens baptized 20 March 
William Stapps baptiz 10 Octobr 
William Gurnye baptiz 18 Januarye 
Robert Cox baptiz 30 Januar 
Thomas Shilbourne bapt 6 Febr 
Susan Wingrave bapt 20 Febr 
Joan Smith baptiz 20 April 
Nicholas Gadlingstocke bapt 5 Aug 
Thomas Chaiideler bapt 15 Aug 
William Angellsay baptiz 17 Sept 
Annys Gillfrett baptiz 22 Sept 

Anno doi 1590 

Thomas Seelye baptiz 2 Marcii 
Richard Taylor baptiz 3 Marcii 
Michael Stappe bapt 5 June 
Margaret Cannon baptiz 20 June 
Richard Putnam, bapt 16 July 
Elizabeth Shilshaw bapt . . July 
Elizabeth Stappe baptiz 6 Nov 
Joan Coles baptiz 18 of Noveber 

Shephard 18 Dec 
Thomas Shephard 18 Dec 



Thomas Steevens baptiz 2 Decebr 


John Shephard baptiz 16 Decebr 
Elizabeth Crippes the daughter of John Crippes 
baptized xxv th December 1590 

Anno doi 1591 

John Hatton baptiz X5 Aprill 
Bennett Meade bapt 15 Julye 
Edward Morewood bapt 30 Julye 
Thomas Wingrave bapt 6 August 
Richard Conlye baptiz 10 Decebr 
Robert Willice bapt 12 Deceb 
Joan Cokes baptiz 10 Januarie 
Nicholas Bentlye bapt 12 Januar 
Thomas London bapt 3 Decebr 
William Shephard 10 Deceb 
Joan Anisdon bapt 22 Deceb 
William Symons 30 Deceb 
Joan Smith bapt 16 Aprill 
Anne Knight bapt 15 Aprill 
Elizabeth Dauers baptiz 6 July 
William Cripps baptiz 16 July 

Anno doi 1592 

William Gadlingstocke bap 6 Octobr 
Emme Wingrave baptized 2 Noveb 
William Putnam baptiz 12 Noveb 
Anne Ricard baptiz 20 Novebr 
Elizabeth Norkett baptiz 20 Novebr 
William baptiz 30 Noveb 
Joan Howard bapt 25 Febr 
Sicelye Chandler baptiz 13 Feb 
Robart Hall bap 3 March 
Richard Bradford baptized 4 March 
John Taylor baptized 2 May 
Isabell Stappe baptized 22 May 


Thomas Shilshawe baptiz 25 May 
Edmud Chandler baptized 30 May 
John Taylor baptized 30 May 
Joan Conlye baptized 4 June 

Anno doi 1593 

Thomas Knight baptiz 2 Januarii 
Richard Stappe baptiz 10 Januarii 
Anne Symons baptiz 10 Januarii 
Richard Coles baptized 12 Januarii 
Anne Brand baptized 16 Januarii 
Joan Stappe baptized 20 Januarii 
William Stappe baptiz 20 Januarii 
George Meads baptized 20 May 
William Rowe baptized 21 May 
W . . s Gurnye baptiz 21 Octobr 
Francx Gurnye baptiz 3 Novebr 
Joan Ricard baptiz 3 Novebr 
Richard Howard baptiz 12 Noveb 
Robart Cox baptiz 10 Noveb 

Anno doi 1594 

Lettice Bull baptiz 4 Deceb 
Abel London baptiz 4 Januarii 
Joan Steevens baptiz 8 Februarie 
Richard Stappe baptiz 9 March 
Hugh Sear baptiz 1 6 March 
Richard Cripps baptiz 24 March 
Thomas et William Smith bapt 12 Aprill 
John .... Septr 

baptiz 4 Septr 

Anno do! 1595 

Joan Shilshawe baptiz 24 Januarie 
Edmund Knight baptiz 24 Januarie 
Thomas Emmerton baptiz 30 Januar 
Francx Buckmaster baptiz 2 Februar 


Edward Osmund baptiz 12 March 
Elizabeth Chandler baptiz 20 March 
Eichard Wallys baptiz 14 June 
Thomas Stappe baptiz 15 Julye 
Francx Coles baptiz 12 August 
John Wingrave baptiz 12 August 

Anno doi 1596 

Elizabeth Hopkins baptiz 3 Septb 
Joan Michaell Cripps baptiz 26 Octob 
Joan Grime baptiz 28 Octob 
Anne Stappe baptiz 10 Novembr 
Anne Bull baptiz 20 November 

Anno do! 1597 

Thomas Shephard baptiz 2 Febr 

Anne Howard baptiz . Feb 

John Stappe baptiz 27 March 

Annys Stappe baptiz . Aprill 

Marye Sewster baptiz 8 July 

Joan Russell baptized 15 Octobr 

AnneNicolls baptiz 4 Novebr 

Anne Conlye baptiz 6 March , 

Anne Meade baptized 26 March 

Ales Buckmaster baptiz 2 4^ March 

• • • • • • 

Joan Stappe bap ... 

Annys Jackman baptiz 

Marye Shephard baptiz . . ».?""' 

John Osmund baptiz 28 June 

Elizabeth Atherton, baptiz 2 Sept 

Eicard Francx Worall bapt 20 Octobr 

Emme Sewster bapt 30 Octobr 

Eichard Brice baptiz 12 Noveb 

Sara Grime baptiz 26 Deceb 

Thomas Canon baptized 20 Decebr 


Marye Knight baptized 30 Decebr 
Joan Coles baptized 28 Januarii 
Elizabeth Heward baptiz 8 Februar 
Sara Fritwell baptiz 12 Januarii 
Agnes Gurnye baptiz 1 2 Februarye 
John Fuller baptized the 3 of Marche 
Michaell Nichols christned the xxv of March 
William Hopkins baptized the xvij eth of March 

Thomas Bavin & Agnes Golde maryed the xx th 

of June 
John Fishe & Agues Tomes maried the x th of 

Richard Tomes & Agnes Chandler maryed x th 

of Januarye 
William Bull & Agnes Cannon married xx th of 


Richard Tomes buried 30 August 

. buried the xvj eth day of March 
John . . . buried the xij eth of March 
William Prestwoode Vicare of Stukley buried 

the xv eth day of Marche 
Ales . . buried the xxv eth of Februarie 

. iell Cools the soiie of Thomas Cools , 


)01S ^ 

>rill 5 

. . . christened the 1 2 day of A pi 
Richard Bavine the sonne of Thomas Bavin 

was baptized the 22 eth of Aprill 1599 
Robert Willis baptized the 10 th of May 
. . . Februarye Rob . . the soiie of Thomas 
. . . Blumer baptized . . of John Stappe baptized 
the 24 eth of Februarie was baptized Richard Gurnye 
Annis Hill baptized 20 of August 
Anne Emmerton baptized the 16 etL of September 
Isabell Blumer baptized the 16 of September 

{To be continued). 




(Continued from page 129.) 
THIRD PERIOD 1677-1715. 

The history of this period, if we could interview the in- 
habitants of Maire Point at that time, and could recover all 
the records relating to that period, would doubtless prove 
far more interesting, exciting and romantic than the history 
of any other period. That was the era of Indian warfare, 
desolated homes, fearful retreats by the settlers, and military 
expeditions from the garrisons and from the Bay. 

The noted military leaders of the day knew Maire Point, as 
Waldron, Andros, Church, and others, visted Pejepscot. 

The outbreak of King Phillip's war, so disastrous to the 
settlements to the south and west served to awaken the fears 
of the settlers about Cascoe Bay, and steps were taken by 
the eastern settlers to guard against Indian aggression. 
Whether the action of the English served to hasten an inev- 
itable outbreak or not, is a mooted question, but certain it 
is that once the spirit of war was aroused it swept practically 
unchecked through the Eastern tribes. In September the 
buildings of Thomas Purchase, the Pejepscot proprietor, were 
looted by the Indians and the shedding of Indian blood by a 
party of English getting in hay, was followed by attacks upon 
Falmouth, Saco, Blue Point and Scarborough. 

The following January several families from Falmouth, 
Saco and other exposed settlements sought refuge in Salem, 
and it was probably at that time that the Maire Point settle- 
ments were permanently abandoned by the early settlers. 

The Indian troubles continued in a desultory manner, but 
entirely to the disadvantage of the English throughout 1676, 
and although a treaty was negotiated, a fresh outbreak was 



expected in the spring, and consequently the General Court 
ordered that an expedition be sent to the eastward. 

Therefore, on the 7th of Feb., 1677, a force of 150 men, 
English and friendly Indians, embarked at Boston under the 
command of the noted leaders Majors Waldron and Frost, 
their particular purpose being to overawe the Indians and 
obtain the release of English captives. 

This party effected a landing, 18 Feb., at Maire Point, 
" about a league below Maquoit " and a parley was had with 
a party of Indians lead by the notorious Squando and Simon, 
who pretended to be for peace and promised to deliver up 
such captives as they had, in the afternoon. 

Nothing further transpired till noon the day following, 
when a ilotilla of fourteen canoes was perceived up the hay 
pulling for the shore and soon a deserted house was discov- 
ered in flames. Major Frost in command of a scouting party 
unexpectedly intercepted the Indians, who, after the exchange 
of a few shots, resulting in the killing of some Indians, again 
came to a parley and claimed that the house was fired by ac- 
cident, that the captives were too far away to reach the ships 
the preceding day, and finally that the soldiers had been the 
aggressors in the attack. 


The landing a league below Maquoit may have been oppo- 
site Bunganock Rock which is popularly said to be three 
miles distant from Maquoit. 

Nothing further being accomplished at this place, the ex- 
pedition sailed to the Sagadahock, where a garrison of forty 
men, under Capt. Sylvanus Davis, was established, and then 
returned to Boston, arriving March 11th, without the loss of 
a man. 

The garrison under Davis was soon attacked and shortly 
after withdrawn. 

Peace was finally made at Casco, 12 April, 1678, which 
resulted in the return of many of the settlers to Falmouth, 
but no record is found of a settlement at Maire Point at this 

(To be continued.} 



{Continued frontpage 53.) 

TnoMAS Flint of Matlock, county Derby, husbandman. 
Will dated 5 July, 1642 ; inventory dated 5 July, 1642. 

To be buried in churchyard at Matlock. Wife Agnes ; son 
George ; daughter Agnes, wife of William Turner, and their 
four eldest children, Roger, Mary, Elizabeth, Eleanor, also 
William, Anthony, George, other children of William and 
Agnes Turner. 

Son-in-law Daniel Walker. Son George's children, viz. ; 
Thomas, eldest son, Adam, second son, George, youngest 

Wife Agnes and son George to be executors. 

Witnessed by John Wooley (Sr. and Jr.), George Flinte 
and Elizabeth Willut. Litchfield Wills. 1642. 

Note. It will be remembered that Rev. Henry Flint of Braintrec, was born in 
Matlock. lie was here in 1035. Perhaps the above will will give some clew as to the 
connections of the Salem Flints. 

Henry Browne of Salem, New England merchant, 1712. 
To Harvard College, to nephew Mr. John Winthrop of Bos- 
ton £1000, neice Mrs. Anne Winthrop, neice Mrs. Sarah 
Woodward who dwells in England, neice Mrs. Sarah, wife 
of Benjamin Lynde, nephew Browne son, of Major Samuel 
Browne. Snff. Col. Br. Mus. [P. C. C. Barns. 3.] 

Gregory Belcher of Barkswell, co. Warwick, yeoman, 
20 March, 1620; proved 23 April, 1621. 
Son Thomas Belcher ; sons-in-law John Bonny and Wm. 



Cook ; grandson Thomas Bonny ; wife Joane ; daughters 
Elz b . Cook and Isabel Bonny, Alice Pemberton. 

Litchfield Wills. 

Note. There was a Thomas Bonny early In Charlestown, and James Pemben«»u 
of Charlestown had wife Alice. 

William Belcher of Dunstall, Tatenhall, Derby, 24 Feb., 
proved 13 March, 1621-2. Four children of late brother 
William Belcher of Barton. Late sister Dorothy and her 
husband John Baker, and her children ; nephew Thomas 
Belcher. Wife Margaret executrix. Henry Agard, gent., 
overseer. Witnessed by Thomas Russell, John Lee. 

Alice Belcher of Bretby, Derby, widow, 15 Nov., 1619. 
Provcvl 11 Jv.ii., 1619-20. To be buried in Repton. Grand- 
children Alice Belcher, Wm. and Ann Pratt, Ann Massey. 
Sons-in-law Wm. Massey, Wm. Pratt, Wm. Budworth ; 
godson Wm. Pickering. Sons Wm. Belcher, John Belcher, 
and his two children. Cousin Henry Byard. To Robert 
Bailee. Litchfield Wills. 

Ellen Goodale of Sheldon, co. Derby, widow. Will 
dated 29 June, 1646; proved at Bakewell, 17 July, 1646. 

To be buried in church at Barkwell. To Elizb. Chap- 
man of Sheldon ; Sarah Hunt ; to my first husband's, Thurston 
White's three sisters, Elizabeth, Jane, Anne ; to Francis 
Whyte, and Alary, daughters of brother William Whyte, de- 
ceased ; to eight children of Godfrey Sheldon, one of whom 
is Sarah ; to four children of Daniel Frost ; to William and 
Thomas Goodale ; aunt Alice Hunt ; Joan Knowley ; Eliza- 
beth, wife of David Frost , Alice, wife of Godfrey Sheldon ; 
Stephen Whyte; Sarah, wife of Wm. Sheldon; Wm., son 
of David Frost; Eliz b ., daughter of David Frost ; Rebecca 
Frost ; Abraham, son of William Sheldon ; children of Alice 
wife of Godfrey Sheldon ; brother David FYost and Alice 
and Sarah my sisters. David Frost and William Sheldon, 
executors. Inventory 10 July, 1646. 

Peculiar of Bakewell files at Litchfield. 


John Goodale of Sheldon, yeoman, 21 June, 1644. 
Proved 24 Feb., 1644-5. 

Buried at Bake well. To brother Thomas Goodale after 
death of wife Ellen ; Wm. Barker ; brother Wm. Sympson, 
alias Barker ; wife Ellen to pay Eliz b . Chapman, widow ; 
sisters Alice and Mary Goodale ; aunt Alice, wife of Thomas 
Bacon ; John Bun tinge of Buntingfield. Witnessed by John 
Cower, Edward Hunt, Anthony Mellon. Inventory 19 July, 
1644. Peculiar of Bakewell. 

Note. These wills of John and Ellen Goodell may throw some light upon the 
family of Godfrey Sheldon of Scarborough, whose will is dated 13 Mar., 1G63-4, and 
in which he mentions that he is 65 or thereabouts, and names wife Alice, sou Wil- 
liam, 60n JohD, eldest son William's wife Rebecca, and her brother Samuel Scarlett. 
Savage confounds the wives of father and son. See York Wills, I, page 20. 

Margaret Chubb, widow of Dorchester, late wife of Mat- 
thew Chubb of Dorchester, deceased, Esq. To be buried in 
All Saints, Dorchester, parish of Walcombe where my father 
was buried. 

To Alice, daughter of Thos. Whitle, of Dorchester, cloth- 
ier ; Anne Hibbart my kinswoman. Names bond of Ralph 
and Sir George, sons of the Lady Horsey. Humphrey Jol- 
liffe of Dorchester. 

Margaret, eldest daughter of Robert Coker of Dorchester, 
goldsmith, and his children Matthew, Robert, John, Martha, 
Mary. Bond due from Humphrey and William Bishop, 
Esqs. Wm. Jacobb, gent., Joseph Patie, Robert Coker, 
Matthew Chub and Joane Coker. 

Joane, daughter of Robert Coker ; Matthew, son of Mat- 
thew Chub of Dorchester, victualler, deceased, and to the 
said Coker and to her heirs lawfully begotten by said Matthew 
Chubb and in default of said issue to the said Robert Coker, 
my father. 

Bequests of rings to John Pope of Marchall ; Wm. Bishop 
of Hollwell; Wm., son of Wm. Jacobb of Broockhanton ; 
Joseph Patie of Dorchester; Robert Coker, minister of All 
Saints ; John White, do., of St. Peters. Proved 4 May, 1628. 

P. C. C. Barrington, 46. 

Compare with Waters, No. II, page 178. 




1632, 21 Sept., Sarah, daughter of Ralph Pilsberie 1 o1 
Stanley and Ellen his wife, baptized. 

1633, 8 April, Anna, daughter of Robert Kent of Oncoit, 

1633, 8 April, Thomas Watson of Marbrooke, buried. 
1633, 19 April, John of Roger and Anna Cash, baptized. 
1633, 30 June, Joanna Davenport of Leek, widow, buried. 

1633, 12 August, Wm; Madder and Margaret Bullock, 

1634-5, January 21, Johanna, widow of Wm. Bullocke oi 
Nabfoot, buried. 

1633-4, January 30, Sampson Bullock of Leek, buried. 

1634, 22 March, Edward Washington of Fowler, buried. 
1634, 12 August, Maria, daughter of John Bosson of Apts- 

ford, and Elizabeth Ins wife, baptized. 

1634, 24 August, John, son of John and Maria Rider of 
Tehs worthy, baptized. 

1634, 27 August, Maria, daughter of John Devol of Tehs- 
worthy, buried. 

1635, 17 Oct., Dorethea, daughter of Simon Preston of 
Leek ard Margaret his wife, buried. 

1635, 22 Nov., Isabella, daughter of Edward Craddock 
and Alice his wife, baptized. 

1635-6, 3 Feb., Alice Pilsbury and Richard Burkston, mar- 

1635-6, 4 Feb., Wm. Fairfield and Anna Watson, mar- 

1635-6, 21 February, Maria, daughter of Timothy Good- 
win of Millstreet in Leek, and Sarah his wife, baptized. 

1635-6, 12 March, Joanna, uxor. John Smallwood of 
Bagnold, buried. 

1636, 18 May, Ellena, daughter of Thomas Washington, 
of Tewswory, and wife Margaret, baptized. 

1 For noted on the Pillsburys of Leek, see Essex Institute Historical Collections, 
Vol. xxxi. 


1636, 2 October, Eichard, son of Ralph Pillsberry of Stan- 
ley and Ellenor Lis wife, baptized. 

1636, 9 October, Henry, son of Eichard and Alice Buxton, 
of Stanley, baptized. 

1636, 6 November, Johanna, wife of Eichard Bacon of 
Leek, buried. 

1636. 16 November, Wm., son of Wm. Goodwin, and wife 
Marie, baptized. 

1636, 22 Nov., Gervas Prince and Mary Cook married. 

1636, 18 Dec, Maria, daughter of Wm. Fairfield of White- 
bridge and wife Maria, baptized. 

1636-7, 22 Jan., Eichard, son of Eichard Dale of Moxton 
and wife Joanna, baptized. 

163G-7, 2C Feb., Lawrence, son of Roger Cash, baptized. 

1636-7, 28 Feb., Joanna, wife of Thomas Harrison, bur- 

1636-7, 12 March, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Pills- 
bury of Spout street, 1 and Rachel his wife, baptized. 

1636-7, 15 March, John Pilsbury and Alice Washington, 

1637, 22 March, Margaret, daughter of Eichard Bagnold 
of Oncott, and wife Margaret baptized. 

1637, 7 April, Sara, daughter of John Bently of Leek and 
wife Dorothie, baptized. 

1637, 7 May, John, son of John Heaton of Eoches and 
Margaret his wife, baptized. 

1637, 13 Jan., Wm. Gardner of Cloud, buried. 

1637. 17 July, Joanna Heaton and Eichard Goodwin, mar- 

1637, 3 August, Alice Toft of Leeke, buried. 

J Now St. Edward's Street. 
(To be continued.) 



Continued from page 144. 

Greenleaf, Thomas. At New- York, Mr. T. G., Printer, to 

Miss Nancy Quackenbos. (W. Oct. 26, 1791.) 
Greenman, John. At Warren, Mr. J. G., of Swansey, to 

Miss Sally Eddy, of Providence. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.) 
Greenough, Mary, m. William Howes. 
Greenough, Nancy, m. Elisha Bangs. 
Greenough, Rachel, m. Jonas Brooks. 
Greenough, Sally, m. William Cord well. 
Greenough, William. [In this town] Mr. W. G., Printer, 

to Miss Mary More, of this town. (S.April 26, 1794.) 
Greenwood, Isaac. At Newport, Mr. I. G., Esq., to Miss 

Nabby Langley. (W. May 14, 1788.) 
Greenwood, John. At New- York, Mr. J. G. (dentist), to 

Miss Betsey Weaver. (W. April 9, 1788.) 
Grice, Hannah, m. Samuel Bangs, jun. 
Gridley, James. Mr. J. G. to Miss Unice Faxton. (S. 

March 31, 1792.) 

On Suuday last implied. 
Gridley, Patty, in. Joseph Howe. 
Gridley, Rebecca m. Ephraim Mills. 
Gridley, Richard, jun. By the Rev. Mr. Murray, Mr. R. 

G., jun., to Miss Sally James. (S. Nov. 2, 1793.) 
Griffin, Miss, m. Richard Edwards. 
Grough, Catherine, m. John Perry. 
Groves, Charles. [In this town] Mr. C. G. to Miss Eliza 

Wheeler. (W. Jan. 1, 1794.) 
Guerney, Mary, m. Thomas Bacon. 
Guest, Sally, m. John Campbell. 
Gullishan, Ebenezer. [At Newburyport] Mr. E. G. to Miss 

Eliza Titcomb. (S.Nov. 1,1794.) 
Gulliver, Stephen. In this town, Mr. S. G. to Miss Abigail 

Levett. (S. Aug. 24, 1793.) 



Gumnier, James. In this town, Mr. J. G., of Bridgport, 
Eng., to Miss Sally Viebart, of this town. (S. April 19, 
See also Viburt. 

Hadley, Matty, m. Thomas Stutson. 

Hagger, Sally, m. Capt. Moses Tuck. 

Haiden, Nancy, m. Jonathan Loring, jun. 

Hale, Nancy, m. Jonathan Chadbourne. 

Hall, Ammi C. Last Tuesday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Ev- 
erett, Mr. A. C. H. to the amiable Miss Betsy Seabury , 
both of this town. (S. April 1, 1786.) 

Hall, Andrew. At Medford, on Sunday evening last, Mr. 
A. H., merchant, to the amiable Miss Eunice Fitch, daugh- 
ter to Timothy Fitch, Esq. (S. April 25, 1789.) 

Hall, Catherine,* m. Caleb Gibbs. 

Hall, Daniel. At Wrentham, Mr. D. H. to Miss Catherine 
Force. (S. Feb. 26, 1791.) 

Hall, Edward. [At Nantucket], Mr. E. H. to Miss Nabby 
Townsend. (W. July ]7, 1793.) 

Hall, Eliza, m. Dr. William Reed. 

Hall, John. At Dorchester, by the Rev. Moses Everett, 
Mr. J. H. to Miss Deborah Allen. (S. May 7, 1791.) 

Hall, John. In this town, 'Mr. J. H. to Mis Betsy Secoinb, 
of Salem. (S. July 9, 1791.) 

Hall, Deacon Moses. [In this town] By the Rev. Dr. Still- 
man, Deacon M. H. to Miss Hannah Bridges, both of this 
place. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.) 

Hall, Parker. P. H., Esq., to Mrs. Crossing. (W. Oct. 27, 

Hall, Patty, m. William H. Bowers. 

Hall, Polly, m. John Breed. 

Hall, Rebecca, m. Isaac Parker. 

Hall, Sally, m. Samuel Blague. 

Hall, Sally, m. John Kennedy. 

Hall, Stephen. At Hinghara, Mr. S. II., of this town, to 
Miss Sally Jacobs of that place. (S. March 31, 1792.) 


Hall, Thomas. At Barnstable, by Rev. Mr. Shaw, Mr. T. 
H., Printer, of this town, to Miss Nabby Thacher, of that 
place. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.) 
Hall, Zeabilon. At Hingham, Mr. Z. H. to Miss Patty 

Beals. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.) ' 
Halliburton; Rebecca, m. Capt. Robert Murray. 
Halsey, John. [In this town] J. H., Esq., of New- York, 
to Miss Nancy Crafts, second daughter to Thomas Crafts, 
Esq. (W. July 16, 1794.) 
Halstead, Sarah T., m. John Roach. 

Ham, George. [At Portsmouth] Mr. G. H. to Miss Jo- 
hanna Beck. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.) 
Hamblin, Maria, m. Matthew Tasker. 
Hamersley, Lucretia, m. Monson Hayt. 
> Hamilton, Anne, m. James Lyle. 
Hammatt, Lydia, m. Capt. Thomas Norton. 
Hammond, Abijah. At Newark (N. J.), A. H.,Esq., ofNcw- 
. York, to Miss Catharine Ogden, of Newark. (W. Feb. 9, 

Hammond, Asa. [In this town] Mr. A. H. to Miss Sally 

Dawes. (W. June 18, 1794.) 
Hammond, Benjamin. Mr. B. H. to Miss Sally Nichols, 
daughter of Mr. S. N. (W. April 4, 1792.) 
At New r port implied. 
Hammond, Capt. Gardner. In this town, Capt. G. H. to 

Miss Eliza Fullerton. (W. April 12, 1794.) 
Hammond, George. At Philadelphia, G. H., Esquire, his 
Britannic Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to the United 
States, to Miss Peggy Allen, of that place. (W. May 29, 
Hamock, Mrs. Sally, m. Elijah Brigham. 
Hancock, Nathaniel. In this town, Mr. N. H., Miniature 
' Painter, to Miss Betsey Welsh. (W. May 25, 1791.) 
Handy, Merebe, m. Capt. Frederick William Callahan. 
Hanly, Capt. Matthew. At North-Kingston, Capt. M. II. 

to Miss Lydia Pettis. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.) 
Harback, Sally, m. James Symmes. 


Harden, Joanna, m. Samuel Watts. 

Harding, Jane, m. Rev. Thomas Henley Chipman. 

Harding, Martha, m. Richard Richardson. 

Harmond, Polly, m. Thomas Stepson. 

Harrington, Anna, m. Thomas Winship. 

Harris, Hannah, m. William Draper. 

Harris, J. E. In England, J. E. Harris, Esq., to Miss Jo- 
anna Hutchinson, daughter of the late Gov. Hutchinson of 
this State. (S. July 15, 1786.) 

Harris, Joanna, m. Isaac Pierce. 

Harris, Joseph. Last Tuesday evening, by the Rev. Mr. 
Stillman, Mr. J. H. to Miss Polly Daniels, both of this 
town. (S. Aug. 27, 1791.) 

Harris, Lydia Gilbert, m. George Singleton, jun. 

Harris, Rebeccah, m. Dr. John Wheeler. 

Harris, Thankful, in. Jeremiah Gore, jun. 

Harris, Rev. William. At Lexington, the Rev. W. H., of 
Marblehead, to Miss Patty Clark, daughter to the Rev. Mr. 
Clark, of Lexington. (S. Nov. 26, 1791.) 

Harrison, Miss, in. Capt. Thomas Beaty. 

Harrison, Betsy, m. Snelling Powell. 

Harrison, George. At Philadelphia, Mr. G. II . to Miss So- 
phia Francis, daughter to Tench Francis, Esq. (W. Feb. 
29, 1792.) 

Harrow, Anna Matilda, m. Jacobus Hatchet. 

Hart well, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J. H. to Miss Esther 
M'Clarey. (W. Sept. 14, 1791.) 

Hartwick, Hannah, m. Josiah Allen, jun. 

Haskel, Phiueas, jun. At Westborough, Mr. P. H.,jun., 
to Miss Sukey Martyn. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.) 

Haskell, Ruth, in. Simeon Haskell. 

Haskell, Simeon. At Brookfield, Mr. S. II. to Miss Ruth 
Haskell, daughter of Mr. Samuel Haskell, D.D. ( W. Dec. 
4, 1793.) 

Haskins, Deborah, m. Rev. Mase Shephard. 

(To be continued.) 




London 26 Feb., 1668-9. 

Samuel Weller, commander 

Richard Carlisle, mate, at £2.15 per month. 

Philis Watson, boatswain, at £1.10. 

Jeffrey Flowers, carpenter, at £1.18. 

Jeffrey Carter, at £1.5. 

John Collier, at £1.5. 

Mathew Bennett, cook, at £1.5. 

John Willkenings, at £1.2. 

Gilbert Carguson, cooper, at £1.9. 

Thomas Horton, at £1.4. 
Dated at Gravesend, March 26, 1668-9. 

JV. //. Prov. Ct. Records. 


William Beale, aged 43, or thereabouts, deposes that in 
1700 being at Salem, heard a case between Capt. James 
Smith of Marblehead and Edward Bishop of Salem, concern- 
ing said Bishop's son Benjamin, whom Smith had taken as an 
apprentice in London and brought home. 

Benjamin James, aged 36, ditto. 

Mass. Slate Archives, fo. 138. 

Robert Scolley of full age testifies as to shipping as boat- 
swain at Boston for a voyage to Scotland, Ireland, and return. 
1711. fo. 203, vol. 8, Mass. State Archives. 

Samuel Hall, son of Ralph Hall of Exeter, gives bond to 
Humphrey Davie 1 of Boston, 1679. Ack. at Boston before 
Samuel Nowell. Heraldic seal of Davie, with quartering*. 

Deposition of Elizabeth Eledred, now Parris, and Abigial 
Willard aged about 16, saw Samuel Hall sign the above doc- 
ument. iV. II. Prov. Ct. Papers. 

1 Father of Sir John Davie, see Heraldic Journal for December, 1805, page 185. 



William Oliver of Isle of Shoals, 1673, had wife Elizabeth 
who committed adultery with Edward Holland. See depo- 
sition of Grace Allard, midwife, aged 46. 

Other witnesses were Henry Light set. 30, John Baston, 
set. 32, William Urin, ret. 20, a servant of Oliver. Follow- 
ing residents of the Isle of Shoals are mentioned : Philp Od- 
ihorne, Wm. Scaleys, Andrew Dimond, Michael Eudell, also 
Mr. Belcher's house. Elizabeth Damrell ret. 23, who lived 
at Hollands. Sarah Tucker, ret. 20, daughter in law of Grace 
Allard, was at Hugh Allard's house. 

JV. H. Prov. Ct. Papers. 

Walter Baster (also called Basterd) of Isle of Shoals, sued 
by Henry Dearing of Great Island, 1673. Dep. of John Davis 
set. about 50. 

John Bugg resident at the Shoals, 1673. 
Robert Winchester resident at the Shoals, 1673. 

John Elingwood of Isle of Shoals, had wife Dorothy who 
with him, received into 2d church, Portsmouth, 2 March, 



1 APRIL, 1707. 

Nathaniel Kogers, pastor. 1 

George JafFrey John Kate 

Samuel Keaies Ebenezer Johnson 

Obadiah Morse William Philbrick 

Job Alcock Samuel Foss 

John Denit, Sr. William White 

John Plaisted, Sr. Joshua Ham 

George Vaughan Joseph Hill 

John Partridge John Dennett, Jr. 

Joshua Pierce James Fernald 

» Ordained 3 May, 1G99; died Oct., 1723, aged 55. 


Edward Toogood John Adams 

John Jones John Newmarch, miu- 

Joseph Dennet ister at Kittery 

John Sherborne Richard Elliot 
Tobias Langdon 



1741, 3 Dec, Cutt Shannon and Mary Vaughan. Their 
son Richard Cutt, born 9 May, 1743. Jo. 9S. 

1731, 2 Feb., Lazerus, son of Anthony Row, born. 

1741, 20 Aug., Peter Staple and Abigail Winn, married. 

1727, 23 March, Francis De Rue of Isle of Jersey, aim 
Sarah Hunking of Portsmouth, married. Children : Sarah, 
born 16 Nov., 1731; Mary, born 7 March, 1738-9; Ann, 
born 8 March, 1741-2. 

1717, 7 March, Giles, son of William Seaward, born on 
Thursday. He married 4 June, 1738, Mary Hodgdon, who 
died 30 April, 1783. Giles died 12 Nov., 1797, aged 80 
years, 9 months. 

— , Ephram Homes and Mary. Their children : 

Mary, born 12 Jan., 1733; Keuah, born 17 March, 1737; 
Sarah, born 9 Nov., 1735. 

1749, 24 Feb., Ischoshua Brewster, son of Richard Pray 
Brewster of Portsmouth, deceased, was born in Portsmouth. 

fo. 138. 

f George and Sarah Huntress. Their children : 

Robert, born 20 March, 1747 ; George, born 19 Dec, 1749; 
Elizabeth, born 30 March, 1751 ; Joshua Lang, born 29 April, 
1753; Daniel, born 23 Sept., 1755. 

1738, 13 Aug., Matthias Hilton and Margaret King, mar- 


The Drake Family in England and America, 1360-1895, 
and the descendants of Thomas Drake of Weymouth, Mass., 
by Louis Stoughton Drake, Boston, 1896. 

Sixteen pages of this valuable genealogy is devoted to the 
English ancestry of Thomas Drake, and 273 pages to the 
American family. An account of the family of Sir Francis 
Drake is appended, together with an interesting account of 
the attempt by certain American Drakes to obtain a supposed 
property awaiting claimants. 

The Drake family has found in Mr. Drake a painstaking 
and conscientious historian, whose work, from the long list 
of subscribers, is evidently appreciated. A deserved tribute 
is paid to the deceased brother of the author, who had the 
same tastes as the compiler, and whose work relating to the 
Connecticut Drakes is to be continued by the compiler of 
this volume. 

The portraits are good and numerous, and the index is as 
thorough as need be. The book is evidently one of those 
genealogies destined soon to become scarce. 

An Historical Sketch of Bradford, Mass., in the Revolu- 
tion (including East Bradford, now Groveland). By Louis 
A. Woodbury, M.D., Groveland, 1895. 

This little volume of 112 pages, attracts attention, not only 
by the interesting manner in which is told the story of Brad- 
ford's aid to the patriot cause, but by its completeness, and the 
very many excellent illustrations. 

The names of the town's officers, committee of safety, etc., 
soldiers, and some account of individuals are printed. 

The price is but seventy-five cents. 

The Follett-Dewey, Fassett-Safford ancestry of Captain 
Martin Dewey Follett and his wife Persis Fessett, by Harry 
Packer Ward, 1896. 8 vo, cloth, pp. 249. 

This is an historical genealogical account of two ancestral 
lines of the compiler, besides giving a history of contempo- 
raneous events, including abstracts from diaries and other 
interesting data. There are several illustrations, and much 
of general as well as of special interest. Price, $2. 



51. Lewis. Thomas Lewis of Greenland, N. H., called 
"Jr.," 1687. Was called yeoman in 1688. His signature 
appears to two bonds to William Ardell of Boston, merchant, 
to which is affixed a seal which is perhaps on a chevron be- 
tween three estoilles an annulet. The witnesses were in one 
case Ephraim Foulsham, Edward Hulton, and in the other 
Stephen and John Johnson. Will some one enlighten me 
regarding the above Thomas Lewis, and his right to use coat 
armor? L. 

52. Blood. Descendants of the Concord and Groton 
families of Blood or others, whether bearing the name or not, 
are requested to communicate with Eben Putnam, Salem, 
Mass., who is compiling a genealogical history of the Blood 
families in America. 

53. Higgixson. Eben Putnam, Salem, Mass., is colleet- 
ing data regarding the Higginson family. He would be pleased 
to receive information pertaining to those bearing the name 
or their descendants. 

54. Information desired of the ancestry of Abigail Han- 
cock, who married William Middleton of Stonington, Conn., 
in 1759. 

55. What was the ancestry of Arthur Middleton, the 
signer of the Declaration? From what place did they (the 
Middletons) come to America? 

56. Ancestry of HannahBrown, born 1691, probably in 
Ipswich, Mass., and married Edward Cogswell. 

57. James of Barrington, R. I., or Edward or Edwin of 
Bristol, R. I., which? 

58. Nathaniel Adams, born ; died ; married 

Jan. 23, 1731, Hannah Wheeler. 

Nathaniel Adams, born June 8, 1739 (Groton, Ct.) ; died 
Ft. Griswold, Sept., 1781 ; married Jan. 4, 1770, Elizabeth 
Comstock. Sarah born (Groton, Ct.), Jan. 17, 1773. 



59. Ebenezer Briggs was married to Silence (or Silena) 
Macomber at Shiitesbury, Mass., Dec. 10, 1768. He died 
in 1812, she in 1819. Any information as to the previous 
family record of Ebenezer Briggs, or Silena Macomber, will 
he gladly received. E. C. T. 

60. Henry Cook, or Cooke, was in Salem in 1638, and 
married Judith, daughter of George Birdsale, in 1639. 
What was the ancestry of Henry? 

61. Thomas 2 Gage, born 1656 of Rowley, married Sarah, 
"and had Thomas born 1678, William born 1680, and four 
daughters. What were the names of Sarah the wife, and the 
four daughters? 

Thomas 3 Gage, born 1678 of Rowley, married Mary Smith. 
What are the names and dates of birth of their children? 

Moses 4 Gage, born 1705 of Mendon, married Sarah Nelson. 
What are the names and dates of birth of their children? 

62. George Hatslatt, a Hessian Soldier, married Beulah 
Martin of Puztoii (?) between 1777 and 1782. What is 
the ancestry of Beulah? C. C. C. 


(Continued from page 175. ) 

380. Ellen Bishop married Oct. 22, 1854, Joseph S. 
Gladwin of Deep River, Conn. 

George Selden, b. Apr. 14, 1856. 
Charles Albert, b. Mar. 9, 1861. 

384. Henry Bishop married Mar. 22, 1862, Sarah M. 
Stevens, daughter of J. Sylvester Stevens of Guilford, born 
Nov. 12, 1841. 

551 Jennie Maria, b. July 18, 1863. 

405. Augustus Bishop married Nov. 8, 1820, Patty Loper, 
daughter of Samuel F. Loper and Rebecca Colin of Guilford, 
born Oct. 24, 1795. Residence, Guilford. He died Feb. 
11, 1858. She died Oct. 9, 1873. 

552 Martin Chittenden, b. Mar. 5, 1823; m. Angeline Chit- 


553 Edward Augustus, b. Mar. 10, 1825; d. Sept. 18, 1838. 

554 Egbert Eugene, b. May 6, 1827 ; m. Grace Bunnell. 

555 • Elvira Clarissa, b. July 14, 1829 ; m. Christopher C. 


411. David C. Bishop married Oct. 8, 1837, Lucinda 
Baldwin, daughter of Ammi Baldwin of Branford. He died 
in Branford, Oct., 1885. She died May 11, 1873. 

556 George William, b. Sept. 29, 1838; m. Ann Eliza Booth. 

557 Oliver Hoadley, b. May 23, 1840 ; m. Rath Fenn. 

558 Mary Lucinda, b. Mar. 21, 1849. 



412. John Bishop married Thankful Gould, daughter a 
Elias Gould of Branford* Kesidence, Branford. 

559 Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1842. 

560 Elias Gould, b. June, 1847. 

561 Jane E., b. June 7, 1854. 

562 Henry H., b. Nov. 16, 1856. * 

414. Sarah Bishop married Oct. 23, 1833, Kufus Sf. Leete 
of Guilford, son of Miner Leete and Lucinda Norton of 
Guilford, born Aug. 17, 1812. Is a prosperous farmer 

in Guilford. 

Nancy Maria, b. Oct. 23, 1834; m. Walter G. Bishop. 
Richard Miner, b. Nov. 20, 1836; m. Mary E. Norton. 
Roger Calvin, b. Aug. 30, 1838 ; in. Helen A. Park. 
Ellen Lucretia, b. Aug. 20, 1840 ; m. "Walter G. Bishop. 
Rufus Burton, b. June 22, 1843. 
Margaret Elizabeth, b. Mar. 11, 1846. 

416. William H. Bishop married Sarah Griffin of Ulster, 
Penn., born Feb. 28, 1S30. 

431. Samuel Bishop married Elsena P. Dimmick. Resi- 
dence, Westford, Vt. 

. 563 Sarah Abigail, b. Nov., 1847. 

434. William Bishop married, first, Abigail Hale, and, 
second, Widow Brown. 

564 Cynthia M., b. Jan., 1855. 

565 Carlton, b. Oct., 1858. 

566 Walter, b. Jan., 1861. 

442. Edward Bishop married Aug. 23, 1855, Elizabeth 
F. Stannard of Clinton, Conn., born 1834, who died Feb. 
27, 1862. 

567 Clifford Forrest, b. Sept. 17, 1856 ; m. Maria E. Coan. 

568 Minnie Barnum, b. Feb. 10, 1860; m. James Young. 

" 443. George Bishop married Feb. 19, 184G, Nancy H. 


Evarts, daughter of Learning Evarts and Clarissa Griswold 
of Madison, born Nov. 10, 1827. Residence, Madison. 

569 Charles Henry, b. Oct. 7, 1857 ; m. Mary A. Corcoran. 

444. William F. Bishop married Nov. 15, 1848, Sarah A. 
Chittenden, daughter of Joel Chittenden of Madison and 
Sally Carter of Clinton, born May 24, 1830. Residence, 
New Haven. 

570 Grace Amelia, b. Feb. 3, 1857. 

571 Mary Frances, b. Sept. 15, 1859 ; m. Edward Thompson. 

572 Frederica, b. Feb. 13, 1868. 

445. Albort F. Bishop married Oct. 5, 1857, Eliza Jane 
Farnham of Clinton. 

573 George Jerome, b. Sept. 23, 1859. 

446. Samuel R. Bishop married May 3, 1854, Catharine 
E. Blatchley, daughter of Alfred Blatchley and Caroline 
Norton of Guilford, born July 29, 1835. Residence, New 

574 Albert Ferdinand, b. Feb. 10, 1855. 

575 Walter Scott, b. Sept. 20, 1856. 

576 Jeimie Eliza, b. Aug. 31, 1858; m. James E. Wood- 


448. Mary E. Bishop married July 23, 1857, George W. 
Jacobs of Madison, born Oct. 2, 1832. Residence, New 

Haven. . . . ... 

Georgiana Maria, b. Feb. 16, 1858. 
Emogene Augusta, b. Aug. 18, 1859. 
William Frederic, b. Nov. 19, 1861. 

449. Joseph B. Bishop married April 29, 1866, Luna 
Baldwin, daughter of William Baldwin of New Haven and 
Phebe Sheldon of Branford. Residence, New Haven. 

577 William Frederic, b. Aug. 15, 1867. 

578 Samuel Rogers, b. June 17, 1871. 





579 Lula Baldwin] b. Sept. 26, 1873. 

580 Sarah Olive, b. Sept. 26, 1873. 

581 Joseph Rutherford, b. Apr. 2, 1877 ; d. May 26, 1879. 

452. James Henry Bishop married May 16, 1847, Nancy 
J. B. Stone, daughter of Stephen Stone and Sally Hoyt of 
Madison, born Nov. 26, 1822. Residence, Madison. 

582 Mary Jane, b. Oct. 12, 1848. 

583 Charles S., b. Aug. 17, 1857. 

456. Edwin R. Bishop married in 1854 Sarah E. Ris- 
ley. He died in 1870. 

584 Jennie Amelia, b. 1855; m. Edw. W. Knight. 

585 Mary E., b. 1S5S ; m, Henry E. Houghkirk. 

469. Eber J. Bishop married Betsey W. Wilcox, daughter 
of Zenas Wilcox and Betsey Whedon, born Mar. 26, 1827. 
Residence, Madison. 

586 Mary E., b. Aug. 31, 1847; m. George H. Wilcox. 

587 Jonathan Meigs, b. Dec. 25, 1849 ; m. Ida Ferguson. 

588 Edward Eugine, b. Apr. 3, 1855; d. Oct. 16, 1855. 

589 Bessie Judd, b. June 4, 1862. 

590 Ella Amelia, b. Mar. 6, 1867. 

470. William S. Bishop married Rosetta M. Cohoon, 
born 1832. Residence, Madison. 

591 Lucy Rosette, b. Aug. 14, 1856 ; m. James N. McCaiui. 

592 Catharine A., b. Aug., 1861 ; m. James H. Bradley. 

487. Elisha Chapman Bishop married, first, July 5, 1846, 
Charlotte G. Fowler, daughter of Lyman Fowler and Mary 
Grilling of Guilford, born Dec. 15, 1823. She died Oct. 
6, 1885. He married, second, Nov. 6, 1887, Cornelia F. 
Fowler, sister of Charlotte. Residence, Guilford. 

593 Frederic Chapman, b. May 15, 1847 ; d. July 27, 1847. 

594 Frederic Chapman, b. Dec. 23, 1848. 

595 Robert Denison, b. Jan. 14, 1850; d. Aug. 14, 1850. 

596 Robert Allen, b. Apr. 16, 1851. 


597 Edward Fowler, b. Mar. 11, 1852; m. Anna G. 


598 Mary Cornelia, b. Aug. 27, 1853 ; m. Niles G. White. 

599 Frank Howard, b. Mar. 22, 1857 ; ra. Sophia C. Spencer. 

600 Ida, b. Apr. 19, 1859 ; m. Wm. G. Canfield. 

601 Eva, b. Apr. 19, 1859 ; m. Edward M. Leete. 

602 Richard Minhew, b. May 5, 1861 ; d. Sept. 22, 1861. 

603 Marilla Canfield, b. June 28, 1864; m. Frederic C. 


604 Ernest Smith, b. Oct. 28, 1866. 

488. Richard L. Bishop married May 28, 1848, Mary 
G. Hand, daughter of Elon Hand and Ruth Parrnelee of 
Guilford, born Mar. 11, 1827. She died June 24, 1873. 
He is now residing in New 7 Haven. 

605 George Hand, b. Jan. 26, 1850. 

606 Harriet Cornelia, b. May 6, 1852 ; d. Sept. 17, 1856. 

607 Charles Richard, b. July 30, 1859. 

608 Alice Townsend, b. Jan. 10, 1863 ; d. May 7, 1884. 

489. Huldah Jennette Bishop married Aug. 28, 1846, 
George A. Hull of Guilford, son of Cornelius Hull and Ruth 
M. Davis of Guilford, born July 14, 1823. 

Maria Bishop, b. Nov. 9, 1848 ; m. Charles W. Kelsey. 
Charles Ernest, b. Mar. 25, 1860; m. Elizabeth H. 

490. Sophia F. Bishop married May 13, 1857, Thomas 
Griswold of Guilford, son of Joel Griswold and Pollv Bart- 
lett of Guilford, born Mar. 10, 1832. They reside in 

609 Merrit Chapman, b. Feb. 23, 1859. 

610 Allen Bishop, b. Nov. 1, 1862 ; m. Emma G. Wedmore. 

611 Henry Fowler, b. Aug. 9, 1871. 

498. Lydia L. Bishop married March 22, 1838, Henry 
Hull of Killin^worth, son of Aaron Hull and Polly Davis of 
Killingworth, born June 16, 1813. Residence,. Guilford. 
He died June 7, 1885. 


Charles Augustcn, b. Aug. 1, 1842 ; d. Feb. 24, 1844. 

Serena Ellsworth, b. Aug. 11, 1844; d. Feb. 11, 1845. 

Sarah Clarissa, b. Oct. 19, 1846. 

Hannah Maria, b. Mar. 21, 1849 ; d. July 25, 1851. 

George Edwin, b. Aug. 15, 1851. 

Ella Maria, b. Feb. 26, 1853 ; m. Elisha B. Howell. 

Samuel Henry, b. Sept. 2, 1860 ; d. Feb. 1, 1876. 

500. Sarah M. Bishop married Mar. 31, 1844, Reuben L. 
Fowler of Guilford, son of Reuben Fowler and Adah Willard 
of Madison, born Sept. 7, 1822. Residence, Guilford. 

Sarah Jennette, b. Apr. 11, 1845; m. Charles G. Kim- 

Ellen Eugina, b. Dec. 27, 1846 ; m. Charles W. Black- 

Henry Lewis, b. Nov. 29, 1849 ; died Feb. 18, 1850. 

Clara Maria, b. Oct. 18, 1852; m. George L. Benton. 

Henry Lewis, b. Aug. 5, 1855; m. Jennie Pickett. 

Harriet Eliza, b. June 11, 1858; m. C. Robert llawley. 

Frank Edwin, b. July 21, 1860 ; m. Martha E. Davis. 

Frederic Arthur, b. Sept. 5, 1864. 

Fanny Louise, b. June 5, 1867. 

502. J. Munson Bishop married May 13, 1858, Orriette 
Lee, daughter of Eli Lee and Lydij Evarts of Guilford, born 
June 13, 1837. Residence, Guilford. 

612 Lillie Maria, b. Nov. 3, 1864 ; m. Henry B. Dolph. 

504. Edward L. Bishop married Nov. 23, 1864, Sarah 
J. Wingood, daughter of John AVin^ood and Maria H. 
Barnes of Guilford, born May 12, 1844. Residence, Guil- 

613 Robert Edward, b. Nov. 7, 1866. 

614 Ellsworth Lewis, b. Mar. 13, 1868. 

615 Jane Maria, b. Apr. 13, 1871. 

616 Frank Nelson, b. Aug. 27, 1876. 

617 Anna Louisa, b. July 14, 1880. 

618 Mary, b. Dec. 16, 1885. 


510. John C. Bishop married Dec. 26, 1853, Mary 
Skilton Avery, born May 13, 1824. They reside in Lyons, 
N.Y. (1888.) 

619 Anna, b. Apr. 23, 1855 ; d. Aug. 2, 1870. 

620 Sarah, b. Dec. 20, 1856. 

621 Charles Avery, b. Aug. 26, 1858; m. Jane E. Smart. 

622 Lincoln, b. Feb. 11, 1860; m. Frances L. Barrett. 

623 John Skilton, b. Sept. 4, 1861. 

541. William C. Bishop married June 15, 1868, Abbie 
L. Davis, daughter of Samuel Davis and Harriet Benton of 
Guilford, born Mar. 19, 1844. They live in Guilford. 

624 Henry Whitfield, b. Mar. 12, 1869. 

625 Clara Benton, b. Apr. 22, 1871. 

626 Harriet Benton, b. Apr. 19, 1873. 

544. Ella C. Bishop married Dec. 9, 1865, William H. 
Davis of Guilford, son of George B. Davis and Hannah 
Hubbard of Guilford, born Dec. 1, 1838. Residence, Guil- 

Clara Gertrude, Mar. 9, 1871. 

Ralph Augustus, Sept. 21, 1878. 

547. Frank B. Bishop married June 26, 1875, Lillian J. 
Norton, daughter of Newell A. Norton and Josephine H. 
Hill of Madison, born Mar. 26, 1859. Residence, Madison. 

627 Robert Merton, b. Dec. 21, 1875. 

628 Maud Josephine, b. Nov. 27, 1878. 

629 , son, b. July 27, 1885. 

548. Edson S. Bishop married Jan. 1, 1869, Mary E. 
Davis, daughter of George B. Davis and Hannah Hubbard 
of Guilford, born Dec. 6, 1841. Residence, Guilford. 

630 Frank Edson, b. July, 1870; shot by accident Nov. 3, 


631 Harry Orlando, b. Aug. 1, 1876. 

632 Arthur Garfield, b. Oct. 3, 1881. 


549. Wesley W. Bishop married Harriet Wetmore, 
Residence, Norwich. She died Feb. 1, 1878. 

633 Ida, b. . 

550. Jane E. Bishop married George Edgar Davis of 
Guilford, son of George B. Davis and Hannah Hubbard, 
born Dec. 25, 1834. She died Apr. 11, 1872. 

634 Walter Bartlett, b. Dec. 25, 1861. 

552. Martin C. Bishop married, first, May 7, 1848, Ange- 
lina A. Chittenden, who was born Nov. 18, 1826, and died 
S. P. Oct. 21; 1850. He married, second, Mar. 23, 1856, 
Jennette A. Griswold, daughter of Jacob Griswold and Obe- 
dience Potter of Guilford, born April 30, 1822. They 
reside in North Branford. 

635 Ellen Augusta, b. Mar. 27, 1858 ; in.* Frank Foote. 

554. Egbert E. Bishop married Grace Bunnell of North 
Branford. Residence, Branford. 

636 Hetta Eugenia, b. Nov. 28, 1853 ; m. Lewis Beardsley. 

637 Charles Augustus, b. Apr. 17, 1855; d. Jan. 25, 1885. 

638 Rebecca Loper, b. Mar. 1, 1857 ; d. July 9, 1858. 

639 Mary Louisa, b. Mar. 30, I860 ; m. John L. Prout. 

640 Horner Chidsey, b. , 1862 ; poisoned Aug. 30, 1888. 

641 Anna . 

555. Elvira C. Bishop married first as second wife of 
Christopher C. Rossiter of Guilford, who was born May 12, 
1818, and died June 16, 1855. She married, second, Dec. 
24, 1856, Edgar P. Rossiter, who was born Dec. 19, 1826. 

Luella, b. Mar. 10, 1840; m. Dwight D. Chittenden. 
Sarah, b. June 16, 1854; d. Dec. 20, 1854. 
Grace Elvira, b. Oct. 25, 1857; d. Nov. 5, 1876. 
Edgar Eugene, b. Oct. 26, 1860; d. Mar 13, 1862. 

[It affords the editor pleasure to announce that Mr. Bishop lias placed in our hands 
for puhlication another series of genealogical notes relating to Bishop families not 
mentioned or connected with the genealogy completed with this numher.] 


{Continued from page 80.) 

■ - . , 

1724. Nov. 8, Willson, son of EbenezerKee and Susan- 
nah, his wife. 

Dec. 20, Ebenezer, son of Thomas Gould ; Mary and 
Elizabeth, daughters of James Barnes ; Sybella, dau. of 
John Parks, in her 14th year. 

Dec. 27, Samuel, son, and Sarah, dau., of Samuel Utter. 

1725. Jan. 17, Sarah, dau. of Stephen Grover. 

Jan. 24, David, son of Isaac Cutler; Margaret, dau. of 
Daniel Whitmore. 

Feb. 7. Zerviah, dau. of Nathaniel and Katharine 

March 1, John, son of Nathaniel Johnson; Daniel, son of 
Daniel Whitmore. 

March 8, Joseph, son of Nath'l and Katherine Blanchard; 
Sarah, dau. of James Barnes. 

April 11, Nathaniel, son of Gideon Draper; Mary, dau. 
of Thomas Mighill, Jun. 

April 18, Charles, son of Elizabeth Sabin ; William, son 
of William Larned, 

May 1, Samuel, son of Abigail, wife of Stephen Cady. 

May 9, Samuel, son, and Sarah and Elisabeth, daughters, 
of Elisabeth, wife of S. Cutler. 

May 16, Benjamin, son of Richard Dresser; Stephen, son 
of Nathaniel Brown. 

May 23, James, son of Joseph Covell, Jun. 

May 30, Hannah and Dorcas, daughters of Samuel Con- 

June 13, Abigail, daughter of John and Marv Haskell ; 
Mary, dau. of Samuel and Joanna Utter. 

June 20, Jacob, son of Thomas Whitmore, Jun. 

June 27, Elisabeth, dau. of Ebenezer Brooks, Jun. 

July 4, Benjamin, son of Ford. 

18, Ebenezer, son of John Firman. 

25, Elizabeth, Mary, and Mehitable, daughters of Mehit- 
able Allen. 



Aug. 1, Martha, dau. of Joseph Cady, Jun. 

8, Abigail, dau. of Henry Ellitharpe. 

22, Susanna, dau. of William Spalding. 

29, Patience, dau. of . 

Sept. 26, Rebekah, dau. of Jacob Spalding. 

Oct. 3, Dorcas, dau. of Samuel Davis. 

10, David, son of John Preston.. 

17, Hannah, dau. of Joseph Leavens. 

1726. Jan. 2, Sarah, dau. of Henry Green, Jun. 

Jan. 9, Marcy, dau. of Jonathan Cluff; Martha, dan. of 
Abigail, widow of S. Cady. 

Jan. 30, Mary, dau. of Benjamin and Mary Barrett. 

Peb. 6, William, son of William Whitney. 

Feb. 13, Sarah, dau. of Robert Burch. 

March 6, James, son of Jacob Comins ; John, son of 
David Ross ; David, son of Urian Hosmer ; Benjamin, son 
of Joseph Symonds ; Rhoda, dau. of John Winter, Jun. 

March 20, Mehitable, dau. of Hanniel Clark. 

April 3, Dorothy, dau. of Joseph Barrett. 

April 10, Jonathan, son of Timothy Parkhurst. 

April 24, James, son of Eleazer Brooks. 

May 8, Mary, dau. of Samuel Danielson; Mary, wife of 
Jabcz Brooks. 

May 15, Patience, dau. of John Younglove. 

May 22, Joseph, son of Israel Joslin. 

29, Abigail, dau. of Abigail, wife of J. Cady. 

June 12, John, son of Israel Richards. 

July 15, Sarah and Hannah, children of David and 
Hannah Cady. , 

July 29, Samuel, son of John and Marj 7 Lee. 

Aug. 21, Elisabeth, dau. of Thomas Mighill. 

Aug. 28, Isaac, son of Stephen Grover. 

Sept. 4, Samuel and Mary, children of Samuel and Mary 
Utter ; Lydia, dau. of Ephraim Warren. 

Sept. 18, Samuel, son of Ensign Thomas Gould. 

Oct. 22, Frances, dau. of Comfort Starr. 

Nov. 6, Stephen, son of John Grover's wife. 

{To be continued.) I 

\ 1 *K 

<v • 




By Miss E. W. Leavitt. 

Anne Stratton, widow of John Stratton, deceased, some- 
time of Sttotley, County Suffolk, Eng., late of Salem, 
N.E.,to her brother-in-law, Joseph Stratton, mariner, some- 
time of Harwich, County Essex, Eng., now of James City, 
Va., who owed a debt, in 1G29, to John, son of widow 
Anne Stratton, and his brother, William Stratton. 

William, son of John and Anne Stratton, in 1628, and of 
Ardlye, County Essex, Eng., and was to have come to 
Virginia with his uncle, Joseph Stratton ; but his uncle 
sailed away with all of William's goods and left Wiiliam 

In 1629 John Stratton, his wife Anne, were of Dedham, 
County Essex, Eng. 

In 1640 there were in Salem the widow, Mrs. Anne 
Stratton, John, the only living son, then thirty- four years 
old, and daughter Elizabeth, aged twenty-six years, wife of 
John Thorndike. 

Jan. 19, 1641, Mrs. Anne Stratton, widow, of Salem, 
Mass., John and Elizabeth Thorndike, Dorothy Stratton, 
spinster, give power of attorney to Capt. Edward Gibbons, 
of Boston, Mass., and Richard Stillman, of London, Eng., 
to receive from John Thurston, of Hockston, County Suf- 
folk, executor of the will of Mrs. Mary Dcarhaugh, late of 
Barringham, widow, County Suffolk, Eng., the mother of 
Mrs. Anne Stratton and grandmother of John and Elizabeth 
Thorndike, bequests made in said will. — LecliforcVs Note 
Book IL, pp. 333, 339, 427. 




(Continued from page 191.) 

Haskins, Mary, m. William Ladd, jun. 

Haskins, William. [At New-Bedford] Mr. W. H. to Miss 

Sally Potter. (W. Oct. 23, 1793.) 
Hastings, John. At Newton, J. H., Esq., to the amiable 

Miss Sally Gardner, of Brooklyn. (W. Oct. 5, 1791.) 
Hastings, Simon. In this town, last Thursday evening, by 

the Bev. Mr. Kirkland, Mr. S. H. to Miss Mind well 

Andrews. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.) 
Hatch, Asa. In this town, Mr. A. H. to Miss Patty 

Brown. (W. July 30, 1794.) 
Hatch, Crowel. C. H., Esq., to Miss Hannah Boit. [Both 

of this town.] (W. Sept, 30, 1789.) 
Hatch, Elizabeth, m. Samuel Quincey. 
Hatch, Mrs. Phebe, m. Henry Sweetser. 
Hatchet, Jacobus. [In this town] Mr. J. H. to Miss Anna 

Matilda Harrow. (W. Nov. 26, 1794.) 
Hathaway, John. In this town, Mr. J. H. to Miss Hannah 

Tate. (W, May 16, 1792.) 
Hathaway, Lydia, m. Caleb Faxon. 
Hathaway, Nabby, m. Capt. Weston Howland. 
Hathorne, Betsey, m. Thorndike Proctor, jun. 
Hawes, Betsy, m. Capt. Benjamin Walcutt. 
Hawes, Daniel. At Wrentham, Mr. D. H. to Miss Jemima 

Cheever. (S. Feb. 28, 1789.) 
Hawkins, John. At Nantucket, Mr. J. II. to Miss Lucinda 

Whippy. (W. July 17, 1793.) 
Hawks, Benjamin. At Salem, Mr. B. H. to Miss Nabby 

Becket. (S. Sept. 3, 1791.) 



Ilawson, Mrs. Margaret, in. Christopher Wilder. 

Hayden, Capt. Caleb. In this town, Capt. C. H. to the 

agreeable Miss Caroline Stevens, both of this town. 

(W. June 15, 1791.) 
Hayden, Eli. At Braintree, by the Kev. Mr. Wild, Mr. 

E. H. to Miss Charlotte Soper, both of that town. 

(S. Feb/7, 1789.) 
Hayden, Lot. Mr. L. H. to Miss Nancy Colesworthy. 

(W. June 30, 1790.) 
Hayden, William. [In this town] Mr. W. H., of Rich- 
mond (Virg.), to Miss Lucy Davis, daughter of Mr. 

Edward Davis. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.) 
Hayley, Mrs. Mary, m. Patrick Jeffrey. 
Hayt, Monson. At Jamaica, M. H., Esq., to Miss Lucretia 

Hamersley. (S. Apr. 28, 1792.) 
Hay ward, Sally, m. Caleb Alden. 
Hay ward, Dr. Samuel. Dr. S. H., of this town, to the 

amiable Miss Sally Henshaw, of Connecticut. 

Palma velut, palmam cui casta columba columbum 
Sic vero eonjux conjugem araore colat, 
Conjugium fsecundat amor atq secundat, 
Ditatidem Ccolo gratia lapsa dei. 


As hand with hand, as dove unites with dove, 
Those linked in wedlock, should be link'd in love, 
Love join'd with labour should compleat the state, 
And make that lasting which before was great, 
When such fruition to terrestriars given, 
Who would not wish for marriage in Heaven ? 
• Or who thus blest, would wish to enter there? 
Wedlock's a Heav'n beyond what angels share. 

Hazeltine, Nancy, m. Daniel Stock well. 
Heacock, Theodora, m. Capt. Gilbert Horny. 
Head, Ann, m. Phillip Jaryis. 
Heard, Sally, m. Vashai Heminway. 


Hearsey, Abel. At Salem, Mr. A. II. to Miss Polly Gard- 
ner. (W. Sept. 18, 1793.) 

Hearsy, Thomas. In this town, Mr. T. H. to Miss Nancy 
Ayers. (S. Apr. 2, 1791.) 

Heartshorn, Pliny. Mr. P. H. to Miss Sally Daniels [both] 
■ of this town. (W. Oct. 15, 1794.) 
On Sunday evening last? 

Heath, Ebenezer. At Roxbury, Mr. E. II., of Brooklyn, t*. 
the amiable Miss Hannah Williams, of Roxbury. (\V. 
Jan. 12, 1791.) 

Heath, William. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Belknap f 
Mr. W. H. to Miss Betsy Black. (S. Mar. 6, 1790.) 

Hedge, B., jun. At Fairfield, in Mr. Burr's house, Mr. B. 
H., jun., to Miss Eunice D. Burr, Mr. W. H. Capers, of 
S. Carolina, to Miss Abigail Burr, — and Mr. Gershom 
Burr to Miss Young. (W. Sept. 16, 1789.) 

Heminway, Vashai. At Lancaster, Mr. V. H., of Shrews- 
bury, to Miss Sally Heard, daughter to Col. Heard, of 
Lancaster. (W. Feb. 15, 1792.) 

Henderson, Joseph, m. Dr. William Cutler. 

Henderson, Dr. R. At Staten Island, Dr. R. H. to Miss 
Maria Journeay. (W. May 16, 1792.) 

Henry, Mrs. Elizabeth, m. Capt. Joseph Roby. 

Henry, Jane, m. Capt. J. Gay. 

Henshaw, Capt. Joshua. By the Rev. Dr. Lathrop, on 
Monday evening, Capt. J. H. to Miss Cynthia Lapham. 
(W. Feb. 2, 1791.) 

Henshaw, Sally, m. Dr. Samuel Hay ward. 

Herring, Betsy, m. William Leggett. 

Hewes, Elizabeth, m. Major John Gardner. 

Hewes, Hannah, m. J. Deverell. 

Hewes, Lucretia, m. William T. Clap. 

Heyer, Eliza, m. Edward Meeks. 

Heyler, Polly, m. Samuel Thaxter. 

Hichborn, Betsy, m. Doddridge Crocker. 

Hichborn, John. [In this town] Mr. J. H. to Miss Betsy 


Brown, daughter to Mr. Garvcn Brown. (S. Oct. 1, 

Hichborn, Phillip. In this town, Mr. P. H. to Miss Betsy 

Hopkins. (W. Sept. 19, 1792.) 
Hichborn, Samuel. On Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. 

Parker, Mr. S. H. to the amiable Miss Nancy Eumsey. 

(W. Feb. 16, 1785.) 
Hickey, Mrs. Betsy, m. Richard Champney. 
Hicklin, Catharine, m. William Prescott. 
Hickling, Elizabeth Parker, m. Gamaliel Bradford, jun. 
Hicks, Willet. [At New York] Mr. W. H. to Miss Mary 

Matlack. (S. May 19, 1792.) 
Hidden, Martha, m. Joseph Kilborn. 
Hiestrine, Miss, m. Capt. Benjamin Hodgdon. 
Higgins, Jane, m. Methusela Baldwin. 
Higgins, Mercy, m. David Spear, jun. 
Higginson, Nathaniel Cabot. At Philadelphia, N. C. H., 

Esq., to Miss Sally Rhea. (W. Oct. 24, 1792.) 
Higginson, Sally, m. Dudley Atkins Tyng. 
Higginson, Hon. Stephen. Hon. S. H., Esq., to Miss Eliza- 
beth Perkins. (S. June 27, 1789.) 
Higginson, Hon. Stephen. In this town, Hon. S. H., Esq., 

to Miss Sally Perkins. (W. Nov. 7, 1792.) 
Hilegas, Miss, m. William Nickles. 
Hill, Mrs. Charlotte, m. Capt. Joseph Gleason. 
Hill, David. [In this town] Mr. D. H. to Miss Lydia 

Barron. (W. Apr. 3, 1793.) 
Hill, Hannah, m. Samuel Whiting. 
Hill, James. At Stockbridge, Mr. J. H., printer, late of 

this town, to Miss Jerusha Gardner. (S. Oct. 4, 1794.) 
Hill, Sally, m. John Hunting. 
Hill, Samuel. Mr. S. H. to Miss Grace Austin. (W. May 

11, 1791.) 
Hill, William. Mr. W. H. to Miss Polly Green. (W. 

Apr. 7, 1790.) 


Hiller, Thomas. [In this town] Mr. T. H. to Miss Kuty 

Martin. (S. Jan. 19, 1793.) 
Hilton, Thomas. [At -Portland] Mr. T. H. to Miss Rachel 

Veasie. (S. Nov. 26, 1791.) 
Hinds, John. [In this town] Mr. J. H. to Miss Elizabeth 

Cotton. (S. Apr. 5, 1794.) 
Hinkley, Hannah, m. Foster Crafts. 
Hinkley, Sally, in. Watson Freeman. 

Hinkley, Samuel. [At Northampton] S. H. to Miss Doro- 
thy Strong. (W. June 28, 1786.) 
Hitchcock, Joseph. [At New York] Mr. J. H. to Miss 

Sally Van Deuser. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.) 
Hitchins, Sukey, in. Nathaniel Emmons. 
Hixon, Mrs., m. Mr. Eaton. 
Hobart, Racheal, m. Jothan Cushman. 
Hodgdon, Capt. Benjamin. [At Philadelphia] Capt. B. IL, 

formerly of this town, to the amiable Miss Hiestrine, of 

that city. (S. Jan. 7, 1792.) 
Hodgdon, Nancy, m. William Keer. 
Hodge, Hannah, m. Abiel Wood, jun. 
Hodge, Sukey, m. Mr. Kennedy. 
Hodges, Jonathan. [At Salem] Mr. J. H. to Miss Betsey 

Roper. (S. Apr. 5, 1788.) 
Hodges, Thomas. [At Portland] Mr. T. H., merchant, of 

London, to Miss Jane Robinson. (S. July 23, 1790.) 
Hoffman, Mary, m. James Seton. 
Holbrook, Dr. [At Milton] Dr. H. to Miss Robinson, 

daughter to the late Col. Robinson, of Dorchester, de- 
ceased. (W. Dec. 9, 1789.) 
Holland, Abial, m. Stephen Veron. 
Holland, Mrs. Mary, m. Capt. David Spear. 
Hollis, Mrs. Mary. [In this town] Mrs. M. H., aged 40, 

to Master Benjamin Hooten, aged 18. (S. Jan. 19, 

Hollistcr, William. [At Lenox] Mr. W. H. to Miss Orra 

Willard. (W. Nov. 17, 1790.) 


Ilolman, Polly, m, Josiah Copeland. 

Holmes, Betsy, m. Daniel Scott. 

Holt, Polly, m. John Foster. 

Holt, Sally, m. Joseph Brown. 

Ilomans, Capt. Benjamin. [In this town] Capt. B. H. to 

Miss Martha Newell [both] of this town. (W. Aug. 3, 

Homans, Dr. John. Dr. J. H. to Miss Sally Dalton, both 

of this town. (S. Sept. 17, 1785.) 
Homans, Susannah, m. Peter C. Scott. 
Homer, Abiah, m. John Bonner. 
Homer, Bcthiah, m. Col. Oliver Gallup. 
Homer, Betsey, m. Amasa Paine. 
Homer, Mrs. Betsey, m. John Winnek. 
Homer, Eleazer. Mr. E. H. to Miss Polly Bartlett. (S. 

Nov. 25, 1786.) 
Homer, George. [In this town] Mr. G. H. to Miss Sally 

Sumner. (W. Nov. 30, 1791.) 
Homer, Hannah, m. John Howe. 
Homer, Capt. Michael. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. 

Thatcher, Capt. M. H. to Miss Betsey Rea, both of this 

town. (W. Nov. 16, 1791.) 
Homer, Ruth, m. Peter Rcmy Arsonneau. 
Homer, Sally, m. Samuel Dashwood. 
Homes, Barzillia. [In this town] Mr. B. II. to Miss Sally 

Wheeler [both] of this town. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.) 
Homes, Samuel. At the Rev. Mr. Porter's meeting-house, in 

the North Parish in Bridgewater, on Sunday last, after 

the public exercise was past, Mr. S. H. to the amiable 

Miss Polly Alcott. (S. Jan. 11, 1794.) 
Homes, William. In this town, Mr. W. II. to Miss Mary 

Greenough. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.) 
Hooper, Joseph. At Bridgewater, Mr. J. H. to Miss Lucy 

Mitchell, daughter of Mr. Edward Mitchell, of that town. 

(S. Jan. 5, 1793.) C 

Hooper, Joshua. At Charlestown, oy the Rev. Mr. Morse, 


Mr. J. II. to the amiable Miss Hannah Barringtou, U, 
of Charlestown. (W. July 24, 1793.) 

Methinks the bliss must be complete, 
Where wit and beauty jointly meet ; 

More pleasing still the nuptial bands, 
Where honor, virtue, join their hands. . 


Hooper, Louise, m. Samuel Woodward. 

Hooper, Ruth, m. Lewis Jenkins. 

Hooper, Thomas. At Newbury port, Mr. T. H. to Mba 
Harriet Bradbury, of that town. (W. Sept. 26, 1792.) 

Hooten, Benjamin, m. Mrs. Mary Hollis. 

Hopkins, Miss, m. Joseph James. 

Hopkins, Betsy, in. Phillip Iliohborn. 

Hopkins, Betsey, m. Leonard Worcester. 

Hopkins, John. In Virginia, J. H., Esq., Continental Loan 
Officer, to Miss Lyons. (S. Nov. 7, 1789.) 

Hopkins, Mary, m. Ashbel Wells. 

Hopkins, Susannah, m. Rev. Jonathan Maxcy. 

Hoppin, Col. Benjamin. At Warwick, Col. B. H., of Prov- 
idence, to Mrs. Mary Whitney, of the former place. 
(W.June 18, 1794.) 

Horn, Nancy, m. Hezekiah Hudson. 

Horny, Capt. Gilbert. At Portsmouth, N. II., Capt. G. H., 
of Pool, in England, to Miss Theodore Heacock, of Cork. 
in Ireland. ; *(\V. Mar. 28, 1792.) 

Houghton, Charity, m. Isaac Smith. 

Houghton, Maverick, in. Dr. Josiah Cottins:. 

Hovey, Sally, m. Stephen Field. 

Hovey, Sally, m. Daniel Jenkins, juu. 

How, Rachel, m. Lieut. Edward Robinson. 

How, Sally, m. Edmund Baker. 

Howard, Rev. Dr. At Hingham, on Monday evening last, 
the Rev. Dr. II. to the agreeable Miss Jerusha Gay, 
daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Gay. (S. Dec. 4, 1790.) 
M., 29 Nov., Rev. Simeon Howard, of Boston. 

Howard, Abigail, m. Daniel Lincoln. 


Howard, Amasa. At Westminster (Vt.), A. H., Esq., 

nttorney-at-law, to Miss Betsy Homer, second daughter 

of the late Capt. Benjamin Homer, deceased, of this town. 

(W. Sept. 12, 1787.) 
Corrected in W. Sept. 29 to Amasa Paine, q. v. 
Howard, Rev. Bezaleel. At Weathersfield (Conn.), the 

Rev. B. H., of Springfield, to Miss Prudence Williams. 

(W. May 26, 1790.) ' 
Howard, Eliza, m. Samuel Phipps. 
Howard, Dr. John. At Moriches, Suffolk County, Dr. J. 

H. to Miss Fanny Howell. 
Howard, Judith, m. Capt. Joseph Clark. 
Howard, Mary, m. M. Bussy. 
Howe, Hipzabath, m. Jacob Barnes. 
Howe, John. Mr. J. II. to Miss Hannah Homer. 

In this town implied. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.) 
Howe, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J. H. to Miss Patty 

Gridley, both of this town. (W. Sept. 17, 1794.) 
Howe, Maria, m. John Coates. 
Howe, Polly, m. Robert Crocker. 
Howe, Polly, m. Hawks Lincoln. 
Howe, Thomas. Mr. T. H. to Miss Alice Sumner. (W. 

Mar. 9, 1791.) 
Howe, Thomas. [In this town] Mr. T. H. to Miss Ann 

Gardner. (W. June G, 1792.) 
Howell, Fanny, m. Dr. John Howard. 
Howell, Dr. Jeremiah B, At Providence, Dr. J. B. II. to 

Miss Martha Brown, daughter of the late Mr. J. B. (S. 

E.) (W. Oct. 30, 1793.) 
Howes, William. [At Warren] Mr. W. H., of Wrentham, 
■ to Miss Eunice Dagget, of Attleborough. (S. Nov. 23, 

Howland, Alice, m. Jarathmael White. 
Howland, Beriah. At Dartmouth, Mr. B. H., of Westport, 

to Mr. Lucy Brightman of New-Bedford. (S. Dec. 15, 



Howland, Hannah, in. Capt. "William Akin. 

Howland, Capt. Weston. At New-Bedford, Capt. W. H. 

to Miss Nabby Hathaway. (W. Oct. 23, 1793.) 
Hoy, Miss, m. Earl of Shrewsbury. 
Hoyt, Dr. Benjamin Starr. At Danbury, Dr. B. S. IT. u< 

Miss Ann Wood. (W. Oct. 1, 1794.) 
Hoyt, Dr. Ezra. At Lanesborough, Dr. E. H. to Miss 

Sally Smith, eldest daughter of Col. Jonathan Smith, tin 

gentleman whose speech in Convention, "to his brother 

Farmers," was so much celebrated. (S. Mar. 20, 1790. ) 
Hubbard, John. At New-Ipswich, on the 10th inst., Mr. J. 

H., Preceptor of the New-Ipswich Academy, to Miss Beeca 

Preston of New-Ipswich. (W. Aug. 24, 1791.) 
Hudson, Hezekiah. [In this town] Mr. H. H. to Mi— 

Nancy Horn. (W. Apr. 4, 1792.) 
Hughes, Samuel, jun. [In this town] Mr. S. H., jun. to 

Miss Peggy Milliquet, (W. Oct, 26, 1791.) 
Hull, Dr. David. At Fairfield, Conn., Dr. D. H. to Miss 

Sukey Eliot, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Eliot, of tbi> 

town. (S. Nov. 14, 1789.) 
Humphrey, Betsey, m. Charles Leach. 
Humphrey, Capt. James, jun. At Fitzwilliam, Capt, .J. 

H., jun., of Athol, to Miss Lucy Brigham. (Dec. 25, 

Humphrey, Sukey, m. Samuel Fenner. 
Hunnewell, Jonathan. Mr. J. H. to Miss Katy Core, 

daughter of John Gore, Esq., of this town. (W. Dec. 5, 

Hunnewell, Sally, m. John W. Bradlee. 
Hunt, Joab. [In this town] By the Rev. Dr. Parker, Mr. 

J. H. to Miss Kezia Wentworth, of this town. (W. Xo\. 

9, 1791.) 
Hunt, Rebecca, m. Dr. Nathaniel Noyes. 
Hunt, Samuel. [In this town] On Monday evening, Mr. S. 

H. to the amiable Mrs. Shepard, of South-Carolina. (\\ • 

May 5, 1790.) 


Hunt, Samuel W. Last evening, Mr. S. W. II. to Miss 

Euthy Mackay. (W. Oct. 18, 1786.) 
Hunt, Thomas. Last evening, at Roxbury, by the Rev. 

Mr. Porter, Mr. T. H., of Stockbridge, to Miss Polly 

Patten, only daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Patten, of that 

place. (W. Oct! 28, 1789.) 
Hunt, William. Thursday afternoon, by the Rev. S. Parker, 

W. H., Esq., of Watertown, attorney-at-law, to Miss 

Jenny Bethune, of Little Cambridge. (S. Nov. 17, 

Hunter, Anne, m. John L. T. D. Falconet. 
Hunter, Peggy, m. Ebenezer Coombs. 
Hunting, John. [In this town] Mr. J. II. to Miss Sally 

Hill. (W. Oct. 24, 1792.) f 

Huntington, Jabez. At Norwich, Mr. J. H., merchant, to 

Miss Mary Lanman. (W. Jan. 2, 1793.) 
Hurten, Maria, m. Timothy Burr. 
Hussey, Amelia, m. William Mackay, jun. 
Hussey, Hon. Jethro. At Nantucket, the Hon. J. H., Esq., 

to Mrs. Margaret Snow. (S. Mar. 23, 1793.) 
Hussey, Sally, m. Capt. Gersham Cox. 
Hutchins, Miss, m. Captain M'Lane. 
Hutchins, James R. At Menotomy, by the Rev. Mr. Fiske, 

Mr. J. R. H., printer, of Windsor, to Miss Marianne 

Thomas, only daughter of Isaiah Thomas, Esq., of 

Worcester. (W. Jan. 18, 1792.) 
Hutchinson, Joanna, m. J. E. Han*is. 
Hynard, John Henry. Mr. J. PI. H. to Miss Hannah 

Jennings. (S. June 18, 1785.) 
Hyrne, Mrs. S., m. Benjamin C. Cutler. 
Hyslop, David. At Concord, Mr. D. H., of Brooklyne, to 

Miss Eliza Stone. (S. Sept. 21, 1793.) 
Hyslop, William, jun. On Monday evening last, at Lynn, 

Mr. W. II., jun., of this town, to Miss Betsey Williams, 

of Salem. (W. June 13, 1787.) 

(To be continued.') *A 



(Continued from page 180.) 



The 13 eth day of December was baptized Willia Tomes the 

sone of Richard Tomes 
The 13 cth day of Januarie was baptized An Stape the 

daughter of Willia Stape 
The 20 day of Januarie was baptized Francis Cools the 

daughter of Richard Cools 
The 18 eth day of Februarie the sone of Nicholas Baker 

Nicholas Baker baptized 
The 18 eth of Februarie Willia the sone of Willia Elwood 

Manages anno domini 1599 

John Plumer and Alice Stape maried the x cth of May 

The 4 cth of Januarie was maried John El ward and Elizabeth 

The 28 of Januarie was mariel Jeams Fenn and Joan 

Jone Bull the daughter of Willia Bull bapt . . . the 

xxx eth day of September 


Willia Carter the daughter* of Willia Ca . . . bap- 
tized the seconde of November 

John Condlye the sonne of Benet Condley was ba . . • 
the ix Pth day of March 

Burialls 1599 

Kichard Bentley buried the xxx eth of Marche 

Richard Johnson buried the 25 of Aprile 1599 


* " Daughter " scratched out and " sonne " substituted. — Ed. 


Benuet Cools buried the 20 of June 
The 30 day of November was buried 

Dossenton the wyfle of Richard Dossenton 
The 18 eth of Februarie was baptized N. . . . Baker* the 

The 13 eth of Februarie Willia Stap buried 
Richard G urney the sonne of John Gurney buried the 25 of 

The 14 eth of Marche John Stanley buried 

Christenings in Anno Domini 1600 

Frauncis Sewster the daughter of John Shew . . . chris- 

tcncd the xxix th of March 
Ellen Bull the daughter of Richarde Bull was christened the 

30 of March 
The same day was christened John Bagley the son of Robarte 


Doretha London the daughter of Frauncis London was 

christened the 25 of Aperel 
The same day was christened Jone Edline the daughter of 

John Edline 
Jone Nicholes the daughter of Richarde Nichols was chris- 
tened the 20 of June 
Jhon Bavin the sonne of Thomas Bavinne was christened the 

seconde of Auguste 
Thomas Sheppde the sonne of Henry Sheppde was christened 

the second of September 
Richard Tomme the sonne of Richard Tomme was christened 

the 22 of September 
Richard Foscote the sonne of Jhon Foscat was christened 

the xxvj Ul of September 

The same day was christened Mary Coules the the daughter 

of Jhon Coules 
Thomas Fenne the sonne of Jeames Fcnne was christened 

the 1 of October 

* This entry is scratched out in the original. — Ed. 


Luce Grippes the daughter of Thomas Crippes was chris- 
tened the 20 day of June 
Daniel Gurney the sonne of John Gurney was christened in 

8 of February 
Barnarde Stappe the sonne of Jhon Stappe was christened 

the 25 of Februarye 
The same day was christened Agnes Frit well the daughter of 

Jhon Fritwell 
Thomas Meade the sonne of Ihon Meade was christened the 

24 of November 
Anne Eande the daughter of George Eande was christened 

the 29 of Februarye 
. ethy Bribe the daughter of Thomas Brise waa 

christened the 25 of Marche 

Manages in anno dni 1600 

Jhon Serbroke and Elizabeth Goulder maried the 5 of Maye 
Willia Bentley and Elizabeth Philipps were maried the 2 oi 

Richard Davice and AYynyfride Sayle were maried the 28 

of September 
Thomas Condley and Elizabeth Forde were maried the 22 

of January 
Edward Deley and Agnes Brickell weare maried the 23 of 


Burialles in anno dni 1600 

Jhon Baylye the sonne of Robarte Baylye was buried the 23 

of Aperell 
Thomas Byvin the sonne of Thomas Bivinn was buried the 

10 of Maye 
Anne Crippes the daughter of Thomas Crippes was buried 

6 of August 

# • 

was buried the 7 of February 


Bull the daughter of Richard Bull was 

buried the 19 of Februarii 
Robert Raunce was buried the 28 of February 
Alise Serbroke was buried the 20 of March 


Christenings Anno domini 1601 

The xxviij cth of Marche Brigitt . . Osmond the > Bap- 
daughter of Jhon Osmund S tized 

The 28 eth of Marche John Woorall the sonne of John ) 
Woorall Baptized $ 

The 28 eth of March Rodah Knight the daughter of > 

<- 1601 
Thomas Knight bap ) 

The same day William Blumer the sonne of Richard ) 

Blumer Baptized 5 

The 10 of Aprill John Basdy the sonne of Robart ) 

Bagly baptized , > 

The 26 eth of Aprill John Russell the sonne of Thomas ) 

Russell Bap > 

14 eth of June Elizabeth Bull the daughter of Will- > 

iam Bull Baptized 5 

The 5 of July Thomas Plumer the sone of John ) 

Plumer Baptized > 

The 10 0th of July Thomas Seibroke the sonne of John ) 

Seibrock Bap S 

The 3 of August Richard Chandler the sonne of > 

- Thomas Chandler bap } 

The 4 eth of October Frauncis Tomes bap daughter of > 

Richard Tomes bap S 

The ll €th of October the sonne of Thomas baptized 


The xviij eth of October Edward F ..... ) 
the sonne of Richard F . baptized 5 

The 25 eth of October Elizabeth Edlen the daughter of) 
John Edlen baptized " > 


The 29 of November Richard Bull the sonne °0 lfim 

Richard Bull baptized > 

The 6 eth of November Joan Blackwell the daughter ; -„ 

of Mathew Blackwell bap > 

The 20 eth of December Willia Coles the sonne of? 

Richard baptized 3 

The . . . ofFebruarii .... Fenne the ) -.„,,. 

sonne of Francis Fenn baptized > 

The 8 eth of Februarie R . . . . F . . . r. ? 1601 

of .... F ... baptized > 

The . . . of Februarie . . . . . . the),-.. 

The first August Edward .... wasmaried to ) .j™, 
Margery Cooper ) 

Willia Toms the sonue of Thomas Thomas was baptized the 
second of Februarye 1601 

Burialles 1601 

was buried . . . Chaunder the)-.™| 

sohe of Thomas Chaundler > 

In November Edw r ard Fuller an Infant Buried > 1601 

The xx eth of Marche was buryed Margaret Cools )-. /.,*■• 
wydow } 

Children Baptized 1602 

The 8 th of Aprill was baptized John Heyward the sone > , ^q. 7 

of Abraham Heyward ) 

The 9 th of Aprill was baptized Jane Cools the > -,/>q 9 

daughter of John Cools S 

The 21 th of Aprill was baptized Elizabeth Hill the > 

daughter of Willia Hylle > 

The firste daye of ]\Iaye was baptized Alise Bentlye > 

the daughter of Edward Bentlye > 

The xix th daye of Maye was baptized Frauncis Condly the 

sonne of Thomas Condley 


The xxiiip of June was baptized Jhon Stappe the sonne 

of Jhon Stappe 
The 4 day of July was baptized Youthsun Wotto the sonne 

of Willia Wotto 
The 22 th of Auguste was baptized Mary Grime the daughter 


The 10 th of October was baptized Thomas Sewster the sonne 

of Thomas Sewster 
The same day was baptized Richarde Emtum the sonne of 

George Emton 
The 17 th of October was baptized Jane Elwarde the daughter 

of Jho Elwarde 
The 20 day of November was christened Fraunees Tommes 

the daughter of Richarde Tomes the younger 
The same day was baptized Marye Foscat the daughter of 

Jhon Foscate 
The viij th daye of December was baptized Willia Bull the 

sonne of Willia Bull 
The 21 day of February was baptized Jhon Gurney the 

sonne of Jhon Gurney 
The 28 day of February was baptized Jhon Shewster the 

sone of Jhon Shewster 
The xij of Marche was christened Elizabeth Stappe the 

daughter of William Stappe 

The 21 th day of Mdche was baptized . .. . Fenne the 

daughter of 

Wedings in anno dfii 1602 

The 28 of October w T as maried Raphe Jefles and Jane 

The xiij day of December weare maried Richarde Darlinge 

and Anne Boover 
The thirde day of Februarie weare maried Richarde Nutle 

.- . . and Elizabeth Conlye 


Burialls 1602 
The xxx eth of Marche was buried Ann Knight wydow i 1 602 

The xxiiij th of Aperell was buried Richard Stappe i 1602 

The xxv th of Aperell was buried William Fenne the sonne of 

Jeames Fenne 
The 4 th of Auimste was buried Thomas Knight 
The 8 th of September was buried Margery Suddale widdowe 
The xix of October was buried John Plummar 
The fifte of January was buried Agnes Greene widdowe 
The 29 of January was buried Willia Bull sonne of Willia 

The seconde day of Februarii was buried Agnes Norket 
The xj Ul of February was buried Anne Shepparde the 

daughter of Baldwin Sheppde gent 

Christenings 1603 

Richard Seybrooke the'sonne of Jhon Seybrooke was bap- 
tized the 25 of Marche 

Elezabeth Sheppde the daughter of Henry Sheppde was 
baptized the 24 of June 

Jane Nicholes the daughter of Richard Nicholes was bap- 
tized the 7 th of August 

Elizabeth Busco the daughter of Thomas Busco was bap- 
tized the 4 of September 

Anne Russell the daughter of Thomas Russell was baptized 
the 11 of September 

Jhon Meade the sonne of Jhon Meade was baptized the 25 

day of September 
Jhon Tommes the sonne of Richard Tommes was baptized 

the 24 day of September 
Item the same day was christened .... Coules the 

daughter of Richard 

Elizabeth Plummer the daughter of Jhon PI 

was baptized the second day of October 


The same day was baptized Richard the sonne of Nathaniell 

of Nathaniell 
John Crippes the sonne of John Crippes was baptized the 

1 1 th day of December 
Damaris Wildeare the daughter of M r . Nicholas Wildeare 

Clarke was baptized the 18 th day of Decebre 
Agnes Buckmaster the daughter of .... . was 

baptized the 26 th day of December 
Edmunte Coules the sonne of Jhon Coules was baptized the 

10 th of Januarye 
Willia Stappe the sonne of Jhon Stappe was baptized the 

second of February 

Bull the sonne of Richard Bull the younger was 

baptized the ... of February 
Agnes Plummer the daughter of Richard Plummer was bap- 
tized the 3 day of Marche 
Thomas Hill the daughter of Willia Hill was baptized the 
. tenth day of March 

Burialles in anno Due 1603 

The 25 day of March was buried Anne Fenn the daughter of 

Jeames Fenne 
The firste day of Maye was buried Jone Stappe widdowe 
The 4 of May was buried Richard Bull the sonne of Richard 

Bull junior 
The 11 of May was buried Mary Shewster the daughter of 

John Shewster 
The xv Ul day of Maye was buried Ellen Bull the wyfe of 

Richard Bull son 
The v th of June was buried Margerye Canno widdowe 
The 22 of July was buried Richard Brafford of Laygto 

The 25 of July was buried Agnes Jefles the wyfe of Robert 

The 29 of July was buried Margaret Gadlingstocke wid- 


The lastc day of July was buried Robarte Stappe the elder 

The 13 of Au^uste was buried Richarde Ainseden 

The xv th of September was buried Frauncis Conlye the sonne 

of Thomas Coneley 
The sixth day of October was buried Jane Read the daughter 


The 28 th of Februarie was buried . . . . . the wvllV 

of George Rande 
The thirde day of February was buried .... Blue- 
dell bachelor « 

Manages Anno dni 1604 

The 14 th day of Januaryc was marled Braiide 

and Mary Gilberte 
The 19 l!l day of January was maried .... Meade 

and Elizabeth Hawes 
The sixth day of February was married Thomas Stevenson 

and Elizabeth 


Christenings Anno Dne 1604 
The 24 day of Aperell weare Christened Prissilla and Sibilla 

Bayly the children of Robarte Bayly 
Rafe Frye the sone of Richard Frye was baptized the 22 th 

of Aperell 
Frauncis Hill the daughter of Willia Hill was baptized the 

xxix of Aperell 
Anthony Worrale the sonne of Jhon Warrole was baptised 

the sext day of Maye 
Elizabeth Buckm d the daughter of ... . Buckein' 5 

was baptised the xxj th of Maye 
Jhon Bulle the ^onne of Willia Bull was baptised the 25 of 

Thomas Brise the sonne of Thomas Brise was baptised the 

first of J uly 
Joseph Coules the sonne of Thomas Coules was baptised the 

2 of September 


Agues Fenne the daughter of Jeames Fenn was baptised the 
9 of September 

Edmunte Tomes the sonne of Richard Tomes was baptised 
the 1 of January 

The same .day was christened Mary Edlenne the daughter of 
Jho Edlene 

Thomas Brande the son of Jhon Brande was baptised the 1 
of January 

Jane Reade the daughter of Nathaniell Reves was baptised 
the 10 of January 

Agnes Plummer the daughter of Richard Phlmer was bap- 
tised the 16 of January 

Richard Bently the sonne of Edward Bently was baptised the 
23 of February 

Theophilus Wildeare the son of M r Nicholas Wildeare was 
baptised the 9 th day of February 

Simeon Gurney the sonne of Jhon Gurney was baptised the 
3 of February and buried the hfte of the same moneth 

Penelope Gurney the daughter of Robarte Gurney was bap- 
tised the tenth of February 

Burialls Anno diii 1610 

John .... was buried the 7 of Aperell 
the daughter of John Edlinne was buried 

the 6 of June 

Edmunte was buried the 14 of July 

Alise Munes the daughter of John Mimes was buried the 

v th "of Augaste 
Joseph Shilburne the sonne of Jonatha Shilburne was buried 

the 19 of Marche 

Christenings anno dfii .... 

AVilliam Hill the sonne of William Hill was baptized the 
. ■". . . of Marche 

Busco the daughter of Thomas Busco was 

baptised the 31 of Marche 


Anne Grace the daughter of Thomas Grace was baptised the 

31 of Marche 
Edward Golder the sonne of Richard Golder was baptised 

the 14 of April! 
Robert Stapp the sonne of Richard Stappe was baptised the 

14 of Aprill 
Richard Marplew the sonne of Robert Marplew was baptised 

the 28 of Aprill 
John Gurny the sonne of Robert Gerney was baptized the 

first day of May 

. Stapp the daughter of William Stapp was bap- 
tized the 12 of May 
Richard Gibbord the sonne of Richard Gibbord was baptized 

the 20 of May 
Jacob Conly the sonne of Benet Conley was baptized the d xh 

of June 
Stephen Gurny the sonne of Gerny was baptized the 9 of June 
William Chaundlerthe sonne of William Chandler was bap- 
tized the 7 of July 
Sara Brand the daughter of John Brand was baptized the 

7 of July 
Jane Freetwell the daughter of Jhon Freetwell was baptized 

the 21 of July 
John Deely the sonne of Thomas Deely was baptized the 25 

of Julv 
Benet Pilkins the sonne of Bennet Pilkins was baptized the 

28 of July 
Anne Golder the daughter of William Golder was baptized 

the 25 of Auguste 
Richard the supposed sonne of Richard Carter was baptized 

the 26 of Auguste 
Elizabeth Shephard the daughter of Thomas Shephard was 

baptized the 29 of September 
Thomas Charter * the sonne of Willia Charter was buried ., 

the 26 of 

* Scratched in the original. — Ed. 


Kichard Coles the sonne of Richard Coles was baptized the 

27 of October 
Margerie Edlin the daughter of Robert Edlin was baptized 

the 22 of December 
Joan Reade the daughter of Nathaniell Read was baptized 

the 26 of Januarie 
John Cooles the sonne of Jhon Cooles was baptized the 9 of 

John Gillsam the sonn of John Gillsa was baptized the 25 of 


Buriall Anno dom 1611 

Thomas Charter the sonne of Willia Charter was buried the 

26 of Aprill 
John Conly the sonue of Benet Conly was buried the 13 of 

Isbell Crips the wife of John Crips was buried the 15 of 

John Amsden was buried the 19 of October 
Richard Jhonson was buried the 26 of Februarie 


Thomas Taylor and Mary Clarke were married the 21 

Robert Crawley and Jane Wigge were maried the 3 of 


Christenings anno Dom 1612 

.... Reade the daughter of Nathaniell Reade was 
baptized the 26 of Januarie 

Cooles the sonne of John Cooles was baptized 
the .... of Februarie 

Burials Ano Doi 1612 
Richard Coules y e sonne of Richard Coules was buried y e 8 th 
of April 



Elene Toms the daughter of Richard Toms was buried the 

18 th of June 
Margaret Clarke y e wyfe of George Clarke was buried the 

27 of June 
Ales Prentise the wyfe of William Prentise was buried the 
xxj th of September 

. Stapp the daughter of William Stapp wu* 
buried the viij th of October 

. Frittwell y e daughter of Willia Frittwell was 
buried y e 15 of November 

Crippes the wyffe of Thomas Crippes was 
buried the fift of Februarie 

. Miller the daughter of Thomas Miller w^ 
buried the xxv th of February 

wyfe of John Shephard was buried 

the 24 th of Maye 

Weddinges Anno Domini 1612 

Bateman and Isabel Knight weare maried the 
xxvj lh of October 

Christenings Anno Diio 1612 

Jonathan Shilborn the sonne of William Shilborn was bap- 
tized y e thirteenth of April 

Joan Cutler y e daughter of ... was baptized y* 

. of June 

Gamaleol Toms the sonne of Richard Toms was baptized the 
9 of July 

Joseph Fenne the sonne of James Fenne was baptized the 
19 th of July 

Nicolas Hanse the sonne of Richard Hanse was baptized the 
sixt and twentieth of July 

Ecnor Davers the daughter of William Davers was baptized 
the x th of August 

Katherine Chaundler the daughter of Nicholas Chaundler 
was baptized the xx th of September 


Thomas Marplcw the serine of Robert Ma.rplow was baptized 
the same day 

Jhon Williams the sonne of William Williams was baptized 
the xj th of October 

Elizabeth Dilley the daughter of Thomas Dilley was baptized 
- the same day. 

Joan Chaunler the daughter of Thomas Chaunler was bap- 
tized the 8 day of November 

Anne Arnol the daughter of Richard Arnol was baptized the 
15 of November 

Anne Bull the daughter of William Bull was baptized y e 
sixt of December 

Jacob Conley the sonne of Thomas Conley was baptized 
the xx th of December 

Anne Edling the daughter of Jhon Edling was baptized the 
17 th of January 

Marie BaylifFe the daughter of Robert Bayly was baptized 
the seventh of February 

Anne Goulder the daughter of Richard Goulder was bap- 
tized the xxxj th of January 

Nicolas Meade the sonne of William Meade was baptized 
the 14 th of February 

Elnor Toms the daughter of Richard Toms was baptized 
the same day 

the sonne of John .... was bap- 
tized . 

sone of 

was baptized the 

Cooles y e daughter of Richard Cooles was 

baptized the 

Christening Anno Domini 1613 

George Cutler the sonne of Michael Cutler was baptized 
the 20 th of Aprill 


Martha Cutler the daughter of Michael Cutler was baptiz< d 

y* 5 same day 

was baptized 

was baptized the second day of Feb . . . 
Joan G was baptized the xx th of Mar . . 

Thomas Chaunler y e sonne of William Chaunler was bap- 
tized y e 29 th of June 

Anne Carter * the daughter of William Carter-was baptized 
the . . of July 

Martha Rande * the daughter of George Eand was baptized 
the same day 

John Amsden y e sonne of Thomas Amsden was baptized 
y e third of October 

Isabel Stappe the daughter of William Stappe was baptized 
the xj tb of December 

Steven Emerton the sonne of George Emerton was chris- 
tened the sixth and twentieth of December 

Debora Conley the daughter of Bennet Conley was bap- 
tized the same dav 

Bentley the sonuc of Edmund Bentley 

was baptized the ninth day of January 

Elizabeth Plumer the daughter of Richard Plumer was 
baptized the same day 

Damaris Girnye the daughter of John Girney was baptized 
the thirteenth of January 

An . . . erch the daughter of John Peerch was bap- 
tized the thirteenth day of February 

Thomas Miller the sonne of Thomas Miller was baptized 
the xx th of February 

Robert Edlin2,e the sonne of Robert Edlin£e was christened 
the sixt of March 

* Scratched in the original. — Ed. 


Burials Anno domini 1G13 

William Taylor the sonne of Robert Taylor was buried the 
14 th of Aprill 

William Stappe the sonne of was buried 

the 12 of May 

Anne Carter y e daughter of William C . . . was bap- 
tized the .... of July 

Martha Rand the daughter of Rand 

was baptized the 

William Stappe was buried the third of September 

John White was buried the xxij th of Marche 

Weddings 1613 

Thomas Grippes & Anne Dixen weare maried the third of 

William Winfield & Anne Pittarn weare maried the third 

of October 
Robert Whitt & Elsabeth Halowley weare maried the second 

of November 

Christeninges 1614 

Christeninges Anno dorii 1614 

Elizabeth Gurney the daughter of Robert Gurney was bap- 
tized the third of Aprill 
Richard Winfild the sonne of Wm Winfild was baptized the 

third of June 
Anne Stappe the daughter of Richard Stappe was baptized 

the 1 9 of June 
William Frye the sonne of Frauncis Frye was baptized the 

14 th of July 
Bennett Rowe the sonne of Thomas Rowe was baptized the 

xxj th of August 
Susan Andrew the daughter of Edward Andrewe baptized 

the xxviij th day of August 
John Greene the sonne of Jerome Green was baptized the 

eleventh day of September 


Thomas Frit well the sonne of John Fritwell. was haptizea 

the xviij th day of September 
Witlm Deeby the sonne of Thomas Deeby was baptized the 

ix of October 
David Clarke was baptized the ix th of October 
Elnor Coles the daughter of John Coles was baptized the 

xiij" 1 of October 
Thomas Shilbourne the sonne of Jonathan Shilbourne was 

baptized the xxiij th of October 
Annes Cutler the daughter of John Cutler was baptized the 

same day 
Anne Goring the daughter of Robert Goring was baptized 

the xwiii th of October 
Witlm Gillam the sonne of John Gillam was baptized the 

27 th of November 
Elizabeth Wood the daughter of John Wood was baptized 

the 4 th of December 
Fenne the sonne of James Fenne was baptized the xxvj th of 

William Goulder the sonne of Richard Goulder was baptized 

the eight day of January 
Mary Worrall the daughter of John Worrall was baptized 

the fifteenth day of January 
Elizabeth Tomes the daughter of Richard Tomes was bap- 

tized the 29 th of Januarie 
Thomas Taylor the sonne of Thomas Taylor was baptized the 

x th dav of March 

.Anne M the daughter of Robert Mar 

. was baptized the xix th day of March 
sonne of Thomas Taylor was baptized tbc 

vij th of March 1614 

{To be continued.) 


A Genealogical History of the Descendants of 
Stephen and Ursula Streeter of Gloucester, Mass., 
1642, afterwards of Chaiiestown, Mass., 1644-1652, with an 
account of the Streeters of Gondherst, Kent, England. By 
Milford B. Streeter, Brooklyn, X.Y. Salem, Mass., 1896. 
8vo, cloth, pp. xxxvii, 323. $4. 

The title is a description of the book itself, but Rills short 
of enumerating all there is within the covers. 

For instance, the thirty-seven pages of preliminary matter 
not only give an account of the Streeters of Gondherst, 
Kent, but an account of all Streeters in England, of whom 
records could be found, prior to the Restoration. A pedi- 
gree showing the probable ancestry of Stephen Streeter is 
printed, as also a cut of the arms of one family of Streeters 
in England. The main portion of the work is the result of 
the devoted labor of the compiler for many years, and re- 
cords all families of Streeter, Streater, etc., etc., of whom 
he could find traces. The index is remarkably thorough, 
and is the work of Mr. Perly Derby, who is responsible for 
the arrangement of Mr. Streeter's material. 

The type is large, and therefore clear, and the appearance 
of the book is good. The name of Eben Putnam appears as 
the publisher, and that portion of the work dealing with the 
English records is from his pen. A limited edition was 

The John Rogers Families in Plymouth and Vicin- 
ity, by Jonah II. Drummond. 8vo, pp. 26. 

This pamphlet is a reprint from the collections of the 
Maine Historical Societv, and is a welcome contribution to 
the genealogy of the Rogers families. 

Mr. Drummond has set at rest the identity of the early 

John Rogers of PlymouthCounty. 



63. Thurman-Burton. Information is wanted of the 
ancestry of Asa Thurman, born Rhode Island ; and married in 
Worthington, Mass., about 1792, Sabra Burton, Wortbing- 
ton. Children known of: Asa, married Margaret Van 
Elten ; Phoebe, married Brewster. Had they other children r 
and who were Sabra Burton's parents? E. A. DeW. 

64. General A. W, Greeley, Chief Signal Officer, 
Washington, D.C., desires information concerning Rev. Wil- 
liam Balch, son of Freeborn and Elizabeth (Fairfield) Balch. 
who was born in Beverly, Sept. 30, 1704. He married Rebecca 
Stone, ouly child of Daniel and Hannah (Woodbury) Stone. 
Who were the parents of Daniel Stone and Hannah Wood- 
bury ? Did Rev. William Balch render effective service to 
the Revolutionary cause by his sermons and addresses ? 

65. Moulton- White. Howard Moulton of Stafford, 
Conn., born there 9 June, 1757; married there, 30 Dec, 
1779, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Mary White of Stafford. 
Wanted — ancestry of parents of Mary (White) Moulton. 



Part II. 

Descendants of Thomas Bishop, merchant, of Ipswich, 
Mass. (1636-1671), who went from Ipswich to Connecticut : 

Thomas Bishop 1 first appears of record, in Ipswich, in 
1636 ; his foreign parentage is unknown. He died there on 
Feu. 7, 1670/1, aged about liny-two, leaving a large estate 
for those times. His will and the inventory of his estate 
are on file at Salem, Mass. 

His wife's name was Margaret, who died about the year 
1680. The inventory of her estate, taken March 31, 1681, 
by her son Samuel, is also filed in Essex County, Mass. A 
niece, who is mentioned in Thomas Bishop's will as " Cousin 
Sarah Bishop," resided with him. 

Their children were : 

Samuel, born at Ipswich, , 1644/5 ; graduate of Har- 
vard College, 1665; died 1687. He married Hester, 
daughter of William Cogswell, Aug. 10, 1675, to whom 
was granted, b} r Governor Sir Edmund Andros, March 
2, 1687, the administration of her husband's estate. 
The inventory was filed Feb. 11, 1688. Widow Hester 
Bishop married, 2d, Thomas Burnham, Dec. 16, 1689. 
He was a widower, born in 1646 ; and was the son of 
John and Elizabeth Burnham. 

John, son of Thomas, 1 of Ipswich, went to Connecticut 
prior to 1675. Vol. 3, p. 268, of the Records of Wethers- 
field, Conn., has the following: Novemb r 3 d 1680 M r John 

• These sketches here printed cover families of the name other than those included 
in the article which has been running in this publication since September, 1895. 


Wethersfield has always 
formed part oi the Hartford 


Bishop And Sarah his wife was Maryed hy Lieut Sam" Tat 

cott Jan r y in the year of our lord 1675 

July 29, 1681. Sarah Bishop the Daughter of M r John 

Bishop & of Sarah his wife was borne July 3 d day in 

the year of our Lord 1678. 
June 6 th 1679. M r John Bishop Deceased octob r in the year 

ofourL d 1678. 

Kecords of the Probate > At a speciall court, held at 

District of Hartford, Conn. 5 Hartford Feb r 14 1678-(H> 

Upon the Motion of Sarah 
Note. N the widdow of na r John 

Bishop of Wethersfield de- 
ceased this court have granted 
Probate District. the s d Sarah Bishop Adminis- 

/ tration upon the estate of 
the S d John Bishop aforesay'd & shee is hereby appoynted 
to gather in the debts due to the estate & to endeavour 
to perfect an Inventory of his Estate & to present the 
same to the court in March next & in r Eli Kimberly *.< 
m r Nath 1 Boreman are desired by the sayd widow to Assist 
her, &c. 

The widow went to the Massachusetts colony to dispose 
of the lands her husband inherited at Ipswich from his 
father, Thomas Bishop. 

Court Records at Salem, Mass. : 

Thomas Bishop (son of the late Thomas and brother of 
the late John), on March 25, 1684, " owned in Court that his 
brother, John Bishop, left one child and it was a daughter." 

Suffolk Co. Probate Office, Boston, Mass., Vol. 9, p. $3. 
Boston Aug. 23, 1682 : 

" Said Sarah informeth that part of the Estate left by her 
second husband, is within this Colony (Mass.), she to 
Adm r on sd. part of the estate." . 


Suffolk County Probate Office. Ibid., No. 1239. 
John Bishop, Weathersfield (Conn.), 1682, August 23, 
Administratrix's Bond. 

Sarah Bishop of Weathersfield in Connecticut Colony, 
widow, Nathaniel Bishop and Anthony Checkley, mercht. 
both of Boston in the Massachusetts Colony are holden for 
the county of Suffolk for 300 pounds current money of New 
England for estate of John Bishop, deceased, Said Sarah 
to administer on his estate. 


Sarah Bishop, 
Nathaniel Bishop. 

The landed possessions of Sarah, widow of John Bishop, 
of record, are as follows — Vol. 3, p. 243, Records of 
Wethersfield, Conn. : 

"January 5 th 1686 ) land belonging unto Sarah Bishop unto 

) her heires And Assigns for euer lying 
in Wethersfield on Connecticott River which she pur- 
chased of M r John Buttolph as it appeareth by her 
Deeds Dated March the 10 : 1684 Signed & sealed 
by the said John Buttolph & withnessed by Nathaniell 
ffoot & Samuel Talcott And Acknowledged before Sam 11 
Talcott Ass u . march 10 : 168 J one peice being part of 
a homlott former ly belonging unto Mathias Treatt 
Deceased containing one acre one Roode And Eleven 
Rods beit more or less it is bounded on the streate East 
& land of William Goodrich north & west & land of 
Dorcas Treat south." 

Ibid., Vol. 3, p. 268. 
" Wethersfield, May 30 th 1688, Lands belonging unto Sarah 
Bishop & unto her daughter Sarah Bishop & unto 
their heirs for euer which was granted unto them by 
the towne by way of Exchange, & layd out by Capt: 
Sam 11 Talcott: Capt: John Chester & serjt: John Rob- 


bins being a committee Cehosen by the said towne to lav 


out the said land viz ;, one peice lying in the bounds of 
Wethers field in hang dogg swamp & plaine containing 
twenty acres more or less it is bounded on land of m f 
Gershom Bulkeley north, northweste & on the Common 
East South East, & on land not laid out South South 
West & North North East." 

As Sarah was the only child, the line of John Bishop of 
Wethersfield continued traceable by that surname no longer 
than 1694. 

A native of Wethersfield recently stated that " John 
Bishop'b widuw was a re&ident in said town in 1094, and, as 
a land-owner, received more land in an allotment then made 
to such from the common lands comprised within the town- 
ship." Can any one inform the writer if the daughter Sarah 
married, and if so who w r as her husband, and what became 
of their descendants? 

Nathaniel Bishop, who was on the bond with Sarah, widow 
of John Bishop, was a brother of Henry Bishop, who first 
appeared at Newport as a citizen in 1638, and was admitted 
an inhabitant of New Haven in 1644, where James Bishop, 
the first secretary of the New Haven Colony, also lived. 
Henry removed to Boston about 1655, and married the 
widow of Samuel Wilbore, of said town, in 1656. 

Nathaniel Bishop was a resident and owner of a home- 
stead and tannery in Ipswich before he moved to Boston, 
where, on Bishop's lane, now Hawley street, he owned 
a valuable property. He had a tannery in Boston, and 
owned the famous tavern " Blue Bell," near the (then) shore- 
lino of what is now Batterymarch street. As no legal 
proof has yet been found to show that Thomas, Nathaniel, 
and Job Bishop, of Ipswich, and Edward and Richard, of 
Salem, and John Bishop, of Newbury (who went to New 
Jersey and became a member of Governor Carteret's coun- 


cil), were brothers, or anyway related (though some gene- 
alogists have asserted a close relationship between them), 
it is interesting to know that Nathaniel and Henry were 

In the inventory made of Henry Bishop's estate, taken at 
Boston, Nov. 6, 1665, "Nath. Bishop deposed that this 
paper containing a true inventory of the estate of the late 
Henry Bishop his brother," etc. I have seen the original 
paper in the Suffolk Registry of Wills, in Boston. 

Thomas, son of Thomas ' Bishop, and brother of the 
John of Wethersfield, was born at Ipswich in 1646, and 
was pno-n<rod in mercantile ventures, owning and com- 
manding his vessel while trading in the West Indies. 
He possessed considerable real estate in the Massa- 
chusetts colony. His history is still being investigated, 
the facts of which will, at some future day, be pub- 
lished. Some of the published genealogical notes, 
relating to several persons by the name of Thomas 
Bishop, natives of New England, are not trustworthy. 

Job, son of Thomas ! Bishop, was born at Ipswich, 
Mass., about 1657. Court testimony gives that he 
"was about 20 in 1677." His wife, Johanna, a sister 
of John Tuttle, represented to the court, on March 31, 
1691, that "the said Job went to sea, and had been 
gone three years." Accordingly, she was granted the 
administration of his estate. In the Essex County, 
Mass., Registry will be found, in Vol. 5, between 1. 45 
and 69, dated 1648, that Job Bishop sells Stephen Cross 
14 acres on south side, bounded N. and S. by land of 
Mr. John Rogers, deceased, W. by river, S. by Town 
Common, " which my father Thomas bought of Rich. 
Saltonstall Esqr." 

As there has been much ambiguity in relation to state- 
ments made about "Job Bishop, of Ipswich," where two 


Jobs lived at the same time, it is important to know that a 
Job Bishop appeared in Ipswich soon after Thomas and 
Nathaniel Bishop settled there. It was he who married Rev. 
George Phillips' daughter, of Watertown, Mass., and, after 
her death, married Mary, by whom he had three daughters, 
Dinah, Sarah, and Hannah. These daughters have been 
given, by genealogists, to Job, the son of Thomas above 
mentioned, regarding whose children, if he had any, wc 
have no information. Job, the son of Thomas, commanded 
a vessel trading to the West Indies, of which he was prol>- 
ably owner, as his father owned interests in four vessels at 
the time of his death. 

One of our oldest genealogists writes me that "Job 
Bishop died at sea, and the surviving members of his family 
(the three daughters of the Job l he gives to this Job) 
removed to Connecticut," but he could not offer any evi- 
dence to prove that any member of Job's family went to 
Connecticut. I hope that some of our Essex County gene- 
alogists will succeed in rinding what became of the three 
daughters of the original settler, Job l Bishop, and will 
trace their lines of descent. As to Job, Capt. Job Bishop, 
the son of Thomas, 1 of Ipswich, it will be a fortunate 
investigation that results in showing if he had any children, 
and if they migrated with Samuel Bishop's children, their 
cousins, to Connecticut. In order to assist such an inquiry 
I will state that Job 1 Bishop, the settler's, three daughters 
were : 

"Dinah, borne the 19 of June, 1657. 
Sarah, borne May 19, 1659. 

Hannah, borne December 24, 1662 " (?) — leaf torn off. 
Their- mother's name was Mary . 

Job 1 Bishop married his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter ot 
Rev. George Phillips, "one that he brought from Eng- 
land" in 1648. "She died 27 Feb. 1652." I find in 


the Boston Registrars' Office, in the book of deaths, 
from 1630 to 1800: 

'Elizabeth, the daughter of Job and Elizabeth Bishop, of 
Ipswich — dyed 27. 12. 51" (1651). It will be seen 
by the date of Mrs. Job 1 Bishop's death that this 
daughter may have died about the same time as her 
mother. I have not been able to find records of the 
births of other children of Job 1 and Elizabeth Bishop. 

Nathaniel, the youngest son of Thomas * Bishop, died a 
minor, at Ipswich, May 10, 1673, about two years 
after his father's decease. 

(To be continued.} ^ -^ 1 



(Continued from page 77.) 

Mr. David Geevy and Mrs. Hannah Mahom (Malcom?), 
both of Brunswick. Brunswick, Nov. 25, 1761. 

Mr. Sam 1 . Willson and Mrs. Mary Reed, both of Tops- 
ham. Brunswick, Dec. 11 th , 1761. 

Mr. John Neele and Mrs. Abigail Hall, both of Topsham. 
Brunswick, Jan. 16, 1762. 

Mr. Robert Alexander and Mrs. Elizabeth Potter, both of 
Topsham. Brunswick, Mar. 24 th , 1762. 

Mr. Edward Moss, of this town, and Mrs. Huldey Andrew, 
of Georgetown. Brunswick, April 5, 1762. 

Mr. Jonathan Perrey and Mrs. Margret Roberson, both of 
Topsom. Brunswick, Apr. 17, 1762. 

LeviEbenazer Stand wood, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Hannar 
Tosset, of Topsom. Brunswick, July 19, 1762. 

Mr. Ebenazer Fellows, of Harps well, and Miss Rachal 
Coombs, of this town. Brunswick, Aug. 4, 1762. 

Mr. Benjamin Larrabee, of Brunswick, and Miss Lidah 
Bailey, of Falmouth, Aug. 5 th , 1762. 


Mr. Daniel Curtis and Miss Ruth Thompson, both of 
Brunswick. Brunswick, Aug. 5, 1762. 

Mr. Samuel Heath, of Boston, and Mrs. Margaret 
Shepard, of Brunswick. Brunswick, Oct. 8 th , 1762. 

Mr. Andrew Duglass and Miss Jeane Elaxander, both of 
Topsom, Oct. 30 th , 1762. 

Mr. William Potter and Miss Phebe Hinkly, both of 
Brunswick, Dec. 9, '62. 

Mr. Samuel Nevers and Mrs. Anne Burrill, both of Bruns- 
wick, Apr. 2, '63. 

Mr. William Ellett and Mrs. Keziah Gray, both of Bruns- 
wick, Apr. 14, '63. 

Mr. Richard Bryar and Mrs. Abigail Check, both of 
Brunswick, Apr. 14, '63. 

Mr. Peter Coombs, Jun. and Mrs. Cha. Coombs of Harps- 
well, Juno 8 th , 17G3. 

Mr. Peter Coombs Jun. alters his mind and intends mar- 
riage with Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, of Harps well, June 25 :1 , 

Mr. Benj a . Ham and Mrs. Martha Molton, both of Bruns- 
wick, July 2, 1763. 

Mr. Benoni Astin, and Mrs. Jean Andrews, both of 
Brunswick, July 29, '63. 

Mr. James Thompson Jun. and Mrs. Mary Andross, both 
of Brunswick, Aug. 6 th , 1763. 

Mr. John Blyffin and Mrs. Dorcas Getchell, both of 
Brunswick, Oct. 22, 1763. 

Mr. Paul Randall, of Topsham, and Mrs. Mary Mai 
Jarlan, of Brunswick, Nov. 7 th , 1763. 

Mr. Gideon Orvins and Mrs. Jane White, both of Bruns- 
wick, Nov. 7 th , 1763. 

Mr. James Dunning and Mrs. Jane Woodside, both of 
Brunswick, Nov. 29 th , 1763. 

Mr. Anthony Woodside and Mrs. Sarah McFarland, both 
of Brunswick, Dec. 15 th , 1763. 

Mr. James Curtis, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Mary Dumrill, 
of Georgetown, Jan. 4, 1764. 

The Rev. Mr. In . Miller,* of Brunswick, and Miss Marga- 
ret Rogers, of Georgetown, Mar. 3, 1764. 

Capt. James Thompson and Miss Mary Higgin, both ot 
Brunswick, Mar. 7 th , 1764. 

*[Rev. John itiller, of Brunswick, died in BoBton, January, 1789. Mass. Magazine- 
— Ed.] 


Capt. Jn°. Minot, of Brunswick, and Miss Jemima Brad- 
bury of Falm e , Mar. 19 th , 1764. 

Mr. Peter Coombs and Miss Icanna Coombs, both of 
Brunswick, May 27 th , 1764. 

Mr. William Owens, of Falmouth, and Mrs. Mary Dun- 
ning, Oct. 6, 1764. 

Mr. Andrew Tibbets, of Bowdinham, and Miss Hannah 
Coombs, of Brunswick, Oct. 15 th , 1764. 

Mr. Stephen Larrabee, of Brunswick, and Miss Sarah 
Fostor, of Georgetown, Oct. 17, 1764. 

Mr. John White, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Mary Malcolm, 
of Topsham, Nov. 6 th , 1764. 

Mr. John Astin and Mrs. Sarah Andrews, both of Bruns- 
wick, Nov. 24, '64. 

Mr. John Hivey, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Elizabeth Man, 
of North Yarmouth, Dec. b th , 1764. 

Mr. John Molton and Miss Nanny Cornish, both of Bruns- 
wick, June 15, 1765. 

Mr. Robert Southerland, of Falmouth, and Miss Margret 
Dunning, of Brunswick, July 27, 1765. 

Mr. Dan 1 . Curtis and Miss Deborah Harmon, both of 
Brunswick, Au<r. 10 th , 1765. 

Mr. Eliphalet Smith and Miss Jean Neal, both of Bruns- 
wick, Sept. 14, 'Go. 

Mr. Tho s . Minot of Brunswick, and Miss Abigail Waite, 
of Falmouth, Oct. 5 th , 1765. 

Mr. James Hervey, Jun., and Miss Mary Green, both of 
Brunswick, Nov., 1765. 

Mr. Patrick Cannon and Miss Dority Gray, both of 
Brunswick, Nov. 29 th , 1765. 

Mr. Ezekel Sawyer and Mrs. Sarah Hinkley, both of 
Brunswick, March 29, 1766. 

Mr. Daniel Curtis and Mrs. Mary Snow, both of Bruns- 
wick, May 10, 'GG. 

Mr. Robert Mefarland and Miss Jean Stanwood, both of 
Brunswick, July 26, 1766. 

Mr. Tho s . Martin and Mrs. Grace Storer, both of Bruns- 
wick, Nov. 4, 1766. 

Mr. John Winchell, of Thopsham, and Miss Ann Given, 
of Brunswick, Jan. 7, 1767. 

Mr. Joseph Allen and Mrs. olley Thompson, both of 
Brunswick, Jan. 7 th , 1767. 


Mr. John arno and M rs . Judith ham, both of Brunswick, 
Mar. 6, '67. 

Mr. Clement Scofield, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Mary 
Adams, of Harpswell, Apr. 13, 1767. 

Mr. William Simpson, Jun., of Brunswick, and M r3 . Eliza- 
beth Spear, May 6, 1767. 

Mr. Sam 11 . Snow and Mrs. Sarah Dean, both of Bruns- 
wick, May 9, 1767. 

Mr. Gotten and M rs . Hannah Hodgkens, both of Bruns- 
wick, June 28, 1767. 

Mr. Rob 1 Ross and M rs . Genutt Hervey, both of Bruns- 
wick, Oct. 9, 1767. 

Mr. Sam 11 Melcher and Mrs. Isabella Hinkly, both of 
Brunswick, Nov. 30, 1767. 

Mr. Jacob Duflnett, of Woolwich, and Mrs. Elizabeth 
Smart, of Brunswick, Feb. 4, 1768. 

Mr. Sam 11 . Woodward and Mrs. Mary Coombs, both of 
Brunswick, Mar. 4, 1768. 

Mr. Stephen Douty and Mrs. Hannah Wolles, both of 
Brunswick, June 4 th , 1768. 

Mr. Joseph Ramock and Mrs. Sarah Gray, both of Bruns- 
wick, July 9 th , 1768. 

Mr. Andrew Dunning jun. and M rs . Margret Ransom, 
both of Brunswick, July 9 th , 1768. 

Mr. Daniel Curtis, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Tabitha Ram- 
sut, of Harpwell, July 23, 1768. 

Mr..Eben n . Stan wood, Jun., and Mrs. Martha Given, both 
of Brunswick, Oct. 8, 1768. 

Mr. William Moody and Mrs. Rachel Hodgekins, both of 
Brunswick, Oct. 29, 1768. 

Mr. James Elot, Jun r ., and M rs . Ruth Brown, both of 
Brunswick, Oct. 29, 1768. 

Mr. David Sparkes, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Anna Dan- 
ford, of thopsom, Nov. 6, 1768. 

Mr. Andrew Dunning and M rs . Elizabeth Dunlap, both ot 
Brunswick, Dec. 8, 1768. 

Mr. Thomas Thompson and Mrs. Mehitable Hinkly, both 
of Brunswick, Dec. 5, 1768. 

Mr. Rob 1 . Simpson and Mrs. Margret Speer, both of 
Brunswick, Jan. 7, '69. 

Mr. Jacobae Baker and M rs . Elizabeth J6nkens, both of 
Brunswick, Jan. 14, 1769. 



(Continued from page 219.) 

Ide, Lemuel. [At Shrewsbury] Mr. L. I. to Miss Sarah 

Stone. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.) 

See also Lewis Keyes. 
Ingalls, Miss, rn. Capt. Manassah Marston. 
Ingersol, Capt. Jonathan. At Salem, Capt. J. I. to Miss 

Mary Poole. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.) 
Ingersol, Mary, m. Samuel Leeds, jun. 
Ingersol, Sarah, m. Samuel Prince. 
Ingersoll, Nabby, m. David Peirce. 
Inglesly, Polly, m. Michael Malony. 
Inglish, Priscilla, m. Richard W. Cooper. 
Ingraham, Capt. Joseph. Capt. J. I. to Miss Jenny Salter, 

daughter of Mr. Richard Salter. (S. Oct. 15, 1785.) 
Innes, Hon. Henry. At Danville (Ken.), Hon. H. I., Esq., 

to Mrs. Shields. (W. Apr. 18, 1792.) 
Ireland, John. At Cambridge, Mr. J. I. to the amiable 

Miss Hannah Philips, both of that place. (W. May 21, 

Irish, Sally, m. William Baily. 
Irving William, jun. At Philadelphia, Mr. W. I., jun., to 

Miss Julia Paulding, of Greenbourg. (W, Nov. 20, 

Ivers, Elizabeth, m. William Cleland. 
Ivers, Jane, m. Benjamin Austin, jun. 
Ivers, Mrs. Mary, m. John Sprague. 
Ivers, Nancy, m. Oliver Brewster. 

Ivers, Thomas P. At Providence, Mr. T. P. I. to the ami- 
able Miss Hope Brown, daughter of the late Nicholas 



Brown, Esq., a lady of great fortune. On this happy 
occasion, the elegant chandelier in the Baptist meeting- 
house was lighted by the Society, as well to testify their 
joy on the auspicious event as to evince their grateful sen- 
sibility to the young lady for her truly generous donation 
to the Society, by which the sacred temple is so richly 
and beautifully embellished. (W. Mar. 14, 1792.) 

Jackson, Charles. At Plymouth, Mr. C. J. to Miss Lucy 
Cotten. (S. Mar. 15, 1794.) 

Jackson, Elizabeth, m. Capt. Nathan G. Thompson. 

Jackson, John. In this town, Mr. J. J. to Mrs. 

Avery [both of this town]. (W. Aug. 3, 1791.) 

Jackson, Nabby, m. William Crombic, jun. 

Jackson, Polly, m. William Ellison, jun. 

Jackson, Thomas. At Plymouth, Mr. T. J., tert.,tothe 
amiable Miss Sally May. (S. Jan. 12, 1788.) 

Jacobs, Sally, m. Stephen Hall. 

Jacobs, Mrs. Sarah, m. Calvin Bailey. 

James, Joseph. At Philadelphia, Mr. J. J., printer, to Miss 
Hopkins. (S. Oct. 1, 1791.) 

James, Sally, m. Richard Gridley, jun. 

Janes, Samuel. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Howard, 
Mr. S. J., merchant, to Miss Lucretia Fiske, of Water- 
town. (S. Nov. 19, 1791.) 

Jansen, Margaret, m. John Wyncoop. 

Jarvis, John. Mr. J. J. to Miss Hannah Seabury. (S. 
Apr. 12, 1788.) 

Jarvis, Phillip. In this town, last Sunday evening, Mr. 
P. J. to Miss Ann Head, eldest daughter of the late Mr. 
John Head, merchant. (S. Nov. 25, 1786.) 

Jasper, Polly, m. John Dyer. 

Jeffers, Capt. Samuel. At Newport, R. I., Capt. S. J. to 
Miss Betsy Drew, youngest daughter of the late Capt. 
James Drew. (W. Apr. 4, 1792.) 

Jeffrey,, Patrick. Mr. P. J. to Mrs. Mary Hayley. (W. 
June 14, 178G.) 


Jenckes, Capt. John. At Providence, Capt. J. J. to Miss 

Elizabeth Cushing. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.; 
Jenkins, Daniel, jim. Mr. D. J., jun., of Scituate, to Miss 

Sally Hovey, of this town. (\Y. Mar. 31, 1790.) 
Jenkins, Lewis. At Newbury-Port, Mr. L. J., merchant, 

to Miss Euth Hooper. (S. July 9, 1791.) 
Jenks, Joseph. At Salem, Mr. J. J., merchant, to Miss 

Patty Abbot. (S. Sept. 6, 1788.) 
Jenks, Mrs. Roby, m. Amos Reed. 
Jennes, Polly, m. Rev. Jesse Remington. 
Jennings, Daniel. Mr. D. J. to Miss Isabella Collins. 

(W. Feb. 17, 1790.) 
Jennings, Hannah, m. John Henry Hynard. 
Jennings, Margaret, m. Stoddard Capen. 
Jennison, Ebenezer. Mr. E. J. to Miss Sally Webb [both 

of this town]. (S. Aug. 6, 1791.) 
Jennison, Dr. J. At Cambridge, Dr. J. J. to the amiable 

Miss Belcher, daughter of his late Excellency Governor 

Belcher, of Nova Scotia, and granddaughter of his 

Excellency Jonathan Belcher, Esq., deceased, formerly 

Governor of the provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New 

Hampshire. (S. Aug. 28, 1790.) 
Jewitt, Mrs., m. Larkin Thorndike. 
Johnson, Coffin. [At Newburyport] Mr. C. J. to Miss Sally 

Avery. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.) 
Johnson, George. At Philadelphia, G. J. Esq., of Annapo- 
lis, to Miss Van Deren, of Philadelphia. (W. May 16, 

Johnson, George. [In this town] Mr. G. J. to Miss Olive 

Body. (S. Sept. 27, 1794.) 
Johnson, Hannah, m. Samuel Totman. 
Johnson, Joel. In this town, Mr. J. J. to Miss Polly Sibley. 

(S. Apr. 5, 1794.) 
Johnson, Micajah. [At Salem] Mr. M. J. to Miss Sally 

Berry. (S. Sept. 3, 1791.) 
Johnson, Ruth, m. David Morse. 


Johnson, Sally, m. John Soron. 

Johnson, Samuel. At Providence, Mr. S. J. to Miss Nancy 

Gilmore, daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Gilniore. (S. Jan. 

19, 1793.) 
Johnson, Suckey, m. Thomas Leverett. 
Johnson, William. Mr. W. J. to Miss Sally Adams. (W. 

Dec. 25, 1793.) 
Johnston, John. [At New York] Mr. J. J. to Miss S. 

Bard. (W. June 13, 1792.) 
Jones, Capt. Amassa. At Hartford, Capt. A. J., of that city, 

to Miss Cynthia Jones, of Adams. (S. May 19, 1792.) 
Jones, Cynthia, m. Capt. Amassa Jones. 
Jones, Ephraim. At Lincoln, Mr. E. J., of Concord, to 

Miss Lucy Phillips, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Phillip.-?. 

(W. Jan. 3, 1787.) 
Jones, Fanny, m. Joseph Allen. 

Jones, Henry Charles. At New York, H. C. J., Esq., mer- 
chant, to Miss Amy Whipple Burroughs, of Providence. 

(W. Oct. 29, 1794.) 
Jones, John. Mr. J. J., of Providence, to Miss Rebecca 

Burroughs. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.) 
Jones, John Coffin. At Newport, J. C. J., Esq., of this town, 

to Miss Abigail Grant, daughter of the late Alexand< r 

Grant, Esq. (W. May 24, 1786.) 
Jones, John Coffin. At Newport, J. C. J., Esq., of this 

town, to the amiable Miss Elizabeth Champlin, daughter 

to Christopher Champlin, Esq., of. that place. (Sept. 14, 

Jones, Joseph. [In this town] Mr. J. J. to Miss Susannah 

Farn, both of this town. (W. Aug. 27, 1794.) 
Jones, Katharine, m. Capt. William Brown. 
Jones, Nancy, m. Oswald Lombart. 
Jones, Polly, m. Adonijah Stevens. 
Jones, Polly, m, William Wheeler. 
Jones, Rowland. At Portland, Mr. R. J. to Miss Polly 

Godson. (S. Feb. 11, 1792.) 


Jones, Theodore. At No. 4, Union-River, Mr. T. J. to 

Miss Catharine Sargent, daughter of Paul Sargent, Esq., of 

Frenchman's Bay, town of Sullivan, in the County of Han- 
cock. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.) 
Jones, William. At Concord, Mr. W. J., of this town, to 

Miss Rhoda Soper, of that place. (W. Apr. 28, 1790.) 
Jordan, Elizabeth, m. John Pitcher. 
Jorden, Capt. Tristram. At Kittery, Capt. T. J., of Bidde- 

ford, to Miss Polly Fernald. (S. Oct. 17, 1789.) 
Jordis, Frederick. At Salem, Mr. F. J. to Miss Anne Long. 

(W. Dec. 24, 1794.) 
Journeay, Maria, m. Dr. R. Henderson. 
Joy, Jedidiah. Mr. J. J., of Hingham, to Miss Fanny 

Ranger, of Hull. (S. Aug. 8, 1789.) 
Judal, Sally, in. Samuel Myers. 
Justin, Philip. [At Newport] Mr. P. J., of Providence, to 

Miss Bessie Knapp. (S. Nov. 5, 1794.) 
Jutau, John. Last Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. 

Parker, Mr. J. J. to Mrs. Polly Premir. (W. Aug. 30, 

Kahleer, Jeremiah. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Sullivan, 

Mr. J. K. to Miss Hannah Spear. (War. Mar. 12, 1794.) 
Kammcrer, Miss, m. Isaac Neale. 
Keen, Joseph. At Kittery, Mr. J. K. to Miss Hannah 

Bernard. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.) 
Keer, William. [In this town] Mr. W. K. to Miss Nancy 

Hodgdon. (W. July 16, 1794.) 
Kellog, Rev. Elijah. At Portland, Rev. E. K. to Miss 

Eunice M'Lellan. (W. July 18, 1792.) ' 
Kelly, Rev. John. At Chester, the Rev. J. K., of Hamp- 

stead, to Miss Nabby Dearborn, daughter to Mr. John S. 

Dearborn, of Chester. (S. Aug. 24, 1793.) 
Kemble, T. II . In this town, on Sunday week last, by the 

Rev. Dr. Eckley, Mr. T. H. K., merchant, to the amiable 

Miss Abigal Bumstead, only daughter of Maj. Thomas 
Bumstead. (W. Aug. 27, 1794.) 


Kendall, Miss, m. Joseph Anderson. 

Kendall, Lucey, m. Stephen Lamson. 

Kendall, Eev. Samuel. At Weston, the Kev. S. K. to Miaa 
Nabby Woodward, eldest daughter of his predecessor, the 
Kev. Samuel Woodward. (W. Oct. 25, 1786.) 

Kennedy, Mr. [At Wiscasset] Mr. K. to Miss Sukey 
Hodge. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.) 

Kennedy, John. Mr. J. K., merchant, to Miss Sally Hall, 
daughter of Mr. Isaac Hall. (S. Nov. 2, 1893.) 

Kenney, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S. K. to Miss Man- 
Field. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.) 

Kenny, Jesse. [At Salem] Mr. J. K. to Miss Hannah 
Mascoll. (W. Jan. 23, 1793.) 

Kent, Maj. Ebenezer. In this town, Maj. E. K. of Water- 
town, to Miss Charlotte Vinall, daughter of John Vinall, 
Esq., of this town. (W. Sept. 3, 1794.) 

Kent, Huldah, m. Israel Evans. 

Kent, William A. At Hanover, Mr. W. A. K., of New 
Concord, merchant, to Miss Charlotte Mellen, daughter 
to the Eev. John Mellen, of that place. (W. Way 9, 

Kerr, Agnes, m. William Wilson. 

Kettle, James. At Portland, Mr. J. K. to Miss Polly 
Quincy. (W. Apr. 25, 1792.) 

Kettle, John. Mr. J. K. to Miss Suckey Frothingham, both 
of this town. (S. Aug. 2, 1786.) 

Kettle, John. At Salem, Mr. J. K., of Danvers, to Mrs. 
Ann Smith, of Beverly. (W. Nov. 19, 1794.) 

Key, Edward. At Pottsgrave, Penn., E. K., Esq., to Miss 
Anna Potts. (S. July 14, 1792.) 

Keyes, Lewis. At Shrewsbury, Mr. L. K. to Miss Sarah 
Stone, Mr. Lemuel lde to Miss Sarah Stone, daughters 
of Messrs. Joseph and Jasper Stone. (W. Dec. 11» 

Kidder, Betsey, m. Benjamin Raymond. 

Kidder, Phebe, m. Nathaniel Leach. 


Kilborn, Joseph. At Rowley, Mr. J. K., aged 75, to Miss 
Martha Hidden, aged 26. 

" Strange that desire should so long outlive performance. 1 ' 

Kilton, Wait, m. Joshua Eathbon. 

Kilty, Capt. John. At Annapolis, Capt. J. K. to Miss 

Quynn. (S. May 26, 1792.) 
Kimball, Hannah, m. Caleb Bingham. 
Kimball, Jesse. At Hallowell, Mr. J. K. to Miss Hannah 

Cox. (W. Dec. 31, 1794.) 
Kimball, Sukey, m. Isaac Long. 
Kimble, Joseph A. Mr. J. A. K. to Miss Patty Redman. 

(W, Oct. 5, 1791.) 
King, George. At Patchog (Long-Island), Mr. G. K., aged 

36, to Sally King, aged 12 years and 2 months. (W. 

Dec. 12, 1792.) 
King, Jared. At Kingston (Y)., Mr. J. K., set. 19, to 

Miss Polly Dean, ret. 12. At Lanesborough, in this 

State, Dea. Jacob Burgin, ret. 81, to Mrs. Elizabeth 
>- Weed, ret. 63. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.) 
{(3^ After reading these two articles, ivho shall say that Love 

is not blind! 
King, Polly, m. Capt. George Lane. 
King, Sally, m. George King. 
Kingsbury, Nathaniel. By the Rev. Mr. Eckley, Mr. N. K. 

to Miss Ruth Norris, both of this town. (S. Jan. 7, 1892.) 
Kingsbury, Rev. Mr. [At Longmeadow] Rev. Mr. K. to 

Miss Polly Reynolds. (W. Feb. 22, 1792.) 

See also Rev. Mr. Bascom. 
Kinsley, Timothy. At Lebanon, Mr. T. K. to Miss Sybil 

Fisk. (S. April 14, 1792.) 
Kinsman, Hannah, m. William Paine. 
Kip, Isaac L. At New York, I. L. K., Esq., attorney at 

law, to Miss Sarah Smith. (S. March 10, 1792.) 
Kirk, George. At New York, Mr. G. K. to Miss Nancy 

Wright. (W. April 18, 1792.) 


Kirkwood, Elizabeth, m. Paul Rolfe. 

Knap, Anne, m. Nathaniel Cobb. 

Knapp, Betsey, m. Philip Justin. 

Knapp, John. At Philadelphia, Mrs. J. K. to Miss Marv 

Phille. (S. Sept. 8, 1792.) 
Knapp, John, jun. [At Newburyport] Mr. J. K., jun., to 

Miss Mary Davis. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.) 
Kneeland, Deborah, m. Samuel Dunnels. 
Knickabacker, Rebecca, m. John Bradshaw. 
Knight, Capt. Christopher. At Scituate, Capt. C. K., of 

Cranston, to Barbary Fisk, daughter of Peleg Fisk, Esq. 

(S. Dec. 28, 1793.) 
Knight, Capt. Reuben. Capt. R. K. to Mrs. Sally Brown. 

(W. Dec. 9, 1789.) 
Knowlton, Mrs., m. Dea. Joseph Allen. 
Knox, Barnabas. In this town, Mr. B. K. to Miss Rachel 

; Tilton. (W. June 19, 1793.) 
Knox, Capt. Thomas. [In this town] Capt. T. K. to Miss 
... Ruthy Eliot. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.) 

Kuhu, Jacob. Mr. J. K. to Miss Hannah Frost. (W. Oct. 
Kumbel, Elizabeth, m. Capt. John H. Shackerly. 
Lackay, Mrs., m. John Chicken. 
Ladd, Elizabeth, m. Dr. John Haskins. 
Ladd, William, jun. Mr. W. L., jun., to Miss Mary 

Haskins, both of this town. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.) 
Laha, Marcy, m. John Fox. 
Lamb, Deziah, in, Samuel Clap. 
Lambert, Caleb. [At Bath, Kennebeck] Mr. C. L. to Miss 

Lucy Benny. (\V. Nov. 12, 1794.) 
Lambert, Polly, m. Samuel Sewall. 
Lampson, Isaac. Mr. I. L. to Miss Abigail Fiske. (S. 

Dec. 27, 1786.) 
Lamson, Caleb. At Charlestown, by the Rev. Mr. Morse, 

Mr. C. L. to Miss Joanna Rand. (S. Mar. 1, 1794.) 
Lamson, Mrs. Hannah, m. William Cogswell. 


Lamson, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S. L. to Miss Thank- 
ful Eaton. (W. Dec. 3, 1794.) 
Lamson, Stephen. At Ipswich, Mr. S. L. to Miss Lucey 

Kendall. (S. Aug. 31, 1793.) 
Lander, Jonathan. Mr. J. L. to Miss Sally Warren, 

daughter of Capt. Benjamin Warren. (W. May 19, 

Lane, Cornelius. At Great Barrington, Mr. C. L* to Miss 

Nancy Oles. (S. March 2, 1793.) 
Lane, Capt. George. Last Thursday evening, Capt. G. L. 

to Miss Polly King, a young lady truly amiable. (S. Jan. 

21, 1786.) 

See also Bridgman's King's Chapel inser., pp. 129, 234. 
Langdon, Henry S. [In this town] On Tuesday last, H. S. 

L., Esq., of Portsmouth, to Miss Nancy Eustis, of this 

town. (S. May 12, 1792.) 
Langdon, John Wally. At Charlestown, on Tuesday evening 

last, Mr. J. W. L., merchant, to the amiable Miss 

Kebecca Cordis, daughter of Joseph Cordis, Esq., of that 

town. (S. Aug. 30, 1794.) 
Langley, John, jun. At Newport, Mr. J.. L., jun., to Miss 

Betsey Billings. (S. Nov. 17, 1792.) 
Langley, Nabby, m. Isaac Greenwood. 
Langoon, Elizabeth, m. Hon. David Sewall. 
Langshaw, M., m. William Grace. 
Lanier, Patsy, m. Mr. Mark. 
Lanman, Mar} r , m. Jabez Huntington. 
Lapham, Asa. Mr. A. L., of Marshfield, to Mrs. Dorcas 

Frost, of this town. (S. May 1, 1790.) 
Lapham, Cynthia, m. Capt. Joshua Henshaw. 
Larkin, Ebenezer, jun. [In this town] Mr. E. L., jun., to 

Miss Sukey Makepeace. (W. Dec. 26, 1792.) 
Larkin, Isaac. In this town, on Thursday evening, Mr. I. 

L., printer, and Jun. Editor of the Chronicle, to Miss 

Nabby Clark. (S. Aug. 2, 1794.) 
Larkin, Polly, m. Thomas Kand. 


Larkin, Ruthy, m. Amariah Chi Ids. 

Larkin, Ruthy, m. Phillips Payson, jun. 

Larkin, Sally, m. John Sargeant. 

Lamed, Darius. At Pittsfield, Mr. D. L. to Miss Eunice 
Marsh. (W. Nov. 17, 1790.) 

Lathrop, Charles. At New-Canaan, C. L., Esq., to Mi-s 
Joanna Leffingwell. (S. May 4, 1793.) 

Lathrop, Daniel. At Norwich, Mr. D. L., merchant, to Mi&s 
' Betsey Turner. (S. Aug. 24, 1793.) 

Lathrop, John, jun. In this town, Mr. J. L., jun., to Miss 
Ann Peirce, daughter of Mr. Joseph Pierce, merchant. 
(S. Apr. 27, 1793.) 

Lathrop, Polly, m. Samuel Pierce. 

Laughton, Elizabeth, m. Joseph Callender. 

Laugier, J. H., Baron de Taffy. Last evening, Mr. J. H. 
L., Baron de Taffy, to Miss Hannah Minot, second daughter 
of Mr, Samuel Minot, of this town. (W. Dec. 3, 1768.) 

Laurence, John A. At Connecticut, Mr. J. A. L., mer- 
chant, to Miss Sally Prentiss. (S. Mar. 31, 1792.) 

Lawrence, Rev. Nathaniel. At Watertown, Rev. N. L., of 
' Tingsbury, to Miss Hannah Soden, of Watertown. (W. 
May 28, 1794.) 

Leach, Charles. At Weymouth, Mr. C. L., of this town, to 
Miss Betsey Humphrey, daughter of the Hon. James 
Humphrey, Esq. (S. Jan. 14, 1792.) 

Leach, Nathaniel. Mr. W. L., of this town, to Miss Phebc 
Kidder, of Cambridge. (W. Mar. 7, 1787.) 

Leach, Sally, m. Nathan Webb. 

Leach, William. Mr. W. L. to Miss Betsey Swett. (S. 
Sept. 4, 1790.) 

Lealand, Ebenezer. At Roxbury, Mr. E. L. to the amiable 
Mrs. Sukey Wilson. (S. Aug. 31, 1793.) 

Lear, Tobias. At Portsmouth (N.H.), by the Rev. Dr. 
Haven, T. L., Esq., Secretary to the President of the 
United States, to Miss Polly Long, daughter of the late 
. Hon. Peirce Long, Esq. (W. Apr. 28, 1790.) 

" Here Honour fair, shall bloom in manly youth, 
And Beauty's bosom prove the bed of Truth." 

{To be continued.) 



Cummins, Richard, of Portsmouth ; will dated 19 June, 
1678 ; aged . To daughter Jane Joce and Richard Joce, 
and their children : Richard, Samuel, Jane, and John Joce. 
Inventory 29 Jan., 1678. Exeter Court Bee. B. 226-9. 

Clement, Job, of Dover. Will dated 4-7-1682; proved 
9 Nov., 1682. To son Job, daughter Joanna, grandchild 
Jane Kerney. Left a good estate. B. 269, 

Calley, Richard, of Stratham, joiner. Inventory taken 
by Moses Leavit and Edw. Fifield Nov., 1737, £2006 12, 9, 
including 86 acres. Adm. to son Richard of Stratham. 
Guardianship of Nicholas, son of above, under 14, to James 
Foulsham, 31 May, 1738. 

Dower to widow Mary, 1739. Children : Richard, Nicho- 
las, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Abiah, Mary. 

The land of Calley was bounded by John Rundlet, 
Chase, Pamers, Vezey, Leavit. 

Clark,* Rev. Ward, pastor at Kingston. Will dated 
11 Mar., 1736, 7; proved 7 June, 1737. Executors Capt. 
Thos. Dean, of Exeter, sister Jane Clark, of Newcastle. 

To use of ministry his dwelling-house. Wm. son of 
brother Benjamin Clark; John eldest son of sister Deborah 
Dean of Exeter, and to brother and sister Dean my negro 
slave for 7 years he then to be free. Cousin Jane Deano ; 
sisters Sarah and Abigail Pierce ; Lydia only dau. of sister 
Eliz b . Pierce dee'd. Mary dau. of Bro. Frost who was 
born and named after my wife deceased, and their other 
children. To D r . Dean and Wm. Clark aforesaid. 

Richard Basom fined for cursing 28-4-1659. 

Wm. Lemmon, late of Dover. Adm. on estate to Richard 
Otis and Wm. Furber 10-2-1660. 

* See query 40, page 164. 


Thomas Duston, set. about 50, 1660. 

Stephen Ford had a stage at Isle of Shoals 1660 ; deposi- 
tions of his servant, Edward Ball, set. 30, Christopher Chris- 
tophers, set. 26, and Benedict Oliver, set. 31. 

John Jones, set. 46, 1660. 

Jasper Miller, set. 29, 1660. 

John Pickerin, set. 60, 1660. 

Thompson.* Letter of Samuel Thornsonn, dated Taunton, 
27 Mar., 1660, to his brother and sister in N.E. Mentions 
their letters of 1656. Uncle White of Cheston. Cousin 
Wm. T. in England. Hope cousin John's children are with 
you. Sorry to hear of cousin Ester's death in yours of 23 
Octr. 1657. Son Samuel has been dissolute, now at school 
nearly ready for Oxford. Daughter Mall : dau. Martha 
died two years since of small pox. The children's grand- 
mother is with me, has been near six years a continual 

and a great scourge. Boy he has sent over to them. 1. 59. 

Samuel Kobberds. Jury of inquest on his death, 29-1- 
1669, John Anger, Job Clements Sr. & Jr., inter ah, 

Thomas Mayne in a/c. with Henry Dering, 1669. 

Emons, Robert, Oct. 23, 1671, was shipped by Robert 
Marshall, master of pincke Denham, 9 Mar., 1670/1, Boston 
to Piscataqua & thence to London. Owners Geo. Norton, 
Dr. Greeneland, and Capt. Barefoot. Reference to Suffolk 

Joakim IIarvie, get. 40, 1671. (Dover?) 

David Kemball, set. 26". Concerning Edw. West at Goat 
Island. 1671. 

John Jackson, master of Ketch America enters names 
of persons he carries, 6 June, 1685 : Jo. Jackson, Jo. Hatch, 
Jo. French, Philip Cook, Ja. Arthur, Jo. Joce. 

Matthew Estes, master of ship Success, 1684. 

* Compare Vol. IL, fol. Ill, Essex Files, for agreement of Dr. Samuel Thompson, 
of Taunton, Eng., and John Cogswell, Jr., of Ipswich, N.E., concerning: chikl Wm. 
Thompson, of Taunton. Cogswell was to carry him to N.E., keep and educate him, 
etc., for which he was liberally paid. About 1652-3. 


John Drew, Jr. , to sister Abigail, wife of James Bibber, 
of Dover, 1734/5. Sam 1 Starbird, of Dover, and wife Re- 
becca, to son John Drew, jr. their share in estate of John 
Drew, late of Dover, deceased, 1734/5. 

Edw. Lock, of Rye, husband man andson Thomas, 1738. 
Francis Lock, of Rye, nirmer, to brother Thomas, 1739. Jos., 
of Rye, to dau, Salome, wife of Jona Goss of Rye, weaver, 
1738. Wm. Shackford, of Portsmouth, gent., Paul, of 
Newbury, blockmaker, John, of Portsmouth, blockmaker, 
division of farm lately their father's viz. : Samuel and John, 
lately of Portsmouth, bloekmakers, — 1738. 

Hannah, wife of Thos. Fuller, of Hampton, daughter of 
John and sister of Elihu Chase, of Hampton, 1732. Jona. 
Chase to brother Elihu, who is to pay sister Eliz b ., wife of 
Wm. Russell, of Providence, R.I., and Hannah Fuller. 

Tnos. Perkins, of Arundel, York, and wife Mary, to son 
John, of Boston, ail right in estate of Mr. John Banfill, late 
of Portsmouth, 1738. 

John Perkins, of Arundel, coaster, to Capt. Stephen 
Greenleaf, of Portsmouth, land formerly John Banfil and 
divided between his children, of whom Mary Perkins is one. 
Geo. and Samuel Banfil heirs of said John. 1738/9. 

Greenleaf rcconveyed same to Sam 1 Banfil. 

Thomas Nelly, of Nottingham, son of Andrew, late de- 
ceased, of same, to Wm. Neally of do. 1734/5. 

Michael Hodge, of Salisbury, Mass., shipwright, to 
Caleb Beck, of Portsmouth, land there 1738/9. 

John Fifield, of Kingston, yeo., to brother Edward 
Fifield, of Stratham, land formerly of our father Benjamin, 
of Hampton, deceased. 1724/5. 


[Continued from page 187.) 

1637, Sept. 5, Joanna, daughter of Edw. and Alice Crad- 
dock, baptized. 
• 1637, Sept. 6, Laurence Cash, infant, buried. 

1637, Oct. 9, Thomas, son of Thos. and M'g't Washington, 
of Fonchurch, baptized: buried 31 Oct., 1637. 

1637, Nov. 26, Anna daughter of Dorothea Tonnisliffe and 
Walter Washington, supposed father, baptized. 

, 1637, Nov. 30, Samuel Bullock, Maria Shuplebothome, 

1637, Dec. 3, John Cash, Elizabeth Plant, married. 

1637, Dec. 16, Johannes daughter of Wm. Toft of Stock- 
well street, buried. 

1638, June 17, John, son of John and Eliz b . Shaw, of 
Leek, baptized. 

1637-8, Feb., Ralph, son of Wm. and M'g't Davenport of 
Millstreet, baptized. 

1638, April 26, Edw. Taylour, Margaret Gould, married. 
1638, Aug. 5, Thomas son of Roger Cash, baptized. 

1638, Aug. 15, Maria, daughter of John and Annes Devol 
of Teheswortby, baptized. 

1638-9, Jan. 30, Joanna, daughter of John and Margaret 
Heaton, baptized. 

1638-9, Mar. 11, Margaret, daughter of Thos. and M'g't 
Washington, baptized. 

1638-9, Mar. 20, Maria, daughter of Thos and Marie 
Goodale, baptized. 

1639, Apr. 19, Ralph Toft of Leek, buried.' 

. 1639, May 28, Elizabeth Sadler, widow, buried. 

1639, May 30, Robert Pillsbury of Leek, buried. 
, 1639, June 9, John, son of Robert and M'g't Davenport of 
Fould, baptized. 

1639, June 18, Andreas Toft, of Leek, buried. 

1639, July 14, Thomas, son of Walter Washington, bap- 



1639, Nov. 4, Gulieling Davenport, Margaret Whyte- 
church, married. 

1639, Nov. 17, John, son of Edw. and Alice Craddock of 
Leek, baptized. 

1639-40, Feb. 2, Francis Washington ofDunwood, buried. 
1639-40, Mar. 4, Maria Washington of Fonchurch, buried. 

1640, April 16, John of Wm. and Eliz b . Toft, of Morris 
House, baptized. 

1640, June 23, Thomas Heaton of Lon ( ) buried. 
1640, Aug. 9, John, son of Richard and Margaret Bagnold 
of Oncott, baptized. 

1640, Oct. 23, John Jackson, Ellena Heaton, married. 
1640-1, Feb. 15, Sara, of John and Ellen Toft, baptized. 

1641, April 5, Gulieling Davenport of Fould, buried. 
1641, May 21, John Pillsbury of Foules, buried. 

1641, May 1, Johanna, daughter of Thomas and Margerie 
Washington of Fonchurch, baptized. 

1641, July 21, Thos. Pilsbury of Leek, buried. 
1641, July 9, Robert Pillsbury, of Roch grange, buried. 
1641, June 23, Jos., son of John Dale, baptized. 
1641, Sept. 12, Thos. Bagnold, Anna Chett, married. 
1641, Nov. 7, Ralph Toft buried. 

1641, Nov. 24, Edward Bullock, Margaret Harrison, 

1641-2, Feb. 2, Wm. Toft and Anna , married. 

1641-2, March 18, Edmund Pillsbury of Rochgrange, buried. 

1642, May 27, Marmadux Gilbert, Anna Tunstall, married. 
1642, Aug. 24, John Pemberton of Mixton, buried. 

1642, Dec. 21, Robert Stanley, Anna Porter, married. 

1643, May 30, Margaret, daughter of Edw. Craddock, 

1643, Nov. 6, Edmund, son of Walter and Ellenor Wash- 
ington of Leek, baptized. 

1643-44, Feb. 13, Maria, daughter of Edward Pillsbury, 
of Fryle, baptized. 

1644, June 11, Ralph Pillsbury of Stanley, buried. 
1658, Jan. 8, Benjamin Pilsbury of Dun wood, buried. 


baptisms. Commence 1559. 

1556, Feb. 24, William, son of George Heard. 

1562, April 5, William Mighill. 

1564, June 29, Thomas, son of William Mighill. 

1574, July 4, Thomas, son of Robert Mighill. 

1575, Sept. 20, Edward, son of Thomas Miller. 

1579, April 5. Laurence, son of Lawrence Washington, gent, 

1580, May 4, Clement, son of Laurence Wabhington,gent. 
1587, Oct. 1, Thomas Dyer. 

1589, March 2, John, of Thomas Dyer. 
1590-1, Feb. 28, John, of John Dalton. 
1591-2, Jan. 23, Thomas, of Thomas Manning. 
. (Very few entries, 1592-1600.) 
1604-5, Feb. 7, Abraham, son of John Daulton. 
1616-17, Feb. 9, Edmond, son of John Pette. 
1618, July 12, John, son of Wm. Goddyn. 
1618, Dec. 27, John, son of John Bernard. 
1619-20, March 8, Edward, son of John Kent. 
1620-1, Jan. 21, Zachary, son of William Godwyn. 
1622, Oct. 5, Edward, son of Wm. and Lydia Godwyn. 

1629, Nov. 25, Thomas, son of Richard and Newice Milles. 

1630, Aug. 24, Edmund, son of John and Annis Bernard. 

1631-2, Jan. 13, John, son of Richard and A Milles. 

1634, June 15, Richard, son of Richard and Hannah Milles. 
1636-7, Jan. 8, Edward, son of Richard and Newes Mills. 


1559, Sept. 30, Thomas Phillip, Elizabeth Ive, widow. 
1567, Sept. 15, Robert Mighell, Mabel Hartley. 

1567, Oct. 4, John Harrowood, Eliz b . Grave, widow. 

1568, May 8, George Heard, Ann Roper. 
1568, Sept. 17, John Lavender, Mary Waide. 

1570, Aug. 14, Hugh Grave,* M'g't King, widow of 

* The Graves entries are very numerous, and copies of all such are in the posses- 
sion of Gen. J. C. Graves. 


.... 1571, Oct. 7, John Ive, Alice Penye. 

1581, Oct. 22, John Perkins, citizen and carpenter of 
London, Mary Williams. 

1581-2, Feb. 18, Henry Dowse, Alice Bayford. 

1583, Sept. 22, Edward Mighill, Elizabeth Mighill. 

1583, Feb. 11, Edward Barefote, Jane Mallden. 

1586, Feb. 24, Mr. John Barnard, Susan Stokes. 

1586, Nov. 1, Nicholas Wright, Ann Milles. 

1588, Mar. 13, Raffe Curtis, Helen Milles. 

1598, April 2Q, Allin Howe, widdower, Susan, daughter 
of John Lavender. 

1614, April 8, Edward Ive, Mary Parnell. 

1618-19, Jan, 24, Edward Withersall, Alice Millton. 

1619, Oct. 18, Aisable Ives, Susan Wante. 

1662, Nov. 3, Simon Waters, Elizabeth Stevenson. 

burials. Commence 1559. 

1567, Dec. 4, Edward, son of Richard Pickering. 
1567-8, Jan. 30, Elizabeth Heard. 

1568, Mar. 24, Elizabeth, daughter of George Heard. 

1569, June 2, Mother Ive. 
1576, May 22, Robert Mighill. 
1576-7, March 26, William Mighill. 

1580, May 5, Clement, of Laurence Washington. 

1580, Nov. 22, John Mighill. 

1601-2, Jan. 7, Thomas Milles. 

(1602-4, nearly all deaths were from the plague.) 

1604-5, Feb. 17, Grave, son of Anne Cocke. 

1619, June 10, Mary Lavender, widow. 

1632, May 16, Edmund, of John and Ann Barnard. 

1632, July 22, John Lavender, the elder. 

1635, June 25, Raffe, son of Rafle and Isabel Durant of 

1656, May 25, Martha, daughter of Mrs. Christopher 
Ellyott of London, a nurse child. 


Roll of men in Company commanded by Timothy "Walker, xA 
Rehoboth, enlisted 15 Sept., discharged 5 Jan., 1755/6. 

Philip Walker, Lieut. Sergeants. 

Jesse Perin, Ensign Thomas Carpenter 

Jno. Millard, Clerk James Hill 

Timothy "Reed, Drummer. Stephen Eddy. 


James Arminton, Jno. Walker, Jno. Willson, Zephanbb 


Abraham Walker Jno. Osborne 

Ezra Kent ^Jno. Ormsby 

Caleb Walker Oliver Carpenter 

Jno. Traffine Jno. Mathews 

Job Laton Jarn e Tower 

Jno Baker Wm. Brown, Jr. son of Wm. 

Thos. Wood Jno. Bowen, Jr. son of J. 

Thos. Lindley Bowen 

Wm. Torrey Trustem Twogood 

Geo. Salsbury Sam 1 . Rigeway 

Jos. Walker, minor, son of Ammi Willson, son of Benj. 

Philip Wm. Healy 

Ephraim Pierce Thos Woods, deserted 

Jona. George, Indian servant Henry Cooper, Indian 

to Aaron Wheeler Jos. Boot, " 

Bristol, negro servant to the Amas Jeflry, " 


Marched to Albany. Enlisted 15 Sept.; discharged 17 
Dec. 1755. Mass. Archives, v. 94, fo. 97. 



Roll of a scouting company at Haverhill, 4 th . to 31 Aug., 

William White, sergeant, in command 

Nathaniel Merrill, general Centinal 
Joseph Bellnap Nathan Simons 

Abner Harriman Jona. Roberds 

Wm. Morey John Whiteing 

Richard Hut chins Eben r Brown 

Thomas Whiteing John Johnson 

Jos. Dudley Sam 1 Wailingford 

Thos. Pike Joshua March. 

Mass, Archives , v. 91, fo. 31. 

Roll of a company at Ft. Dummer, 1 June * to 30 Nov., 
1725 : 

Capt. Timothy Dwight, Northampton 
Elisha Searles, Lieut. *« 

Daniel Dwight, Chaplain, " 
Robert Cooper, S'g't, Northfield 
Benony Wright, " Northampton 
Caleb Chapin, Corporal, Springfield. 

From Windsor. 
John Thrale, Thomas Moses, David Clark 

From Springfield. 

Robert Cartor, John Frost, Abraham Burnett, Amos Tay- 
lor, Nat 1 . Mighills, David Jones, John Mackrany, corporal, 
John Remington, Thos. Bodurtha, died 11 Sept. 

From Suffield. 

Jos. Allen, Edw. Baker, taken captive 11 Sept., Joseph 
Old, John Pease, died 11 Sept. 

From Enfield. 

Philip Symons, Christopher Sittan, Benj. Bement, John 
Larcum, Eben r Chapin, Jona. Pease, Joshua Gary, John 
Pease, died 11 Sept. 

* A few enlisted in July. 



John Woolcot, Brookfield David Comes, Northampton, 

Michel Foke, a German son of John 

Anthony Wiersbury, a Ger- Kichard Waterman, Narragan- 

man, deserted 28 July set 

Jacob Wheeler, Menderhook John Ellis, Narraganset 
Samuel Burr, Weathersfield Joseph Gillet, Lebanon 
Jona. Janes, Northfield Dan 1 Price, Carmarthen 

Daniel Severence, " Cosaump, Lonetown 

John Wood, Carolina Thomas Young 

Nath'Kentfield, of New Hamp- Richard Piercy, Hatfield 

shire, servant to Jona. Root Nat 1 Chamberlain, " 
James Shields, Nutfield prisoner Sept. 11 

Joseph Gillit, omitted from John Farrow, of Ashford, son 

former roll, enl. 25 Apr., of Isaac Farrar, enl. 23 July, 

dis. 31 May. captured 11 Sept. 

John Steel, Long Meadow. 

House of Representatives, 26 Nov., 1725. Voted £7-7. 
to wife and family of Nath 1 Chamberlain of Hatfield, who was 
taken prisoner. Mass. Arch., v. 91, fo. 236, 7. 


Malcom. The late Howard Malcom, D.D., formerly a 
pastor of Federal Street Baptist Church, of Boston, Mass., 
was the son of John James Malcom and Deborah Howard, 
married in Philadelphia in 1798. 

John James Malcom was the son of John Malcom and 
Hannah Roberts, married in Philadelphia in 1772. 

Hannah Roberts was the daughter of Hugh Roberts, one 
of Wm. Penn's Councillors. 

Who was the father of John Malcom ? There is a family 
tradition that he was a sea captain during the Revolutionary 
War and was lost at sea. But this has never been traced 

Geanville Malcom, M.D., 

Haverford, Penn. 


The delayed issues of the Essex Institute Historical 
Collections, comprising Nos. 13-24 of Vol. XXXI. for the 
whole year 1895, and Nos. 1-6 of Vol. XXXII. for the first 
half of 1896, have been issued. 

Mr. Rantoul, the newly elected president of the Society, 
contributes a memoir of Rev. Edmund B. Willson (1820- 
1895), his predecessor in office, which is accompanied by 
a portrait, a remarkably good likeness of Mr. Willson. Mr. 
Willson was a man who practised all the virtues, and was 
endeared not only to his parishioners, but all who came in 
contact with him, and was thoroughly appreciated in Salem. 

A description of the famous country house of Hon. Will- 
iam Browne, and an article upon the English ancestry of 
"Rear Admiral" Thomas Graves, of Charlestown, by Eben 
Putnam, together with an account of the Pillsburys, of Leek, 
Staffordshire, England, by Miss E. A. Getchell and Eben 
Putnam, with the index, complete Volume XXXI. 

The particularly noteworthy paper in the succeeding vol- 
ume is that entitled " Some Claims of Salem on the Notice of 
the Country. " This is the address of Mr. Rantoul before 
a Historical Pilgrimage from Philadelphia, and deals 
chiefly with the events of Gage's residence in Salem when 
that place was the temporary capital of the colony, and 
Leslie's raid ; Mr. Rantoul presents some new matter, es- 
pecially in the notes appended concerning that event. He 
thinks, with reason, the force which marched to Salem from 
Marblehead comprised 246 men. 

Another paper, dealing with the same period, but not 
showing the same exhaustive study as the former, and cov- 
ering a much wider range, is Mr. Streeter's " Salem before 


270 NOTES. 

the Revolution." Mr. Streeter is especially hard upon th« 
Loyalists, and must find excuses for such of them as he ha* 
cause to praise, for their being "unhappily involved with, 
the Tories." 

The valuable Topsfield Baptisms are continued by Mr. 

It is strange, with the thirty-two volumes of most valu- 
able contributions to Essex county and colonial history 
which the Institute has published, that the Collections are 
not more generously supported. A membership of nearly 
1,000 in the Society would seem to indicate that the cati>e 
of local history and genealogy was anything but dormant in 
Essex county, yet it is unlikely that the receipts from sub- 
scriptions to the Collections exceed a third of their co.-t. 
The genealogical public are remiss in allowing the Collec- 
tions to lag, on account of the loss their publication entails 
on the Society. Subscription, $3 per annum. 

Putnam Leaflets, Vol. I., June, 1895-June, 1896, pp. 
96. A series of Leaflets designed to record current events 
of interest to members of the Putnam and Putman families, 
as well as to put into print original sources of information 
from which the material was gathered for the " History of 
the Putnam Family in England and America," and such 
additions and corrections as have come to hand since the 
publication of that work. The publication is continued. 

"First Steps in a Pedigree and Family Record," by 
Spencer A. Woolward, Vicar of Totternhoe, Dunstable, 
London. Elliot Stock, 1890. This is a few leaves bound 
together, suitably printed, designed for the purpose of col- 
lecting information. A beginner following the rule laid 
down by Mr. Woolward will not have occasion for regret. 



bishop's FAMILY. 

(Continued from page 245.) 

Samuel Bishop, son of Thomas Bishop, of Ipswich, died in 

Ipswich, Mass., in 1687. His widow, Hester (Cogswell) 

Bishop, under commission from Gov. Sir Edmund Andros, 

became the administratrix of her husband's estate. The 

Probate Records of Essex county, Mass., Vol. 8, fol. 74, 

show that "Mrs. Esther Burnham, alias Bishop, was chosen 

Adm'x " and was " Thro' alteration of Gov't not capable of 

p r fecting the same. Therefore Renouncing y e same, Desiring 

it may be conferred upon Samuel Bishopp, eldest son of s d 

Sam'!." The date of this is 17 Jan., 1703/4, at which time 

the youngest son of said Samuel, 20 Dec, 1703, chose the 

eldest son as his guardian, to which office the said eldest son 

was appointed. 

The children of Samuel Bishop and Hester (Cogswell) 
Bishop were : 

Margaret, born May 17, 1676. She married Ichabod Griggs, 
born at Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 27, 1695, bp. Oct. 10, 
1675, died , 1718. 

Of their nine children, the voun^est was Ichabod, who 
lived in Newent parish, then, in 1741, a part of Norwich, 
Conn. ; since 1786 a part and now the whole of the township 
of Lisbon, Conn., in which place was baptized his oldest 
child, Joshua, 8 Jan., 1743.. About the time of his second 
child's birth (Ichabod), he removed to Tolland, Conn., in 
which he held official positions, civil and ecclesiastical, and 
there died, May 9, 1795. Leveret Griggs, D.D., who died 




a few years ago in Bristol, Conn., was a descendant froni 
Ichabod Griggs and his wife Margaret Bishop. 

At Norwich, Conn., "the semi-county seat," two offices 
were carefully searched for the original entries relating to 
Samuel and John Bishop, brothers, and sons of Samuel, son 
of Thomas, 1 of Ipswich, Mass. The books of record in tb«; 
town clerk's office are models, and have copious indices. 

Samuel Bishop, son of Samuel, 1 was born at Ipswich, Mass., 

Feb. 6, 1678/9, died at , Conn., Nov 17, 1700, 

aged 81 years. He married, as per Norwich records, 
Sarah Forbes, Jan. 2, 1705/6. She died March 13, 1759, 
aged 73 years. 

According to the Norwich Records their children were : 
Thomas, born Nov. 14, 1706 : died June — 1724. 




Cabel (sic) 















. . 

Feb. 2, 1708/9 

March 7, 1710: died 1710. 

Jan'y. 1, 1712. 

Mar. 16, 1715. 

June— 1716. 

March — 1718. 

Jan'y. 5, 1720. 

Aug. 2, 1722. 

Nov. 26, 1725. 

Dec. 26, 1727. 

Of the early entries on 
the Norwich books of 
record those relating to 
the families of Samuel 
and John Bishop were 
the only ones found of 
that surname. 

Samuel Bishop, son of Samuel of Ipswich, Mass., went, 
about the time of his majority, with his youngest brother, 
John, whose legal guardian he was, into the north-eastern 
part of Norwich, Conn., to lands adjacent to its northern 

The tract had, in part, been the common land of the Con- 
necticut Colony, and as such assigned for occupation to a 
remnant of the Indian people who had been numerous there. 
When that tract, called at first the "Crotch of the Eivers" 
(where the Quinebaug and the Shetucket join and form the 


Thames), was, near 1700, opened to purchasers, a section 
of it was bought by several gentlemen of Ipswich, Mass., of 
whom one was Samuel Bishop. In 1723 the first church in 
that part of Norwich was formed. The first parish estab- 
lished there in 1718, and called Newent then, retains that as 
still its legal name. That community of voters was incor- 
porated as the town of Lisbon in 1786. 

As Mrs. Frances M. Caulkins' History of Norwich, 
Conn., published in 1866, is now difficult to obtain, I will 
give, from its pages, ail that relates to this migration of 
Ipswich Bishops : 

p. 258. " Samuel and John Bishop were early settlers in 
this district. They were probably brothers, and sons, 
or grandsons, of Thomas Bishop of Ipswich. Samuel 
married, in 1706, Sarah Forbes. John, 1718, married 
Mary Bingham. Samuel was admitted 1702, and John 
in 1710." 

p. 257. " Capt. Fitch sold this grant to certain purchasers 
from Ipswich, Mass., viz. : Joseph Safford, Richard 
Smith, Mesbach Farley, Matthew Perkins, and Samuel 

p. 439. M The church was constituted and Eev. Daniel 
Kirtland ordained its minister, Dec. 10, 1723. The 
original members were : Daniel Kirtland, the pastor, 
Samuel Lathrop and Joseph Perkins, who were chosen 
deacons, John Bishop, Jeremiah Tracy (son of Thomas 
Tracy of Preston) Isaac Laurence, and Isaac Laurence, 
jr., the church resting on seven pillars, a favorite num- 
ber in that day." 

p. 344. "At the rebuilding of the Norwich bridge, 1728, 
as men were gathered on it, the main timber broke, and 
people were thrown into the river. Among the most 
considerably wounded was John Bishop." 

p. 260. w In 1725, the proprietors of the common and undi- 
vided land put an end to all controversy by giving a 
quit-claim deed to Capt. Jabez Perkins, Lieut. Samuel 


Bishop, Mr. Joseph Perkins, and Mr. John Saffbrd, of 
all the land in the crotch of the rivers, etc. ... 

" In 4745 the descendants of Owaneco and other prin- 
cipal Mohegans, for the sum of £137, executed a quit- 
claim deed of the Indian reservation in favor of the 
English claimants. This instrument, which extinguished 
the last aboriginal claim to land in the nine-mile-square, 
was in substance as follows : Ann, alias Cutoih, Betty 
Aucun, widow, Wedemow, daughter of Mahomet, 
deceased, Ann, otherwise young Ben's wife, all of whom 
are descendants of Owaneco, late sachem of Mohegan, 
and the said young Ben, or Ben Uncas, jr., and Daniel 
. Pauganeek, all of Mohegan , for the consideration of 137 
pounds in bills of credit — to Capt. Samuel Bishop. 
Joseph Perkins, Jacob Perkins, John Safford, Joseph 
Saffbrd, and Solomon Saffbrd, to all of them in propor- 
tion as they now possess- 1 — do now relinquish all right 
and title to the tract of 300 acres more or less in 
Newent, in the crotch of the rivers Quinebaug and 
Showtucket, called the Indian Land, abutting south- 
easterly on the Quinebaug — April 9, 1745. " 

About nine years after Samuel Bishop had become a citi- 
zen of the Connecticut Colony, the following conveyance of 
a portion of his father's estate became of record in the Essex 
County, Mass., office, — Vol. 29, p. 259, Oct. 24, 1711: 
"We, Samuel and John Bishop, both of Norwich, New London 
Co., Conn., and Aaron Burnham, Ips., and wife Esther, and 
Ichabod Griggs and wife Margaret of Roxbury all heirs unto 
Samuel Bishop, late of Ipswich, de'cd, for £16, deed to John 
Pingra of s d Ipswich all our right in comon land in Ipswich 
which our father Samuel Bishop of Ipswich purchased ot 
Kichard Saltonstall Esq., Sept. 23, 1680." 

The children of Samuel and Sarah (Forbes) Bishop will, 
I hope, be followed on their lines of descent by Connecticut 
genealogists. I can furnish but little in relation to any of 


them. The son, Samuel, born Feb. 2, 1708/9, was clerk of 
the parish of Newent in or before 1734, and continuously 
for many years. He married, 1st, Oct. 6, 1731, Abigail, 
only child of Daniel Corning, who, born in Beverly, Mass., 
died in Newent, Conn., May 28, 1746, aged fifty-seven 
years. Abigail (Corning) Bishop died March 12, 1747, 
aged thirty-two years. Samuel Bishop married, 2d, Abigail 

, who died April 4, 1788, aged seventy-seven years. 

Capt. Samuel Bishop died in Hanover, then Lisbon, now 
Sprague, Conn., Feb. 13, 1790. Issue by each wife sur- 
vived him : 

Hester, daughter of Samuel Bishop of Ipswich, Mass., 
was born May 21, 1681, at Ipswich. The date of her 
decease may be found in the Newent Church Records. In 
1724 she was resident in Newent, Conn., and then was 
admitted to membership in the church there ; was speci- 
fied as the wife of Aaron Burnham, born at Ipswich, 
Mass., 12 Sept., 1676, son of Thomas Burnham, jr. 
The said Aaron was admitted later to the same member- 
ship. He was a mariner. After her husband's death 
she removed from Newent and joined her kindred. 

Thomas, son of Samuel, of Ipswich, Mass., was born there 
Sept. 21, 1683. Vital statistics of him have not been 
obtained by me as yet. The paternal homestead may 
have become his distinctive possession. Any notes re- 
lating to his line will be acceptable to the writer, and 
full credit will be given to persons furnishing them. 

John, the youngest son of Samuel Bishop, of Ipswich, was 
born Sept. 20, 1685. He died Nov. 14, 1755. It was 
he who came, under the legal guardianship of his elder 
brother, Samuel, from their native town of Ipswich, 
Mass., to Newent, Conn., and who was admitted a 
citizen there eight years later than the admission of his 
brother to the same settlement. Had he remained in 
Ipswich we would not, in all probability, as a people, 


have enjoyed the works of that gifted descendant of hk, 
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, the distinguished Anieriemj 
poet, for it was John Bishop's daughter, Temper4nc* 
Bishop, who married Dr. Holmes's ancestor, " Captain 
and Doctor David Holmes," of the Newent, Conn., 

John Bishop is noted as "a prosperous farmer, a 
worthy citizen, and a well-reputed Christian man." He 
bought his farm of Mesbrack Farley, who was al.-o an 
Ipswich man. He married July 30, 1718, Mary, daughter 

of Thomas and H (Backus) Bingham, born Feb. 26, 

1697-8 ; died Oct. 17, 1724. Miss Bingham was prob- 
ably of Windham, Conn. He married, 2d, Aug. 22, 
1727, Temperance Lathrop, who survived him and 
married Capt. James Grant, Dec. 14, 1763, and again 
married Sept. 16, 1773, Elkanah Hewitt. 

The Norwich Kecords give the following entries of children 

born to John Bishop and his first wife H (Backus) 

Bingham : 

Mary, born June 25, 1719. 

Deborah, born May 22, 1722. 

John, born Aug. 4 and died Sept. 14, 1724. 

Children by second wife, Temperance (Lathrop) Bishop : 

John, born Oct. 13, 1731. 
Temperance, born Oct. 15, 1733. 
Joseph, born Aug. 28, 1735. 

An abstract of the will of John Bishop will supply the 
names of such of his children and their married names as 
are not found of record elsewhere. 

Norwich Wills, Vol. 1, p. 373. 

John Bishop's will, drawn Nov. 14, 1754: mentions John, 
Joseph, Benjamin, Samuel, Mary Allen, Deborah Cushnian, 
Temperance, Esther, Zerriah and wife Temperance : tarui 


lately bought of Joseph Woodcock at Newent, parish of 

In an early copy of the Records, in the clerk's office at 
Norwich, it is given that John Bishop died in 1724, and mar- 
ried a second time in 1727. 

The clerk can show the visitor, however, the tattered 
original book of record, when it will be found that in copying 
from it into the new book a clerical error in the old one was 
not noted, which will lead one astray. It is the omission of 
the son John's birth, not entered ia the original copy, which 
confuses the genealogist. 

In this place opportunity is offered to correct a grave 
error made by Dr. Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary, 
which has caused a large amount of costly and useless 
searching anions: several families on both sides of the Atlan- 
tic. It relates to this John Bishop and Dr. John Bishop of 
Bradford and Medford, Mass., two individuals who were 
made one man by Dr. Savage, who could not be made to 
change his opinion, against which a descendant of Dr. Bishop 
personally protested during the lifetime of Dr. Savage. 
The author of the Genealogical Dictionary had not the 
shadow of any evidence to support his theory. Wyman 
supported it ; and many other genealogists, even to this day, 
follow Dr. Savage in his errors, to the great loss of their 
clients and the placing of obstacles to truthful inquiries. 
I have shown that John, the son of Samuel Bishop, of Ipswich, 
migrated to Connecticut and died there. Dr. John Bishop, 
who is called by Savage the son of Samuel of Ipswich, — 
erroneously, — is claimed by his descendants to have been 
connected with the Bishops of Sussex County, England, 
and was the first of his own line who came to New England. 
He appears in Bradford (once a part of the Ipswich 
Colony) , Mass., about 1718. Bradford Church Records give : 

Sarah, w. of Dr. John Bishop, adm. Feb. 1719-20. 

Sarah, of John & Sarah Bishop, born , 1720. 

John, " " " " " bap. March 18, 1721-22. 


In April, 1723, Dr. John Bishop moved his family to 
Mcdford, and died there about 1739, leaving widow Sarah 
and children Sarah and John. His descendants remained in 
Medford until about the year 1868. Mrs. John Bishop was 
Sarah Bond, from a well-known Essex County family. John 
Williams, the early settler, and wife Jane had a son John, 
who married Rebecca Coleby, daughter of Anthony Coleby 
and wife Susanna. This John was the father of Sarah 
Williams, who was the wife of Joseph Bond and mother of 
Sarah Bond (of Haverhill, Mass.), the wife of Dr. John 
Bishop. Joseph Bond, the husband of Sarah Williams and 
father of Sarah Bond (wife of Dr. John Bishop), was the 
son of John Bond and Hester Blakeley. The date of this 
daughter's marriage to Dr. Bishop has not yet been found. — 
See N. E. Hist. Geneal. Register for April, 1894, p. 213. 

The children of John Bishop and Temperance (Lathrop) 
Bishop, his wife, were : 

John, born Oct. 13, 1731; bap. Oct. 17, 1731; married 

Ruth , who was born Oct. 15, 1735; admitted to 

Newent Church, 1759. 

Temperance, who, on the Newent Records, is termed 
Temperance Bishop, jr., born Oct. 15, 1733. 

She was married Nov. 12, 1761, to David Holmes, 
widower, of Woodstock, Conn. On the Newent Records 
he is given as Capt. & Doct. David Holmes. His military 
title preceded his medical one, and pertained to him as hav- 
ing served in the contest that resulted in England's acquisi- 
tion of Canada. 

From the said David and Temperance (Bishop) Holmes, 
his wife, came the parentage of Rev. Abiel Holmes, D.D., 
LL.D., and, among other descendants, in the third degree, 
Oliver Wendell Holmes, M.D., LL.D., the poet, with a 
brother and a sister to them, the wife of Rev. and Hon. 
Charles W r . Upham, M.C., late of Salem, Mass. 

A descendant of John Plolmes, of Woodstock, Conn., sent 
me the following during 1893 : 


"As to Temperance (Bishop) Holmes, it is recorded that 
' Her exalted character and noble bearing impressed all who 
knew her.' As the Town Records make her Mrs. Temper- 
ance Bishop (prior to her marriage with Capt. Holmes), it 
is contended by some that Bishop was not her maiden sur- 
name ; but I find that anciently, in New England, the 
honored and generally much-desired title of Mrs. was 
frequently bestowed upon unmarried females* who had 
attained to the age of thirty years, or thereabouts. Her 
mother was Temperance Lathrop, and both the Christian 
and surname have been perpetuated in the family. 

" Dr. David Holmes had a son named Lathrop, and my 
father had a sister named Temperance. Dr. David Holmes's 
first wife was Mehitable Mayo, by whom he had eight 
children, my grandmother being the youngest. 

" He also had eight children by Temperance Bishop,, his 
second wife. The second son by her was the Rev. Abiel 
Holmes, the father of Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes." 

Abiel Holmes, born at Woodstock, Conn., 24 Dec, 17G3, 
died at Cambridge, Mass., 4 June, 1837. He married 
Mary Stiles, daughter of Pres. Stiles of Yale College. 

Criticisms on the foregoing genealogical notes, or any con- 
tributions for their enrichment, will be thankfully received 
by the author, and due credit will be given for the same in 
future publications. It is the author's desire to discover the 
foreign parentage of the early Bishop families of New Eng- 
land and New Jersey. To attain that end he has employed 
several genealogists in Great Britain to search the govern- 
ment record offices as well as church registers. Any in- 
formation now in the possession of descendants of these 
early Bishop families which will throw light upon their 
foreign ancestry, if sent to the author, Lake George, 
Warren County, N. Y., may assist in accomplishing his 

* Also to unmarried women even in their teens, if of " the quality." — Ed. 




(Continued from page 128.) 

The principal throughfare in Pateley Bridge, called High 
street, is a long narrow avenue of shops and houses of mixed 
age and design that climbs the hill eastwards from the 
bridge. Though none of the present houses are of special 
antiquity, the street itself is undoubtedly very old, remind- 
ing one of the curious narrow streets of Normandy (whence 
many of the early inhabitants of this neighborhood emi- 
grated), and which restricted thoroughfares were formed at 
a time when the traffic of foot and horse passengers was 
alone thought of. The street is, doubtless, laid upon a 
British or Roman highway. No fewer than three separate 
paved ways have been met with at different depths while 
excavating in the neighborhood of the bridge, the original 
Celt-Roman ford across the river being, like that at Hamps- 
thwaite, concealed by the river gravel of many centuries. 
The town possesses several good inns and other houses of 
accommodation, besides a variety of shops and all the 
ordinary requirements of visitors intending a long or short 
stay. There is a good Wesley an chapel, built in 1776 ; it 
contains the old canopied pulpit from which the celebrated 
founder of the sect, the Rev. John Wesley, preached on 
several occasions. He not only visited Pateley Bridge many 
times, but was also at Braisty Pasture, Hardcastle Garth, 
and North Portune Houses, Brimham. One of the ministers 
of the old chapel, it is interesting to note, was the Rev. 
Joseph Kipling, whose grandson is the well-known popular 



novelist, Mr. Rudyard Kipling, who is no stranger to Nid- 
derdale, and is author of a local story entitled "On Green- 
how Hill." The ancient church or chapel-of-ease to St. 
Wilfrid's Ripon, erected apparently after the completion of 
that noble pile towards the end of the thirteenth century, is 
now a deserted but interesting ruin, situated upon an emi- 
nence about a half-mile east of the town. It was dedicated 
to the Blessed Virgin, and not to St. Cuthbert, as is com- 
monly asserted. From manuscripts in the record office it is 
found that a chantry was founded by royal license in this 
chapel in 1320 by the celebrated cleric and statesman, John 
de Markenfield, chancellor of the exchequer, and Richard 
de Lynlon, chaplain ; mass was to be celebrated daily in 
the chapel for the souls of the said John and his kinsman, 
William de Hamelton, who likewise was one of the most 
distinguished men of his time. 

The church, as stated, is now in ruins, having fallen to de- 
cay at the beginning of this century. The main portion of 
the old building is of the time of Edward I., while the tower 
was only built at the end of the seventeenth century, during 
the long (fifty-eight years) incumbency of the Rev. Thomas 
Furniss. His initials and those of the parish church- wardens 
appear above the tower arch. In the burial-yard adjoining 
the church is an old octagonal shaft, which has a dial upon 
it, and which bears the same initials, T. F., along with the 
following others: F. L., I. B., A. C, R. B., and the date 
1714. Likewise in the church-yard are some tombstones of 
interest. Here, in truth, repose the ashes of many who in 
generations past have bred the after-glow of an honorable and 
enduring fame, or who have transmitted it to live after them 
in future ages* 

In the church-yard is an ancient carved stone, 19 inches 
by 14J inches and 8 inches thick. The figure upon it is 
curvilinear, conforming with the rectangular shape of the 
stone, and having in the centre a rude kind of cross, the 

* The italics are the writer's. 


whole of the carving being raised slightly above the surface 
of the stone, in the style of the thirteenth — fourteenth cen- 
tury, or coeval probably with the foundation of the church. 
The view from the church-yard is of great extent, as well a* 
one of the finest and most picturesque in Nidderdale. 

The new church of St. Cuthbert was built in 1826. In the 
tower is a fifteenth-century bell brought from the old church, 
and inscribed, Sancie Petre Or a Pro Nobis; the last lettei 
of Nobis appearing reversed. Between each word of the in- 
scription is a small shield bearing the sacred monogram 
I.H.S., and above this are two crowns, a very uncommon 
device. The registers of the church of Pateley, which begin 
with the year 1552, contain many interesting references to 
the customs, fees, and appurtenances of the church and parish 
at different times. The present incumbent is Rev. Alex. 

Ages before the monks obtained their mining rights in 
this neighborhood the lead mines had been worked by the 
inhabitants of the district. On Jan. 23, 1734-5, two large 
pigs of lead, each weighing upwards of eleven stone, were 
turned up on Hayshaw Moor at Greenhow, three miles to the 
west of Pateley. Both of them bore raised letters, as fol- 
lows : Imp Caes Domino Avg Cos VII. (or, unabbreviated, 
Imperative Ccesare Domitiano Augusto Consule Septimum), 
while upon the other side was the word Prig, thus denoting 
that the lead had been smelted in the country of the Brigantes 
in the year A.D. 87. One of these pigs of lead, though now 
more than eighteen hundred years old, is almost as good 
and perfect as the day it was fashioned. It is preserved at 
Ripley Castle. The other is in the British Museum. At 
Ripon, some ten miles east, was discovered a handsome gold 
torque, a heavy bronze sword, a vase of Roman workman- 
ship, and portions of a tessellated pavement. In addition to 
these interesting proofs of the Roman occupation of the dis- 
trict must be mentioned the discovery in Nidderdale, in 
1868, of a valuable collection of Roman coins. These coins 


were accidentally discovered by two youths while playing in 
the cavern known as Tom Taylor's Chamber, in the pict- 
uresque How Stean gorge, near the head of Nidderdale, 
which hoard had probably been placed there by the original 
owners on their leaving the island, now more than fourteen 
centuries ago. It is recorded in the " Saxon Chronicle " that 
A.D. 418 the .Romans collected all the hoards of gold 
that were in Britain and " they hid in strange places, so that 
no man might find them, and some they carried away to 
Gaul." Twenty-five silver pieces and- four brass ones are in 
the possession of Mr. Metcalfe, of Castlestead, upon whose 
estate they were found ; while ten pieces (being duplicates) 
are held by Mr. Yorke, of Bewerley Hall. These coins have 
all been deciphered and identified, and the whole collection, 
after being photographed, have been reproduced and pub- 
lished, with explanatory notes, in that valuable work, "Nid- 
derland and the Garden of the Nidd, a Yorkshire Rhine- 
land," by Harry Speight, from which the foregoing has been 
taken, as well as what follows. 

Pateley Bridge is undoubtedly the Kenaresforde, als. Neres- 
ford, of " Domesday ; " derived from the Anglo-Saxon, neer, 
lower, cognate with the Teutonic and Scandinavian, ?ieder, 
nteder, from which the dale, perhaps, also takes its name. 
The terminal ,ford, moreover, proclaims it to have been situate 
on or near a Roman highway, which circumstance accords 
with many discoveries which have been advanced in support 
of the Roman occupation of the place. The given compound 
has evidently the meaning of the lower ford, in contradis- 
tinction to one higher up the dale, probably at Wath, where 
the river was formerly much wider than it is now, and the 
name still indicates that a ford existed there. That Pateley 
Bridge was situate upon a Roman thoroughfare is highly 
probable, although this is not shown, like many others of this 
era in Yorkshire, upon the "Itinerary" of Antonine. But 
the necessity of some good passage-route for the expedition 
of the Roman soldiery upon the subjugation of the warlike 


hordes of native Celts inhabiting this remote mountainous 
and wooded region can hardly be questioned. It is held, 
therefore, that Pateley Bridge lay along an important route 
through this highland country, which, starting from the great 
camp at Overborough, near Kirkby Lonsdale, took an almost 
direct course eastward, crossing Ribblesdale at Stainfortb, 
over Malham moor by the street and Ebor gate, passing 
Grassington, and thence over Greenhow hill to the ford at 
Pateley Bridge, still holding eastward up the High street to 
Ripon, and joining the great Watling street three miles east 
of the city ; evidence of the old Roman presence having been 
found along the whole line of this march. 

Considering that the Romans with the conquered Britons 
worked the lead mines at Greenhow, a very high and exposed 
locality, we may reasonably infer that in winter, at any rate, 
they would seek lodgment at a lower and more sheltered 
situation ; Pateley Bridge being the most suitable and acces- 
sible place for winter habitation, we find again further 
evidence here of a Roman or early British settlement. Tbe 
position and extent of the principal encampment have not as 
yet been accurately defined, but there is no doubt that the 
site of Castlestead formed part of the original camp or fortress. 
A strong guard-house, or mansione, would be stationed at 
the ford, as customary all the year round, but of the position 
of this nothing is known. "When the mansion at Castlestead 
was built, thirty years ago, the mound on which it stands 
was found to be so shaped and designed as to leave no 
-doubt of its having been fashioned by artificial means as a 
place of habitation, although it bore the appearance at first 
sight of being a large tumulus. But no traces of burial were 
observed, nor was any foundation or evidence of stone 
erections discovered ; but stone would not be necessary in a 
district where timber was abundant. The top of the mound 
was slightly hollowed, and enclosed on all sides 03' the great 
agger, while the river, which is now spanned by an orna- 
mental bridge about one hundred feet in length, formed a 


natural defence on the north and east sides ; the land sides 
being probably protected with felled trees, etc. 

The discovery of Roman coins of such an early date in the 
dale (none of those found being later than about A.D. 130), 
coupled with the two pigs of lead, bearing the impress of 
the Roman equivalent to A.D. 87, seem to point to the 
probability of this part of the country having been invaded 
and conquered by the army of Julius Agricola shortly 
after his celebrated landing in Britain about A.D. 75. 
The Emperor Hadrian, who died A.D. 130, and who 
spent some years in England, is known to have visited 
this part of Yorkshire, and it is not unlikely that he 
travelled from the great Eoman city of Isurium (Aid- 
borough) through Ripon and Pateley (visiting the Green- 
how lead mines) to several western stations.* The old 
Britons of this isolated region forgetting in time the civiliz- 
ing arts and influences of their departed conquerors, Pateley 
Bridge, as upper Kidderdale generally, must have lapsed 
into a state of semi-barbarism, and for centuries after the 
Roman evacuation can have been but the shadow and echo 
of its former self. We have to pass on to Norman times 
before we get any positive evidence of the locality again. 
Then in 1086 it is stated in "Domesday " that Gospatric, 
the Saxon owner, who was permitted to retain the estate, 
had but half a carucate of land in Neresford to be taxed, 
"and it is waste." The same record, however, mentions 
that there were one and one-half carucates in Chenaresford 
(Pateley Bridge) and two carucates in Wiveshall (Wilsill) 
belonging to the archbishop of York, an old property com- 
prised in the township now known as Bishopside, which 
was granted to the see of York by the Saxon king Athel- 
stan, first proclaimed king of England A.D. 939-40, and 
afterwards held by the archbishops of York of the king in 

* On the south wall of the mansion at Castlestead there is carved a life-size head 
in relief of the Emperor Hadrian, with a suitable inscription above an elegant canopied 


During the civil wars the men of Nidderdale were up lu 
arms either on the side of the King or Parliament, .sev- 
eral of the leaders being Nidderdale squires. Upon the 
restoration of peace, a good deal of house renovation and 
rebuilding took place, and nearly all the houses at Pateley 
Bridge appear to have been built after that time. That 
there was at least one hostelry in the town in the period of 
the wars appears from an indictment in 1648, wherein it is 
stated that one Robert Inman ("Bold Robin," of Bouth- 
waite) and his son, Michael Inman, then a youth of eighteen 
years, were "returning from Skipton fair through the village 
of Pateley Briggs." Here they encountered, drinking at an 
ale-house, a surgeon named Webster and a number of sol- 
diers belonging to the Protector's army, who were convey- 
ing medicaments and ammunition to Barnard castle, for 
the forces there, to repel the Duke of Hamilton's invasion. 
" Bold Robin " was challenged to guide the party over the 
moors to Kirkby Malzeard, but refused to do so ; the report 
before the council states that the said Robert Inman (being 
a man of great size and muscular power) did dismount and 
openly fight and assault the soldiers. At any rate, the 
mare on which " Bold Robin " rode was " annexed " and used 
in the service of the Parliament ; whereupon arose these 
actions at law, and in the end the surgeon, Webster, was 
indemnified. The depositions before the barons were pul>- 
lished, from which it appears that Capt. Anthony Beck- 
with, a son-in-law of Robert Inman, raised a troop (in 
which Owine, the son of the said Robert Inman, was a lieu- 
tenant) in the Parliament's service. It is also stated that 
this troop was stationed at Pateley Bridge, that Robert 
Inman had " received many woundes for that his aifecion 
to the said Parliament ; that his house had been spoyled ; 
his cattle stolen, and that he had lost to the value of £1,000, 
owing to the war ; further, that he had been cast into prison 
at Rippon by Lieutenant-Colonel Norton, in that he had re- 
fused to take the oath of allegiance with the Cavaliers." 


From the Inmans referred to, or their branches, descended 
the Liverpool family of Inmans, the well-known transatlan- 
tic steamship owners. At least six of the seven principal 
conspirators concerned in the Gunpowder Plot came from 
Nidderdale or had family connections there, and the baptis- 
mal entry of Guy Fawkes is still shown in the parish reg- 
ister of the church of St. Michael-le-Belfry in York, under 
date April 16, 1570. 

Another remarkable and interesting fact connected with 
this region, once the home of the Goldthwaites, is that Kams- 
gill, only five miles from Pateley Bridge, was the birthplace 
of Eugene Aram, the character of Bulwer's, so full of pathetic 
interest wherever the story has been read the world over. 
He was born here in 1704, and married at Middlemoor, in 
1731, Anna, daughter of Christopher Spence, of Loft house. 
The old thatched house in which the Arams lived was pulled 
down many years ago. In a cottage adjoining the site of 
the old dwelling, now occupied by the village constable, is 
a curious carving of a human head, which is believed to be 
the work of Aram, and to have come originally from his 
house. One of Aram's daughters, Elizabeth, married a 
Yorke, and died at North Allerton, Jan. 30, 1805. She 
was quite a celebrity, and was sought out by people from 
far and wide. Eugene Aram moved to Knaresborough in 
1734, and lived in a small cottage up the "White Horse" 
yard; and here, beneath this humble straw-thatched roof, 
the M English Erasmus " had his little school. Here his 
children were born.* 

While in prison, shortly before his execution for the mur- 
der of Daniel Clark, in 1759, Aram, at the request of Rev. 
Thos. Collins, then vicar of Knaresborough, wrote a very 

*In the Knaresborough church registers are the following entries relating to Aram : 
Baptisms — Jan. 28, 1734, Aiine, daughter of Eugenius Aram; Feb. 22, 1737, Henry, 

son of Engcnius Aram; Nov. 11, 1739, Elizabeth, daughter of Aram; Oct. 8, 

1737, Anne, daughter of Eugenius Aram ; Jan. 8, 1761, Henry, son of widow Aram ; 
1774, Ann Aram, Knaresborough. The last mentioned, Aram's widow, died in a 
house in Blucher street, then called Hitton lane. A son of Aram's, Joseph, settled 
at Green Hammcrton as a saddler, was married and had a family. 


clear and concise account of his family antecedents, in.whk-h 
he traces the family back to the " lords of the town of Evrani 
or Ayrain, now called Eryhohne, on the southern bank of 
the Tee, and in the Bishopric of Durham." 

At Gowthwaite Hall, near Pateley Bridge, was born in 
1730 the celebrated professor, William Craven, D.D., scholar 
and philanthropist, of whom Whittaker, the historian, 
remarks that w to the attainments of a profound scholar 
he added the humility of a saint, and to the manners of a 
gentleman the simplicity of a child." Dr. Craven's first 
tutor w r as the notorious Eugene Aram, who taught the bov 
in his father's house at Gowthwaite. He was appointed 
professor of Arabic at Cambridge in 1770, and elected 
master of his college in 1789. Another pupil of Aram's at 
Gowthwaite Hall was George Homer, who was at one time 
deputy paymaster of the forces at Guadaloupe. 

In the vicinity of Knaresborough, the Plumpton toll-bar 
is noteworthy for having been kept some time last century 
by Daniel Dodson, originally a flax-dresser, and after- 
wards a school-master of Knaresborough. Daniel Dodson's 
daughter married Thomas Greenhalgh, whose grandson, the 
late Hon. Frederic T. Greenhalgh (Greenhalge), is the 
well-remembered governor of Massachusetts. He was a 
native of Clitheroe, in Lancashire, where his grandfather had 
settled early in the century, and where his father, William 
Greenhalgh, an engraver by trade, was born in 1810. 

Beyond Gowthwaite are two deep and romantically 
wooded ravines excavated by once powerful torrents. They 
are called Colthouse gill and Riding gill. Close by is a 
field long known as Wave park. The farm buildings at 
Colthouse are built on morainic drifts, and the gill-beck 
flows down the north side of them. 

Formerly this was a grange belonging to Byland Abbey, 
and appears to have got its name from a grant made by 
Roger de Mowbray to that monastery of pasturage here for 
eighty mares and their foals. A place of similar appellation 


is situated at Ribblehead, under Ingleborougli, where the 
monks of Furness had a park or enclosure for the rearing of 
mountain ponies, bred for various service in their wild and 
rugged country. 

{To be continued.) 



{Continued from page 111.') 

This may sertify that I have engaged to do three months 
service at Cambridge under Major General Heath, in the 
room of Samuel Tenney of Ashby for the consideration of 
six pounds that I have now received of him, and to appear at 
Cambridge the 2nd of April next at the place of Destination 

Given under my hand this 27th of March 1778. At 
Ashby, Joshua Haynes, Asa Kendall. \ Phinehas Adams. 

Received of the Selectmen of Ashby, Forty one pounds 
ten Shillings, in full of my hire to do service in the war six 
weeks and three days at Rhodisland. 

Ashby Nov. 23rd 1778., per John Wheeler 

To the gentlemen officers ; This may certify to you, that 
the Estate of Mr. Jacob Puffer, late of Ashby, deceased, 
hath done two months service to Cambridge, also five 
months to Tie. 12 pounds. 

Ashby, April 19th 1778. Stephen Gibson. 

To the gentlemen officers of Ashby, Done in the late 
service at Cambridge five months which is five pounds also 
to a Continental man, the one third part and the one fifth 
part which amounts to £8-10 : 8 

"5: 0:0 

Total £13 : 10 : 8 

Stephen Gibson. 


Rufus Wilder, services two months at York, and two 
months in the Continental army £14 : : 

March ye 27th 1778. This may certify that I Samuel 
Walker have engaged to go for Joshua Haynes, to Cam- 
bridge and to do his duty for him three months from the first 

day of April, as witness my hand, 

Samuel Walker. 

March 26th 1778. This day detached from my Company 
to serve as a guard at Cambridge, three months eight men ; 
namely, Rums Wilder, Benjamin Barrett, Jonathan Carver, 
John Wheeler, Samuel Tenney, William Flagg, Joseph 
Damon, corp. Joshua Haynes. 

May 18th 1778., This day agreed with the men under 

writing to serve in the Continental army for the term of nine 

months ; namely, Abel Richardson, Samuel Davis, Samuel 

Henshaw, and Ebenezer Stone, to serve in the militia for the 

term of eight months. 

Shirley March 9th 1778 

This may certify that I have enlisted Amos Dole of Shirley 
into the continental service, to serve in my company in Col. 
Bigelow's Regt. He being hired by the town of Ashby. 

Silvs. Smith Capt. 

Shirley March 9th, 1778. Then Received of Major 
Samuel Stone, ninety four pounds, L.m. in consideration 
of my enlisting into the Continental service, to do a turn for 
the town of Ashby 

test Silvs. Smith. Received by me; 

Amos Job. 

Received of the selectmen of Ashby, ten pounds in part of 
my hire to do service as Militia man in the war for Ashby. 
Ashby Nov. 16th, 1778. per. John Breed. 

Received of the selectmen of Ashby, twelve pounds four- 
teen shillings and eight pense, for my wages in the six 
months service in the year 1780. 

Ashby August 27th 1780. Timothy Davis. 


Capt. Bennett's return of Continental soldiers, by order 
of Court 

• - Corp. under which and 

Mens names. Ashby. for Ashby. Col. they served. Term of time. 

Corp. " Col. 

Richard Alexander. Ashby. Ashby Maxwell. Bailey. Three years. 

JohnTenney. " " " " " " 

John Patten. Stroler. '• " " During the war. 

Joseph Underwood. Westford " Ballard. Oldin. Three years 

Jonathan Hildreth. " " " " " " 

Joseph Goodridge. Ashby " Thomas. Marshall. " " 

Benjamin Burly. Stroler " Smith. Biglow. " " 
Levi Fletcher. Ashby u 

John Bennett. " " Crafts. 

Boston Nov. the 12th 1778. To Mr. Isaac Gregory, Sir 
please to send me twelve pounds, by John Reed and this 
receipt shall be your discharge for so much. 

Amos Shed. 

Ashby April 16th 1778. 
This may certify that I have done two months service in 
the Continental service at York and the sixth part of a three 
years man 

Cast — £16 : : Abraham Bennett. 

We promise in behalf of the Town to make up the w r ages. 
John Reed draws nineteen pounds a month during the ex- 
pedition with what he has already received, And if he has to 
pay his fortiture to Capt. Wyman then we are to pay him 
fifteen pounds more. 

Asa Walker, Isaac Gregory, 

Ashby, Sept. 17th, 1778. Jacob Damon. 

The Town of Ashby to Amos Buterick Dr. 
To a Journey to Carlisle to Catch Ephraim Taylor, myself 
and horse and expenses Oct. 23rd 1781. 

Order given Amos Buterick. 

Boston, Oct 26th, 1781. 


Received of Capt. Ephraim Gibson, (Ephrairn Taylor) an 
enlisted soldier for the town of Ashby. 

Joseph Hosmek. Agent for Middlesex. 

The town of Ashby to a journey to Stow and Concord to 
help catch and muster Ephraim Taylor, for time horse and 
expenses £1:0:0:0 

Ashby Sept. 20th 1781. Beyalel Newton. 

Ashby, Oct 25th 1781. 
This day I acknowledge I have received of the Selectmen 
of said town in clothing and cash, four pounds and two shil- 
lings., in part of my hire for serving in the Continental 
army for which I have received security for twenty three 
years old, Captures of which this is in part for said obliga- 
tion his 

Abel Richardson. Ephraim Taylor 

test. John Manning. MarkX 

An account of clothing delivered to Ephraim Taylor a 
Continental soldier. 

To a pair of lether britches, £ : 18 : 

To two Shirts, — 
To one pair of shoes, 
To one pair of stockings 
To cash, 

The town of Ashby to Abel Richardson, Dr. 

Sept. 20th 1781. For a Journey to Stow and Concord to 
Catch and muster Ephraim Taylor, myself, horse and ex- 
penses, 1:0:0:0 

And to going to Carlisle to catch him, then to Boston 
then to Ashby, then to Boston again. 

Myself two times and horse one time, and expenses myself 
and Ephraim, 2:0:0:0 

Oct. 28th, 1781. and Nov. 1st 1781. 

Abel Richardson. 


















The first glimpse one obtains of John Scott, the progenitor 
of the name in Springfield and Palmer, is in the Springfield 
record of his marriage in 1659. After giving the subject 
much study and research, the writer has arrived at the con- 
clusion that possibly John and William Scott, who both 
arrived in Springfield and Hadley, respectively, at about the 
same time, were brothers, and were emigrants from England. 
Future research may disprove this conclusion, but thus far 
no trace of their parentage has been found in this country. 
One evidence of the consanguinity of these two men is the 
similarity of the names of their children. 

John Scott m., July 26, 1659, Sarah Bliss, dau. of 
Thomas and Ann Bliss. Her father, an emigrant, settled in 
Hartford about 1639 ; the date of his death is not known, 
but his widow, a capable woman, removed with her children 
to Springfield, where she d. Aug. 28, 1684. 

John Scott bought a small tract ot land in 1664 on the 
Agawam river. The records say that in 1664 " The Jury also 
presented Capt. Pynchon and Jno. Scott for not maynteyn- 
ing their fenses on the West side of ye River, a breach of 
the law of this Jurisdiction." He was one of the soldiers 
who took part in the celebrated "Falls Fight," in 1676, 
and he was a citizen of Springfield in 1678, when he took 
the oath of allegiance. He d. January, 1690, leaving an 
estate valued at £224 18s., which was apportioned to his 
widow and children. His widow in., 1690, Samuel Terry, of 
Springfield, and d. Sept. 27, 1705. 

Children of John and Sarah Scott (from Springfield City 
Records) : 



2 I Sarah, b. Oct. 19, 1663; m.,Feb. 9, 1679,Ben- 

jamin Leonard. 
II John, b. Jan. 4, 1665 ; d. young. 

3 III Hannah, b. Oct. 16, 1668 ; m., Oct. 31, 1695, 

John Fowler. 
IV Margaret, b. Feb. 28, 1670, married, but have 
no data. 

4 Y Ebenezer, b. Aug. 3, 1673 ; probably settled 

in Brimfield. 

5 VI William, b. Aug. 8, 1676; m., 1706, Sarah 


6 VII Mary, b. Dec. 29, 1678, m. Ebenezer Nash. 

Removed to Suffield. 

7 VIII Elizabeth, b. Sept. 2, 1683; m. Jonathan 


2 Sarah 2 Scott, John, 1 b. Oct. 19, 1663, m., Feb. 9, 

1679, Benjamin Leonard. Children : 

I John, b. July 12, 1681. 

II Benjamin, b. Oct. 23, 1683 ; d. young. 

III Nathaniel, b. Oct. 6, 1685. 

IV Ebenezer, b. Jan. 24, 1687. 
V Margaret, b. 1689. 

VI Sarah, b. March 23, 1691. 

VII Martha, b. Oct. 23, 1695. 

VIII Kezia, b. Nov. 25, 1697. 

IX Abel, b. Aug. 27, 1700. 

X Benjamin, b. Aug. 17, 1702. 

XI Rachel, b. January, 1706. 

3 Hannah 2 Scott, John, 1 b. Oct. 16, 1668 ; m., Oct. 31, 

1695, John Fowler. Children: 

I Hannah, b. Aug. 13, 1696. 

II John, b. April 16, 1698. 

III Mary, b. Feb. 12, 1700. 

IV Sarah, b. Jan. 30, 1702. 


V Abigail, b. May 26, 1705. 

VI Elizabeth, b. Dec. 13, 1707. 

VII Christopher, b. Oct. 29, 1708. 

Vni Elisha, b. Feb. 16, 1711. 

4 Ebenezer 2 Scott, John, 1 b. Aug. 3, 1673. Probably 

settled in Brimfield ; if so, m. Mary ; d. 1759 ; 

power of administration granted his widow Aug. 
29, 1759; property inventoried at £136-6-2, in- 
cluding real estate in Springfield. Child : 


5 William 2 Scott, John, 1 b. Aug. 8, 1676; m., 1706, 

Sarah Foot. Pie d. in Palmer, Dec. 31, 1763. 
Sarah, his wife, d. there Xov. 22, 1764. She was 
b. in Hatfield. He located in Palmer before 1732, 
on the section now owned by the Wire Mill Com- 
pany. In 1733 the committee sent by the Court 
confirmed to him his claim of 100 acres, where his 
house and improvements then were, showing he 
had settled there some time previously. At the 
first town meeting, held in 1733, he was one of a 
committee of three appointed " to prepare a draught 
of rules and orders for regulating the settlement." 
Children born in Springfield : 

I Sarah, b. June 22, 1707. 

8 II John, b. March 9, 1708-9.. 

III Mary, b. Aug. 4, 1710. 

IV Margaret, b. Aug. 2, 1712 ; d. Dec. 10, 1716, 

in Springfield. 

9 V Elizabeth, b. June 20, 1714; m. Stewart 

VI Margaret, b. Dec. 25, 1720; d. April 26, 
10 Vn William, b. Nov. 8, 1723. 


6 Mary 2 Scott, John, 1 b. Dec. 29, 1678; m., July, 

1701, Ebenezer Nash, son of Timothy, b. in Suf- 
field, Oct. 25, 1673. Children: 

I Jonathan, b. May 30, 1702; d. at 2 years of 

H Mary, b. Oct. 29, 1704; m., Nov. 18, 1730, 

John Hovey. 
Ill Miriam, b. Jan. 27, 1710 ; m., Aug. 24, 1742, 
Capt. Moses Scott, of Bernardston, a grand- 
son of William Scott, of Hatfield. 

7 Elizabeth 2 Scott, John, 1 b. Sept. 2, 1683 ; m., Feb. 

9, 1708, Jonathan Worthington, son of Nicholas, of 
Hartford. She d. Sept. 8, 1743. Children: 

I Elizabeth, b. Feb. 17, 1710. 

II Margaret, b. Feb. 2, 1712. 

III Jonathan, b. June 17, 1715. 

IV Nicholas, b. July 26, 1717 ; d. young. 
V William, b. Jan. 16, 1720. 

VI Amy, b. Nov. 3, 1725; d. at the age of 18 

8 John 3 Scott, William, 2 John, 1 b. March 9, 1708-9; 

unm. ; d. at Hadley while visitiug there, Oct. 3, 
1737. An inventory of his property enumerates a 
lot of 100 acres in the Elbows (Palmer) at £400; 
a negro man £120 ; a tract of 120 acres of land in 
Brimfield £70 ; and other property amounting to 
£679. He also had an assignment of land in Ber- 
nardston, on account of his grandfather John Scott's 
service in the "Falls Fight" in 1676. From the 
above it will be seen he was one of the slave- 
owners of Palmer. His farm was located east of 
Mount Dumplin. 

9 Elizabeth 3 Scott, William, 2 John, 1 b. June 20, 1714 ; 

in., 1734, Stewart Southgate. She d. at Leicester, 


Sept. 19, 1748. Mr. Southgate was the son of 
Richard, the emigrant from Coombs, Suftblk Co., 
Eng._, who settled in Leicester 1715. Stewart was 
educated at Harvard. He came to Palmer in 1732, 
and was chosen proprietor's clerk and surveyor 
of the district, in which capacity he served till 
1740. He returned to Leicester in 1742, where 
he resided till his death. He there became a 
staunch Quaker and defender of the doctrine. 
Children : 

I Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, 1735 ; d, Jan. 28, 1737. 

II John, b. Jan. 15, 1737. 

III William, b. Aug. 29, 1739. 

IV Stewart, b. in Leicester 1748 ; m. Deborah 

Raymond and had 12 children ; he settled 
in Barnard, Vt. 

10 Lieut. William 3 Scott, William, 2 John, 1 b. Nov. 8, 
1723 ; m. Abigail Kibbe. He d. in Palmer, May 25, 
1790; she d. in Palmer, May 4, 1800, in her 85th 
year. Lieutenant Scott was well educated and well 
read in law ; appreciating his fitness for the posi- 
tion, the town petitioned the governor to appoint 
him a justice of the peace, which was granted. He 
was a very active man during the Revolutionary 
period, and was appointed the agent of Hampden 
Co. to collect and forward material for the army. 
He was- clerk and treasurer of the ElboAV planta- 
tion from 174G to 1750 ; treasurer of Palmer, 1752 
to 1754; selectman, 1761 to 1775; representative, 
1777. At the time of his death he owned land in 
Palmer, Greenwich, Wilbraham, Ludlow, and West 
Springfield. The largest part of his estate was 
devised to his wife Abigail. Lieutenant Scott was 
one of the Palmer slave-owners. He had several 
born in his household, Peter and Nancy being their 












parents. He gave each of his children a slaw, 
the boy Csesar going to John Scott, of Middletown. 
Rose went to William. She was a smart, good- 
looking girl, and a good cook. She was given her 
freedom before her master's death, after which slio 
lived for twenty years in the family of Asa Bates. 
The boy Hannibal went to Dr. Calvin Scott, and 
the girl Tibbie to Margaret. Children of Lieut. 
William and Abigail Scott : 

I Margaret ^ d. Nov. 11, 1748. 

Aseneth i Triplets, b. Dec. 11, 1746. 
Margaret J She survived and retained the 

name of her sister. 
William, b. Feb. 10, 1749. 
John, b. April 22, 1752. 
Calvin, b. Aug. 9, 1754. 

11 Aseneth 4 Scott, William, 3 William, 2 John, 1 b. Dec. 
11, 1746 ; m. Capt. John Morgon Burt. She d. 
without issue two years later. 

12 Margaret 4 Scott, William, 3 William, 2 John, 1 b. Dec. 
11, 1746 ; m. Joshua Eddy, of Wilbraham. She and 
her son Joshua d. before 1790. 

13 William 4 Scott, William, 3 William, 2 John, 1 b. Feb. 
10, 1749; m., Dec. 21, 1774, Violet, dau. of Capt. 
Samuel and Mary (Morgon) Burt. She b. Oct. 21, 
1750 ; d. May 28, 1792. She was a fifth cousin of 
the writer. He m. (2), Nov. 27, 1792, Mrs. 
Susan Newcomb, of Somes, Conn. He d. in Somes, 
Conn., Aug. 18, 1795. 

William 4 Scott graduated at Harvard in 1771 and re- 
ceived a grand ovation on his return home ; he then 
studied law some time in the office of lawyer 
Pynchon, of Springfield. On the completion of his 


studies he was appointed justice of the peace in 
Palmer in 1774. His father having conducted a 


tavern at the old Scott homestead for many years, 
built for his son near by, in 1774, one of the finest 
houses in town for a tavern. Here Mr. Scott held 
courts of justice and conducted an extensive busi- 
ness out of town. His wife was a woman of 
remarkable ability, and looked after the interests 
of the tavern and farm in his absence. It was at 
this house that Washington stopped for breakfast 
on the morning of Oct. 22, 1789, on his visit to 
New England. After the death of his first wife, 
Mr. Scott removed to Troy, N.Y. Children : 

I Lucy Burt, b. Aug. 24, 1775 ; unm. ; she was 
an invalid for many years, and died at the 
age of 35. 
II William, b. Nov. 20, 1776. He fitted for 
college, but on the death of his mother 
went to live with his uncle, J. Mf Burt, in 
Norfolk, Ya., who owned a plantation there, 
where he engaged in teaching ; he married, 
but had no children. He d. in Fayetteville, 
16 IH Aseneth, b. Jan. 13, 1780; m. John Sedg- 
IV Samuel, b. Oct. 24, 1788. After his father's 
death he went to live with his aunt, Lucre- 
tia, widow of his uncle, John Scott, of Mid- 
dletown, Ct. He then learned the shoe 
trade, and afterward established a success- 
ful business in that line in Worcester, Mass. 
He also had a shoe store at Shearer's corner 
in Palmer for a short time. He m. Elmira 
Chickering, of Enfield, Mass. He had no 
children. He devised his property to his 
wife and relatives. He died at Worcester, 
Nov. 10, 1857 ; shed. Dec. 8, 1861, set. 55. 


14 John 4 Scott, William, 3 William, 2 John, 1 b. April 22, 

1752. He graduated at Yale, and became a lawyer 
by profession at Middletown. He m. Lueretia 
Wetmore. He d. prior to 1790, as his father at 
that date devised portions to the children of his 
late son John. Children : 

I Nabby, m. Col. Stephen Ball, of New Haven, 
and had sons Stephen, John S., and Freder- 
ick, and one dau., Mary ; unm. 
II Lucretia. 
IH Sarah. 

15 Dr. Calvin 4 Scott, William, 3 William, 2 John, 1 b. Aug. 

9, 1754. He was a college graduate. Studied 
medicine, and practised his profession in Palmer 
till his death. He m., July 28, 1785, Sabra Ham- 
ilton, dau. of John, of Palmer. He made his will 
Sept. 20, 1800, and died soon after, as letters of 
administration were granted Oct. 28, same year. 
His property, amounting to $1,817, was devised to 
his wife and children. His widow d. 1809. 
Children : 

I Margaret, b. April 9, 1786 ; m. Snow, 

of Bernardston. 
H John, b. Jan. 2, 1788; became a physician 
and went South and died there. 

III George, b. May 31, 1790. 

IV William, b. Feb. 9, 1795.. " 

V Aseneth, b. Jan. 7, 1798; m. Snow, 

of Bernardston. 

16 Aseneth B Scott, William, 4 William, 3 William, 2 John, 1 

b. Jan. 13, 1780; m., Oct. 5, 1813, John Sedg- 
wick, son of Dca. Gordon, of Palmer; he d. Jan. 
24, 1840; she d. May 24, 1877. He was proprie- 


tor of the celebrated Sedgwick tavern, which suc- 
ceeded the Scott tavern at Shearer's corner in 
Palmer, and flourished during the time when stages 
ran from Boston to New York. Children : 

I Maria Scott, b. March 5, 1814; m., Jan. 30, 
1828, Dea. Hiram Converse. She d. May 
20, 1847 ; left one son, John S. Hiram Con- 
verse d. Dec. 14, 1885. 
II Julia Ann, b. March 2, 1816; m., March 2, 
1840, Perlin Shearer. He d. March 9, 1892. 
She still lives (1896) in Palmer. They had 
dau. Helen A., and son Perlin Marcus. 

IH Mary, b. May 29, 1819; m., Sept. 4, 1838, 
John Foster. He d. in Palmer, March 19, 
1895. She resides (1896) in Palmer. 

IV Violet Burt, b. Dec. 29, 1821; m., Oct. 20, 
1853, Henry Howe. She d. Nov. 20, 1853 ; 
he d. Nov. 13, 1851. They had one son, 
Henry Scott Howe. 
V Elizabeth Hodge, b. Feb. 17, 1824; m., Aug. 
11, 1846, Daniel T. Hitchcock. He d. 
Oct. 24, 1860, set, 38. She resides in War- 
ren. They had one son, Frederick Scott, 
and a dau., Mary Sedgwick. 

VI Almira Chickering, b. Nov. 18, 1826 ; m., Oct. 
20, 1847, Alfred L. Converse; she d. Aug. 
- 29,1893. They had a dau., Mary S., d. at 

the age of 5 years, and a son, Charles L. 

Nearly all the material for the foregoing sketch has been 
gathered from original sources through research in family, 
town, and county records, and may be considered as correct 
as such documents can make it. 



(1.) Thomas Dexter of Lyn yeoman by his 
BroadBtreet deed dated rg 2 October] 1639 hath morgagcd his 

fearme in Lyn conteyning about [ ] acres 

with all his howses meadows and broken | | grounde 

thereon for 2 oxen & 2 bulls upon condition of payment to 
Symon Broadstreet of Ipswich [ 90 u the first day of 

August then next following [with] a reservation upon the 
sale of the said fearme to give the said Dexter the overplus 
above the debt and damages of the said 90 11 

John Humphry of Salem Esqr. by his writing 

Downinge dated the 6th of g e t 1638 hath nr raun ted UlltO 

8alem > i & 

Emanuell Downinge of Salem Esqr. the 2 [ponds] 
and soe much high ground about the ponds as is needfull to 
keepe the duck coye private from the disturbance of plow- 
man, heardsmen [or others] passing by that way, w cb he 
may [enclose] [so] as he take not in aboue fifty acres of 
[the] upland rounde about the same. 

Joseph Annitadge of Lyn 10 Dec, 1040 sold 

Russeii to Richard [Russell] of Charlestown the house 

wherein the said Joseph now dwelleth with the 

land lying within the pales by the west side and nine foot of 

land lying from the east side of the pale and meadow and 

upland. £100. — 

John Pride of Salem in consideration of £4-8-6 
waitham, h hi dced dated 23-10-1640 hath mortgaged 

unto William Waitham of Waymoth his house 
wherein he dwelleth and an halfe of grounde enclosed near 
Mr. Holgraves stage on Winter Harbor with power of 
redemption later end of May, 1641. 

♦Beginning with Vol. I. of Essex Deeds we shall publish abstracts of each deed, 
giving therein every name occurring and location of estates. 


20 Oct. 1641. 
Gott&Horne, "William Pester of Salem mercer mortgages to 

Salem. © o 

Charles Gott & John Home house and ground 
adjoining £19 as per bill dated 20-8-1641. 

Samuel Skelton hath sold 4 acres of land lying 
Davenport on fa e back side of Mr. Rucks dwelling-house in 

Salem. m c 

Salem, unto Mr. Richard Davenport. 

13-4 th mo. 1644. 
John Pease hath sold unto Richard" Ingersoll 
ingersoii one nouse an( j 75 acres f l an d beinir one moity of 

Salem. D J 

the farme the town of Salem granted unto Francis 
"Weston which 75 A. lyeth next adjoining the farme wherein 
the said Richard now dwelleth. As by deed, dated 13-4- 
1644. (For £7 see Boston Records.) 

John Elderkin hath by his deed dated 16-7-1643 sold to 
Samuel Ben net the new built water inill in Lynn for £100. 

(2.) Adam Otley in the behalf of John Humphry, Esq., 
hath sold unto Ralph Fogg of Salem one frame of a dwelling 
house and cellar with an quarter acre ground near the 
common pound in Salem for £3. 6. as by writing dated 

The Records to this present were certified to the Recorder 
of Boston. 

George Hawkins of Boston shipwright by vertue 
saiem, Q f a i # er . f attorney from George Richesson of 

estreated. *- D 

Wapping mariner bearing date the 1 May, 1641 
hath sold unto Wm Dods & his heirs 200 acres of land or 
thereabouts within the bounds of Salem near the head of 
Barse River lately in possession of Peter Palfrey for £40 as 
by deed 28-7-1644. 


Thomas Dexter of Lyn for £40 sterling hath 
Lynn, SQ ^ un t Richard Ledder for the use of the iron 


works all that land which by reason of a damm now- 
agreed to be made shall overflow and all sufficient ground for 
a watercourse from the damm to the works to be erected, also 
all land between the ancient watercourse and new extender] 
flume together with 5 J A in the cornfield next convenient 
for the iron works and also a cartway on each side the prem- 
ises, as by deed dated 7 Jan., 1645, " more at lardge apeth." 

{To be continued.) w/ 


Alfred B., Capt. 54th 111. Inf. Eesigned 6th Oct., 1865. 

Amory O., 2d Lt. 36th U.S. Col. Inf. Discharged 12th 
Aug., 1864. 

Anead C, Capt. 13th Mich. Inf. Resigned 20th Jan., 

Galusha B., Asst. Surg. 2d N.Y. Vet. Cav., 8th Jan., 

Isaac A., 1st Lt. 23d Mo. Inf., 24th Feb., 1865, M.O. 
10th Aug., 1865. 

James A., 2d Lt. 1st Oregon Inf., 18th March, 1865. 

S. F., Asst. Surg. 19th Iowa Inf. Discharged 25th July, 

Lewis W. P., Md. Appt. 1830. Did not graduate. 


Edward, Acting Ensign, 18th June, 1863, to 17th Nov., 

Frank L., Acting Asst. Paymaster, 29th Mar., 1865, 27th 
Oct., 1866. 

George B., Midshipman, 17th Sept., 1827; Past Midship- 


man, 29th June, 1843 ; Lt., 16th Aug., 1850; Commander, 
16th June, 1862 ; Capt., 25th July, 1866 ; Commodore, 13th 
Aug., 1872 ; Rear Admiral, 5th June, 1878. 

John W., Acting Master, 4th Sept., 1861 ; Acting Vol. 
Lt., 30th July, 1864, to 20th Oct., 1865. 

William C, , 17th Oct., 1779, to 10th May, 1801. 


William, Ensign 2d Inf., 4th March, 1791. Killed 4th 
Nov., 1791, in St. Clair's defeat on the Miami. 

Nathaniel, jr. (Mass.), Captain 15th Inf., disbanded June, 

Samuel Y. (Tenn.), 3d Lieut., 24th Inf., 26th Apr. ; 2d 
Lieut., 14th Aug., 1813; wounded Ft. Niagara, 19th Dec, 
1813; 1st Lieut., March, 1814; disbanded June, 1815. 
Died 9th Dec, 1821. 

Hezekiah T., Ensign. 14th Inf., 21st May, 1814. Dis- 
missed 14th July, 1814. 

George T. (Me.), Cadet 1847 ; Bvt. 2d Lieut. Ordnance, 
1st July, 1851; 2d Lieut., 26th Feb., 1853; Capt., 1st 
Nov., 1861 ; Bvt. Major and Lieut. -Col., 13th March, 1865. 
Resigned 1st Dec, 1865. 

Frank S. (apptd. Mich.), Capt. A.Q.M., 13th Feb., 
1865-31st July, 1865. 


The Register Book: of the Lands and Houses in 
the " New Towne " and the Town of Cambridge, with 
the Records of the Proprietors of the Common Lands, 
being the Records generally called "The Pro- 
prietors' Records." Printed by order of the City Council 
under the direction of the City Clerk. Cambridge, 1896. 
Ro. 8vo, pp. 409. 

This sumptuously printed book, issued from the Univer- 
sity Press, and distributed under an order of the Common 
Council, is due in a great measure to the efforts of the late 


Walter W. Pike, ably iee6k<Je<J by Mayor Bancroft, and 
successfully brought to a completion by the present appre- 
ciative City Clerk, Edward J. Brandon. 

Of the series of Proprietors' Records there are three vol- 
umes of originals, besides a copy not entirely accurate made 
in 1841 ; of these volumes, I. is practically for the period 
between 1634 and 1741, with a few later entries ; II., 1751- 
1773 ; III., 1784-1829. The original pagination is adhered 
to, although it is evident that certain leaves are misplaced in 
the bound original, a circumstance to be borne in mind by 
genealogists. Moreover, the dates heading the early pages 
and descriptions of lots are not those of the day such lota 
were granted or purchased, but the days when the land- 
owners brought in their lands to be registered. 

Other volumes of the series are to follow, and when the 
city shall have printed her first volume of town proceedings, 
and vital statistics, both of which begin with the year 1632, 
a mine of original evidences will be easily accessible t<> 

The Early Records of the Town of Lunenburg, 
Mass., including that Part which is now Fitchburg, 
1719-1764. Compiled by Walter A. Davis, City Clerk. 
Fitchburg, 189G. 8vo, pp. 384. 

In 1895 the Fitchburg Historical Society petitioned the 
city government to print and so preserve the early record^ 
of Fitchburg and those of Lunenburg prior to the setting-oil 
of Fitchburg (17G4), and this volume is the result or rather 
a part of- the work ordered by a vote of the city govern- 
ment. The Proprietors' Records are to appear as a separate 
volume. When the territory of Lunenburg was first estab- 
lished as a town it was called Turkey Hill, and extended 
westward from Groton. This was in 1719, and the original 
survey and allotment is printed followed by the town record 
to the close of 17G4. The latter part of the volume gives 
the family records from 1727 to 1764, and are supple- 
mented by a good index. Lunenburg, established in 17:?*, 
is the south part of Turkey Hill. 


It is to be hoped now Fitchburg has done this much that 
the older town will complete its printed record to recent 
times, keeping pace with the avowed and praiseworthy pur- 
pose of Fitchburg to bring her records down to date. 

The book is well printed by the Sentinel Company, a 
home concern. 

The Early Records of the Town of Providence, 
Volume X., being the Book called Town Council 
No. 1, 1692 to 1714, etc. Providence, 1896. Sq. 8vo, pp. 

The Town Council in Providence considered little else than 
probate affairs and the regulation of taverns, etc. Therefore 
this volume is really a probate-act book for the period, and 
should be examined in hand with Vols. VI. and VII. of the 
series, which contain the first book of wills for the town. 
The editors and commission, Messrs. Rogers, Carpenter, and 
Field, serve without compensation, and aside from these 
printed records have done a great and valuable work in 
preserving and arranging great files of ancient public papers, 
which are now indexed and accessible. 

Supplement to How to write the History of a 
Family, by W. P. W. Phillimore. London, 1896. 12mo, 
pp. 218 to 425. (Pagination continued from the second 

This is a ft guide for the genealogist," particularly for him 
who would seek information concerning English records, 
although extremely useful to beginners. Although this little 
work is styled a ,r supplement," it is really complete in itself, 
and shows considerable acquaintance with American gene- 
alogy and methods, as well as deep knowledge of home 

The Thomas Book, giving the Genealogies of Sir 
Khys ap Thomas, K.G., the Thomas Family descended 
from him, and of some Allied Families, by Lawrence 
Buckley Thomas, D.D. N.Y., 1896. Ro. 8vo, pp. 627. 


Dr. Thomas has not, we think, shown that Sir Rhys was 
the ancestor of any of the Thomas families of America, 
although nothing is more likely than that he may have de- 
scendants here, but he has given us a very good genealogical 
history of an ancient and interesting Welsh family, and has 
made accessible to those interested a great many clearly 
drawn- up pedigrees, both relating to the Thomas family and 
to allied families, which are especially numerous and well 
treated. No fabulous claim is made, but each reader is left 
to judge from the evidences presented whether or no he can 
agree with the author. 

The illustrations are very uice and interesting. The book 
will appeal strongly to families originating south of New 
England. The appearance of the book is excellent, and one 
only regrets that a more exhaustive index was not attempted. 

Soldiers in King Philip's War, being a critical Ac- 
count of that War with a concise History of the 
Indian Wars of New England from 1620-1G77 (also), 
official lists of the soldiers of Massachusetts Colon} 7 serving 
in King Philip's war, and sketches of the principal officers, 
etc., etc., also, lists of the Narraganset Grantees, with an 
appendix, by Geo. M. Bodge. Leominster, 1890. [Ro. 
8vo, pp. 502. 

This is the greatly desired second and much improved and 
enlarged edition of Rev. Mr. Bodge's great work, which first 
appeared in serial form in the New England Historical Gene- 
alogical Register. It is practical^ an official work, for the 
original papers in the State archives are withdrawn from 
vulgar inspection, being sadly worn, and there is no official 
of the State so able or competent to master the details a- 
Mr. Bodge has done. No library or lover of genealogy can 
afford to be without this book ; to students it is invaluable. 
The new matter is a careful compilation of facts and names 
which formerly had to be sought in various books and place-, 
and are properly inserted, being necessary to supplement 
the records of soldiers and service. 

book notices. 309 

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Trav- 
els and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in 
New France, 1610-1791. The original French, Latin, 
and Italian texts, with English translations and notes ; illus- 
trated by charts, maps, and fac-similes ; edited by Reuben 
Gold Thwaites. Vols. I. and II. Acadia. Burrows Bios. 
Co., Cleveland, 1896. 

The two volumes so far issued of this series show that the 
promises of the publishers in their prospectus have been 
more than kept. Under the able editorial supervision of Mr. 
Thwaites this edition, as complete as may be made, of the 
Relations will take a foremost place among American classics. 
Students have been able to procure copies of some of the 
Relations and access to others in the original text by seeking 
out the libraries so fortunate as to possess copies, but except 
one or two well-known editions of selected Relations the 
bulk of these valuable papers have been practically inacces- 
sible to those who need them most. 

The English translation is literal in the sense of true to 
the meaning of the original without losing the power of ex- 
pression in good English, thus making the Relations interest- 
ing reading for those who may not be especially interested 
in the doings and sufferings of the Jesuit Fathers and 
pioneers of New France and covering that whole territory 
now partly in Canada and partly in the United States. The 
students of New England history, as well as those of the 
history of New York, of the Middle West, and Mississippi 
valley, must seek for information in these reports written by 
the men in the field to their superior. 

The Relations begin with Lescarbot's and Bertrand's papers 
of 1610, and ten documents are printed in these two volumes 
extending to 1614. 

As a contemporaneous expression of opinions upon 
certain enterprises, of collections of data, scientific, espe- 
cially anthropological, and by men qualified to write of what 
they saw, the value of these papers has long been realized ; 


now, through something more than a mere speculative busi- 
ness enterprise, a well-known Western publishing house i* 
about to place all this material in the hands of any one who 
may care to investigate the early settlement and civilization 
of North America. At the end of each volume appear the 
valuable annotations of the editor: biographical, biblio- 
graphical, historic, scientific. Truly, we of the present day 
are fortunate. 

Circulars of information regarding the scope of the work, 
cost, etc., will be supplied upon application to the Burrows 
Bros. Co., Cleveland, O. 

Governor Edward Winslow ; his Part and Place is 
Plymouth Colony, by Rev. W. C. Winslow. Paper, pp, 
10. Reprinted from New York Genealogical and Biograph- 
ical Record. 

This paper of Dr. Winslow's is a brief resumi of the 
chief events in Winslow's life and of his services to Plv- 
mouth Colony — not that such a tribute is needed to establi.-^h 
the fame of the Governor, for his name will forever live in 
history. The rewriting of the history of the Pilgrims which 
is now going on, the demolition of the former ideas as to the 
prominence of the Pilgrim polity, leave standing out more 
prominently than ever the characters of such men as Wins- 
low. He was one of the three or four of the first or sub- 
sequent companies who could claim gentle blood. Ho, 
together with Brewster and Bradford and the true Pilgrim 
contingent on the " Mayflower, " made it possible for the 
working out of the plans of the religious portion ; and in- 
culcated a spirit which enabled the small and weak colony 
to survive until strengthened and sustained by the Ponton 
migration from the Bay. 

The Ciiatfield Family, principally from records in the 
Naugatuck Valley, Conn. Compiled by Wm. C. Shar|x>. 
Seymour, Conn., 1896. Paper, pp. 32. 

The Chatfields descend from George and Thomas, who 
with a brother Francis settled early in Connecticut. 


Mr. Sharpe has published many papers of local historical 
and genealogical interest and value, and this pamphlet is 
another worthy genealogy. 

The Genealogy of Thomas Ruggles of Roxbury, 
1637 ; of Thomas Ruggles of Pomfret, Conn., and Rut- 

Descendants in part of Samuel Ladd of Haverhill. 
By F. L. Bailey, 1896. Paper, pp. 44. 

This is a well-printed and well-arranged family ancestral 
record, and much information is given concerning the 
families of Preston, Corliss, Griffin, Haines, etc., and shows 
the great pains of the compiler. 

The author does not show the paternal ancestry of Thomas 
Ruggles but in order that a mistake in the " Chute Gene- 
alogies," * lately published, may be corrected, we here give 
the line : 

Thomas Ruggles, of Nazing and Roxbury, was the son of 
Thomas, of Sudbury in Suffolk and of Xazing in Essex, 
whose father, Nicholas, of Sudbury, was a son of Thomas 
Ruggles, of Sudbury, elder brother of William Ruggles, and 
whose will was made 21 June, 1547. From William 
Ruggles above mentioned descended Thomas of Hartest 


(son), and Thomas of Lavenham, Suflak (grandson), the 
latter of whom married Margaret Whatlock and was not the 
father of Thomas of Roxbury, as stated by Mr. Chute. (See 
the "Ruggles Lineage," privately printed for Henry S. 
Ruggles, of AVakelield, Mass.) 

Essex County Dialect, by Helen Mansfield, reprinted 
from the Bulletin of the Essex Institute. The writer seeks 
to show the Teutonic origin of many words and names in 
Essex County, and quotes a large number of examples taken 
from the early records of derivations of names, changes in 
spelling and pronunciation, etc. It is an almost unworked 
field, and has been approached by Miss Mansfield in the 

* The " Chute Genealogies, with an Account of Forty Allied Families," by Win. E. 
Chute. Salem, 1894. 


proper manner and spirit. The paper should be h -, : 
espeeially by beginners in genealogy. 

The Essex Antiquarian, January, 1897, No. 1, Vol. {. 
An illustrated monthly magazine devoted to biooTaptn 
genealogy, history, and antiquities of Essex County, Ma**., 
edited by Sidney Perley and Geo. Frs. Dow. 

Every attempt to establish and maintain a county «*etitr». 
logical journal should be encouraged, and we trust the pi . 
jectors of this, which succeeds the Essex County Histori 
and Genealogical Register,* will have the success they <l 
serve. There is a great wealth of material, and the loj 
list of promised contributions awakens great anticipation* 

"The Irish in America" is the title of a reprint from tin 
columns of the "New York Sun" of a letter by J. h 
O'Connell, of Washington, in reply to President Eliot. A- 
usual it is a generalization of the claims based upon the i . 
that a man born in Ireland is Irish ; or, born in AmerN », 
American. That is not to be disputed ; but the emigrants 
from Ireland prior to 1800 were, from what Ave know of them, 
and particularly those of earlier date, nearer the origh 
stock of Scotch and English who had been pouring into In 
land for two hundred years and more, and were undoubted 
more nearly allied to Scotch and English people than llu 
Irish emigrants of later years. They were a fine peopl< 
and more readily fall into a Scotch or English classical 
than Irish. Scotch-Irish is a term which perhaps original* i 
among the inhabitants of Ireland who adopted the Scotd 
Presbyterian religion, and when confined to its use in An ■• ■ 
ica is a very good term, as it describes a certain clas* oi 
people, as "Yankee" describes a certain class of peopN 
One would not call a German or Irishman born in V n 
England of foreign-born parents a "Yankee." He might 
term himself. Why is it that most of the advocates oi i' 
claims of an Irish foundation and origin of the people oi t« 
great country are from the class that is not usually embrace 
by the term Scotch-Irish ? 

* A few complete sets of this magazine may be obtained by addressing th* 
publisher at Ipswich. 


Doolittle, Abraham, of New Haven, married, 2 July, 1603, 
Abigail Moss. Was she dau. of the prominent John Moss 
of that time ? 

Moses Doolittle married, 1728, Lydia Richardson. Who 
were her parents? 

Hull, John, married, 1G72, Mary Jones, in Stratford, New 
Haven, or Wallingford. Who were her parents? Was 
she the mother of Benj. Hull, or was he by the third wife, 
Rebecca Turner? Who were parents of Rebecca Turner? 

Farnham, Capt. John, had wife Elizabeth Chapman and 

children : John, James, Russell, Charles, Elizabeth, Sarah ; 

of whom Elizabeth m. Caulton, probably of Hebron, 

and after his death Jud°e John Peters of Hartford. Sarah 

married Jelotus Lord at Hebron. Wanted, ancestry of 

John Farnham and wife. 

P. H. Mason, 

212 Masonic Building, Milwaukee. 

Burroughs. All descendants of Rev. George Burroughs, 
and all persons possessing papers relative to the family 
history, are kindly asked to address 

Miss E. W. Leavitt, 

10 Joy street, Boston. 

Lilly. Was John Lilly who came to W T ethersfield, Conn., 
after 1640, John Lisle, who reached Boston in' 1640, from 
Moyles Court, Hampshire, Eng. ? 

Was John, of Wethersiield, the father of George Lilly, of 
Reading, Mass., 1658? 

George Lilly, Reading, Mass., married, 2d, Jane ? 

Who was she? 

Samuel Lilly, b. 1674, Reading, Mass., married Hannah 

? about 1694. Who was she?' 



Although Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine has 
reached its seventh year, counting from its first appearance 
as the Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record, 
the number of subscribers remains small — too small to pro- 
vide any profit after the payment of the printer's bill. The 
Magazine was not published with any expectation of profit, 
and there would be no disappointment on that score if sub- 
scribers would but remember to meet their dues promptly ; 
but as high a proportion as fifty per cent, wait several months 
boioAc ie milling, and Itere is usually quite a number who 
fail to pay their dues until one, two, or even three years in 
arrears. The Magazine needs the money, and our friends 
should remember that fact. Every subscriber receiving this 
number is requested to remit promptly for the year 1897, and 
for such sum as he may be in arrears. j 

It has been suggested that those who appreciate the Mag- 
azine and would like to see it thrive, form a class of special 
subscribers or patrons, contributing $5 or $10 toward the \ 

expenses yearly. As there is no society or group " back- , \ 
ing " the Magazine, such a scheme would be eminently 
proper ; but the same results will be obtained, and in a way 
to do more good, if those who have sufficient interest in the. 
publication of early New England Records and early Amer- 
ican Genealogy w^ill subscribe for one or more duplicate 
copies to be sent to small libraries in their vicinity, or to 
friends interested in genealogical pursuits. 

A remarkably interesting series of early records have been 
prepared for the coming year, and it is hoped that the 
volume for 1897 will appeal to even a wider constituency 
than former volumes. 

Subscribers are requested to send their subscriptions for 
the coming year to Eben Putnam, Publisher, Box 5, Dan- 
vers P.O., Mass. 




) utnam , s Historical Magazine, 



Note. — The references to the Record are indicated by a star (*■). . 

An Index to names for Vols. I-III. appeared in Vol. III. An Index to names Vols. IV- VI. will be fur- 
bed subscribers with this issue. .._. -- 

Abbott, George, of Rowley, Some descendants 

of. IV 41 

ott.Noteou. V 26 

•-"1. Bee Cleveland. 

aa« ns, of Cambridge. IV 91 

Adams, of Chelmsford. IV 65 

Adams, of Canterbury, Conn. 1 272 

Alden. bee Pabodie. 

Alsop, of Connecticut, with arms. VI 

I., 236; II. 

1804. V. 









Allen families in America. 
Allen, Ethan, Death of. I 
American seamen in English navy 

Andrews. V 

An immortal rose. IT 

An old horn e and its romance. II 

jicestral charts of royal family of Great Britain. 


^estral pride. I 

estry, How ph;'!l we record. II 

wers to notes and queries, etc. : 
' aiek, Hayward, Tucker, Duda, I.*, 75; Silsbee 
Galley, Curt, I.*, 78; Street, }.*, H2; Ord 
way, I.*, 185; II.*, 146; Wheeler, I.*, 187; 
Goodwin, I.*, 226; Poole, II.*, 145; Noyes, 
II.*, 14f>; Smith, II.*, 146; Pillsbury, II.*, 69; 
Sayre,II.*,3n; Gardner, Walke, Clarke, II., 83, 242 
ippleton, of Suffolk, Eug., and Ipswich, Mass., 
with arms. VI 137 

nns in colors: of Alsop, opposite, VI., 3i; Put- 
nam, VI., 65; Curwen, VI., 97; Appleton, 
VI., 137; Ruggles, VI., 173; Weare, VI.,245; 
Washington. VI 277 

rms described, of Putnam. VI 67 

.mis, disclaimers to the right to bear arms at 
heraldic visitations. VI 117 

.rchalogical. See liemenway. 

rchaeology and ethnology at the World's Co- 

'•inbian Exposition. 1 182 

Mass., Revolutionary records and soldiers. 

.80, 111,289 








;* o ■" Marblehead on church records. 
i. 6ee Pabodie. 

.,. S; bodie. 
"n, comn.i.-ssioned officers in United States 

army, by that name. IV 

See Cleveland. 
°.tt. See Pabodie. 

lore. Lord, Will of. 1772. I 

d County, Va., marriages. 1780-83. VI., 
d Couuty,"Va., Early probate records of. 


ord County, Va., deeds, Gleanings from. 


>hertown soldiers. I 

el, Me., intentions of marriage. 1801-13. II., 
Jrly, Mass., baptisms. V., 161; VI., 17, 56, 86, 152, 


idding to funerals. 1 112 

irths in Euro? ., Number of. II 38 

shop families of Mm., Early. VI 6 

*nop, Thomas, Inquisition poet mortem on. 

1558. VI 

•op families of Conn. III., 241, 283, 311; IV., 

15,53, 114, 160, i£9, 339, 271; V 

Gilford, Mass., soldiers. I 

ook notes. I., 37, 63, 199, 231, 267, 331 ; II., 243 ; 
IV., ',7, 100, 148, 195, 237, 209, 305 ; V., 04, 137, 

218,245; VI 29,243, 275,322 

Trowdale, BoradeL See Cleveland. 

aton. Evacuation of. I 

■•wdoinham, Me., soldiers. II 

owdolnham. Me., early records. II 
Ronton and Providence stages. II 







iricke, Were, imported from England? II 245 



Bradstreet, Simon, Grave of, with portrait 
Bradford. See Pabodie. 

Brunswick, We., soldiers. II. ... .153, 157 

Brunswick, Me., marriage intentions. III., 251, 

287; IV 21,76,245 

(See also Maire Point.) 
Brun-wick, Me., Soldiers at, in 1732 and 1735. I., 137 
Burlesque on the Pride of Family Blood, poem by 

Rev. Aaron Cleveland. 1 165 

Burgess. See Pabodie. 

Bunker Hill, Battle of. 1 14,17,18,306 

Canada. Enlistments for reduction of, from Bruns- 
wick and Harpswell, Me., 1760. II 

Canterbury, Conn., records. 1 

Carolina. See Gale. 

Carolina, North, Aids to genealogical research in. 
v I 

Carolina, North, Original sources of information, 

Carleton, Col. Samuel, Notice of. I 

Casco Bay, Me. See also Maire Point. Papers re- 
lating to. II 

Caughnawaga, N.Y., Sale of pew seat at, in 1799. 

Celebrations at Charlottetown, P.E.I., of anniver- 
sary of Scottish pioneers, I , 104; Gagetown, 






III...... 277, 

ancestry of, 

N.B., I., 104; at Gloucester, I., 192; at Wo- 
burn. I 

Church. See Pabodie. 

Chalker. See Pabodie. 

Chapin. See Cleveland. 

Charlton, Mass., soldiers. I 

Chelsea, Mass., marriage intentions 

Clarke genealogy. See Pabodie. 

Cleveland, Grover, New Eng'and 

including Hitchcock, Fallty, Hyde, Winu, 
Wilson, Waters, Linton, Hudson, Porter, 
Stanley, Cook, Westwood, Sewall, Hummer, 
Mitchell, Borrowdale, Lee, Abel, Post, 
Hough, Marshall, Ball, Chapin. I 

Cleveland, Rev. Ebenr.', Sketch of. I 

Coat-armor, Notes on correct use of. Ill 

Coat armor. See Arms. 

Coe. See Pabodie. 

Collins family, of R.I. and Penn. Descendants of 
Tillinghast. Ill 

Colonial reminiscence, A. V 

Colsou on Weymouth records. VI 

Concord, N.H., early marriages. II.* 

Connecticut, Early letter relating to. Ill 

Conn., First iron works in. Ill 

Conn, valley, French war soldiers. IV 

Constitution. See Frigate. 

Contents of a family trunk. I 

Contents of periodical publications. I., 39, 70, 
10S 140, 200, 2GS; II 4:, 162, 

Contract for building the First Church at Saiem. I. 

Cook. See Cleveland; Pabodie. 

Cook. Capt. James, of Norwich, Conn., Notice of. 

Country Parsons in ye Olden Time. I 

Court in 1645. II 

Coy family of Ipswich. II 

Curious epitaphs. I 

Curwen of Salem, with arms. VI 

Damon family. II 

Danielson, James, and some of his descendants. 


Danvers, Mass., marriages, aud church records. 

See Salem Village. 

Danvers, Mass., Early settlement in. III... 

Danvers and the Lexington alarm. I.* 

Danvers Historical Society. II 

Danvers minute men. II • . > 



















English gleanings. 

Danvers, Mass., school*. I 104 

Danvers, Mass., How, became a town. V 141 

Danvers records, Condition of. 1 65 

Death**. See Quakers; Salem, Middleton, Salis- 
bury; Parish registers, Truro, etc. 
Deeds, Abstracts of. See Bedford Co., Va., Es- 
sex Co., Mass., New Hampshire. 
Delano. See Pabodie. 
Diary. See Endicott, Dow. 

Domesday-book. 1 105 

Dow, Major Henry, page from his diary. Illustra- 
tion. X 234 

Dolliver, Dol liber families. IV 157 

Dorchester, Mass., cemetery. Ill 81 

Doude. See Pabodie. 
Drlng. See Pabodie. 
Dummer. See Cleveland. 

Dunstable, Mass., soldiers, 1725. Ill 129 

Earthquakes. 1 35, 103 

Emigration to Penn. from Germany, 1753. IV.. . 137 
Endicott, Mary, Diary of. II.*; III., 171; I., 28, 61, 

125, 250 
I.*, 67; II.*, 51; III., 59, 96,127, 

191, 253 
England, population of 13th and 17th centuries. 

VI 3 

English homes of New England people, from 

coort tiles. II 69 

Enniskillen, Ireland, parish regieter, Abstracts 

from. VI 237 

Epitaphs. I., 239,334; Plymouth, Conn., I.*, 121; 
Palem, Mjj-h., Chit-tor s»rr>e«\ II.*. 19, 54; 

Richmond, Me., 1.*, io; lt.i., I.* 74 

Eeteuse or Estes family of Italy. II 248 

Essex county, Mass., deeds. VI 110, 141, 257 

Essex county Court Records, Abstracts from. 

II.*, 95, 190; I., 134; V 11, 1«5, 202 

Essex county deeds, Abstracts. IV., 302; V., 22, 128, 

190, 230 
Essex county probate records. V., 27; VI., 58, 78, 

113, 152, 180, 313 
Essex county pedigrees from deeds. II., 165 ; III., 110, 


Essex county soldiers in Revolution. II 93 

Some soldiers from, in French and Indian war. 

II* 132 

Deaths in. See Mary Endicolt's diary. 

Falley. See Cleveland. 
The family historian, what should he attempt to 

accomplish? V 116 

From a family Bible. V 101 

Fish. See Pabodie. 
Fisher. See Pabodie. 

Flint, Rev. James, Notice of. 1 72 

Flucker, Thomas, last royal secretary of Mass. 

Bay. II 201 

Fobes, Forbos. See Pabodie. 

Fort Hunter, N.Y., Queen Anne's chapel at. I.. . 226 

Freeport. Me., marriage intentions. I.* 59 

French war soldiers. II.*, 132; II., 157; III., 89, 

129; IV - 266 

Frigate •' Constitution " and fizure-head. II 69 

Frio k family. II ". 158 

Funeral customs. 1 111,173,2*20,239 

Rings. I.*, 45, 102; 1 177,220 

Hatchments. 1 176 

Gage genealogy. VI 210 

Gale, Chief Justice Christopher, and Chief Justice 

Wm. Little, and their descendants. II 81 

Games, Exhibition of American. II 35 

Gardner, Me., soldiers. 1 32 

Gate, meaning of the word. VI 8 

Gay. See Pabodie. 

Genealogies, Hints in regard to printing. 1 194 

Genealogies in preparat ion. 1 70 

Genealogical gleanings in England. I., 19, 128, 210, 255, 


Genealogical research in libraries. Ill 175 

Genealogical research in Scotland for American 

ancestry. VI 

Genealogists, A plea for a national society of. II.*, 100 

Genealogist, The. HI., 43; V 116 

Genealogist, Some experiences of an English. VI. 221 
Genealogies printed. See under 
Abbott, Estes, Mooars, 

Adams, Frink, Nurse, 

Allen, Gage, Pabodie, 

Andrews, Gale, Parkhill, 

Appleton, Goldthwaite, Perkins, 

Ashton, Gridley, Pi lit. bury, 

Bishop, Higgiuson, Riddan, 

Cleveland, Hines, Ruggles, 

Collins, Hopper, Scammou, 

Colson, Hubbard, Scott, 

Coy, Humphry, Tucker, ' 

Curwen, Jellison, Washington, 

Damon, Jones, "VVeare, 

Dauielson, Little, Whipple 

Dolliver, Littlefield, Wright, 

See also under Pabodie and Cleveland fo addi- 
tional lists. 
Georgetown, Me., records. I., 24, 5S, 124,227,2c • ; 

II., ISO; III,, 5 3, 132, 158, 178, 281; IV. .... 19, 61 

Marriages in. I.* . li.9 

8oldiers. II 153 

Gerrish, Col. Jacob, of Newbury. Ill 220 

Gilbert. See Pabodie. 

Girl of the Period, A, 1700-1725. 1 279 

Gloucester, Mass., 250th anniversary. 1 192 

Gleanings from English records; IV "I, ItiS 

(See Parish Registers.) 
Goldthwaite family, Patronym and origin of. 

IV 124,280 

Granby soldiers. 1 59 

Great Britain, Royal family of. 1 258 

Greentield, Mass., committees of safety. IV.. ... 25 
Gridley, Thomas, Some descendants of. IV. .... 4«3 
Grinnell. See Pabodie. 
Groveland, Mass., Some cemetery inscriptions ox. 

Hi 205 

Growth and decadence of nations. II J55 

Hampton Falls, N.H. First church records. V., 

93,112; VI - ; 

Harpswell, Me., soldiers. II 155, 157 

Harpswell, Me., records. 1 •• 19-) 

Hatchments. 1 176 

Hathorne, William, Sketch of. I ... 41 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 1 10,'< 

Haverhill, French war soldiers. IV 267 

Heath. See Pabodie. 

Hemenway archaeological collections. II • -. 197 

Heraldry, Orisrin of. Reprint of Montague's. 1.IJ 

214, 306; IV.. ............ . .......... . ...1'il, i »> 

Heraldic disclaimers. VI !1" 

Higginsous, The, in England and America. VI 

1,36,81,117, 157, ! S7 

Origin of a Virginia family of. VI '»'. 

Origin of Massachusetts family of. VI....*»~ 
Hillsborough, N.H., births, marriages, and dea'.h •. 

II 'W 

Hines family of Essex county, Mass. II.* U 

Hitchcock. See Cleveland. 

Hollistou soldiers. I • S3 

Hopper families, Colonial. IV 

nough. See Cleveland. 
•Hubbard, George, and some of his descendant-' 

V., 236; VI W 

Hudson. See Cleveland. 

Humphrey family. II.* 1*' 

Hyde. See Cleveland. 
Illustrations. See also Arms. 

Sewall, Major Stephen, and wife. I ••-• 158 

Curious gravestone in Charter street cemetery. 

Salem.. I "-'\ : . 

Gen. Rufus Putuara. I ' '•> 

Geu. Israel Putnam. 1 3 

Room in which Gen. Israel Putnam was born.. 

I i" 

Gallows Hill, Salem, proposed " look out.' 1 I , 

Oak- Knoll, Danvers. I 

Johu Greenleaf Whittier. I *■ '■ ' 

Contract to build church at Salem, 1638. I 

Page of diary of Major Henry Dow, in shor 

hand. 1 • -"■' & 

Nurse house at Danvers. (Townsend Bisho, 

House.) 1 

Trull, Co. Somerset, Eng., Old church at. I.. 

Roger Williams' House, Salem, Mass. I ' '• 

Whipple house, Ipswich. II - 

Saltonstall house (so called), Ipswich. II.... 
Pillshury house, Newburyport. II.......... - • 46 

Deed, Pillshury from Rawson. II *8 

Thomas Flucker, last secretary of Mass. Bay 
under the Crown. II • -"Of 


Carr's Ferry, Newbury. Ill 35 

Hook's Ferry, Amesbury. III..- 71 

Francesco Estence. Ill 103 

Danvers, monument on training field. Ill 175 

Providence " tea-party " tablet. Ill 203 

Gcif. Sirrion Bradat'reet. II.* 83 

Bradstreet tomb, Halera. If.* &> 

Bradstreet house, Salem. II.* 94 

Dr. Grimshaw house, Salem. II.* 83 

Immigration. I., 262, 326; II 40, 79 

ffldex to Vols. I., II., III., end of volume III.; 

to Vols., IV., V., VI., end of Vol. VI. 

laquisition post mortem, Description of. VI.... 251 

Ipewicb petitioners. 1658. V 135 

Ipewich, Mass. See Saltonetall, Whipple. 

Ipswich, Mass., Earthquake at, 1755. 1 35 

ipswich, Mass., court, 1645. II 173 

bdiaDS. 1 105, 235 

Iieland. See Enniskillen. 

!ri*h. See Scotch-Irish. 

bieof 8choals, Inhabitants of. IV 198 

Jellison family of Kittery and Berwick, Me. I.. . 238 

, Killingly, Conn. Church records. III., 224, 259, 

295; IV., 26, 77,207; V 74,175 

ting unwilling, The. V 116 

Knowles, Note on. IIT 140 

Lane. See Pabodie. 

Lay. See Pabodie. 

Lee. See Cleveland. 

' V. Po, pta^rd, Kn"„ extracts from rensters. 

IV loo, 2t$2 

Lexington, Mass., Battle of. I.*, 194, 196; III. .7, 109 

Libraries of local history. Ill 141 

Linton. See Cleveland. 

Little, Chief Justice William, and descendants. 

IV 81 

Little. See Pabodie. 

Littlefield, Note on. Ill 87 

Loring. See Pabodie. 

Local historical societies. Ill 103 

Lowell, Mass., A century of. 1 91 

Lucifer match. 1 65 

Loyalists. 1 104 

Loyalists in New York. Ill 186 

Loyalist Day, A poem for. Ill 50 

Marriage notices (newspaper) for the whole 

United States, 1785-94. II., 229, 251 ; III., 16, 

99, 135,145, 283,318; IV., 5S, 71, 120, 141, 188, 

211,249; V., 87, 176; VI., 25,90, 130,165,202,267 
See uuder localities as, Bedford Co., Va. ; Salem, 

Portsmouth, Essex Co., Mass.; also Records. 

Maine militia, 1757. II 215 

Haioe. See under Casco Bay, York, etc. 

tt'uoe, Report on condition of town and county 

records in. II 31,72,109 

Maire Point, Me., papers (with genealogical 

notices). IV ....5, 37, 123, 181 

Manchester, Mass., records, Notice of. 1 68 

Marietta, Ohio, The founder of, aud " Father of the 

Northwest." 1 203 

MariDe protest of 1723. 1 284 

Marblehead, Some early settlers in. II 165 

Marblehead, letters rernainiug in post-office, 1804. 

V 125 

Marston, Cabot, Notice of. 1 103 

Marshall. See Cleveland. 
Maryland. See Romanists. 

Maj>8. regiments in Continental army. Ill 62 

Mayflower descendants. See Pabodie. 

Merrimack river. Ancient ferry ways of. Ill 35, 71 

Merrimack valley settlement, Petition for new 

town north of. Ill 52 

Middleborough, Mass., proprietors. V 136 

Middleton, Mass., Deaths in, 1765-73. Ill 155 

JJitcheU. See Cleveland. 

*ooars family, Brief sketch of. I.* 15 

■otley, note. V 125 

Much Iladdam, Hert>, Eng., extracts from parish 

register. IV 264 

Mordock. See Pabodie. 

Murruyheld soldiers. 1 117 

•Jew Brunswick currency. VI 276 

gew Hampshire records, Gleanings from. IV., 192,258 
cw Hampshire marriages, Early, from Provincial 

Court records. V., 133; VI 176,234 

See Hampton, Portsmouth. 

Newton, L. I., Extracts from the records of the 

Reformed Dutch church of. II 115 

New York, Indian exhibit at World's Fair. I.... 235 

Newcomb, Note on. Ill 131 

Newbury and Newburyport in the Lexington 

tight. Ill 7 

Newbury, soldiers at Crown Point. Ill 89 

N. E. Historical Genealogical Society, Proceed- 
ings of. 1 66 

Notes. I., 35, 64, 103, 138, 192, 229, 232, 326; II., 

38, 79, 197; V., 139, 224, 24:;; VI 16,239 

Nurse genealogy for five generations. 1 96 

Nurse, Rebecca, Notice of. 1 98 

Nurse family reunion. 1 138 

Address before. II 140 

Nurse House, Danvers. 1 71 

Oakham soldiers. I 88 

Ohio. See Marietta. 

Orderlv book of Nathan Stow (Revolutionary). 

I.. 306, 335; II 2- r >, 75, 104 

Our Heroes of 1775, and our Boys in Blue, a poem. 

I* 220 

Pabodie, Elizabeth ( Alden) , and her descendants. 

V.,1,7^205; VI., 9, 45, 69, 102,144, 191,224,260,306 
Including the families of Atwood, Bailey, Bart- 
lett, Bradford, Burgess, Chalker, Church, 
Clarke, Coe, Cook, Dring, Doude, Delano, 
Fish, Fisher, Fobes, Gay, Gray, Grinnell, Gil- 
bert, Heath, Lay, Lane. Loring, Little, Mur- 
dock, Pearce, Richmond, Rogers, Robinson, 
Redfield, Searles, Simmons, Seabury, Soule, 
SouLhworlh, Tompkins, Thomas, Whiting, 
Wadsworth, Wilcox, Wiswell, West, Weston. 

Pall-bearers. I He 

Passing bell. I m 

Parker, Note on. VI 338 

Parkhill family records. V 110 

Parish registers. Sec under 
Killingly, Conn.; Leek, Stafford; Much Had- 
dam, Herts; Stewkley, Bucks; Enniskillen, 
Ire.; Wem, Eng. 

Pantheon, New facts concerning the. II 29 

Pearce. See Pabodie. 

Pelham soldiers. 1 89 

Pembroke, Mass., soldiers. I., 32; minute men. 

IV 23 

Perkins, Jacob, Burning of house of, at Ipswich. 

1668. Ill 90 

Perkins family in England, 1510-1654. II., 85, 

123,191,222; III 21,115,151 

Perugia, A day in. II 67 

Petitions for license to marry, from Mass. Council 

minuteo. 169S-9. V 127 

Pew seat, c'a.e of. 1799. 1 297 

Pillsbury family reunion. II.* 68 

Pillsbury house, Newbury. II 47 

Pirates in 1723. See Marine. 

Placita rolls, Extracts from. 1 324 

Plymouth, Mass., soldiers. I 32 

Plymouth, Conn., cemetery inscriptions. I.* 
Porter. See Cleveland. 

Porter, John, and his settlement. Ill 270 

Portsmouth, N.H. IV., 193; marriages in, by Rev. 

Samuel Haven, 1752-60. VI 176 

Post-office, Early. II 22 

Post. See Cleveland. 

Prescott, Col., at Bunker Hill. 1 17 

Preston, Conn., records of births, marriages, and 

deaths. VI 42, 95, 134, 169, 198 

Probate records, Account of Scottish. VI 207 

Probate records. See Essex Co., Mass.; Bedford 
Co., Va. Also Wills. 

Providence, R.I. , records. 1 296 

Providence probate records, Kxtraets from. I... 347 

Putnam, Gen. Israel, Sketch of. 1 3, 45 

Putnam, Rev. Daniel, Sketch of. 1 71 

Putnam, Gen. Rufus, Sketch of, with portrait. I. 202 

Putnam, of Mohawk valley, N.Y., arms. VI 67 

Putnam, of Middlesex, Eng., anus described. VI. f.T 
Putnam, of Buckinghamshire, Eng., and Salem, 

Mass., with arms. VI 65 

Putnam, Gen., Wolf hunt of. Ill 205 

Putnams in the Lexington fight. II* 209 

Putnam, Henry Ware, on immigration. II 79 

Quakers, List of aufed, in R.I. Ill 106 

Quakers in Salem, 1658. II 17S* 

Queen Anne'B chapel, Fort Hunter, N.Y. II.... 226 


Queries. I., 36, 67, 106, 139, 197, 230, 264, 291, 328 ; 
II., 41, 42, 81, 160, 241 ; III., 9S, 140, 263; IV., 
29, 63, 97, 130, 150, 1M6, 238, 268, 313; V., 56, 
139,224,243; VI 239,327 

Beading, Mass., Notice of ministers of. 1 71 

leading, Aostracts from records. II 202 

Records of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths. 
See under places, as Preston, Conn.; Wern, 
Eng.; Beverly, Salem, Danvers, Essex Co., 
Mass ; Portsmouth, HamptoG. N. II.; Bedford 
Co., Va. ; Brunswick, Georgetown, Freeport, 
Bethel, Me.; Hillsboro', Concord, N. 11.; Can- 
terbury, Killiugly, Conn.; Newton, L.I., etc. 

Records of Mass. Notice of the report of the 

commissioner on parish records, etc. 1 82 

Records, Conc.-rning records, their custody and 

care. I., 83; V.. 225 

Records, Public record offices. VI 320 

Records. See Maine. 

Redrieid. See Pnbodie. 

Rehoboth, French war soldiers. IV 266 

Revolutionary soldiers. I., 32, 88, 117, 191; IV., 23, 

25, 80, 111, 130. 

Revolutionary rolls, Mass. archives. II 39 

Revolutionary records. See Orderly Book of Na- 
than Stow; also under Rhode Island; and, 
for soldiers, under localities. 

Revolutionary landmarks (Providence). Ill 203 

Rhode Island records. 1 69 

R.I. probate records. See Providence. 

Rhode Island, PaoerR rf!atinfr to revolutionary 

war. I .". 130 

Richmond, Me., epitaphs. I.* 176 

Richmond. See Pabodie. 

Riddan family. IV 129 

Royalists. Bee Flucker, Loyalists. 

R'gers. Pee Pabodie. 

Rowley inscriptions, Notice of. 1 327 

Robinson. See Pabodie. 

Romanists in Maryland. Ill 98 

Ruggles of Massachusetts, with arms. VI 173 

Salem. Pee Quakers, Witchcraft, Essex County. 

Salem, Mass., epitaphs. II.* ....19,54 

Salem, Marriage intentions of. I.* 5,51, 105,153 

Salem and Boston turnpike. II 19 

Salem, Mass., proposed Memorial *' look out" on 

Gallows hill, the place of execution in 1692. I., 295 

8alem advertisements. 1804. V 126 

Salem. Mass., First Church. 1 82 

Salem, Visitor's Guide to. 1 64 

Salem, "The Puritan City." 1 196 

Salem, Mass., deathsand removals, 1689-1691. IV., 146 
Salem village church, dismissals and admissions. 

VI 234 

Salem village parish. Marriage records, recorded 

at Salem. VI 212 

8anford, Me., Revolutionary soldiers. IV 144 

8altonstall house in Ipswich, so-called. II 3 

Salisbury, Mass., deaths. Ill 51 

8augus, Mass., account of the building of the old 

town house by N. M. llawkes. II.* 177 

Scotts, of Springfield and Palmer, Mass. IV., 293; 

V 115 

Scottish Highlands, Notice of, 1750. VI 243 

Scottish records. VI 205,320 

Scottish settlers in P.E.I. 1 104 

Scotch-Irifh, Mention of. VI 30,31 

Scammon family of Maine. 1 119,187,214 

Schools, Early, in Danvers. 1 104 

Seabury. See Pabod'e. 

Searle. See Pabodie. 

Sewall. Notes on the family of, with portrait of 

Major Stephen Sewall and wife, Margaret 

Mitchell. 1 155,162 

Sheldon revolutionary claim. IV 140 

Short-hand, ancient example. 1 234 

Simmonds. See Pabodie. 

Sio-eaters. 1 114 

Slavery first introduced into Virginia. VI 323 

Soldiers in Revolution. II 93,153,168,221 

Soldiersin French wars. I., 137;II 167,215 

Soldiers in Maine, 1757. II 215 

See also under towns. 
8oule. Pee Pabodie. 
Soutbworth. See Pabodie. 

Southwick soldiers. I....... u$ 

Springfield, Mass., soldiers. 1 53 

Stanley. See Cleveland. 

Stage coaches. See Boston, Travelling. 1 74 

Stevens, Note. VI Z'-A 

Stewkkv, Bucks, En<r., parish register. IV., 10, 

33, 6*0, 106, 176,220; V '. 37, 57, '27 

Stone, Rev. Eliah. Notice of . I '\ 

Street, Strute. See Genealogical Gleanings. 

Strange maniages. I 345 

Stow's Orderly Book. 1 3'J6,Cii 

Thomas. See Pabodie. 

Thurber, Dr. Daniel, " An old time doctor." III., K?j 

Tompkins. See Pabodie. 

Topsfield, Mass., Early military. IV 25 

Town histories. Ill <»?. 

Townrecords. I ]g$ 

Townsend soldiers. I ... v*> 

Topsham, Me., soldiers. II 153 

Travelling iu the olden time. II , 15 

Tripp, Trot, Treat, Strott, and Trowte. See Gen- 
ealogical Gleanings. 

Trull, Somerset Co., England, church. 1 254 

Travelling in ve olden time. I.*, 97,149; 1 74, 107 

Truro, Mass., deaths in 1786-1828. I.*, 113, 175; 

II.* 1 

Tucker genealogy. Ill 1 

Ute Indians. 1 105 

Virginia. See Bedford Co., Higginson. 

Virginia, Brick buildings in. II... 245 

Settlement of, notice. VI i 322,32$ 

Wadsworth. See Pabodie. 
Ware. See Weare. 

Walke, John. A query. 1 349 

Warning, Form of. 1700. ILI S3 

Waifs and strays. IV 192, 258 

Waters. See Cleveland. 

Washington, Martha, Will of. I SS 

Washington, Martha. A poem. VI i7rf 

Waters, H. F. His work in Eugland. I M 

Westminster soldiers. 1 30 

Weare, Ware, family. Notes concerning the 
Weare families of Devonshire, Eng., and 

Mass., with arms. VI 2*o 

Wem, Eng. Extracts from the parish register. 

vi sa 

Westwood. See Cleveland. 

West. See Pabodie. 

Weston. See Pabodie. 

Whipple, Symonds, The identity of. VI 125 

Wfc.p )les of Ipswich, Mass. Geuealogy for live 

generations. II., 5, 63. IU • J. $3 

Whipple, of Nova Scotia. VI 217, --j 

Whipple, of Norfolk Co., Eng. Ill -'*€ 

Whiting. See Pabodie. 

Whittier, John Greenleaf. His life illustrated by 

his works. I H"» 

Wilcox. See Pabodie. 

Williams, Roger, or Witch HouBe. Illustra- 
tion. I .. 1 1* 

Wills, from Litchfield, Eng. VI 2J 

Wills. See Genealogical Gleanings. Probate. 

Wilmington, Mass., soldiers. I., 117; IV 130, 11* 

Wilson. See Cleveland. 

Winter of 1716-1717. I *"* 

Winn. See Cleveland. 

Wiscassett, Me. List of militia in district of. 

1757. II 2*3 

Wiswall. See Pabodie. 

Witchcraft, at Salem village. II.*, 168; I., 95, 

n !. .......... iw 

Witchcraft. Considered iu its legal and theolugi- t 

cat aspects. II.* ^' 

Woburn, Mass., 250th anniversary of settkme'jt. 

J m £2* 

World's' 'Fair.* * I. . . .".... "......"...'. K»l, 23* 

World's Fair, Essex Institute at. II ® 

World's Fair, City of Salem at. II ?' 

World's Fair, Games exhibit. II ••• ^, 

Wrentham, Mass., soldiers. I 

Wright family. Ill 230, W 

Wyoming, Massacre of. Ill *" 

York Co., Me., records, Notes on. IV * '^ 


Genealogies of 










A limited number, about 20 sets, of the Historical Collections of the 
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six volumes, are offered at Si 2 per set. 

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Jersey families. 

Notices of Philip English, Gen. John Glover, William Simms, Gerrish, 
and all the Registrars and Judges of Probate of Essex Co., a very considerable 
list, together with biographical notices of members of Essex Lodge of Free- 
masons, of contributors to the fund for improving the Common, etc., etc., in all 
a fairly complete account of prominent Salem people of bygone generations. 

Articles on early commerce, witchcraft, old houses, piracy, Antinomians 
Puritans and Seperatists, slavery in Essex County, etc. 

The records of births, marriages and deaths in Lynn, Rowley, Salem 
(from P), and Church baptismal records of Salem, Peabody, Lynnfield. 

Lists of Deaths in Beverly, Hamilton, Rowley, Wenham. 

The first book of Grants in Salem is printed entire, and also the first vol- 
ume of Quarterly Court Records, beginning in 1636. 

Tne houses in Salem in 1793, andUpham's account of some of the earliest 
houses, also a history of the Old Planters, the first settlers of Salem from 
Cape Ann. 

Journals of Craft at siege Louisburg and Boston, of Clough at Louisburg 
and Curwen's letters from there, as well as Capt. Page's diary in 1779, and 
Rev. Joseph Green's diary immediately after the Witchcraft troubles. 

Account of Dartmoor prisoners, a journey to the West in 1817, early 
American currency, Methuen in the Revolution, Essex Freemasons, William 
Kidd the pirate. 

And what is of the most importance an abstract of early wills, inventories, 
etc., proved in Essex County, up to about 1690. 

It is needless to say that the series of wills, the book of Grants of Salem, 
and the Salem, Lynn, Rowley records, are alone worth far more than the price 
asked for the six volumes, all of which are thoroughly indexed. 
EF" Orders will be filled as received until the lot is exhausted. Send check 
with the order. No volumes sold seperately, 

I can also furnish a few volumes of a later period including Emmerton 
and Water's English Gleanings, which cannot be obtained elsewhere. 


EBEN PUTNAM, Box 301, Salem, Mass. 

Wanted, to buy or exchange, early volumes of the N. E. Historical 
Genealogical Register, Old Times, Heraldic Journal, Collections Mass. Histori- 
cal Society, etc. 







We make a specialty of printing Genealogical 
and Scientific Works, Town Histories, etc., etc. 

Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 
Publications of the Essex Institute, Putnam's Monthly His- 
torical Magazine, Balch Leaflets, etc., etc., 
are samples of our work. 

If you have anything in our line on which 
you wish prices or information write to us. 

Commercial Printing of Every Description 

t h e 

American Historical Register 




United States of America. 


The Historical Register Publishing Co. 

120 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia. 
For Sale by all Newsdealers 







c^ fJik ff% jOfc 



* f 

8vo. Cloth, pp. 52o. Illustrated. $5.00. 

With ao account of Forty Allied Families gathered from the most au- 
thentic sources, by Wm. E. Chute. 

The allied families comprise 









































About one-half the entire work is taken up by the allied families. 

The book has a particular value to persons tracing their ancestry back to 
the Maritime Provinces for this is the most complete collection to date of 
family pedigrees of the early settlers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

EBEN PUTNAM, Publisher, Salem, Mass. 

Original AutOgraph LetterS of Prominent Statesmen, Generals «,^ 
. -_ . -~. , other Celebrities of 

and Book Plates 

American Colonial Times, French and Indian Wars, The Men of the Revohidon.Slpnersof the 
War of 
Actors, Divines, Kings, Queens and everybody else. 



Publisher of " THE COLLECTOR." United Charities Building, 

A Monthly Historical Magazine for 287 Fourth Ave, , frcw )or* fc/rj. 

Autograph and Book Collectors. ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. Sample Free. 



Published under the auspices of the Essex Institute. 

Abstracted and Edited toy Etoen Putnam. 

It is proposed to print abstracts of the records of the county of 
Essex, Mass., now deposited in the office of the Registrar of Pro- 

These abstracts will contain all of genealogical value which can 
be gleaned from the wills, inventories, administrations, etc., and 
every name occurring in the settlement of the estates will thus be 
printed and hereafter easily reierred to. 

The early series of wills, etc., proved in the old county court, 
are already mostly in type, having appeared in the early volumes 
of the Essex Institute Historical Collections. The present compila- 
tion will begin with those estates recorded in Volume I of the Probate 
Records, and documents on file, but not recorded, will be included. 
The method of publication will be that adopted by the Maine Gene- 
alogical Society in printing the Probate Records of Lincoln county, 
Me., i.e. j monthly parts of thirty-two pages, ten or twelve parts to 
a volume, at $5 per volume. 

The series will be maintained until all the records have been 
printed to the close of the 18th century. 

As Essex county furnished a very large number of the emi- 
grants to other parts of Massachusetts, to New Hampshire, Ver- 
mont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Western and Central 
New York, Ohio, Illinois, and states further west, the great conven- 
ience to genealogists, which this publication will afford, should be 
immediately recognized, and substantially supported. Only a limited 
number of copies will be printed, commensurate with the subscrip- 
tions received. 

The copies remaining after subscribers to the monthly parts 
have been supplied will be held at the price of $7.50, and from the 
limited edition the price will surely advance ; it therefore behooves 
genealogists and librarians to place their orders at an early date. 

The first part will be ready for delivery when fifty subscriptions 
have been received. 

An early response to this circular is requested, in order that the 
edition may be decided upon. 

Address all orders, with check or money order payable to 

EBEN PUTNAM, Salem, Mass. 


Genealogies of 









Cb cover, 







A limited number, about 20 sets, of the Historical Collections of the 
Essex Institute, at Salem, Mass,, comprising volumes three to eight inclusive, 
six volumes, are offered at $12 each. 

This offer must be taken advantage of at once, and will stay open but a 
short time. 

In the early volumes of the Institute Collections is an immense amount 
of the most valuable genealogical and historical material, 

A complete set can only be obtained for $125, and single volumes are 
worth all the way from $3 to $25. 

The six volumes offered for $12, contain besides other articles of similar 
nature, the following important and in some cases invaluable genealogical ma- 

enealogies of 







Jersey families. 

Notices of Philip English, Gen. John Glover, "William Simms, Gerrish, 
and all the Registrars and Judges of Probate of Essex Co., a verv considerable 
list, together with biographical notices of members of Essex Lodge of Free- 
masons, of contributors to the fund for improving the Common, etc., etc., in all 
a fairly complete account of prominent Salem people of bygone generations. 

Articles on early commerce, witchcraft, old houses, piracy, Antiuomians 
Puritans and Seperatists, slavery in Essex County, etc. 

The records of births, marriages and deaths in Lynn, Rowley, Salem 
(from P), and Church baptismal records of Salem, Peabody, Lynnfieid. 

Lists of Deaths in Beverly, Hamilton, Rowley, Wenharn. 

The first book of Grants in Salem is printed entire, and also the first vol- 
ume of Quarterly Court Records, beginning in 1636. 

The houses in Salem in 1793, andUpham's account of some of the earliest 
houses, also a history of the Old Planters, the first settlers of Salem from 
Cape Ann. 

Journals of Craft at siege Louisburg and Boston, of Clough at Louisburg 
and Curwen's letters from there, as well as Capt. Page's diary in 177S, and 
Rev. Joseph Green's diary immediately after the Witchcraft troubles. 

Account of Dartmoor prisoners, a journey to the West in 1817, early 
American currency, Methuen in the Revolution, Essex Freemasons, William 
Kidd the pirate. 

And what is of the most importance an abstract of early wills, inventories, 
etc., proved in Essex County, up to about 1690. 

It is needless to say that the series of wills, the book of Grants of Salem, 
and the Salem, Lynn, Rowley records, are alone worth far more than the price 
asked for the six volumes, all of which are thoroughly indexed. 
§y Orders will be filled as received until the lot is exhausted. Send check 
with the order. No volumes sold seperately, 

I can also furnish a few volumes of a later period including Emmerton 
and Water's English Gleanings, which cannot be obtained elsewhere. 


EBEN PUTNAM, Box 301, Salem, Mass. 

Wanted, to buy or exchange, early volumes of the N. E. Historical 
Genealogical Register, Old Times, Heraldic Journal, Collections Mass. Histori- 
cal Society, etc. 




American Revolution. 

This is the title of a 36-page booklet, now ready, after 
months of preparation. 

It is believed to be the first complete and accurate 
list of these dates ever published. 

Containing more than 500 events arranged under two 
classifications, alphabetical and chronological by months, 
and of a convenient pocket size, it will be found invalu- 
able for writers, teachers, students, members of the his- 
torical societies and others. Price, 10 cents. Address 


Lafayette Place, New York. 

American Historical Register 




United States of America. 


The Historical Register Publishing Co. 

120 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia. 
For Sale by all Newsdealers 









l We make a specialty of printing Genealogical 
and Scientific Works, Town Histories, etc., etc. 

Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 
Publications of the Essex Institute, Putnam's Monthly His- 
torical Magazine, Balch Leaflets, etc., etc., 
are samples of our work. 

If you have anything in our line on which 
you wish prices or information write to us. 

Commercial Printing of Every Description. 

The Northern Genealogist 

Edited by A. Gibbons, F. S. A., Heworth, York, England. 

Author of Early Lincoln Wills ; Ely Episcopal Records, compiled 
for the Bishop of Ely ; York Will Indexes, for the York- 
shire Archaeological Society ; Reports on the 
Records of the Bishop of Lincoln, and of 
the Corporation of Grimsby, for 
Her Majesty s Hist. MSS. 
Commission, &c. 

Subscription ios. u. per annum, posi tree. (Enough researcnes nnfletten.) 



inn 9m nf 

iuiifiii u.l 





466 Family Names, 11,000 Individuals, 1,100 Wills. 

Births, Marriages and Deaths. Various Items of Interest. 

Descendants are now in all parts of United States. 

Remit to 

P. 0. BOX SI. 


R I 

a.u v xutx x. ia JiiiundN x a . 

K8 .v . -•' --, - jfi •• • - T - • 

V&^f"'*^*/?^! ,>I- '-A*' •.;':- «,- >"■■ 


<• ■.•:---' ■ 

?•-- •• >■'■■■ Jf'i 

;- .- ... ... , -...-■ ; ; _ ^ . ..;.• ,=..t>A 

. ., . • .■'--.-.'*'■ - ■'"•-•; ".-sr',' r~< .';.>-' . » -j .i 

■ ... -.* .. ... ~ - ' ' '. v ■ v. i : .*."• . -■■,.' "■-■ - -''' 

..-■.-;.. ■ ' ' .;•'•'■.' 


:■ ■ ■ ' ■ ■ , 

'<./,' ' .'-. . - {fit .- -' 

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' . . . >. ■ ' . i .- ■ -•- 

* . - . ■ '-. .- ■ : ,-■ - 

- .;. „ ' • •■ - -'.•-'■ :.-■■- 

-■*•:• . .'-... 

• . ; '.-..-•* .' % 

i ■ ■ .. ■ -■■'' ><- - " 

V •< ■' ; - - - : "•■"-' '" ■ y " "" 

■■■,.• - ." te - ' -' 

■ :■ ■ ■ ■ '. — ■':*■ ■■.-■'. ' ■ \ 

. ' • . . . . ^- •-- : ;,*> i , * ■ • 


r . . ■ . ■ 

" • - - 
i -. - if & ■• ..••-,. i\ 

■ .' • , '-■■•. 

v. j r . i - 

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• - .V . . ' ... «r* - ■- -^--* 

. - - . ■ . . ' .•■'■ •: ' • - ' " -''^ 

■ v ■ " • - : ." v - : ''t :' ■ '?\ 

. .'-■-■■ ■■ ■■ ' . - • ' ' ; 

- '■'-■■, :v. i . ■ . i fed 


ri i ■ 


Published by the Nat'l Society Daughters American 
Revolution at Washington, D. C. 

Devoted to American History and Patriotism and edited by 

Mrs. Mary S. Lockwood. 

$1.00 per Year, Beginning July, 1895, Vol. VII, No. 1. 

All communications relating to orders for Magazines or to the business management 
should be addressed: The Business Manager American Monthly Magazine, Washing- 
ton Loan and Trust Building, Washington, D. C. Money should be sent by check or money 
order, drawn payable to Business Manager American Monthly Magazine. Cash or postal 
note at sender's risk. 

LILIAN LOCKWOOD, Business Manager. 



Published under the auspices of the Essex Institute. 

Abstracted and Edited by Eben Putna m 

It is proposed to print abstracts of the records of the county of 
Essex, Mass., now deposited in the office of the Registrar of Pro- 

These abstracts will contain all of genealogical value which can 
be gleaned from the wills, inventories, administrations, etc., and 
every name occurring in the settlement of the estates will thus be 
printed and hereafter easily referred to. 

The early series of wills, etc., proved in the old county court, 
are already mostly in type, having appeared in the early volumes 
of the Essex Institute Historical Collections. The present compila- 
tion will begin with those estates recorded in Volume I of the Probate 
Records, and documents on file, but not recorded, will be included. 
The method of publication will be that adopted by the Maine Gene- 
alogical Society in printing the Probate Records of Lincoln county, 
Me., i.e., monthly parts of thirty-two pages, ten or twelve parts to 
a volume, at $5 per volume. 

The series will be maintained until all the records have been 
printed to the close of the 18th century. 

As Essex county furnished a very large number of the emi- 
grants to other parts of Massachusetts, to New Hampshire, Ver- 
mont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Western and Central 
New York, Ohio, Illinois, and states further west, the great conven- 
ience to genealogists, which this publication will afford, should be 
immediately recognized, and substantially supported. Only a limited 
number of copies will be printed, commensurate with the subscrip- 
tions received. 

The copies remaining after subscribers to the monthly parts 
have been supplied will be held at the price of $7.50, and from the 
limited edition the price will surely advance ; it therefore behooves 
genealogists and librarians to place their orders at an early date. 

The first part will be ready for delivery in March or April. 

An early response to this circular is requested, in order that the 
edition may be decided upon. 

Address all orders, with check or money order payable to 

EBEN PUTNAM, Salem, Mass. 








8vo. Cloth, pp. 520. Illustrated. $5.00. 

With an account of Forty Allied Families gathered from the most au- 
thentic sources, by Wm. E. Chute. 

The allied families comprise 









































About one-half the entire work is taken up by the allied families. 

The book has a particular value to persons tracing their ancestry back to 
the Maritime Provinces for this is the most complete collection to date of 
family pedigrees of the early settlers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 


EBEN PUTNAM, Publisher, Salem, Mass. 

OHginal AutOgraph LetterS of Prominent Statesmen, Oener al^and 

dr-» i r-»i j other Celebrities of 

Book Plates ~~ 


Actors, Divines, Kings, Queens and everybody else. 



Publisher of "THE COLLECTOR." United Charities Building, 

A Monthly Historical Magazine for 287 Fourth Ave, New \ork LtQ. 

Autograph and Book Collectors. ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. Sample Fice. 


, v~ *>. 

■ ' 












' .*